Interpret Your Lucky Dreams Here According To Auspicious Ancient Chinese And Indian Feng Shui Beliefs


Good evening, dear friends :D

Today, I was looking for a book when I came upon my old Tung Shu book, also known as “The Ancient Chinese Almanac”.

As I have been collecting many articles over the years on signs and omens, I decided to post here on auspicious and interesting intepretations  of dreams according to ancient Chinese beliefs and Indian Feng Shui for your interest. :wink:

I have separated the dreams interpretation into 2 parts – the first one is from the viewpoint of the Chinese Almanac based on beliefs that date back 3,000 years ago,  while the second part is according to Indian Feng Shui or Vasthu Sastera, which is about 2,000 years old. :wink:

The Chinese dream interpretation is based on  the writings of Chou Kung, the Duke of Chou, who was supposed to have lived c. 1020 BC, and he was reputed to have assisted in the compilation of the I Ching, one of the most ancient and mysterious of the divination books of China. The dream interpretations associated with him are well known and his name and its link has passed into the language in a number of ways. For example, a person who has been asleep will say that “he has gone to find Chou Kung,” a phrase that we commonly use to refer that we have been asleep and been dreaming! :lol:

Check out now the dream references below and see if you have had any of those LUCKY dreams there before. Have fun and Good Luck! :idea:


 Lucky Dream interpretations according to auspicious 3,000 years old  Chinese beliefs ===>

* If you dream of the sun or moon rising, then your family will be fine, prosperous, well educated and have important jobs.

* If you dream of thunder, then the Thunder God, named Lei Kung, is calling you and this means good fortune.

* If you dream of a rainbow, then good fortune will come to your family.

* If you dream of stars without any stars, then yet again, it means good fortune for you.

*Dreams of a star going slowly into a cloud means you will have a child.

* If you dream of the front of your house with bamboo trees growing healthily, then there will be continuous good news.

* Dreams of an orchard full of fruits means that your sons and grandsons are well and safe.

* Dreams of you standing under a tree means a nobleman will come to help you soon.

* If you dream of a new tomb and a coffin, it means that any worries that you have now will be over soon.

* If you see someone putting a body into a coffin in your dream, it means a windfall will come to you.

* Dreams of visiting a temple (I guess churches and mosques would apply these days, too!) will mean extraordinary good fortune.

* To dream of statues of Gods on an altar would mean very good fortune.

* To see a dead person rise out of the coffin in your dreams is good, for this means you will earn much money.

* To dream of a naked person means very good fortune.

* To dream of a sick person crying or laughing means their sickness is about to go.

* To dream of someone killing a pig is very good fortune.

* To dream that you or anyone kills a chicken, goose or duck means very good fortune.

* To dream of a snake biting you means lots of money.

* To dream of your belt falling off means all will be well.

* If any vehicle moves off, then all is well.

* To dream of picking up any money means good fortune.

* To dream of a boat going under a bridge means good fortune, as does seeing a lamp or candle lit.

* To see a needle or thread in a dream means everything is successful.

* To see a clear mirror means good fortune

* To dream of a hillfire means you will have a promotion.

* If you see the trees and grass growing well in your dream, then the family is happy.

* To dream of honouring your parents means great good fortune and prosperity.

* If you see clouds coming from all 4 directions in your dream, it means that your business will do very well.


Part 2

Lucky interpretation of Dreams according to ancient 2,000 years old Indian Feng Shui/Vasthu Sastra ==>

Dreams of ….

* a hostile relationship with a friend indicates making new friends

* travelling overseas means prosperity

* two snakes fighting signals success

* catching a snake means success over enemies

* dancing in a dream indicates success

* death of a friend or a relative foretells auspicious news

* death of a wife is auspicious as it indicates birth of a child

* death of own self indicates success

* a coffin indicates unexpected pleasures

* obstacles indicate enhancement in work and business

* drizzles mean happiness

* an elephant means improvement in career or business

* fire means success

* house being destroyed in a fire means gaining of wealth

* jewellery and valuables mean unexpected wealth

* falling teeth means long life and better health

* murder means troubles averted

* failure in love means success

Here is wishing you many prosperous and auspicious dreams every night!  :lol:

