Amazing, Inexpensive Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) Aka Immortality Tea 绞股蓝 – Good For Restful Sleep, Energy/Vitality, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Regulating Heart Functions, Digestion/Stomach Bloatedness, Stress/Anxiety, Anti-Cancer, Peri/Menopause, Anti-Aging

A rice bowl of healthy Jiaogulan Tea – see the whole tea leaves unfurled ? 100% natural and caffeine free!

Added on 11 October, 2012 – Please read my review of this tea here ===> “My Review Of The Jiaogulan Tea – It Can Really Help You To Lose Weight, Improve Complexion, Age Gracefully, Relax, Strengthen Body, Enhance Body Immunity/Health, Remove Peri/Menopause Effects, Restore Good Sleep, Give Energy!”

Hi there, dear friends :D

Among all the herbs I had came across todate, this one impresses me the most!

For the past few years, whenever anyone in my family complained of not sleeping well, I would go to my local Chinese Medicine Shop and get this dried tea. It was recommended by that shop’s boss and I always forgot the name of the tea leaves or herb because he only gave me its Chinese name. :oops: 

It was only last week when he gave me a few free satchets of that tea that I found out its name in English, and I could easily go look up the herb’s health benefits on the Internet…..and wow, what I found out really amazed and impressed me to no end!This is certainly one miracle herbal tea indeed! :shock:

I stopped whatever herbal teas I was on before and I am now taking just the Jiaogulan Tea to test it out (please read my long-winded feedback in the comments box # 4 below). My youngest son who had complained of not sleeping well … well, he now sleeps like a log, has more energy and can concentrate more on preparing for his exams! :D  

Jiaogulan Tea

History of Jiaogulan Tea

Back in the 70′s, the Chinese government asked their scientists to look into people living in the small mountains provinces of  Guizhou, Guangxi and Sichuan (Southern China region), whereby it was found that  there was a higher rate of centagenarians (people aged over 100 years) there. Not only were the residents living to a very ripe old age, but they were in very good health. Incidences were very  low for the usual aging health ailments like Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer!

After 10 years of research, the scientists found that the villagers had been drinking a tea made from the leaves of a vine plant called “Jiaogulan”. They drank the tea a few times daily just because it tasted good and it was naturally sweet. Since then, there have been more research and studies conducted in China, USA, Japan, Germany and India – e.g. there is a PDF format file of the extensive information of Jiaogulan here ===> International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences – Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum).

The Jiaogulan or Gynostemma Pentaphyllum plant is part of the cucumber plant family and it grows like a vine.  The leaves and stems are easily made  into a tea by pouring some boiling water over them, steeping for 2-3 minutes and then drank during the  day. The longer the tea is brewed, the sweeter its taste. I have found its taste to be similar to ginseng. 

Jiaogulan is found to be safe to drink and there is no adverse overdosing or side effects. It is recommended that one drinks 2 to 3 cups of Jiaogulan tea a day.

Teabag and loose leaves version of Jiaogulan – a box of 40 satchets costs only RM6-50 (USD2-10), while the loose leaves costs about RM3-50 (USD1)  for 40 gms from my local Chinese Medicine Shops. I have seen the teabag version being sold around USD7.20  only per box at online stores.

The many wonderful health benefits of Jiaogulan ==>

The simple Jiaogulan herb has the amazing properties as an antioxidant, immunomodulator, adaptogen, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, nootropic, and hepatoprotective. Listed below are its health benefits :-

a) it’s a cheap substitute for ginseng

Jiaogulan has 85 saponins (called gypenosides), out of which 4 are identical to ginseng’s, but are four (4) times as concentrated as ginseng, which has 25 saponins.  You know the goodness of ginseng – it gives one energy and vitality, without the effects of caffeine. Ginseng also promotes longevity and is good for our heart, adrenal cortex and general wellbeing.

The high numbers of gypenosides may account for a stronger regulatory effect on a number of our systems, like blood pressure, reproductive system, digestive system, immune system, and more.

b) it’s an adaptogenic herb, good for stress

An adaptogen is a metabolic regulator that helps us to adapt quickly and well to the environmental factors around us, such as anxiety, stress, aging or injury. It helps us to counteract and or prevent disturbances to homeostasis due to those stressors.  The hallmark of an adaptogen is its ability to assist and promote the absorption of nutrients for a malnourished person. Hence, if there are people who have been ill and are recuperating, this would be a good tea to regain their nutrients and health, as well as their energy and wellbeing levels.

It is also good in regulating the hormonal systems of both men and women, especially in times of stress.

c) high in anti-oxidants

Being high in anti-oxidants, the Jiaogulan tea promotes anti-aging, and helps to prevent cancer by contributing to the repair of our cells, preventing DNA destruction that results in cell mutation (and cancer), i.e. it keeps free radicals from destroying our cells.

d) lower high cholesterol

Jiaogulan has been found to be effective in managing our good and bad cholesterol levels by regulating  serum cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol).

e) high blood pressure

This herb can help to regulate blood pressure levels by improving the metabolic functions of our  heart (through proper diastolic and systolic actions), as well as ensuring that our coronary blood vessels are relaxed with the release of nitric oxide in the body.

f) it promotes good, restful sleep

When we don’t sleep deeply and well at night, many of our functions the following day are often impaired. This tea helps to promote good, restful sleep and therefore, it helps to counter insomnia or restless sleep. Despite it being “energy giving”, drinking a cup of the tea right before bedtime does not disturb its ability to give us a good night’s sleep.

g) good energy and vitality

Due to its ginseng-like properties, one gets energised and have more vitality to carry out the day’s functions. This tea is safer to consume compared to coffee or tea, which has caffeine and tannin that will give us an energy high for a while, but will lead to a caffeine crash and we will feel tired again.

h) good for anti-aging

This is a good tea for people who are getting on in years, when their energy levels, vitality levels, and health are affected.

i) good to help go through perimenopause and menopause

Because of its many good health benefits mentioned above, if one is going through perimenopause or menopause, this tea will definitely help to ease the hormonal effects that women go through for years. We will regain our energy levels, calmness, good sleep, good health and outlook of life!

j) rest where rest is needed, energy where energy is needed

Because of its good adaptogenic qualities, when one needs to rest, the tea will help her rest. For example, my eldest son had finished his semester exam recently and he was spending his holiday week being a bum – sleeping more than 12 hours at night and playing computer games the whole day! :roll:

When I gave him the Jiaogulan tea to drink, he couldn’t sleep longer than 8 hours and had to get out of bed because he was wide awake by then and he just couldn’t go back to sleep then! :lol: 

In my case, I often lack energy due to my perimenopause, but when I drank this tea, it gave me the energy that I sorely needed to do my chores. Amazing!

k) good for digestion and losing weight

As the gypenosides help to regulate our digestive systems, our digestion is enhanced greatly with smoother bowel movements/regularity.  Combined with the increased activity levels due to increased energy and improved digestion/metabolism systems, extra weight can be lost.

You can read up about the experiences of people whose lives had changed due to the goodness of this tea here ===>Testimonials from doctors had recommended  or taken  Jiagulan.

A box of 40 Jiaogulan Teabags at just RM6-50 or USD2-10 only


1) Do not drink this tea if you are pregnant or nursing!

2) Start drinking this tea on a weekend, just in case you may experience some tiredness on the second day or so after. My second daughter and I felt very sleepy on the second day after drinking the Jiaogulan tea – maybe our body was getting used to the tea.

3) On Day 2, you may experience a runny bowel movement but it is alright, as our body is clearing toxins.

4) Drinking too much Jiaogulan tea at the beginning may cause nausea – so, start with just 1 cup or 2, and preferably after a meal…to prevent nausea.

5) If you feel sleepy after drinking the tea, just have a short nap and your body will be energised after that. When you do some light exercises like walking or doing your chores, your body will feel energised again.

6) Please leave 4 hours apart in between drinking this tea and taking your Western medication, in case there may be any contraindications.

7) It is a blood thinner and therefore, please stop taking this tea at least a week before a scheduled surgery, or inform your doctor if you have a sudden surgery on.

8) Please take this Jiaogulan Tea at your own risk, I will not be held responsible just in case you have any adverse reactions to the tea.

I strongly encourage you to try taking Jiagulan Tea and see for yourself its wonderful health effects. I’m sure you will notice that you will be sleeping better, you have more energy and vitality to face your days, and if you have any health problems…do see if your health will improve. :wink: 

It’s been a really long post here as I was doing my research in the Internet and condensing the information here to share with you.  I will be back tomorrow to post my feedback and experience after drinking the Jiaogulan Tea for 1 week only – you will be impressed with the tea, too! :D

With best wishes for good health,

choesf :D

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  1. 1

    P.S. The video below sums up the goodness of Jiaogulan ===>

    No, I am not being paid to promote this tea. :lol:

    Just in case you are wondering where to to buy Jiaogulan Tea, I don’t sell it but you can try the following places :idea: ===>

    1) in South East Asia – look for them at your local Chinese Medicine Shops, Hai-O Medicine Outlets…

    2) in other countries (other than China) – try looking for them in shops that sell herbs in Chinatowns

    3) in North America, you can try ordering them from your local online stores (easily found in the Internet)

    Recipes and Recommendations on how to use Jiaogulan Tea here ===>

    Thailand’s Jiaogulan Tea Recipes

  2. 2

    More info from Mineral Solutions :-

    : The effects of jiaogulan are often noticeable within a week. People quickly feel the difference in increased energy, stamina, sounder sleep patterns , mental alertness, and heightened perception and physical performance.

    During the 1994, Summer Olympics the Chinese athletes were winning so many medals that the sanctioning body of world sports decided to test for the use of illegal metabolic steroids. The athletes were found to be free of steroids, but it was later reported that the Chinese Coach used jiaogulan to enhance their physical performance.

    People (young and old, male and female) with overactive schedules can greatly benefit from enhanced energy, vitality and mental awareness. Athletes (both amateur and professional) notice an almost immediate increase in their stamina and endurance. Senior citizens and others who have lost stamina and strength may notice a boost in their energy levels . This energy boost is quite different from a sugar or adrenaline rush. The boost from jiaogulan is a natural increase in energy without the rush. You feel calm but quickly notice that you have more endurance and vitality without any side effects. These initial results, important as they are, are only a partial view of what jiaogulan is really doing.

    Adaptogen: Jiaogulan is one of the most powerful and effective adaptogens on the planet. Adaptogens are the precious gems of botanical healing and health. Their ancient history is filled with amazing claims of healing abilities. There is now an abundance of scientific research and clinical studies taking place around the word that is verifying their extraordinary results.

    Jiaogulan, like other adaptogens, functions bi-directionally. Depending on the condition of your body it can either raise or lower a given condition until it meets normal parameters. If your blood pressure is too high, it will assist to lower the level. If your blood pressure is too low, it raises it. If you are hyperactive jiaogulan calms your nerves, but if you are lethargic it may provide energy. This normalizing capacity also appears in blood sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. Jiaogulan responds to the needs of our body and initiates effective action to bring the body into balance.

    Jiaogulan is also multi-directional. Most herbs and almost all medicines aim at one specific problem to achieve one specific result. These are uni-directional. In contrast jiaogulan works through various metabolic pathways to establish a balanced physiology and holistic health. Jiaogulan acts to regulate various biological systems to induce a natural state of functional balance between all systems of our body (homeostasis). This balance is the pre-condition for self-healing, vitality and long life. The Asian concept of the Wisdom of Equilibrium proposes that when we are in proper balance, the body is capable of taking excellent care of itself.

    The most recognized adaptogenic pathways include jiaogulans capacity to improve cardiac output to optimize the oxygen and nutrients carried to all our internal organs. A second adaptogenic metabolic pathway taken by jiaogulan adjusts the balance of our central nervous system and balance of glandular processes. This neuro-endocrine regulation normalizes a broad spectrum of physiological, mental and emotional responses essential to induce and sustain good health. When we improve cardiac function and neuro-endocrine regulation we create a more balanced physiology that has a normalizing effect on our entire biophysical condition.

