I Harvested My Black Garlic @ Day 15


BG Day 15 - Harvest.JPG

Hi there, dear friends :D 

Although Master atan told me to keep the garlic aging as long as possible (best is 28 days) in the rice cooker, I decided to harvest my black garlic at Day 15 today as I dared not risk the garlic turning hard and inedible. 

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It Is Only Day 9, But My Black Garlic Is Ready! Wow!

BG Day 9 - Black

Hi there, dear friends :D 

Just now, I was rotating the garlic in the rice cooker when I noticed that one of the garlic bulb’s thinner skin was showing a dark colour  already for the garlic inside…but today is only Day 9 of the garlic aging process…

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Amazing Curative Powers Of Superfood Black Garlic >>> Strong Anti-Tumour Potency, Immune System Enforcement, High In Antioxidants & GABA, Regenerative Effects, Anti-Aging

BG Day 7

Day 7 of aging my black garlic. Black garlic tastes really delicious – sweet and tangy like prunes! It does not have the pungent taste of fresh garlic and does not give us garlic breath nor garlic body odour!


Hi there, dear friends :D 

A year ago, I wrote about how impressed I was with the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE)and now, I am excitedly writing about the amazing goodness of black garlic! 

Please note that I am not selling black garlic here, but I sharing with you a wonderful superfood (get the recipe HERE) that you can make to help heal yourself or your loved ones from chronic pains, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia; and get a stronger body immune system and mental clarity – just by eating 2 cloves of black garlic daily. 

In the PDF article below, you will find a lot of information on the history of black garlic, studies and reports of the amazing results of black garlic.  It was discovered that black garlic even shrank tumours in mice ! Yes! Black garlic is that potent! 

Journal of Life Sciences Article >>> The Black Garlic Movement, Fujita Hoken Eisei University & Hirosaki University Professor Junichi Sasaki Research On Black Garlic, Japan in 2006

It has only been three weeks now that I started eating black garlic and already, I am feeling its wonderful healing effects :-

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Started Making Black Garlic Today & I Got A Method To Remove The Strong Garlicky Smell

HH88 Black Garlic Preparation

Hi there, dear friends :D

I was very excited when Master atan posted his black garlic recipe , but I couldn’t start making some right away because I was very worried about the strong garlicky smell that will be produced for the first few days of garlic fermentation/curing. 

I didn’t want the garlic smell to disturb my neighbours, and I didn’t want to have garlic smell inside my house continuously for a few days. 

Last night, a light bulb went off my head and I thought of a technique to absorb the garlic smells! Yay! 

With this method, those of you that stay in apartments can now make garlic without having to worry about its strong smell.

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Happy Deepavali/Happy Divali

Hi there, dear friends :D 

I would like to wish all Hindus a very happy Festival of Lights! May you and your loved ones have a glowing celebration with joy, success and good luck! Happy Holidays!  

With best wishes,

choesf :D

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Master atan’s Superfood Black Garlic Recipe & How Black Garlic Healed My Chronic Upper Arm Pains & Cramps

Black Garlic 2

Hi there, dear friends :D 

Following requests from my earlier post, “Make Your Own Gold Superfood – Black Garlic That Has Health Magic“, here is Master atan’s Black Garlic Recipe. You will need to use an old rice cooker because the strong smell of garlic will stay in the pot! 

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Amazing Bian Stone Oil-less Gua Sha Therapy For Improving Vision, Healing, Hair Loss, Aches/Sprains, Face Sculpting/Firming, Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Removing Body Heatiness

My piece of Bian Stone

My  Bian Stone

Hi there, dear friends :D 

I stumbled upon Bian Stones when I wanted to find the technique to Gua Sha for hair loss, as the hair on top of my head has been thinning for the past few years. 

I found a video that showed an 87-year old woman who had used Bian Stones Gua Sha to heal herself  from her deteriorating vision, which doctors said they could not treat. Not only did she regain her eyesight, her thinning and sparse hair grew back –  at a dark colour again! Wow!

It was not only the Gua Sha therapy that worked for her, but it was the use of Bian Stones, which have healing powers. The usual Gua Sha tools are made from buffalo horns and require the use of oil to lubricate the skin for scraping. 

Have a look at her video below (it has English subtitles) and see for yourself her health transformation – you will be amazed like I was!

Right away then, I ordered a Bian Stone through my nephew in Singapore. He, too, bought a Bian Stone to try and he also experienced its curative powers! He used it to scrape (Gua Sha) his often achy neck and upper shoulders due to slouching over his computer daily at work. 

So, what are Healing Bian Stones? 

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