With best wishes,

choesf :D

P.S. If anyone has any meaning of dreams to share according to what they have heard from their elders, do share it here – I would love to hear from you, too!  :idea:

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  1. 1

    […] Added on 13 July, 2012 – You may also be interested in another of my post on signs and omens ===> Interpret Your Dreams Here According To Ancient Chinese & Indian Feng Shui Beliefs […]

  2. 2

    […] Added on 13 July, 2012 – You may also be interested in another of my post on signs and omens ===> Interpret Your Dreams Here According To Ancient Chinese & Indian Feng Shui Beliefs […]

  3. 3

    husman said,

    I seen in my dream that a big snake came and was kissing all over me and gone slowly .and I was scare that he might bite me but he did not.

    • 4

      Hi there, dear husmann :D

      Wow, that sounds like a really auspicious dream. Personally, I would interpret your dream as lots of money (big snake) coming your way! When we think positive, our energies will attract positive stuff to us. Good Luck! :wink:

      When I was young, I used to be really terrified of dreams of zombies, coffins …ghosts :shock: … but my elders would often comfort me by saying that those dreams were auspicious dreams. Now, I welcome those dreams, if they mean good luck! :lol:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  4. 9

    hi its me evelyn im always dreaming of my man doing me wrong we the same girl its this dream really trying to tell me something?

    • 10

      Hi there, dear Evelyn :D

      I’m sorry I’m not sure what your frequently occurring dream of your man with the same girl mean … :oops:

      What does your intuition tell you? Follow your heart and see :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  5. 11

    Maark said,

    Somewhere 2 months ago, I dream of a white elephant in a hindu temple. Tell me something that I do not know.

  6. 12

    Maark said,

    This week, I dream of my late grandmother passing on again. She passed on 2 years ago. How ah like this? :(

  7. 13

    Wow, elephant + temple = double auspiciousness according to the guide I have above :wink:

    I’m not a dream interpretation expert and I, too, follow the guides here. :lol:

    Before these 2 guides, I used to be afraid of dreams or nightmares of people passing away but the guides here say dreaming of death is good news in some way.

    Were you your late grandmother’s favourite grandchild or you were very close to her?

  8. 14

    Maark said,

    I am her only grandchild. Yes, we were damn close. Till today, I do not know what the dream means. I am still worried as I do not see signs.

    • 15

      Hi there, dear Mark :D

      Yes, it sounded like you were close to your grandmother. Sometimes, we get dreams of our departed loved ones, I still dream about mine. Occasionally, if I feel that they are lacking something, I would go to the temple (I am a Buddhist, for Christians they can do this at the church) and made a donation in their names, for merits for them. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 16

      neka said,

      I believe when u dream of someone who already passed away…they are coming to visit you..if you dream of them passing away again…it means that some where in your mind your still carrying that hurt and pain as if she passed today… My condolences to you.and I hope you find peace

  9. 17

    I’ve recently been having a lot of dreams about cats…one time, the cat could speak to me like a human and it was chewing on my diamond jewelry, but I was able to get my diamonds back from it. Another time, there were lots of kittens I was giving water to, and accidentally almost drowned them (but didn’t). Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

  10. 21

    Maark said,

    I love cats. I have a maine coon silver tabby in my house now. bloody big cat which was given to me by my grandaunt who breeds them in UK. The feline was airflown into Malaysia. Anyhow, I am still not getting answers about the dream – temple + living elephant :(

    Kindly kindly kindly do enlighten me.

    I am still on the regime pursuant to the black fungus drink. very nice although the preparation is tedious. I still have loads of wind (wind passing + burp) and also soft stools, either purging or very very soft.

    Enlighten me about the dream ya.

    Cheers Choesf!!

    • 22

      Good morning, dear Maark :D

      Wow, a Maine Coon cat, how lovely! My children always wish that our family cats are bigger in size, so there is more to cuddle! :lol:

      Yes, as long as you are on the black fungus drink, you will experience very soft, almost liquid stools.