  3. 3

    This guy describes Jiaogulan and its health benefits very well ===>

  4. 4

    Hi there, dear friends :D

    I am writing here my review and feedback after having drank this wonderful Jiaogulan Tea for the past 8 days already. :idea:

    The boss of a Chinese Medicine Shop near my house had recommended this tea to me a few years ago, when I was looking for some natural remedies for good sleep for my youngest son. All this while, I never knew the exact name of the tea because the boss sold the tea leaves in loose form and I always forget the Chinese name he told me. :lol:

    Anyway, it was only last week when I found out the Jiaogulan Tea and that led to a whole lot of wonderful information that I had gathered in the Internet. After trying out the tea for 1 week, I’m surprised this tea has not became well known and famous to many people in this part of the world…we are so close to China and we use Chinese herbs very often. :roll:

    If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been suffering from the roller coaster ride of my perimenopause age. For the past few months my energy levels went from high to low, sleep quality deteriorated, stomach was always suffering from indigestion or bloatedness and it was difficult to “catch hold of my mind” to really do what I wanted to – I was often moody and cranky, it’s as if I have a little devil always whispering away in my head! In addition, my heart was rocking and beating hard away whenever it felt like, even though I had stopped all caffeinated drinks. :roll:

    After 1 week of consuming the Jiaogulan Tea, I am so happy to report that today, I am a born-again woman…I am back in control of my life and I feel absolutely great! The previous weeks that I had drank motherwort tea gave me the calm and peace that I didn’t feel in a long time, but the Jiaogulan Tea gave me many, many benefits more :D

    Good results were seen within 1 week after consuming Jiaogulan Tea ===>

    1) my heart ===> although motherwort tea helped to calm my irregular heartbeats down from 100% to perhaps a 20% in intensity, whenever I couldn’t sleep well, my heart would go crazy with a stronger force like usual. With Jiaogulan Tea, my wild heart was finally tamed! I tested my heart by drinking coffee and whenever I feel my heart start to act up (or pick up speed :roll: ), drinking a cup of the Jiaogulan tea would calm it quickly down.

    2) good sleep ===> this tea made me sleep so well and deeply, I often wake up feeling very rejuvenated and energised early in the morning, well prepared to face the day! Previously, I often find myself very tired and it was difficult to get out of bed. Last night, I slept at 1.30am after watching a good movie (I usually sleep around 11pm) and although I woke up at 6.30am, I wasn’t tired at all.

    3) great energy/vitality levels ===> you know what? Since the Chinese New Year festival this year, I have only cooked for my family about 20% of the time, compared to about 90% in previous years. In the last week, I was full of energy and vitality that I cooked almost every day for my family. Not only did I cook, but I made special meals that needed a lot of time and preparations – we had Korean Mandu (Dumplings), Kimchi, Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps, Chinese Tonic Chicken Soups and many more. Wow, I just cooked and cooked and cooked away! I finally found back my zest and happiness in life, enjoying my role as a wife and mother, nourishing my family away. :D

    4) stomach/digestion ===> wow, my upper abdomen has never been this flat in a long, long time. I always had a bloated stomach feefling before and many foods do not agree well with my stomach. With Jiaogulan Tea, I find that my digestion system is functioning well again and my stomach no longer feels bloated., Now, my pants and skirts are hanging loosely around my waist because my stomach is smaller without the bloatedness. The previous mornings when I would wake up with a bloated stomach are all gone! Yippee!

    I tested the effectiveness on the Jiaogulan Tea is helping digestion by eating those foods that would usually result in stomach bloatedness or indigestion (like meehon, curries, oily and fried foods). I am happy to report that my stomach is fine now as it can handle those foods already. Just drink a cup of Jiaogulan Tea after a meal to help digestion. :idea:

    5) foggy minds and moodiness are gone ===> I feel as if a veil or dark shadow has been lifted off my head after drinking this tea. Supported by improved vitality and good sleep, I find that my brain is functioning better today. No more moodiness and crankiness as the tea is very, very calming. Ah, peace….at last… :lol:

    6) about the tea’s ability to lower cholesterol ===> the boss of the Chinese Medicine Shop I went to used to have a high cholesterol level of 7.25 mmol/L 3 years ago. He was advised by the bosses of a large Chinese herbal company to drink Jiaogulan Tea. He drank that tea 3 times a day over a period of 1 year – after that, his cholesterol level has dropped to within the normal range of 5.3 mmol/L ! He now sells more than 100 boxes of the Jiaogulan Tea to his customers every month!

    7) balanced temperature ? ===> before drinking Jiaogulan Tea, I would feel extremely hot or cold due to the weather conditions, but today, I feel a constant comfortable temperature all day long,,,i.e. my body is more balanced in reacting to the environment’s temperature and I no longer sweat profusely in the humid heat like I used to.

    8) say bye-bye to constipation ===> this tea promotes good and regular bowel movements. It really helps to clean out the digestive system, making bowel movements more “effective”. Sometimes, I eat the tea leaves also (if I had use loose tea leaves) as I read they are a good source of fibre to clean our intestinal tract and colon due to its high levels of saponins.

    Some tips on taking this tea ===>

    I take 1 cup (or 1 teabag or 1 tsp of loose tea) of Jiaogulan Tea in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon, and 1 cup in the evening…just to spread the tea out throughout the day. I also pour hot water over the used tea bags to go a second round of tea.

    That’s all for now, If I notice anything more, I will post here. If you have anything to share here if you are starting to take this tea also, I would love to hear from you. :wink:

    Hope you will give this tea a try – I am sure you will not regret it!

    With best wishes for good health,

    choesf :D

    P.S. Because there are 6 of us in the family, I would boil a large pot of water (use fresh filtered water, not reboiled thermos water which is dead water) on the stove, then drop in 7 tea bags or 7 teaspoons of loose Jiaogulan Tea when the water boils. Turn off the fire and let the tea steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Then each of my family have a cup of tea to drink.

    I intend to slowly monitor my husband’s health condition and give him this tea with the hope that if his health can improve, I will wean him off the Western medication that he is now on for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urea acid and diabetes. But only after I had tried out this tea for a month. I will check my cholesterol level again in 6 months time…right now, my last blood test on 9 Sept, 2012 showed a high cholesterol level of 6.2 mmol/L. We will see then if my cholesterol drops further with drinking this Jiaogulan Tea. :wink:

  5. 5

    P.S. The Jiaogulan Tea can indeed help to remove wind from the body – every time my youngest son (the one who couldn’t sleep well previously) drinks this tea, he would get rumbling sound in his stomach and then he would fart a lot. Maybe, his digestion system or stomach is not too good and the tea is adjusting that? Anyway, now he happily drinks at least one cup of this tea every day. :lol:

    For me, I would burp a lot right after drinking this tea and then I will feel good and light, Stomach would no long have the hollow drum sound when beaten on, and wow, my abdomen is sooo flat now! :D

  6. 6

    P.S. I forgot to mention that the boss of the Chinese Medicine Shop and his wife have been drinking 3 cups of this tea daily for 3 years already. They are in their late 50′s but appear to be very healthy.

    He said this Jiaogulan Tea is not cooling and is very suitable for the aged and the old to drink, as people that age cannot take too cooling or heaty drinks and foods.

  7. 7

    P.S. If you see some whitish foam on the surface of your Jiaogulan Tea, do not worry – the Chinese Medicine Shop boss said that’s the good substance from the tea leaves that is good for health.

    2 Observations ===>

    1) tea made from the loose rolled Jiaogulan leaves is very sweet and mild ginseng-like tasting. My children don’t mind drinking this tea.

    2) tea made from the Jiaogulan tea bags is really strong and bitter – my children will make faces and go “yuck” when they drink this tea version. :roll: :lol:

  8. 8

    Another amazing observation today ===>

    For the past 3 days, our haze problem has gone from bad to worse – the visibility of the buildings in the distance as viewed from my house is very poor. There is thick smog in the air all the time!

    I just noticed today that my sinus has not acted up at all – previously, whenever our weather turns bad with haze, I would wake up with a dry throat, itchy eyes and blocked or congested nose or I would sneeze a lot…an allergic reaction to the haze.

    This morning, I noticed that I am breathing normally, my nasal passages are all clear and I am in fine health! Wow! :shock:

    I no longer feel thirsty with a dry throat, which I would get if the haze is this bad. Phew! I am very happy that I no longer get affected by the haze! Whooo…hoooo! :D

    I attribute this improvement in my sinus/nasal or breathing system to the Jiaogulan Tea that I have been drinking 3 times a day – one cup after breakfast, one cup in the mid afternoon, and one cup around 9pm before I sleep.

  9. 9

    P.S. Oh, no….one side effect of drinking this tea is that it makes me hungry very fast and I am hungry most of the time! :roll: To prevent myself from putting on weight, I would take small healthy snacks in whenever I feel hungry between main meals – such as one of the following ===>

    * a handful of nuts or raisins

    * 2 slices of Digestive Biscuits

    * half a cup of unsweetened Milo (Milo kosong)

    * an apple or pear

    * a banana, or two … :lol:

    • 10

      xiaohu said,

      Hi choesf, I have replied 2 times but did not show up. Replied to your last posting giving me the places to buy the tea in Singapore. Don’t mean to spam. Now replying out of the nested replies, see if it shows up or not in your blog.

    • 11

      xiaohu said,

      Yep, seems like the reason my previous 2 replies did not show up in your blog was because they were nested too deep in the replies. I had wanted to let you know that I bought the tea last night at another estate Hougang when I was there, from a TCM shop. Exact same brand you showed in the link. I will start taking this weekend and report to you how it goes for me.

      • 12

        Hi there, dear Xiaohu :D

        Yes, the comments numbering here works weirdly … it depends whether we “reply” to a certain remark, or we add our reply at the bottom of the page. :oops:

        Anyway, not to worry about the many replies, all non-spam replies are most welcome! :lol:

        I’m glad you found some Jiaogulan Tea to buy finally! I’m also eager to know how others react to this tea. I have another observation (or 2) to post here on the tea. It really gave me a lot of energy today and I could do so much – I was testing “how far” this tea would bring me in terms of endurance and energy (physically). :idea:

        Yes, it’s best to have the weekend to see how you respond to the tea. You can probably start on a Friday, just in case you end up like me being really tired and sleepy on Day 2. :lol:

        Oh, I forgot to mention the brand of tea you bought is supposed to be the better one, as it is grown wild in the mountain area. It costs more than the Hai-O brand which I had shown in the picture above.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

        P.S. Just in case you had missed out my comments in the “Black Fungus” post about another remedy for reducing cholesterol fast :idea:

        This was taught to me by the same boss who is taking the Jiaogulan Tea for his cholesterol.

        Ingredients :-

        350 gms dried Hawthorn Fruit (San Cha)
        6 medium green apples (he didn’t say whether to peel or deseed, and so, I would use the whole apple)
        4 litres water

        Method :-

        Bring all ingredients to a boil and then simmer over a low fire for about 2 hours.

        When cool, store in bottles in the fridge and drink 2 to 3 cups daily over a few days. The boss said most people who had to go for blood test for cholesterol will drink this the few days before to bring down their cholesterol level fast.

        I have yet to try this out, but if I do, I will post here…as I have a friend who is willing to test this remedy out – her cholesterol level was found to be at 11.4 a few months ago, and she is going for another blood test in a couple of weeks. She will come to my house this week and I will boil a batch for her to try.

  10. 13

    Theresa said,

    HI Choesf,

    After reading your blog, I bought a box of Jiaogulan tea bag from a Chinatown medical hall on Tuesday. I too feel very hungry at times through out the day.


    • 14

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      I’m glad you could find Jiaogulan Tea at your local Chinatown are trying out the Jiaogulan Tea as well :wink:

      I will be going back soon to replenish my stocks of Jiaogulan Tea (I had given many teabags away to friends to try) and I will ask the boss of the Chinese Medicine Shop about why we tend to feel hungry always after drinking the tea. I will post here his reply.

      I am guessing that we feel more hungry often due to better digestion and increased metabolism (from the high antioxidants). So now, I try to eat smaller but more often healthy meals. Two nights ago, I woke up at 2am and can’t go back to sleep because I was hungry (I had a light dinner too early at 6pm the evening before :oops: ).

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

    • 15

      Xiaohu said,

      Hi Theresa, does it happen to be the Chinatown in Singapore? I haven’t been able to find it at the few TCM shops around my place. If yes, kindly let me know the shop address, appreciate it.


  11. 17

    Xiaohu said,

    Hi choesf, thx so much for doing this!! I just bought it at another town centre at Hougang, $4, has almost the same packaging as the one you showed here. I will go try this and see if it helps to lower my cholesterol.

  12. 18

    Xiaohu said,

    I have to hold the horses, start taking this only this weekend, just in case as you have cautioned. Good night!!

    • 19

      Hi there, dear Xiaohu :D

      I went back to my market’s Chinese Medicine Shop yesterday and bought 9 packets of loose Jiagulan Tea Leaves and 3 boxes of the tea bags. At the same time, I asked the boss there how come we feel hungry more often.

      He said he also felt the same thing – more hunger – when he started drinking the tea. He forgot how long the “side effect” lasted but nowadays, he doesn’t feel hungry other than at the usual meal times.

      For me, I noticed that the hunger pangs have tapered off slowly…what I do nowadays is to drink more water and that helps.

      The reasons that the boss gave on why we feel more hungry is because the tea helps to cut the oil in our food intake and improves the digestive system…in addition to removing lipids or cholesterol from our blood. :wink:

      Hope that helps…

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 20

        Xiaohu said,

        Hi choesf,
        How are you doing? I have just taken a cup of Jiaogulan Tea. It’s bitter, compared to the Oolong tea that I have recently been taking much more frequently along with mooncakes since this is the mooncake festival. Will let you know later if I will also become hungrier because of the tea.

