A Really Refreshing Lemon Honey Jelly Drink

Jelly & Lemon Honey Syrup in Tubs

A tub of unsweetened and unflavoured jelly on the left; a smaller container of lemon and honey concentrate/syrup

A bowl of refreshing cold lemon honey jelly drink…yummy!

Hello there, dear friends :D

When the days are really hot, the heat really saps us of our energy and we often experience waning appetites….this cold lemon jelly drink can really perk and refresh us up. I had bought a tub of the jelly and lemon honey concentrate for RM5 or US$1.50 from the Sunday pasar malam (night farmers’ market) in Paramount Garden, the only place I know that sells them. At home, the jelly is cut up and mixed with 3 tablespoons of lemon honey syrup, in a small bowl of ice and half cup of cold water.

The wonderful sour and sweet tangy taste of this cold jelly drink is just fantastic to soothe the cranky mood that is suffering from the heatwave and perfect to wake up the slow senses! :lol:

Plus, the combination of honey and lemon and gelatine serves as a beneficial health drink, too. I will try and get the recipe from the guy that owns the stall selling this jelly and hopefully, he will impart his secret recipe to me! Then I will post it here….so do keep your fingers crossed for me! :wink:

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  1. 1

    juliet khoo said,

    Its my favourite too, hope to hear from you soon
    when you get the secret receipe.


  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    I will post the recipe immediately once I managed to get the lemon honey dessert stall owner to part with his “secret”, dear Juliet. Then we can all make this at home for our family! :wink:

    With love and peace,

    choesf :D


  3. 3

    Louise said,

    I followed a little bee straight to you blog and delighted I did. I’m getting ready for national Honey Month in September and hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” this link.

    You have such a comfortable blog to visit, I just had to add your link also to my blogroll so I remember to drop back. Thanks so much for sharing. I am also going to try your Lung Cleansing soup; intriguing!


  4. 4

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Louise :D

    Of course, you may use this link, I’d be very happy that you do. Thank you for your lovely comments and do drop by whenever you are free – we can have a cup of virtual coffee or tea together! :D

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf :D


  5. 5

    Joanna said,

    Hi there! was wondering if you have gotten the recipe? I was thinking I could use this yummy drink to raise funds for a short film my group is making about the awareness of people dealing with suicide. I really hope you can help… :)

    Thank you so much.. :)


    • 6

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Joanna :D

      No, I’m sorry I still have not got the recipe yet. I didn’t go back to this “pasar malam” (farmers’ night market) since I wrote about this. :oops:

      However, I think the jelly is quite easy to make – it has a very soft, chewy texture (probably with some Konnyaku Jelly powder used). The lemon-honey syrup – I am guessing that they preserved the lemons in sugar and honey for a few weeks first. Then, they squeeze out the pulp and syrup and dilute with water and ice accordingly to mix with the jelly.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D


  6. 7

    Joanna said,

    Hi there. Thank you so much for the tips you gave me. I really appreciate the kindness. Really hope this works. We’re all so excited to make it. Thanks again. I’ll let you know if it works. :) Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.:)



    • 8

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      You are very welcome, dear Joanna. I hope it works for you. I should try making some myself, too! :lol:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D


  7. 9

    selvarani said,

    Pls share with me the recipe for this lemon jelly drink


  8. 11

    Ann Ann said,

    Hi there, I tried looking for this recipe too and the only closest thing I found is from this link (http://taiwanfoodculture.net/ct.asp?xItem=66941&ctNode=2687&mp=1502 ) and nope its not a recipe and its not konnyaku either… I wonder if we can get fig jelly in Malaysia?


  9. 12

    Ann said,

    check this out : http://taiwanfoodculture.net/ct.asp?xItem=66941&ctNode=2687&mp=1502

    and more info when you google for “Aiyu jelly”


    • 13

      Hi there, dear Ann :D

      Thank you for your link on “Aiyu Jelly” … the Aiyu jelly looks just like the one we have sold in pasar malams here. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the recipe or method on how to make them at home. It’s really a very refreshing jelly to take in our hot weather, yes? I remember seeing one of the local bakeries near my house selling this “Lemon Jelly” recently. Perhaps, I may be able to get the “secret” from the lady boss there on how to make some at home. :lol:

      I will be sure to share that recipe here if and when I find out! :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D


  10. 14

    Hi there, dear friends :D

    Good news! I found “Aiyu” or “Aiyee” Jelly Powder being sold at the baking supplies store “Bake With Yen,” which is located in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

    One small packet of Aiyee Jelly Powder costs around RM1-20 or RM1-80 (if I remember correctly :oops: ) and we add 1.2 litres of water to it to make a jelly.

    I will come up with the Lemon Honey syrup recipe once I have tried it out :wink:

    With best wishes,

    choesf :D


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