      Another method of lowering cholesterol fast (which I have not tried yet) as told by my Chinese Medicine Shop boss ===> boil 3 litres of water with 6 green apples and about 300gms of dried hawthorn berry (“san jar” in Cantonese) for about 2 hours (or leave to simmer slowly in a crockpot for a few hours). When cool, store in bottles and keep in the fridge – drink every day 1 or 2 cups. His customers would drink this before they go for blood test. He said this green apple/hawthorn drink works faster than the black fungus. :idea:

      I am not a dream expert :oops: …so, I can’t explain your dreams – but elephants are very auspicious symbols.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  11. 23

    MHAY said,

    hi!last night there is a big snake in my dream,and that snake is very gentle. In real life i am very afraid of snake,but this snake very different although i am afraid i still touch it, and when i wanted to go because i really scared that the snake will bite me when i look back the snake is coming with me with some other snake i don’t know where they came from.I just saw all the snake is in my feet and the other big snake is in my body.

    • 24

      Hi there, dear MHAY :D

      Thank you for sharing your dream experience here. Wow, that was a really fascinating dream on snakes there. Based on the dream interpretation above, it sounds like you are in for some monetary success! :wink:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  12. 25

    Andrew said,

    I dreamt of my mother is dead and suddenly she recover from her death. She began talking to us. ( my mother right now is paralyses after she suffer from a stroke).

    • 26

      Hi there, dear Andrew :D

      I am very sorry to hear about your mother’s stroke :cry: .. I’m not sure what your dream meant exactly :oops: but hope it is auspicious news for you. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  13. 27

    Jas said,

    If I dreamt of being bitten by a rat who was gasping for air as earlier I was escaping to climb a ferris wheel and when I passed the obstacle, I opened the little pouch containing the rat and it bite at my fingers for a long time. Can share what does it means?

  14. 29

    Most of the times i see golden snake blacl snake in my dream what sh
    ould i do .

  15. 31

    Rich said,

    Hello.. What does a dream about a spider mean? In particular killing a big spider and having it’s millions of babies crawl out and away?

    Thank you.

  16. 34

    abhisek said,


    • 35

      Hi there, dear Abhisek :D

      I’m sorry I don’t have any specific meaning to your snake dreams, only those dreams referred above. :oops:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  17. 36

    srishti chauhan said,

    Today i saw a dream that i and some of my friends sitting around fire , suddenly my right hand get sepratted from my body and fall down in fire after which we eat that hand. please help i want to know meaning of my dream

  18. 38

    Lepching said,

    I dream of 2 big snake swiming slowly in the drain.what is that meant

  19. 40

    ramya said,

    i have seen i my dreams some one is giving money to me what is sings?

  20. 42

    tina said,

    I hate dreaming about teeth, it freaks me out. lol! My latest one, my filling fell out in my hands. I run to the mirror to see what’s going on. I look into the tooth that lost it’s filling, and in the hole is a brand new baby tooth growing in. I was so happy, that this new tooth was coming in to replace my old one. I looked back in the mirror, and this time it was one brand new tooth, it was like a colony of new teeth.
    I’m going through a bad relationship at the moment, and I was thinking that this dream means the end is coming to this relationship, and a start of whole new things to come. Just guessing though. :)

  21. 44

    tina said,

    Thank you! I just love your site.

  22. 46

    sonia said,

    hello i dreamt about snake a very big one and my mother and one of the my aunt is near that snake and then my aunt who is my childhood neighbour stretch the hiss of snake with her hand i m not sure that snake is dead or alive ?what does it means ?

    • 47

      Hi there, dear sonia :D

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what your dream meant exactly :oops: but dreams of snake in the context as mentioned above should be good :idea:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  23. 48

    Doris Anthony said,

    Hello there! I really appreciate if you could help me as I always have these kind of dreams although they did not appear the same time. Recently, I dreamt of me having to take care of a twin babies as if the twins were my babies. I’m married and have 4 children now. They are all grown up already. In my dream I really take good care of the babies. Last time I also had the same kind of dream but it was only that I have one baby to look after with. Thanks!

    • 49

      Hi there, dear Doris :D

      I am not exactly sure what your dreams meant exactly :oops: but dreams of babies meant that you have something new or some projects or some people that you are taking care of very well in life. It is a good sign, nothing to worry about. :idea:

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  24. 50

    sonny ega said,

    what about dreaming when flying,and having sex with strange women.or women whom you may know?