        Have a great weekend with your family,

      • 21

        Hi there, dear Xiaohu :D

        I am fine, thank you! How are you?

        Yes, the teabag version of the tea is really bitter and not as delicious as the loose whole leaves type – I mix the 2 types together as the leaves type tastes very “kam” (like licourice root or “kam choe”) and sweet. See if you can find the loose type the next time you buy teas.

        My hunger pangs between meals have thankfully reduced…I noticed that drinking a lot of water helps.

        It is good to drink this tea after an oily meal (or eating mooncakes :lol: ) because it can really help to cut the oil or fat, in addition to lipids. I noticed if I have had an oily meal (like fried stuff, creamy cakes, real buttery garlic breads, :oops: ), the following day, there will be a bigger purge. The Chinese Medicine Shop boss said when we eat oily stuff, the next day we will purge out the oil and he was right.

        Do have a lovely weekend and Happy Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival today!

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  13. 22

    Theresa said,

    Hello Cheof, Xiaohu,
    Have not been following this for several days so missed out on Xiaohu’s question. Good to know that you bought some from Hougang. I got mines from a small medical hall in Chinatown, across from Peoples’ Park and Yue Hwa store.

    For me, I started feeling very hungry from the second day of drinking this tea. After 4 to five days of feeling very hungry between meals, it tapered off. Now it is normalized so feeling of hunger does not bother me any more.

    • 23

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Yes, my hunger pangs have also tapered off, thankfully! :lol:

      I found out a way to tap on the energy of this tea -because it is “dual-directional” in effect, like it will know whether we need energy or not (different from coffee that gives us the energy without knowing if our body has too much caffeine already), as long as we are up and moving, doing something actively or up and about by walking, we will have energy to do a lot of stuff. But the moment I sit down to watch some TV, I will feel sleepy or a little bit like tired and it’s as if this tea is making me rest…and rest I did – just a short nap of 10 to 15 minutes is enough to energize me back.

      I have been drinking this tea for 3 weeks already now and I am still observing its effects – I may post a separate article on my review and feedback of the Jiaogulan Tea so that people are more aware of its healthy goodness and try it out. It deserves to be promoted and I’m really surprised that most of us here are not familiar with it. Heheh, I have been giving many packets of the tea to my friends to try. :lol:

      Do have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival today!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  14. 24

    christie said,

    Dear Choesf

    I wanted to write I accidentally came to your site but I believe in God’s leading. Today I just made steamboat and have leftover mok yee which I wanted to make for reducing cholesterol drink. (Which I started to drink b4 many years ago but not consistent so never saw result) so I looked for the recipe. I went to a few but yours was so detailed.(How much to take and when to take etc) Thank you very much for sharing and it’s indeed a legacy for your children( I was thinking you are so very detailed only after I clicked ABOUT I read your reason for sharing) I will piggy bag with your children to enjoy what you are sharing. I will also asked my children to refer to your site.

    As I continued reading, there’s this Jiaogulan tea I may as well drink this instead of boiling mok yee. Since it’s effective to reduce cholesterol. In mar cholestrol was 7.3, I took cholestrol Lipiptor for 2mths( I told my dr I dont want to be on medication, fortunately I went GP if cardio dr they will ask us to take for life. So my dr said take for 3 mths, change your diet and excercise and when down no need to take medicine). So I prayed and took my Lipiptor. sometimes I remember I take. So the box dr precsribed supposed to last for 2mths lasted 3mths. Anyway went for blood test 4 mths later cholestrol went down 6.11. Still not at normal range. I love to eat so I have to watch out.

    If Jiaogulan can modulate our immune system(immunomodulator) then this is an answer to prayer(a quick one 2). For the past few years I spent a lot of money on supplements and decided that I cant be continuing buying(maintaining as I am just a consumer and not active in the bizness anymore) the product that kept me on has always been effective but now I just recovered from bad cough n flu.(This time no) Was thinking of switching to chollera or chorophyll. ( These will be an expensive too) But Jiaogulan is so affordable and good for us. I will give it a try. I hope my chinese medical hall in Sect 17 PJ has it. Am very excited and finally a product that my whole family can benefit whereas the supplements only for few of us who are taking them. It also has SOD which I just bought a product with SOD(3mths supply) for my girl for slimming and after that how am I going to maintain for her so expensive. Now we can all drink Jiaogulan tea. This is going to be a long response if I were to continue writing. I will stop here as past 2am as I got to send kids to school/college.

    Thank you so much for being a blessing. Will keep you update when I start.


    • 25

      Good afternoon, dear Christie :D

      Thank you for your comments and kind blessings. Ah, you are also a busy mom taking care of your family needs and worrying over their health. One of the main reasons I am into natural and economical remedies for health is because the health supplements would be very expensive to keep up as a family expense…it can easily cost hundreds of ringgit a month and as I am not working, I have to carefully watch the household expenditures. :wink:

      If you have problems getting the Jiaogulan Tea in PJ Sect.17, you can try Tong Woh Medicine Shop in PJ State/New Town, they sell 1 box of tea at RM7-80…at the Chinese tea section. Or, you can go to the PJ Old Town pasar/market, at the 1st floor, there is a small Chinese Medical Shop called “Tong Ah Medical Hall” or something like that (it is between 2 shops selling clothes and plastic bags/containers). That shop sells the Hai-O brand of tea bags at RM6-50 per box – they also have the very good loose type of dried Jiaogulan Tea selling at RM3-50 each. The loose leaves tastes very sweet and mild, compared to the harsh, bitter tea bag type. Usually, I make a combination of both. :idea:

      Yesterday, I decided to “slow down” on the Jiaogulan Tea and I just made a little for myself to drink as I was still having some heart palpitations. I didn’t give my family any as I thought I will give them a rest from the tea. :lol:

      Well, I got some feedback from my youngest son – he said he didn’t sleep well last night and he reminded me to make some tea for him to drink just now.

      The Jiaogulan Tea has very good calming effects…heheh, I could even stay sane and calm and go back to sleep in the midst of my husband’s extremely loud snoring. Hmm…talking about snoring, I am still observing whether it is really true that after drinking the tea, some of my friends commented that their husband’s snoring had reduced somewhat. Somehow, our breathing passageways are clearer and not as congested during sleep and snoring intensity is reduced. :lol:

      Anyway, I look forward to hearing your feedback on drinking this Jiaogulan Tea as we are all learning and sharing our information here. I will try to post my review and feedback article of this tea asap. :wink:

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 26

        christieleuk said,

        Dear Choesf

        Thanks for your quick response. I understand where you are at as we are all ladies with families to take care of. I am only free now after 12am. Besides family I am in financial planning services. Last Wed n Thurs were good as I didnt go out as down with the flu. So rested. Only on Fri I went to Corus Hotel(my client) to buy some durian mooncakes(lovely) and lotus for myself and a neighbor who had an accident fractured her hipbone.(Thank God she’s on recovery stage.She’s also my first insurance client 13 years ago) She wanted to buy mooncakes and asked me if I can get some for her if I go to I U. As I have discounts for using Maybank card I told her I will get fr Corus. Same time I went to China embassy to get my visa done. Going for my son’s graduation end of the month.

        You know something Choe as yesterday morning, I planned to buy tea at section 17. At breakfast, I mentioned to my hubby abt this longevity tea that I just read abt in the internet. He passed me the box of Jiaogulan tea which was exactly the one shown in video. His boss gave him a year ago and all along in the cupboard. Recollecting,I saw it and read whatever english words printed but didnt think much about it. I wasnt a tea drinker before as find too cooling esp green tea. But now I drink quite often. I dont have the “after delivery type” of feeling weakness in my womb n lower back anymore after drinking tea. It could be due to after menopause. So this Friday I will start together with hubby. Do you think it’s advisable to let my girl take the tea as she’s on the SOD tea and taking her PMR next week?

        It’s good news tea can reduce hubby’s snoring. We women also have this common problem with our hubbies. Wonder do we snore ourselves? I know b4 if I were very very tired I snored. But now I just hit the bed and sleep till morning. (from 2 or 3 am till 6.30am solid sleep) Yes 2 years ago, I visited my friend(who’s like a sister) in Spore. I stayed at her place and shared her room and she mentioned why I was mourning in my sleep. She couldnt sleep the whole night poor girl.

        Choesf not to worry abt the palpitations as I believe it’s part of pre menopausal signs . i had them b4 and also sometimes when we are too stress. Too many things to do in such short time. Learn to relax.
        Sometimes I feel my heart runs ahead of me. Try to breath in breath out slowly. After menopause we ladies have to be very careful for our heart as we’ll be prone to heart attacks. When chest pain breath in and out deeply. Yes I take CQ10 gives energy to the heart. Attended a talk by a dr and I remembered he mentioned whoever taking statin products always take CQ10 to give your heart strength. So whenever I see people take cholesterol medicine I would advise them to add CQ10. Now I am alright I forget to eat. But whenever I am tire I will take to give my heart a boost.

        I am very extreme whenever I try supplements I take the optimal dosages for 3mths as our body cells take about that long to rejuvenate. So I will also try this tea for 3mths. I will try to go and get the loose tea leaves fr the shop you mentioned.

        It’s 2am got to go. I take a long time to write. Sorry for being long winded.


      • 27

        Good morning, dear Christie :D

        Wow, you are one busy lady indeed! Don’t worry about being long winded here – heheh, as you can see by now, I am long winded in my posts, too! :lol:

        I’m glad your husband was introduced to this tea a year ago and therefore, it makes it easier to try the tea on the family. For your daughter who is taking her PMR exams, it is better to give her the Jiaogulan Tea after that, just in case she has some reactions to the tea (in my 2nd daughter and my case – we were both so sleepy and tired on Day 2 of having this tea). Whenever I am testing out some herbs, I will stop taking others so that I will know what is working with the herb I am trying.

        Thank you for sharing your experience on the pre-menopausal heart palpitations – you are the first lady in Malaysia that told me you had them, too before menopause. I asked so many menopaused ladies already and none of them had heart palpitations before. Most of them had very bad body pains. Anyway, the menopausal is another journey which I will write about some day, hopefully soon. :lol:

        Congratulations on your son’s graduation…do have a wonderful trip to China. I shall stop here for now – yesterday’s hot weather gave me a slight headache until now. Take care and have a blessed day! :D

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  15. 28

    Theresa said,

    Hi! It is Saturday and hope you and your family are enjoying your weekend and delicious meals that you make.

    I finished my first box of Jiaojulan tea bags and went back to buy two more boxes yesterday @ S$3.70 each. I also bought some Jiaojulan dried leafs at the same time. It costs S$1.80 for 100grams. The leaves came with its vine.

    I made some tea with the dried leafs. Like you said, the tea is sweet with ‘kam’ taste to it. I ate some of the leaves and it tasted very good. Both tea and leaf had no bitter taste to it. I wonder why the tea bags are so bitter? And the longer you let the tea bag sit in the tea, the more bitter it gets. Tea made with the dried leafs are tasty enough for my 15 year old boy to accept it. He tried the tea made with the tea bag and refuse to drink it.

    If you use dried leafs to brew this Jiaojulan tea, be sure to let the tea settle before pouring it into your tea cup because there are some fine sand like settlements on the bottom. I scoop it out slowly with a spoon.
    On my second try today, I rinse the dried leaves in cold water three times before adding it to the hot water. It helps a bit, but there are still settlements at the bottom of the pot.

    • 29

      Xiaohu said,

      Hi Theresa, Choesf,

      Glad to know the shop is in S’pore Chinatown. Can you let me know the exact shop name and street name? Because I almost vomitted at least twice as the tea bag type is really bitter for me, so I would like to try the tea leaves. Got my blood test result last week, the cholesterol level go down a little, from 147 to 134 mg/dl, the ratio stays about the same at 3.6. Doctor asked me to continue to control my cholesterol with diet, don’t have to take the Lipitor, which I used to take for 3 months and stopped for the rest of the years before starting again for another 3 months.
      I have taken this Jiaogulan tea for 2 weeks now. I think I did not experience those hunger pangs you descriebed here. May be I’m used to taking coffee which has caffeine that does make me hungry when I take it in the late afternoon. May be too much toxins already in my body, need something else more toxic than Jiaogulan to make me experience what you experience.
      I still have quite a number of tea bags to finish the box. At $4 a box, it’s really a bargain.
      Have a great weekend!

      • 30

        jan said,

        hello, i’m also one of u taking this tea after the readings here. Feeling very happy tt my stomach is flatter but yet to get deeper sleep so far (almost a week’s drinking except 2 days where i was hvg flu). i’m taking the loose leaf type now.

