A Super Duper Easy Way To Clean Bathrooms & Remove Mould, Scum In A Jiffy – Using Just 4 Natural Ingredients

Bathroom Cleaner

Hi there, dear friends :D 

I have four bathrooms in my house and cleaning bathrooms is my second most-hated chore (the most hated one is ironing in this hot tropical weather) !

So, I was absolutely ecstatic when I recently found a new way to get my bathroom clean so easily.

Who wouldn’t want  ….

  1. minimal time spent on getting a dirty bathroom clean?
  2. minimal scrubbing to get rid of the scum and mould?
  3. cheap, natural ingredients as bathroom cleaners? I find the toxic fumes from chemical cleaners make me sick.
  4. bathroom mould and scum automatically removed?

Most importantly, I find that my bathrooms somehow stay cleaner when I follow this method, because this natural cleaner breaks up grime and soap scum very easily. 

For those of you that have maids, they will love cleaning bathrooms this way because it makes their job easier. Maids usually don’t do a good job cleaning bathrooms, and this method here will leave your bathrooms cleaner at their hands. 

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On a Traditional Chinese Medicine programme for my thyroid cyst to avoid surgery, and on a SOS-free diet

A Chinese Physician applying the art of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

A Chinese Physician applying the art of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Hi there, dear friends :D 

The past few months have been hectic for me with preparations for my eldest daughter’s June wedding, getting my second daughter ready for her first job after her graduation from university, and with looking for a suitable new car to buy for my two sons whose university campus has been relocated to another town.  

After things had wound down and I have some “me time” back finally last month, I suddenly noticed that I have a 1.5 inch lump growing near the base of my neck, just above the left shoulder bone! OMG! 

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Wishing All Muslims Selamat Hari Raya


Hi there, dear friends :D 

I would like to wish all Muslims a very happy and bright Hari Raya/ Eid celebration with your loved ones….and happy holidays to all! 

With best wishes,

choesf :D 

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“Chicken & Duck Oil” For Good & Quick Healing Of Cuts & Burns, For Stopping Bleeding ASAP, For Minimal Scarring

Chicken N Duck Oil

Hi there, dear friends :D

This very useful oil was introduced to me by my late healer friend, when I asked her if she knew of any oil that can heal burns and cuts very well.

She replied, “Use chicken and duck oil – it stops bleeding very quickly and heals the wounds well. I once had such a deep cut on my finger and the bleeding didn’t stop until I applied the chicken duck oil.” In the Chinese Cantonese dialect, she called the oil “Gai Ngap Yau.” I have a bottle of this oil in my kitchen and I can attest to its quick healing qualities – burns did not leave any scars and cuts were not painful at all the following day – when I used this oil (you have to follow application method below.)

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Amazing Black Seed Oil – The Remedy That Cures Everything Except Death!

(My bottle of Black Seed Oil ordered from iherb – use Coupon Code MLL655 to get US$10 off orders exceeding US$40. Click on the picture to  read the REVIEWS at the bottom of  that page)

Hi there, dear friends :D 

I would like to give the credit of this post to my blog visitor, Sam, for introducing me to the amazing Black Seed Oil  (refer to Comment # 17  in my article, “Our Blood Test Results After Taking Diatomaceous Earth For 2 Months) half a year ago. 

As I was impressed by the way the oil is also known as “THE REMEDY THAT CURES EVERYTHING EXCEPT DEATH” and because I am always very eager to try out new natural remedies for health, I quickly ordered a bottle right away! LoL! Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy Mother’s Day 2015 


To all moms, all moms-to-be and all visitors to my blog here, have a great and joyous Mother’s Day today !  🎉

I became a mother when I was 24, and every year, I celebrated Mother’s Day with happiness, enjoying my life as a nurturing mom, seeing my four children grow up to be the wonderful adults they are now, and receiving their unconditional love with gratitude.

This year marks a major milestone in my life as a mom, for my eldest daughter will be getting married next month. In the next few years, I hope to become a grandmother and I will be very proud to see my daughter become a mom herself!

Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

With best wishes,

choesf 😀

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Happyhomemaker88’s Effective, Soothing, Natural Cough Syrup Recipe

Cough Remedy Hi there, dear friends :D 

Last year, I came up with  a homemade soothing cough remedy using natural ingredients for my eldest son, who was having a really bad cough that didn’t get better despite having visited our family doctor twice and completing two rounds of antibiotics. 

Hearing him coughing every minute or so made me so worried that I started looking up the Internet for home remedies for coughs – anything that could help quickly to alleviate my son’s coughing fits. I found many natural cough remedies and with what ingredients I have in my kitchen, I quickly concocted a cough syrup for my son to see if it would  give him some relief. Well, it worked very well indeed!

I was happily amazed to find that his persistent cough did reduce quickly to just the occasional cough or two, and best is, he could sleep through the night without any coughing.

I even tested my cough syrup on my skeptical husband when he had bad coughing fits last month. His phlegmy cough got much better just after drinking it once at night before sleeping. The next day at work, his colleagues even asked him for my natural cough remedy recipe when they saw how his cough has lessened a lot so quickly. 

Yesterday, my husband started coughing badly again,  a dry cough this time. I was surprised that he asked me to make him some my homemade cough syrup right away.

Seeing as how effectively my cough syrup can really soothe a dry or phlegmy cough, and give a good night’s sleep without much coughing, I am sharing here with you my recipe for a homemade, effective, natural cough syrup (it is adapted from the various cough remedies I found online).    Read the rest of this entry »

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