  25. 52

    Kiaster said,

    Hi there ! I dreamed two cable towers collapsing and injured a security guard and it looks so real and clear. People were running for their lives too. Please enlighten. Thank you.

  26. 54

    sonny ega said,

    hi i drmt of ganesh in a temple and his statues all over inside,next it was a dream about creating s snake out of my tears it became big n bigger it started chasing other people but not me however i got scared n run away too,plse wht do these 2dreams mean?thanks

  27. 58

    sonny ega said,

    thank you for updates

  28. 59

    John Fang said,


    Recently I have dream that i saw,myself or someone else caught a very big fish and is white in color. The fish looks like an eel type and is bigger than a human. What could it means?
    Please help.
    Many Thanks.

  29. 62

    Racheal said,

    I dreamt of fire but of two kinds one was small i passed and the other was really huge on the road itself and i passed it too… I don’t know what it means…. I wasn’t affected by the fire though……

    • 63

      Hi there, dear Racheal :D

      While I don’t exactly know what your dreams meant :oops: – it sounds to me that they are auspicious dreams…that you managed to pass some tests or clear some obstacles and you are safe. :wink:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 64

      Deb said,

      Fire can symbolize confusion, or some type of mess. The indication that you passed both fires and it didn’t hurt you is a success over what may happen.

  30. 65

    Ricky Parker said,

    If you dream you are at a wedding and you are not invited someone close to you will die because you don’t get invited to a funeral

  31. 66

    Ricky Parker said,

    Hi Rachael fire means trouble bills you have upset someone big fire is a big threat waiting if you are using water to put out you are getting on top of things so you won’t get your fingers burnt pardon the pun

    • 67

      sonny ega said,

      Hi happy homemaker,great,i dreamt of my phone being stolen now its the second nite consecutively,for,the fst time somebody grabs it by force,secondly somebidy exchanges it with hers wuthout my consent,wht does this mean,im afraid it might be a strong warning against something strange to come my way,wht do i do happy homemaker?

      On 3/29/14, Welcome to Happyhomemaker88’s Virtual Home

      • 68

        Hi there, dear sonny :D

        I’m afraid I don’t know what your phone dream means. Could it be that your communication with someone or your opinions are being hindered in some way ?

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  32. 69

    I recently been having a dream, i seen a green snake in grassland the snake is just kind of behave, then i suddenly feel my left feet that i didn’t knew i got bitten and my family was worried they try to pinched my feet it wouldn’t feel hurt.

  33. 73

    Sarah said,

    I rarely have a dream where I Have to do something a million times and I puke in my sleep and wake up and puke some more allover

  34. 74

    kerri jackson said,

    I have been having dreams about me giving birth to my son for some time now. At one point I was looking down at my stomach n saw him moving then I was at work and my water broke. Can you tell me what this means please

    • 75

      Hi there, dear kerri :D

      Giving birth means a fruition of a certain stage in your life, a project or something that you may be working on or expecting. An impending birth from the sign of your water breaking means it is time. :idea:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  35. 76

    lady heart said,

    Good day,i have something to share and ask what is the meaning if you are dreaming a snake, i dream of sneak undeneath in my coughts or cheer.i saw a sneak nearly beting in my son, but i kill the sneak.after that one of my fren got a sneak he showing me ,id like to go toilet he said i put the sneak in toilet thats why only i wee in outside.
    I wick up…what is the meaning of my dreams…thank lady heart..

    • 77

      Hi there, dear lady heart :D

      Thank you for sharing your dream experience here. It seems like snakes are persistently scaring you in your dreams :sad: . I am not exactly sure of the meaning of the snakes in your context but could it be someone is trying in instigate some people whom you don’t like to make trouble for you? Perhaps, you can say a little prayer in your heart before you sleep – that if you dream of snakes again, you will have the power to overcome and get rid of or catch the snakes. When you catch a snake, it means you have success (although in what I am not sure :oops: as it could mean success in anything).