      • 31

        Hi there, dear Jan :D

        Thank you for sharing your experience in taking this Jiaogulan Tea. Ah, it’s good that you confirmed my findings that this Jiaogulan tea can give us a flatter stomach/abdomen! :D

        As for the sleep quality, my neighbour also said that the tea did not give her a deeper sleep as she has expected. :sad:

        For me, I found that if I were more physically active during the day, then my sleep quality is much deeper and more restful…more active for me means if I have done more household chores or gone walking in the shopping malls :lol:

        The boss of the Chinese Medical Shop I buy this tea from said he used to suffer from insomnia before whereby he just slept 2 hours a day. With the Jiaogulan Tea, he sleeps well nowadays. For me, before I started drinking this tea, I would often wake up at 2am or 3am and won’t be able to go back to sleep, or my sleep is very light. Nowadays, I sleep quite well already.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 32

        Hi there, dear Xiaohu/Theresa :D

        Yes, the tea bag type of Jiaogulan Tea can be quite bitter to take…maybe, 1 bag can be used for 2 cups of water instead. I’m glad Theresa found the dried tea leaves and so, you can try those, too. :wink:

        How much of the tea do you, Xiaohu, take daily? I noticed at the beginning, the more tea I drink the hungrier I got. Nowadays, I don’t have the hunger pangs anymore. My children and husband, who only take 1 cup daily did not suffer from hunger pangs.

        While I was on the tea, I stopped drinking coffee, tea and other herbal teas so that I can observe any changes in my condition due to drinking this Jiaogulan Tea. Previously, I used to take caffeine to give me energy or to wake me up in the morning. Nowadays, I drink 1 cup of Jiaogulan Tea first thing in the morning and that will set me off to a good start for the day! :lol:

        Additional observations or feedback from me :idea: ===>

        1) I lost 2 kilos of weight after 4 weeks on this tea. I made sure I have a cup of tea after my main meals (lunch and dinner) and if I have anything oily to eat (e.g. fried curry puffs, cakes, nasi lemak), I take an extra cup after eating those rich foods.

        2) my skin condition and complexion is so much smoother and silky…unusually good for a 50-year old lady, I would say! :lol: Before I started this tea, I had a persistent dry spot on my left cheek and a stubborn oil cyst but both have cleared up, surprisingly. My face has an even moist skim tone, without the usual uneven oily and dry areas. I don’t use expensive facial care stuff, just some Olay Regenerist skincare on my face.

        3) my husband is having a bad cough and running nose for a few days and I almost caught his illnesses as we share our cups and food…I had a mild congested nose yesterday and a little scratchy throat when I woke up this morning but when I drank 4 cups of the Jiaogulan Tea by now (it’s almost 5 pm)..I feel fine already. So, the tea helped to stave off the flu for me.

        4) for the quality of sleep – the Jiaogulan Tea is supposed to help with insomnia. I noticed that if I am more active physically during the day, the quality of the sleep is much deeper and restful. If I had spent the day just watching my Korean dramas on TV, then it is just a regular sleep mode, where I can wake up easily to go to the bathroom.

        5) depending on how much energy I need for the day, I can drink up to 7 cups of tea…but mostly, I drink an average of 4 cups minimum daily.

        6) the Jiaogulan Tea is really calming on the mind…many times better than chamomile tea for relaxing. Heheh, my youngest son had some anxiety and even panic attacks when he started his driving lessons a month ago – nowadays, he drinks one cup of the Jiaogulan Tea to calm his nerves before he goes for driving lessons. Tomorrow, it’s his driving exam and he is going to take a bottle of the Jiaogulan Tea with him! :lol:

        Well, that’s it for now…I will write more feedback here later.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 33

        P.S. Hmmm…talking about the Jiaogulan Tea being good for anxiety…maybe, I will ask my children to take some of this tea during their examinations so that they can be calm to do their exams. :idea:

    • 34

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Thank you, I had a great Saturday – heheh, I made cottage pie for my family to eat. :lol:

      I’m really glad you found the dried leaves type as its taste is really different and better than the tea bag type. The boss from the shop I bought the tea from said it is best to mix the 2 types, if possible, for best results. But we are not sure why the tea bag type is so bitter, maybe it’s because the leaves and stems are in powdered form.

      Yes, there can be some sediments or grains at the bottom of the tea. Sometimes, I would eat the leaves, too, for added fibre.

      Take care and do have a lovely weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  16. 35

    Theresa said,

    Hi Xiaohu,

    I go to a small medical hall that is on New Bridge Road and Upper Cross Street. The shop is on New Bridge Road. It is right next door to Hotel 81. The Shop is called Teck Yin Soon Chinese Medical Hall. 德仁信中藥行私人有限公司. They sell the Jiaogulan tea bags for $3.70 a box. And the loose dried leafs at $1.80 for 100grams.

    You might want to ask the medical hall that you bought your tea bags from if they sell the dried leafs. If they do, then it will save you a trip to Chinatown. Just a thought. But taking MRT there is quite convenient.

    • 36

      jan said,

      hi choesf, i couldn’t fall asleep last night, the mind refused to rest, don’t know why,but surprisingly not sleepy whole day till now.hope i can sleep well tonight. By the way,it’s really a headach to rinse the leaves, i rinsed it 10 times in the begining, ha ha, tis morning, 3 rinses after opening each leaf w/fingertips (spent some time though)happy to see quite clean at bottom of the leaves thereater poured hot water over the leaves… dust & sendiments were there when the leaves were lifted. aiyah.

      • 37

        Good evening, dear Jan :D

        I am sorry to hear you had a sleepless night – oh, I could very well empathise with you that feeling. Did you have any naps during the day, used the computer until late at night, or had too much caffeinated beverages? I am just guessing as those would make me can’t sleep well at night…until I found Jiaogulan Tea. I hope you can sleep well tonight! :wink:

        Heheh, at first I rinsed the tea leaves well…but nowadays, I just use them straight and avoid drinking the sediments at the bottom. I make a lot of the tea daily for my family (up to 20 cups daily) and rinsing the tea leaves is just too much for me! :oops:

        The white stuff floating on the surface when you pour hot water over the leaves or tea bags is NOT dust…it is some compound which the Chinese Medicine Shop said is stuff from the leaves which is a good ingredient of the herb. :wink:

        Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 38

        P.S. Try this method and see if it helps with getting you to sleep ===>

        1) use an empty, clean jam jar or unused glass

        2) fill up 3/4 of the glass or jar with tap water

        3) add a pinch of salt (sea salt is best, but cooking salt will do as well)

        4) put the glass or jar beside your bed (on the side table) right before you sleep

        5) go to sleep

        6) next morning, just pour away the water into the sink in the bathroom – do not use the glass or jar for drinking water

        7) repeat the following night the ritual, if necessary, to help you sleep.

        This method is also good of those people who dream or have a lot of nightmares :idea:

        Let me know if it helps….

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 39

        jan said,

        thks choesf. goodnite

    • 40

      Xiaohu said,

      Hi Theresa,
      Thaks so much for the address. I think that TCM at Hougang does not sell the tea leaves type. You know, these shops sell many things but I don’t see chinese tea leaves around. But good advice! Will save me time to go all the way there.

  17. 41

    Xiaohu said,

    Hi Choesf,
    On average, I drink about 3 cups, once after every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Haven’t got beyond 4 cup yet. I still keep to my morning routine of 2 cofffees to kick start my brain. Trying to make 1 change, well recently 2 changes, eat Quaker Oats for breakfast for most of the weekdays except weekends and this Jiaogulan tea.

    Happy to hear so much great things happening to your health and perhaps some savings as well from lesser visits to the facial salons.

    Hopefully I can get the tea leaves type soon.

    • 42

      Sophia said,

      Hi Xiaohu,
      You can try to get the dried jiaogulan leafs from 德明 De Ming TCM @Blk 720 Ang Mo Kio 6 #01-4104. call to check if they sell dried one , tel: 64529422.
      I bought the dried leafs from their head office in Chinatown too.Today was the first day of drinking jiaogulan tea.It tasted a bit sweet n gan

  18. 44

    Theresa said,

    Hello Cheof,

    Great to know that drinking Jiaogulan tea is good for our skin. We ladies love a nice flawless face!!!
    I have been drinking this tea for about three weeks now. I will observe if the tea will improve my complexion also.

    I still have slight hungry feeling drinking the tea. But, not bad enough to go looking for food to eat.

    Do you make your tea fresh every time you drink a cup, or do you make a pot and drink it through out the day? Sometimes I make too much with the dried leaves and cannot finish it so I would throw it away the next morning because I am not sure if drinking over night tea is good for us. What a waste!

    I make both tea bags and dried leaves tea daily to drink. But, have not tried mixing the two together. Will give it a try.

    • 45

      Hi there, dear Xiaohu and Theresa :D

      I met up with some of my former secondary school classmates for lunch today and we took a photo together. My daughter said my skin complexion looks very good compared to theirs. I still strongly feel that the Jiaogulan Tea is the main reason for giving me a flawless and supple skin tone. I noticed that I no longer have an oily nor dry face. Previously, I would need to use some oil blotting paper to soak up my facial oil and once, when I was taking a passport photo, the photographer said my face was too shiny to take a photo due to the oily complexion n I had to powder my face (this was just about 4 months ago) :roll: !

      So, to all ladies who are reading this ===> you must try drinking this tea for good complexion! After all, it is inexpensive and has many health benefits. :lol:

      One day, I must try using the used teabags to see if they help reduce my eyebags – use them cold from the refrigerator. I will report here my results. Presently, I use the used tea as fertiliser on my plants. :idea:

      For my family of 6, I have to make 2 times (morning and evening) a pot of the Jiaogulan Tea which can yield about 9 cups per pot – I use 5 teabags and 4 teaspoons of the loose leaves. Steep for 10 minutes and we would drink that. Once I see the pot is empty, then I make a new batch. The tea is more of an infusion now as I make such a large amount.

      I noticed that I must drink 1 cup of the tea first thing in the morning as that will set off my day to a good start – with good energy and a good, peaceful mood to take on the world! Yesterday, I was too busy with my chores and I only managed to drink the tea after lunch – by then, I was feeling a little menopausal crankiness acting up. :oops:

      Hence, I need at least 4 to 5 cups daily to maintain a steady flow of good stamina and calmness/peace. :lol:

      I still do not drink coffee nor tea to kickstart in the morning.

      Last night, for some strange reason, I couldn’t sleep well and deeply despite being tired from a lot of physical household chores and my body was aching.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. I have stopped going for facials at beauty salons since 2004 and I follow a very simple regiment of skincare using Olay Regenerist only. :wink:

  19. 46

    Theresa said,

    P.S. ==> Xiaohu,

    The tea bags and dried tea leaves are not displayed together at the medical hall so you will have to ask the staff for it. The shop that I go to keeps their dried leaves in the back room.

    • 47

      Xiaohu said,

      Hi Theresa,
      Thanks! Alas, you should never ever drink overnigth tea, no to 隔夜茶. The main reason is the dissolution of various chemicals and elements from the leaves left in the water over a long period, most of these can be harmful to our body. Please do a google.

  20. 48

    Theresa said,

    Thanks Xiaohu,

    Will google to know more!

  21. 49

    Latest update – please read my comments # 45.

    Sorry, somehow the comments numbering system here is a little awkward. :oops:

  22. 50

    Theresa said,

    Hi Cheof,

    Do you leave your tea bag and loose tea leaves in after your tea has infused or do you take them out, leaving just the tea in the teapot?

    Long wind questions. But, need to know from your experience for best results.

  23. 51

    Theresa said,

    P.S. ==> I tried your method this morning. I used one tea bag and about two and a half teaspoons of loose leaves. The infused tea turns out very nice. It’s sweet with just a hinge of bitterness. Even my son is OK with the new taste.

    Xiaohu, this mix should not make you vomit. If my son can take it so can you. :)

    • 52

      Good morning, dear THeresa and Xiaohu :D

      Yes, mixing the tea bag and loose leaf types makes the tea more pleasant to taste – yesterday, I went to my regular Chinese Medicine Shop to re-stock my Jiaogulan Tea. The boss there told me that the tea bag version is more potent than the loose leaf type, but he would use a ratio of 1:2 for his daily 3 cups. Both the boss and I would leave the tea bag and loose leaf in the pot. :idea:

      He also told me that he recently saw a man eating Bak Kut Teh (a yummy, delicious but fatty herbal pork rib soup) who brought with him 2 packets of Jiaogulan Teabags to make tea to drink and wash away the fat from the Bak Kut Teh. Good idea there! :lol:

      The boss also said that a lady running a snacks shop a few doors down from him also successfully brought down her cholesterol level to the normal range of 5.something mmol/L from a previously high level. She is drinking this tea on a long term daily basis now.

      I will go check my cholesterol level in 5 months from now and report here any improvements.

      Xisohu, maybe you can try just the loose leaf type and see how the taste goes for you. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 53

        Xiaohu said,

        Hi Choesf, Theresa,
        The tea leaf is sweet! Savouring my 2nd cup now…
        Sophia, that shop was no longer there, but still managed to get it from a nearby TCM there in Ang Mo Kio Central, thanks!