      Good Luck and hope your snake dreams will be over soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 78

        Ricky Parker said,

        Hi lady heart business deal with someone you know might not be working for you are you having money problems you said you were having a wee in your dream this means you will.lose money or an investment is not going so good every time I dream of wee I do not spend money because I always lose avoid all investments the good news is the opposite of wee which is poo is a good dream for money or wealth will come to come your way

  36. 79

    karma kencho said,

    Dear miss/Miss,
    This morning I had a very clear dream of full of rainbow in the sky I see the sky below and after a while I saw a big temple surrounded with many rainbow and I was inside praying to the statues of guru padmasambava( buddha ) and also I saw inside there is a dead body of one lama receiving blessing from the death body, as soon as I touch the dead body he rise from the death open his eyes and talks to me…..this is dream something i have never seen…please if u can tell something about this strange dream…

    • 80

      Hi there, dear Karma :D

      I am not sure what your dream meant exactly :oops: … but it is such a beautiful dream that I am very such it is really a very auspicious dream for you – the auspicious signs are rainbows, temple, Buddha statues, Lama. You are so blessed to have such a dream!

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  37. 81

    Ravi said,

    From long time ago,I am seeing water all round me like flood and lakes I’m passing from my way .
    Sometimes I’m seeing war in country and bomb’s all round .feels so scary.
    Last three years before I seen big bulls followed me iwas runing here and there but they still followed me, if I go on roof they climb on roof to catch me…I was so scared during night time .
    Please reply me what the meaning of all these.

  38. 83

    ecel tan said,

    Good morning i had a dream mostly at night i dream dead people in a coffin.. i dont know who thry are but always two dead person.. what my dream all about?

    • 84

      Good afternoon, dear ecel tan :D

      I used to get such scary dreams many years ago, and while those dreams can be really frightening, they are actually auspicious dreams with meanings of good fortune or good luck…try to buy some lottery or 4D.

      However, if you continue to dream about the same 2 dead persons, are they people that you know or are they strangers? Maybe they have a message for you. If they are people that you know, have some prayers or offerings done for them (depending on your religion’s practices). If they are strangers, perhaps you can tell yourself before you sleep that you will ask them what message they bring if you dream about them again.

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  39. 85

    chew kc said,

    I dream a lot of phyton snake attacking my place of living.come very fast and gone also fast. In my dream also I saw the snake that we caught in the stomach got two death man and one girl.what does it mean.tq

  40. 87

    Bon Jour, Como ta le vu? I had a dream that I lived in a very large house, and there were very expensive cats in my bed. My daughter is an ox in Chinese. In the dream my mother turned into my daughter, then she proceeded to ask me why are the cats in my bed, they were in a circle , being very peaceful, and moved them to the floor. She then took the bed for herself. I just wanted to secure them. I woke up.

    • 88

      Hi there, dear Beulah :D

      Très bien, merci. Et Vous?

      Thank you for sharing your fascinating dream here. I am sorry I don’t know what your dream meant :sad:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  41. 89

    Mitra said,

    I broke up with my friend 5 months ago, and , I had a dream of him for many time however in none of them I saw his face and in all of my dreams we never talk and he always went out.
    But this morning saw him in my dream again, but this time I saw his face for the first time he was sad that he lost lots of money, for the first time in my dreams came to me and started talking with me, I listen to him and I was happy. What does it mean?!

    • 90

      Hi there, dear Mitra

      I am sorry to hear that you broke up with your boyfriend a while back :sad: … I am not sure what your dream meant exactly but it feels like he has lost his treasure in you when both of you broke up. The earlier dreams of him going out were the thoughts and remnants of your breakup. :idea:

      With best wishes,


  42. 91

    Amber said,

    hi my name is amber i had a dream one morning after dropping off my two girls from school i laid back down for a nap.Well as i was dreaming i seen myself laying in bed i felt like i was asleep at first i could barely open my eyes it was sorta dark but i could see the top of my ceiling an door from my room i wanted to get up in my dream but couldnt i had to tell myself its just a dream wake up an i did.I Felt A Little out of breath just wondering what that ment.Thank you

    • 92

      Hi there, dear Amber :D

      It is okay, nothing to worry about….I, too, had experienced a situation like yours before. Sometimes, when we have a short nap, our body and mind are not in total sync on the level of sleep we are in. So, it is like, the mind is conscious and aware of the surroundings, and yet, we are actually in sleeping mode still. It does take quite some effort to wake ourselves up completely and hence, we will feel a little short of breath, and we can even get rapid heartbeats. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

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