      • 54

        Hi there, dear Xiaohu :D

        I’m glad you can drink this version of Jiaogulan Tea. I have slowed down my consumption after having tested it for 6 weeks or so, but I will keep drinking about 2 to 3 cups a day for health maintenance. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  24. 55

    Xiaohu said,

    Hi Theresa,
    I can only tell you after I taste it leh. Your son gives me hope.

  25. 56

    [...] those of you new to this tea, do read my earlier introduction post on Jiagulan Tea HERE for its background information and how I stumbled upon this inexpensive but yet very powerful [...]

  26. 57

    Gulnar Fatima said,

    Hello Sir/ Ma’am.
    Thanks you so much for your previous advice, now i m here for my excess wait actually i m 23 n my wait is 71. my problem is that i never eat outsider food only home make food like normal meals.
    you are requested to kindly tell me the natural tips as well as quick weight lose tips that makes me looks good.

    You also can reply on my mail id.


    • 58

      Hi there, dear Gulnar :D

      I’m afraid I don’t have any quick weight loss techniques :oops: – I have one daughter that is overweight, too, and I often tell her the best way to lose weight is to cut down her food intake, sweet drinks and desserts; and to increase exercising to lose the extra calories. Other than that, she is taking the Jiaogulan Tea as well as Green Tea to help lose weight. Tea is a good way to cut the fat/oil in the food intake.

      Or you may like to try drinking some apple cider or lemon juice before you eat. I have a post earlier on The Lemon Juice Diet here ===>

      Good Luck with your dieting!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  27. 59

    Rudy said,

    Hello Choesf-

    I received my tea today and made my first cup- the color of my tea is almost clear- but do taste sweetness that you described. Also, wanted to pass along that my directions were to steep the leaves for 2 minutes. I’m wondering if you are still in touch with your Chinese Herbalist? If so- on your next visit would you mind asking him if there is a difference in the strengths please? Thank you!

    • 60

      Hi there, dear Rudy :D

      I’m glad you finally got to taste your Jiaogulan Tea. I will be sure to ask him on my next visit as whether there is any difference in strengths of the tea due to steeping times. :wink:

      He would his tea for one day by pouring boiling water into a large mug that has 1 teabag and 2 teaspoons of loose Jiaogulan Tea and take sips from the mug throughout the day :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  28. 61

    George Tan said,

    Hi all,

    You may buy jiaogulan and other great tea like kuding cha from:
    1) Bee’s Brand Birds Nest & Health Products @
    - 64-66 Smith Street
    - BLk 762 Jurong West Ave 5 St 75 #01-282 Gek Poh SC
    - BLk 106 Yishun Ring Rd #01-149 Chong Pang City
    - Blk 19 Ghim Moh Rd #01-251
    2) Gainswell Trading
    - Blk 531 Upper Cross St #01-14/16/55 Hong Lim Complex
    - Victoria Wholesale Centre

    Happy drinking! Google for Gainswell for more info of their shops.

    • 62

      Hi there, dear George :D

      Thank you very much for your tips on where to buy Jiaogulan Tea in Singapore :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. Additional feedback from my family ===> yesterday, I was surprised that my eldest daughter took the initiative to make a large pot of the Jiaogulan Tea for the family (normally, I’m the one that will brew one pot in the morning, but yesterday I was out). She even drank half of the pot of tea! :lol:

      When I asked her why she drank so much of the tea yesterday, she said it helped her to think and concentrate when she was writing her short story for submission in a writing contest. Without the tea, she was suffering from a writer’s block and was feeling sleepy. However, she had no problem sleeping that night despite drinking so much of the tea. Yesterday was a public holiday here in Malaysia, and she was home all day. On her work days, she only drinks about 1 cup of that tea.

  29. 63

    George Tan said,

    Hi happyhomemaker,

    Can you please delete my previous message as I typed the wrong info. I will post a new message once the old one is deleted.

    Thanks and sorry to trouble you.

    George, Singapore

    • 64

      Hi there, dear George :D

      I have deleted your previous post already. Looking forward to your updated one because that’s a really interesting tea that I can try on my husband to treat his diabetes!

      Thank you for taking the time to share your health remedies here. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  30. 65

    George Tan said,

    Hi happyhomemaker,

    I have read your other posts and I would like to write something regarding diabetes. I hope your husband’s diabetic condition is under control. Well, this is my story on how to control diabetes. Of course your ’5 colour soup’ is one way and there are many more. But drinking kuding cha is a much easier way.

    I too, have diabetes. By drinking kuding cha (苦丁茶) for 3 to 4 months, my full blown diabetes becomes pre-diabetes. This is not just me. My friends’ parents, relatives and neighbours are having their diabetic conditions controlled by drinking this tea.

    People got diabetes is because the soldiers of our body, the blood, is dirty. Can you expect weak soldiers to win a war? What kuding cha does is purify our blood and detox our body. Once our body is ‘clean’, your body will start to rebuild your system back to normal. People say kuding cha helps in slimming, good for fighting illnesses and diseases. This may be true, but the important thing is your body is now able to fight diseases and illnesses without medicine.

    So, what has kuding tea got to do with diabetes?

    Type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by insensitive insulin. Just like taking painkillers for headache daily, the effect will get weaker after a period of time. You need to take more and more painkillers for your headache. Same for insulin. Once it becames insensitive, you need more to process the same amount of sugar. By taking diabetes pills, the liver’s production of glucose is reduced. Your husband will feel hungry after taking the medicine because the amount of sugar in his body is now less but the insulin is not reduced. It is the insulin that is causing the hunger because it needs to process sugar. Therefore the body will send a ‘hungry’ signal to the brain so that your husband will eat more food, hoping that more sugar will enter his body. If you ask your husband, he will tell you that this type of hunger is different from the normal hunger. It feels like you are going to faint and you will start sweating and feel weak. That’s why diabetes are advised to carry sweets in case they feel weak and hungry. I used to carry organic resins which is natural, unlike sweets.

    By drinking kuding cha, the excess sugar, fats, sodium, cholesterol, water and other toxins are discharged from the body, making one slim and strong again. I lost 6kg after drinking the tea for 3 months and my weight is now constant at 65kg for many months. I know I am better now as I used to have body odour because of the toxin in my body. Passengers on buses and MRT could not stand my odour if I sweat but not so bad now. My wounds will dry in a day instead of 2 to 3 days. Mosquitoes start to bite me because my blood is clean now, etc, etc.

    Kuding cha and jiaogulan have the effects of making one better. But kuding cha is more aggressive and cooling. One has to limit the amount of leaf to use for making tea if you are sensitive to coolness. Normally I would recommend my friends to drink kuding cha first to purge all the impurities from the body and jiaogulan later to build the body’s system back to normal or better.

    I hope this message will give your readers another means to fight diabetes and other diseases and illnesses without medicine. Please google kuding for more info.

    George, Singapore

    • 66

      Hi there, dear George :D

      Ah, bless your kind soul for taking the time to share your experience here in using Kuding Cha to treat diabetes naturally! I really appreciate that. I am very happy for you that your high blood sugar has gone down to a pre-diabetes level! Congratulations! :wink:

      The 5-colour Miracle Vegetable Soup helped to bring down my husband’s high blood pressure to normal, and it’s really good for treating his pinched nerves or achy, tensed shoulders….but I have yet to find a natural remedy that he will take for bringing down his diabetes. He hated the Magic Plant or South African leave decoction that I made him. :roll:

      Your Kuding Cha remedy came at the right time because although that tea is also bitter, when I tell him your story, I am sure he will drink it faithfully over the next few months. :idea:

      Yes, you description of diabetics being hungry to the hypoglaecemic stage is very true – my husband said I will never understand his hunger feelings! At the last check at our doctor, my husband’s blood sugar went a bit higher at 7.0 and the doctor wanted to add on his daily prescribed dose of Glucophage/Metformin. My husband refused because by adding more medicine to counter his diabetes, he will feel more hungry and put on weight, and then his blood sugar goes up further…it will become a vicious cycle!

      I have a few queries for you on the Kuding Cha, which I am sure the readers here will be curous, too :-

      1) I read in the Internet that we take 1 piece of rolled Kuding Cha leaf to make a pot of tea. Is that your daily “dose” ? I just want my husband to follow your regiment of drinking Kuding Cha closely to yours. Also, did you steep the leaf in a few rounds of hot water?

      2) is there a certain time for the tea to be drank for best efficacy? Like on an empty stomach or after meals?

      3) where can the Kuding Cha be found usually – at shops seling Chinese herbs and medicine, or at shops selling Chinese tea leaves ?

      4) how much did your Kuding Cha cost in Singapore? Just so I can get an idea of how much they will cost here.

      You mentioned that you are now at a pre-diabetes level after drinking this tea for 3 to 4 months, have you weaned off your diabetic medicine already?

      I am sorry for asking so many questions :oops: but it is because this time round, I won’t be the one testing this out, as I cannot take cooling teas now at my age…therefore, I will have to give it directly to my husband and see his response. I would so love for his blood sugar level to come down as well as his weight! Recently since last week, his new job requires him to work following European time and so, he has been snacking a lot after midnight and put on a few pounds. This Kuding tea will be the answer to his problem. :lol:

      About what I mentioned earlier about testing out a herb/leaf for blocking blood sugar from entering our body system – it is Mulberry leaves, from the Mulberry tree. When I gather more information, I will post here about the Mulberry leaves.

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

      • 67

        George Tan said,

        Hi happyhomemaker,

        1) My normal advice to my friends is to use half a stick of kuding cha to make a cup of tea if they are not bothered by its ‘coolness’. They can then progress to use 1 stick or more of the leaves to make a cup or more cups from the same leaves. People like me that have issues with ‘cooling’ tea can start with 1cm of the leaf and drink max of 1cup/day. One has to self adjust the length of tea leaf until the side effects are minimised.

        2) Can drink anytime. But I normally ask them to drink the tea before they sleep if they are taking other medicines so that they don’t clash. The rule applies. There must be a 2 hours separation after taking medicine and drinking tea.

        3) Those shops selling jiaogulan will most likely have kuding cha for sales too. Singaporeans can buy kuding cha and jiaogulan from those shops that I mentioned.

        4) S$4.80/100g for kuding cha and S$3.50/100g for jiaogulan.

        5) Oh yes. No point taking the medicine as the teas (kuding and jiaogulan) are more beneficial. Morever, my HDL (good cholesterols) are normal and LDL (bad) have decreased too after drinking the teas, so I stop taking the cholesterol medicine. Afterall, it has very bad side effects.

        6) Another advice. One has to watch the diet for the first couple of months. There is a need for kuding cha to cleanse the body first. The effectiveness of the tea will be hampered if more rubbish enters the body before the old ones are cleared.

        7) If your hushand feels hungry, there is no need to take alot of food. A little sweetness (sweet or a few raisins) will do or drink plain water. As for food after midnight, take those drinks without sugar, like soyabean or almond.

        Hope these answers can help you.

        George, Singapore

      • 68

        Hi there, dear George :D

        Thank you very much for your detailed advice – I will go look for some kucing cha and follow your instructions on how and when to give my husband the tea. I hope the shops I buy my Jiaogulan tea from will have this tea as well.

        I’m glad the teas have helped to get you off your medication and I hope my husband will be able to do so eventually, too. I will post here again once I find the Kuding Cha – can’t wait to try it on him! :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

    • 69

      Yeoh said,

      Hi George, thanks for this priceless info on Ku Ding tea. In fact I was going to purchase some Jiagulan tea until you advised the benefits of the KD tea before consuming JGL tea. Could you provide the brewing methods for an effective brew of the KD tea? It’s great to know the tea can bring about weight loss too!

  31. 71

    Theresa said,

    For both Choesf and George,

    Kuding Cha or Kucing Cha? Which should it be?

    Cheof, I just read your site talking about Kucing Tea (Misai Kucing, Cat’s Whiskers). So I am wondering which is the correct name of the tea that George is talking about.

  32. 72

    Theresa said,

    P.S. Kucing Tea is also know as the MTea, or Java Tea.

    • 73

      Good morning, dear Theresa :D

      Ah, Misai Kucing Tea is also known as MTea or Java Tea – thank you for that information. :wink:

      I believe George was referring to Kuding Cha or “Bitter Spike/Needles/Nail” Tea from Southern China and is bitter to taste. It sounds like just the tea for my husband! :lol:

      Alas, I have yet to find that tea here and will go look around some more.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  33. 74

    George Tan said,

    Hi, happyhomemaker and all,

    Here’s a little more on what kuding leaves (苦丁叶) can do.

    1) Kuding cha was introduced to me by my ex-colleague whose hushand was having staged 4 throat and lung cancer due to smoking. He could not talk, eat or drink as his throat was very painful. Her relative from China sent her the tea and said it might help her hushand. Her hushand drank the tea for 2 -3 months afterwhich he could talk, drink and eat again! But he could smoke too and eventually he died. That’s why I always like to introduce the tea to smokers as it helps in cleansing their throats. Good for preventing sore throats too and also cancer?

    2) Normally I cook sweet desserts (white fungus soup, green bean soup, cheng teng, sweet potato soup, etc) during weekends for my family. But ants and germs will always attack the food and spoil the food in half a day as I normally do not cover the food so as to let it cool. So, I put a little of the kuding leaf in the sweet desserts for its bitter taste. The food will not have any ants nor go bad even for the whole day after that.

    3) A lot of my friends and neighbours bought kuding leaves from China, either through friends, relatives or internet shopping because it is very difficult to find locally. When I found out the outlets selling the tea leaves from another friend, I bought about 50 packs for my friends and neighbours (on their behalf). So you see, kuding cha is a very well known tea, not only for its medical properties, but also for its slimming effect as most of my friends bought the tea after seeing me so slim after drinking the tea! Don’t worry. The tea will not over slim like some slimming tea, it will maintain you at the correct weight.

    Best regards,

    • 75

      Good morning, dear George :D

      Thank you for the additional information on the Kuding Cha – it sure is a wonderful tea with many good health benefits. I’m sorry to hear about your ex-colleague’s late husband. It’s amazing how this tea can also help somewhat with his throat and lung cancer. My husband is a smoker, too, and now this tea is sounding to be very good for him, i.e. if I can find some to buy here in KL/PJ. So far, some of the Chinese Medicine Shops I went to have not heard of this tea. :sad:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 76

        George Tan said,

        Hi happyhomemaker,

        I keep extra boxes of kuding cha with me in case my friends need urgently. Why don’t you give me your home address (send to my email address) and I will send a box for your husband to try. It will last him a few months so you can take your time to look for the tea in your area if it helps him.


      • 77

        Hi there, dear George :D

        Ah, bless your kind soul! Thank you very much for your offer to send me a box of Kuding Cha for my husband. :D

        I have good news to report here ===> yesterday, I asked the Chinese Medicine Shop boss (the one that introduced Jiaogulan Tea to me) to check with all his suppliers to see if they have Kuding Cha….and yes, he will be able to get Kuding Cha from them. The stocks will arrive next week and I will see him on Friday to pick up the Kuding Cha. At this point, I don’t know how much it will cost but I am willing to try it at any cost on my husband. :wink:

        I told that boss what you mentioned about the many health benefits of Kuding Cha, especially in regularising blood sugar levels. He showed me his blood sugar meter readings – his glucose level is around 10 mmol and he is not on any diabetic medication. So, I think he is also curious about trying out this Kuding Cha.

        For the benefit of Malaysian visitors here, I will write a post later with some pictures on Kuding Cha, its price and where to buy it here. I will give all credit of that post to you, George, for generously and kindly sharing your information and feedback from taking Kuding Cha. If not for you, I would never have heard of Kuding Cha (which even my local Chinese Medicine Shops owners have not heard of – they thought I was looking for “Bittergourd Tea” :lol: )

        I can’t wait to test the Kuding Cha on my husband – I told him about what you said and he is game to try it out. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 78

        P.S. I had removed your email address for fear of you being hit by spammers – I get them a lot here. :oops:

  34. 79

    Theresa said,

    Hello Choesf,

    How is your day so far? It’s half way thru the week so I am wishing you an early happy weekend with your family.

    Mr. Tan: Thank you so much for the info for where to buy this 苦丁叶 in Singapore. I will definitely go and buy a box of this bitter leaf to try because your info of its benefit really sound amazing.

    Do you know or run across friends with rashes that does not seem to heal? And that if drinking this kuding tea will help to cure this? My husband has had these rashes on his shin for some years now. Like kids, he is always picking off the scabs so it does not heal. He has been applying some antibotical cream on them. But, it does not seem to do any good. His rashes got really better when he was practicing qigong. But he lost interest because it is time consuming.

    You said for beginningers to start with 1cm of a 苦丁叶 to brew a cup of tea to drink at night before we sleep. Can I ask you how long after you started drinking this kuding tea before you notice improvement in your health?

    Thanks and Cheers,

    • 80

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Hope you are having a lovely day today – heheh, tomorrow being the weekend, we are all happy, yes? :lol:

      Thank you, I had a lovely day yesterday – we are redoing the study room to add in an office table as my husband’s new job now allows him to work from home most of the time. So, he will join with our children who do their studies there. :lol:

      Most importantly, now that he is home more often, I can monitor his diet and give him this Kuding Cha. :wink:

      I am sorry to hear of your husband’s persistent rashes on his shins .. it sounds like some form of eczema. I will be curious also to see if the Kuding Cha can help to solve this problem and I can’t wait to test out this tea on my husband.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 82

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      As for your questions,

      1) Kuding helps to cleanse the body of its toxic, excess water, sodium, sugar, etc. There is no harm in drinking kuding cha, so it may be good for your husband even if the rashes cannot be cured, it is definitely a good catalyst. Since your husband has good results with qigong, it means exercising, sweating and sunlight are part of his solution. If he has no time for qigong, then he has to try other exercises to see if they help but try the tea too.

      2) I started with 1cm of kuding leaf as I have issues with its coolness. Normally one can start with half a stick and more if one wants fast results. The results differ from one person to another. I only knew the results when I found my pants loosed, good blood test results and when someone shouted at me, “Hey, why are you so thin!” That’s about 2-3months.


  35. 83

    George Tan said,

    Hi happyhomemaker and all,

    I am happy to share good and inexpensive things with anyone, especially health issues as I have seen so much sufferings and heartaches among friends and relatives. But do not thank me yet unless one tries the tea because:

    1) Not all people are suitable to drink kuding cha, that’s why you have another alternative tea like jiaogulan. I have friends gave up on kuding cha on the first cup because it is too strong or bitter for them.

    2) For those drinking kuding cha, the cleansing process takes a toll on the body. One might feel weak or uneasy once in a while. That’s where jiaogulan comes in. Jiaogulan, also known as ‘poor men’s ginseng’ is also a tonic as it has ginseng’s properties. Normally I will suggest drink kuding cha for a few months for cleansing, then follow by jiaogulan for restoring and building your body tonicity.

    3) Kuding cha is nothing but sort of catalyst. It cleanses the body of its toxic but it does not help in fighting diseases and sickness. Diseases and sickness are eventually fought by your own immune system but it is easier now because your system is more fit and strong than ever.

    1 word on diabetes. It is easy to control diabetes but if not done properly, it is a very dangerous disease. My friend and other friend’s colleague got first hand effect of diabetes. My friend’s sugar level reading was 18 and the thing that struck them was their eyesight. My friend said his vision was like the zigzag lines on TV, while my friend’s colleague has to wear glasses because his good eyesight became blurred overnight.

    So happyhomemaker, if you see your boss friend again, please ask him to see a TCM if he does not believe on western doctors.


    • 84

      Hi there, dear George :D

      Thank you for your advice for my Chinese Medicine Shop friend – I will be sure to let him know what you said when I see him this Friday to pick up my Kuding Cha stock from him. Wow, it is so scary how a high level of blood sugar can affect one’s eyesight!

      My husband’s blood sugar was at 7.2 mmol when our family doctor put him on Glucophage/metformin to control his blood sugar – before that, the doctor asked my husband to cut down his sugar intake if he doesn’t want to take medication, or take medication and continue with his usual food intake.

      My husband love food too much and in the end, he decided to take the medication. Although he has cut down on the sugar amount for his favourite beverages (I still take lesser sugar than him and I am not on any medication), he still love his chocolates, cakes, biscuits, and rice. For rice, I can control that by using parboiled basmathi rice mixed with brown rice and 20 % fragrant Thai rice…but his sweet tooth is a problem. :roll:

      Luckily, with all the health drinks and herbal teas or soups I have been making, his blood sugar level didn’t shoot up further than 7 recently. That is why my family is trying out the Mulberry Leaves in the few weeks now – I ground the dried Mulberry Leaves and dried South African Leaves (the Mulberry Leaves blocks blood sugar and carbohydrates from being absorbed into the body, whilst the South African Leaves is good for diabetes and high blood pressure) into powder form and fill up gelatine capsules with them. I will write a separate post on this once I have more information and feedback.

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  36. 87

    Theresa said,

    Hi George,

    Thanks for your reply and advice. I went and bought a box of 苦丁茶today at Smith Street. And had just brewed 1/3 of a stick of the leaf. Took a seep after the leaf had fully expanded in the hot water. The tea color is a very light green. The taste is not bitter at all. But it has a light sweet after taste. Just wondering if that is how it tastes like to you?

    Also, are you still on half of a stick of the kuding leaf a day, or have you advanced to one whole stick a day?

    I am seeping the tea as I write this. Now the bitterness is stronger as the leaf sits in the hot water longer.


    • 88

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      All tea are not bitter if just brew for the 1st few minutes but getting more bitter after a while. But this tea is exceptional bitter and that is what we want. Sorry, but I thought the color is light yellow? Anyway, if the name written on the box is Ku Ding Cha then you are safe.

      I am still using 1cm of kuding leaf as my body will ache here and there if I use more tea leaf. But my friends like very bitter tea so they normally use 2 or 3 sticks for their tea. They will leave the tea leaves in their water bottles and drink the tea the whole day, adding more water if needed. It’s up to you to decide how much tea leaf you want, how many cups of tea to make as only you know your body’s limitation and how fast you want the results.

      Normally I will buy things from the Bees Brand shop at Smith St too as it is more convenient. In fact, I went there this afternoon to buy powder almond and powder brown rice.


  37. 89

    Theresa said,


    Do you mean that your friend and your other friend’s colleague’s diabetes is under control? And did they drink this kuding tea? But that their eye sight did not improve?

    Oops, sorry for asking so many questions.

    • 90

      George Tan said,

      My friend’s eyesight is normal now as he is taking the medicine and drinking kuding cha. His sugar level reading is now single digit. But my friend cannot convince his Malay colleague to drink kuding cha as Malay families do not normally drink tea like the Chinese. So he is still wearing specs.


  38. 91

    Theresa said,

    Also, will it be contradicting the body’s system if we take Jiaogulan tea during the day time, and them take a cup of kuding tea before we sleep? Or should one just stick to kuding tea for the 2 to 3 months?

    Sorry, I am being long wind again. But, I feel that it is better to know more so that we can know the best way to adjust the strength of the kuding tea as we drink it for better result. And it is with your past and present experience with the usage of the kuding tea that we can ask for first and information. And then we too can share this fantastic information to our friends and relatives.

    Best regards to you,

    • 92

      George Tan said,

      HI Theresa,

      I hope my answers are correct as sometimes I use logic to deduce the conclusion. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      Ok, I believe whatever food nature gives us, even if you mix them up, our body will still be able to get the nutrients and effects from the mixture. If there is side effect, then your body is telling you that it cannot accept the food or it needs time to get used to the new food.

      In fact, I am drinking a mixture of jiaogulan and kuding tea now, but the quantity of each type of leaf is half of what I will drink normally if I am drinking one type of leaf only. But if I eat alot of oily or junk food, I will only drink kuding cha at night to cleanse the unhealthy stuff out of the body. Note that I drink other tea (red, green, fenugreek or chrysanthemum) during the day.

      In conclusion, you drink the type of tea and the quantity of tea according to your aim and priority as long as there is no side effect and up to your body’s limitation. The tea will work on your body no matter how you drink them, according to me. The questions I cannot answer is the time taken for the tea to have an effect on someone or whether will there be an effect at all.

      You can drink both tea in one day if you know your body can accept them. Stop once you have a side effect or adjust the amount of tea leaves. If your desired aim is not reached, you can also adjust the amount of tea leaves to use.


  39. 93

    yen said,

    Hi choe

    Happy to be here again. Lots of stuff to read.
    c u soon :)

  40. 95

    Theresa said,

    Hello George,

    Thank you for your informative replies. The kuding tea came in a red canton box with gold floral prints on it, @ $4.80 a box. The box says Broadleaf Holly Leaf (Kuding Cha), 100g.

    Last night I made my 2nd cup of kuding tea with half of a stick of kuding leaf. I let it brew for over 20 minutes. The first couple of seeps was light and not bitter. But, the more I drink the more bitter it gets, like drinking Chinese bitter medicine. I think I should stir the tea first before drinking it on my next cup.

    I hope that you don’t mind me asking. What was your diabetes level when you first started drinking kuding tea?


    • 96

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      Yes, that is the right tea.

      My initial reading was 8+, then went up to 9+ I think. The doctor will check on 2 readings, blood glucose level and HbA1c. My readings 2 months ago, (after drinking a few months of tea) were 6+ for both, slightly above normal readings but in the pre-diabetes level. But I am still very happy as there are people who have diabetes for ages and no improvement even after taking medicine for a long time.


  41. 97

    Theresa said,

    Hi Choesf,

    How was your weekend? I had been asking George many questions regarding the Kuding Tea. Maybe too many!!! Hehe…I hope that George does not mind. Have you bought your Kuding Tea yet?

    Smile always,

    • 98

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Thank you, I have had a busy weekend with my eldest daughter’s birthday party and with a dinner with two old Internet friends who came from France and Singapore. :lol:

      Yes, George has been so kind and generous with his information on the Kuding Cha – I enjoyed learning so much about that wonderful tea. I will only get my stock of Kuding Cha this Friday when I collect it from the Chinese Medicine Shop boss. I will probably ask him if there is any way to add something like licorice root to help balance the cooling part of the Kuding Cha.

      I will post here any additinal information I learn or any feedback from my husband on taking Kuding Cha. My family is not afraid of bitter tea as we are used to taking some bitter stuff for maintaining good health – the Nam Fei Yip or South African leaves are terribly bitter and yucky and I am most excited to know if Kuding Cha can be just as nasty in taste! :lol:

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 99

        Chris said,

        Hi Choesf,

        May I know if the Jiaogulan Tea is suitable for people on blood thinning medications such as Aspirin?

        Thanks & Regards,

      • 100

        Hi there, dear Chris :D

        I am not sure if it is okay to take Jiaogulan Tea together with blood thinners :oops: … perhaps, you can ask your doctor just to be safe?

        I have told my family members that we should refrain from taking any of these health teas that can thin blood at least 1 to 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery…or to tell the doctors at the hospital if we require emergency surgeries that we are on blood thinning teas. :idea:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  42. 101

    Dana said,

    Good morning, choesf!

    I just ordered a sample of the loose leaf Jiaogulan tea from an ebay seller in Canada. I thought it would be good to get a small amount and see if I like it, then I can buy more. I have been reading your blog for a few days; you always have great content!

    Thanks, and I hope you have a great day! I have to go shake the bottle of enzyme that’s fermenting in the closet… thanks for that idea, too! Take care!


    • 102

      Hi there, dear Dana :D

      Thank you for your kind comments! I’m glad you can get the loose leaf Jiaogulan tea to try out – they taste much more pleasant than the teabag ones.

      My latest feedback on the Jiaogulan tea is that it is indeed a very good adaptogen – for instance, I only had about 2 hours sleep the night before – my family was up mopping up water that had overflowed the drains outside and came into the house due to an unusually heavy thunderstorm. Despite having just 2 hours of sleep, I was up and about running my usual daily activities without feeling tired nor sleepy at all! Before drinking this tea, if I was as sleep deprived as yesterday, I would feel like a zombie the whole day and would probably have a nap in the afternoon or go to bed early like 8pm! :lol:

      Take care and do have a wonderful day (or night at your end in Canada)! :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. Do have fun trying out your homemade cleaning enzymes, too! :idea:

      P.S. To anyone following this thread, I have yet to pick up my Kuding Cha today (Friday) because I have someone over to do some minor house repair/renovation works. :oops:

  43. 103

    [...] to this amazing tea called Kuding Cha by George from Singapore who had commented  at my “Amazing, Inexpensive Jiaogulan/Immortality Tea” post earlier  (Comment # 65) – I will copy his comments below so that you will learn [...]

  44. 104

    [...] to this amazing tea called Kuding Cha by George from Singapore who had commented  at my “Amazing, Inexpensive Jiaogulan/Immortality Tea” post earlier  (Comment # 65) – I will copy his comments below so that you will learn [...]

  45. 105

    Update :-

    I bought 100gm of loose Jiaogulan Tea for RM11 from Effective Herbs & Medicine Sdn Bhd, Lot 221B LG Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,.

    They have 2 other outlets under the name of Taimal Herbs & Medicine Sdn Bhd at :-

    1) Lot.1.11.10 Level 1, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

    2) Lot G49, Jusco Metro Prima Shopping Centre, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

    • 106

      More updates :-

      1) My husband changed jobs 2 months ago and recently went back to his old department to see his former colleagues. Wow, his ex-colleagues commented that my husband has lost weight and that his face looks younger.

      2) My eldest daughter told me last night that her ex-colleague, whom she has not met for 4 months, commented that my daughter has lost some weight, too – her face and arms now look smaller.

      I would say that a combination of Jiaogulan Tea and Kuding Cha works the best in terms of overall health improvement and Kuding Cha for slimming! :wink:

  46. 107

    George Tan said,

    Hi everyone,

    I have come across an article in U Weekly for 31 December 2012, a chinese entertainment magazine from Singapore, about jiaogulan. It included some recipes using fresh jiaogulan with other herbs for ‘healing’ health ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, grey hair & baldness, etc.

    Since I cannot upload the file here, if you are interested, please go to to read the Chinese article.


    • 108

      Good morning, dear George :D

      Thank you for your update on that useful Jiaogulan article. Can we get fresh Jiaogulan plants here in Singapore and Malaysia? I hope Jiaogulan is good for grey hair and baldness – my hair is thinning now.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 109

        George Tan said,

        Hi happyhomemaker88,

        Yes, jiaogulan can be grown locally. It is also abundant in Thailand as they are big business there. In Singapore, we have a few community gardens where you can get it for free. I also have a pot of the plant. You should be able to buy the plant from commercial garden or nursery.

        I have read bald people after drinking jiaogulan tea have hair growing again (see below, please delete if you find the comment inappropriate), but no one mentions about grey hair becoming black.

        “Reviewer: Snowdonherr, 45-54 Male on Treatment for 1 to 6 months (Consumer)
        Coincidentally, I drink Jiaogulan to substitute for Viagra, but instead my bald spot ontop of my head starting to grow hair. I am please about my regrown hair on my bald spot as well as my natural viagra.”


      • 110

        Hi there, dear George :D

        Wow, more amazing benefits from drinking this amazing tea – this tea continues to amaze me. I will try looking around for some fresh plants. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  47. 111

    Theresa said,

    Hello Choesf,

    How is your weekend? What good news, both your husband and daughter lost some weight by drinking the Kuding Cha. If they both also drink the Jiaogulan Cha, I wonder if this also contributed in their weight lost? And how is your husband’s diabetic reading? Any improvement after starting on the Kuding cha?


    • 112

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      How are you? Heheh, from now onwards until the Chinese New Year, I am busy decluttering and cleaning my house with my family for Chinese New Year.

      My husband will go for his blood test in a few weeks’ time, however, I am doubtful that his blood sugar level will go down so soon. That’s because he is not on a diabetic diet and he is eating like normal people, eating sweet stuff, etc. :roll: I will report here anyway about his reading then. :wink:

      Do have a lovely weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  48. 113

    eddie said,

    happy new year choesf
    hope you and family be blessed abundantly in 2013
    i open the pack of jiaogulan tea sitting in my pantry recently – hope to get some good results!

    thanks n blessings

    • 114

      Hi there, dear eddie :D

      Thank you for your new year blessings! Happy New Year to you, too and may you and your family find more happiness, love and prosperity in 2013! :wink:

      I’m glad you are trying out your packet of Jiaogulan Tea from your pantry – this tea still continues to amaze me today! :lol:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  49. 115

    pc Chong said,

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone. My name is PC, I am a Singaporean, now living in Thailand Nakhon Nayok. I started drinking this Jiaogulan tea for about 4 days now. I use the sweet leaves(stevia R.) together with the JiaoGulan tea. the taste was much better than the just bitter from the jiaogulan tean. besides the sweet leaves also helps my diabetes and many many other benefits for the body.
    Please comment if I am doing anything wrong as I have no idea about chinese medicine.

    Currently I have started growing many different types of herbs at my garden and also looking for the Jiagulan plant. I heard that it was available in ChiangRai. I have send a help there to look it up for me.

    I have now with me the peking grass, SSG, Black face general, soursops, tapica, papaya, all kinds of vegetables, sweet grass(stevia). Aloa Vera,ginger, tongkat ali etc………….

    I just bought another 1 acre of land 3km away from my koi farm in Nakhon Nayok and will go full swing growing beneficial herbs. Please help give me a list of herbs that I should grow to help people who need help.

    I am a retired engineer in the oil and gas business and no idea about herbs. So I decided to take on this task to grow herbs for the benefits of others and myself.

    Love you folks most.

    • 116

      Hi there, dear PC Chong :D

      Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, too! Sorry for the really late reply as I was busy these few days. :oops:

      Wow, you have retired to Thailand – that sounds wonderful! It looks like you have got most of the herbal plants that I know of to plant in your land. The others I could think of are the Pegaga and the South African Leaf and Tri-Leaf plant in my post below :idea: -

      I am sure you will also benefit from drinking the Jiaogulan Tea like those of us here did! :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 117

        pc Chong said,

        Dear Choesf,

        Yes there are lots of Pegaga growers in Thailand. The Thai boiled them and were sold in the market as cooling tea. I drink them whenever I feel heaty or having cough. I know about the African leaf plant and its quite easy to get in Thailand. But the samkapei is new to me. I really like to get some of them to grow in my herbal farm. If you have some I like to get some from you when I come to KL/PJ.

        Today is the 7th day drinking the Jiaogulan tea. The tea I bought in Thailand contained more stems and roots and the taste was quite bitter. So I added a few leafs of the sweet leafs(Stevia) to the sweeten the JGL tea. I have not notice much of the effect to my body except being fresher and sleep better. I shall drink for a month and monitor the progress of the benefits. I understand that the Jiaogulan leafs are sweeter and the stems and roots are bitter. I shall buy some leafs to check it out from the medical hall in Singapore.

        I like to pay you a visit when I come to KL/PJ if its not too inconvenience to you and your family.

        I have just added few more plants of the Rhinacanthus Nasutus or the snake jasmine plant to my collection.

        Wish you and every members of your family good heath and good luck forever. Also to everyone followers a happy and good health and good luck year ahead.

        PC Chong

      • 118

        Hi there, dear PC :D

        I’m glad you know about the pegaga and South African leaves as well and can find them easily in Thailand. :wink:

        About the Tri-Leaf or Sam Ka Pei, I had difficulty propagating the plant since Master atan gave me a small pot of it many years ago, and therefore, I don’t have it anymore. :oops:

        The latest plant I am testing out for health is the Mulberry leaves and fruits – I was recently introduced to it and was told it the mulberry leaves have an ingredient called DNJ that can block sugar and carbohydrates from entering our body system – they will be passed out and therefore, this will benefit diabetics and those who want to contain their sugar intake. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 119

        pc Chong said,

        Dear Choesf,

        Good to know about the mulberry leaves benefits from you. There are three types of mulberry leaves: the white mulbery, the red mulberry and the third type I am not sure of its name.The Thai people use it to make papers (saa paper) the leaves looks difference for the other two types. The leave shapes like a palm of our hand and they are very big size like the my face. I have not seen its fruit yet. The white one has smoother leaves while the red one has rougher surfaces at the underside of the leaves like the Black Face General. . I have lots of them as I used to keep silk worms as a hobby to feed the lavae to my koi fish. A good color enhancer. The fruits of the white mulberry is white while the red mulberry is black when riped.There are many growers in Thailand who use the leaves for making teas and other product for skins and spa lotions. I use the red mulberry friuts to make wine and was told that it is very good for health but not know what good for. We use the wine for gathering and partying with the rice farmers and the soldiers here.

        Do you know which is the specific type are beneficial and how to make tea or how to consume it for diabetes sufferers.

        I just planted a new herbs call the Rhinacanthus nasutus.

        Fyi go to:

        Good luck and have a good weekend.

      • 120

        Hi there, dear PC :D

        Thank you for sharing your information on mulberry leaves/fruit and the link to Rhinacanthus nasutus. I was told both the red and white type of mulberry would benefit diabetics. Here in Malaysia, I have only seen the red type.

        Do have a wonderful weekend!

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  50. 121

    Paul said,

    Serendipity led me here yesterday when I was looking for any follow-ups to the discussion about konjac. I decided to see your latest post, and learned about jiaogulan, for which I am very grateful.

    I’m first going to try a well-known local Asian herb store. (We are fortunate here in Minneapolis to have many Vietnamese and other Asian immigrants. This gives us some good restaurants, grocery stores, and herbalists.)

    I was surprised that Dr. Andrew Weil doesn’t mention this herb, since he is familiar with many herbal and other alternative treatments. (I get a lot of my health information at

  51. 122

    Paul said,

    The local herb store only had it in instant form, a small box of cubes. I bought it just to have something to try, but I still want to find the leaf.

    • 123

      Hi there, dear Paul :D

      Thank you for sharing your information on finding instant Jiaogulan tea there in the US. I hope you will be able to find either the teabag or leaf form of Jiaogulan to try. Despite its amazing health benefits, Jiaogulan is not much known here in Malaysia. Perhaps you can do a search in the Internet and buy the tea online. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  52. 124

    Paul said,

    It’s not easily available locally. I even called a school that teaches Chinese medicine, and the dispensary wasn’t familiar with it.

    I did discover that Plum Flower Brand sells it in pills. There are quite a few websites that sell the leaf, but it’s hard to know which one to buy from. I’m leaning toward getting it from, located in the USA, where I can get a moderate amount at a moderate price.

    Another place, in Thailand, might have a good product, but I wasn’t sure how much of their verbiage was marketing and how much was accurate. They claim to have especially good tasting jiaogulan which is organic and Fair Trade.

    • 125

      Hi there, dear Paul :D

      It sounds like may be the best place for you to buy some Jiaogulan Tea leaves to try out. Even here in Malaysia, the tea leaves and teabag versions may be difficult to find and most people are not familiar with this tea.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  53. 126

    Theresa said,

    Hi Choesf,

    I hoped that you had a joyous CNY. It’s great to read new post on your site again.

    Have you or anyone here heard of the Banaba Leaf tea. My brother in San Francisco is asking me to find some for him. I read on some site that it is a common tea in the Philippines. It is suppose to help with breaking up gall stones, plus other benefits. If anyone have any info on this Banaba tea, please give me some input. Thank you.


    • 127

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Thank you, I had a joyous CNY and am now resting from the preparations for CNY and from the festival. :lol: Hope you had a wonderful CNY as well!

      Wow, that sounds like a wonderful tea – a tea that can break up gallstones ? I must get some of that tea indeed! I have not heard of Banaba Tea and I will ask around for that. Maybe I can ask my part time Filipino maid and see if she knows about that. Many people have gallstones but their gallbladder won’t act up until the situation is really serious, or any of the gallstones have a pointed end that poke into the wall of the gallbladder. This tea will be helpful to those with gallstones. :idea:

      Thank you for introducing us to Banaba tea and I hope anyone with any information on that tea will post here. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 131

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      I don’t know anything about banaba tea, but I had experienced with gallstones.

      One of my ex-colleagues used to have gallstones. The pain will come at least once a month. He asked me where he could buy dried corn silk, which is good for the urinary system. Before he left for better prospects, he said, “Thank you George for the help on corn silk.”

      If you cannot find the banaba tea, maybe corn silk tea can be drunk for the time being. It can be purchased from any chinese medical hall.


      • 132

        Good evening, dear George :D

        Thank you for introducing us to corn silk tea – wow, I didn’t know this simple part of the corn that I always discard when cooking corn has so many health benefits. There is a lot of information on corn silk tea and the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective is really interesting. I will try out this tea soon and see if it helps with my gallbladder situation. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 133

        P.S. Here is a link to Dr Piyush Saxena’s technique of using corn silk tea for a Kidney Cleanse. His health book can be downloaded at his site – it is a very informative book (he sent me a hardcopy a few years ago) ===>

  54. 134

    Theresa said,

    Hello Cheosf,

    I dropped by a store run by Pilipinos at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road. There are several of these stores that cater to the foreign and domestic worker from the Philipines. All on the fourth floor.

    A box of 30 x 1.5g tea bags of Banaba Tea sells for $10 SIN dollars a box. Only one shop had stock. Two other shop did not have any in stock. There is only one kind. I took a picture of the box. I like to send you the Banaba Tea picture. Send your e-mail address to me so I can show you how it looks like. Only thing is that it does not say “organic”


  55. 135

    Theresa said,

    Hi Cheosf, George;

    Thank you for introducing the corn silk tea and the kidney cleanse by Dr. Piyush Saxena. It looks like that one does not necessarily have to have kidney stone to do this kidney cleanse. It can be use as a detox for the body, correct?

    Cheosf, since you had already have Dr. Saxena’s book a few years back, but you had not try this kidney cleansing technique using corn silk tea?


    • 136

      Good morning, dear Theresa :D

      No, I have not tried the kidney cleanse technique using corn silk tea before :oops: … but there is a herbal plant (which I forgot its Chinese name) that I will buy occasionally from the morning market for cleansing the whole urinary system – kidneys, bladder, etc. :idea:

      It so happened I bought 4 ears of corn yesterday to make Burdock Root and Corn Soup and I used the corn silk to make into a tea – I found that I could make about 1.5 litres of corn silk tea, which I drank 1 cup to try yesterday and I kept the rest in the fridge. I used Dr Saxena’s method of boiling the corn silk a few times until there is no more yellow colour in the water/tea.

      Today, I will try to drink more of the corn silk tea later. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  56. 137

    George Tan said,

    Hi happyhomemaker,

    Just learnt from an Indian friend (they are good for taking care of their hair) that hibiscus oil is also good for hair care, just like coconut oil but hibiscus oil smells better.

    His hair is thinning so his mother bought the hibiscus oil for him and he says his hair loss has reduced considerably.

    For you information.


    • 138

      Good afternoon, dear George :D

      Thank you for your lovely tip on using hibiscus oil for thinning hair **2 thumbs up** – the hair on the crown of my head is still thinning gradually despite using hair tonics and shampoos for lessening hair fall :cry: …so, your information is much appreciated by me. :D

      I know that coconut oil is good but I don’t like its smell, too…hibiscus oil sounds like the better option. But I wonder where we can buy the hibiscus oil from :?:

      Do have a wonderful relaxing weekend with your family!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 139

        George Tan said,

        Hi happyhomemaker,

        Tried to call my friend but he did not answer. I asked another Indian friend and she told me every Indian stuff can be found in Little India, a place where all our Indian community will gather as most of the shops there cater to their needs. I hope you have something like that in Malaysia. If not, try the Indian provision shop.


      • 140

        Good evening, dear George :D

        Thank you for your help – ah, now I know that it is an Indian product, I can go look for the hibiscus oil in Indian provision stores. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  57. 141

    Theresa said,

    Hi Choesf,

    Next time when you are at the morning market for fresh grocery, can you find out the Chinese name of the herbal plant that you mention above.

    My husband just had his blood test result back. Doc said that his liver is not up to par so I am thinking of brewing some herbal tea to cleanse his system, (liver, kidney, urinary system, …, etc). Can you info me what is best for this? I was thinking of the corn silk tea. Then I read Dr. Saxena’s liver cleansing method that you included with a link above. It looks similar to your gallstone removal technique. Am I correct?


    • 142

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      I am really sorry to hear about your husband’s liver condition :sad: and hope his liver will heal very soon! You must be worried about him.

      You will love my next blog post on a healing food – that ingredient will stop further damage to the liver and will heal the liver, too…among other health benefits that this ingredient has. It is inexpensive also….as you know me by now, I love inexpensive natural remedies for health! :wink:

      I have got all my photos ready for that ingredient (which I will keep a secret for now to make it more exciting :lol:) and I just need to type out as much information as I can remember (heheh, all the info is in my head and I need to recall as much as possible). This article will be out tomorrow (Sunday) and will be in your email’s inbox if you have subscribed to my blog already. :idea:

      About that herbal plant that I usually get from the market for cleansing the urinary system – I will be sure to get the Chinese name and take a photo and then blog about it here so that you will learn about it as well. A small bundle of that herb costs about RM3 only, I think. The strange thing about that herbal drink is that I always feel my tongue feeling a bit “abrasively sore” (for lack of a better description), like after eating lots of pineapple, after drinking it. So, I am very sure, that herbal drink is like a strong broom, “sweeping” and cleaning my urinary system. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 143

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      Sorry to barge in but I hope you might also consider these drinks for cleansing the liver too.

      I heard over the radio a few months back that this lady got liver disease and after drinking pure sugar cane juice for a months, her condition was considered ‘cured’ and discharged from hospital after staying there for a few months.

      Recently my friend was diagnosed with liver problem. Polyclinic said it was hepatitis C but hospital could not confirm hep C or liver disease. Anyway, I told him about pure sugar cane and pure coconut drinks. He will drink either one of the drinks everyday for a few weeks before the 2nd test.

      His 2nd test results were good that the doctors are now confused, so they want to have another test!


      • 144

        Good afternoon, dear George :D

        You are most welcome to barge in here anytime with any of your health information and tips! :lol:

        I’m glad you had suggested sugar cane juice – just last week, I came across it being one of the super healing foods/drinks to take for good health. Here is the link to that site :idea: ===>

        Chinese medicine masters recommend foods to eat for better health

        I remember when I was young, I was often told to drink sugar cane juice for good health, but no reasons were given as to why it was good for us. Now, thanks to your info, I will be sure to buy a 1.5 litre bottle each of purely pressed sugar cane juice and fresh coconut water from my Wednesday “pasar malam”/night market. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  58. 145

    Theresa said,

    Good Evening Cheosf,

    How suspending are you having all of your reader to wait until Sunday?

  59. 148

    Theresa said,

    Hello George,

    Thank you for your information for curing liver problem. It’s so simple, just drink sugar cane or coconut juice daily for several weeks. Do you know how much should one drink a day to have this curing effect on the liver?

    The Doc had prescribed liver pills and fish oil for my husband to take. My husbands symptom is that he gets tire easily. And he sleeps a lot because of feeling tire. Doc says its because the liver is not well.

    I make a pot of mixed Kuding tea leaf and Jiaogulan tea leaf for him to drink daily since the end of November.

    I just bought two long burdock root from NTUC today. I will follow Choesf’s direction and make some dried roasted burdock root and start giving this burdock tea for my husband, and for myself to drink. But, I am not sure if we should stop consuming the Kuding and Jiaogulan tea for now. Any idea? Choesf, what do you think?

    Best regards,


    • 149

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Whenever I am trying new teas/soups for healing purposes, I would stop the others first, so that I could experience directly the effects of the new tea/soup on me first. Give it a few days to a week, or more to see what happens.

      Then, we can go back to taking other teas but consume them about 3 to 4 hours apart, just in case they clash with each other.

      Then, experiment by taking all together to see if we feel any negative side effects. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 150

      George Tan said,

      Hi Theresa,

      One needs to drink 1 cup of one type of drink a day only. As sugar cane and coconut water drinks are natural, one may drink them anytime.

      Sugar cane drink can be purchased from hawker centre and coconut water can be purchased in can form from NTUC.

      Initially, my friend was like having no strength, even when talking. After drinking the drinks, he is more lively. You can see the difference. If there is no difference, then you should look for other food or herbs. My friend is not drinking kuding cha or jiaogulan tea.

      Normally I recommend kuding cha if that person is overweight. If you husband’s weight is ok, then you should stop giving him kuding cha for the time being. Cleansing herbs will make a person quite tire, therefore I will recommend that person to take tonic for a day or two (like chicken essence) if he/she feels tire after drinking kuding cha.

      But like what happyhomemaker has recommended, you should stop drinking the old teas, try the new tea and see what happens.

      Hope this helps.


  60. 151

    Adrienne said,

    Dear choesf,

    Thank you for introducing to us all this natural remedy and wonderful healing teas. Also I hope you don’t mind me thanking George and Theresa of Spore for sharing their stuffs too. You guys are really friendly and helpful.

    I would like to drink this amazing tea too but I have low blood pressure. I got to know from your Kuding tea post that I can’t drink that. But I would like to try as I have high cholesterol and always lethargic..also my stomach is not so good as it gets bloated or alot of wind. Do you think I should try?

    And other than Old Town Mrkt, Tong Woh and One Utama, anywhere else can get the loose leaves? There’s a Hai-O in SS2 so maybe I can get the teabags from there but I think I prefer the ‘kam’ taste in my tea.

    Dear all..please advise.
    You guys is of so much help. Thank you very much.


    • 152

      Hi there, dear Joey :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. We are sharing our information and feedback on health teas so that more people can take care of their health naturally. Yes, kudos go to those who take their time to share their experiences here and credits go to them, too! :wink:

      Personally, I would think that the Jiaogulan Tea should be alright for you to take even though you have low blood pressure…it is a good adaptogen and as long as you monitor the effects the tea have on your closely, you should be alright. For example, you may want to start with just 1 cup of Jiaogulan Tea and to take that after a main meal. Then pay close attention to any possible adverse side effects like giddiness, etc.

      You may want to ask at Hai-O if they have the loose Jiaogulan Tea leaves :idea: .

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  61. 153

    Suzie said,

    Hi choesf, wow….I’m so pumped up just reading this thread about jiaogulan tea. I was just googling about it cos I’ve heard from my husband that his colleague drinks it to remove body odor (it was bad!) he’s been living all his life and understands that it works! My husband realised tht his BO is not so strong anymore. haha! He also noticed that he has lost quite an amount of weight. So it must have been the tea! Hmm….a question to xiaohu…what is the address exactly in AMK central you got your tea? I’d very much like to try for my constants bloatedness.
    Thanks so much for this incredible info. I find it quite refreshing and exciting at the same time :)

    • 154

      Hi there, dear Suzie :D

      Thank you for sharing your information on Jiaogulan, I didn’t know it can help to get rid of body odour and to reduce weight, too. How wonderful! **thumbs up**

      I know George said earlier that Kuding Cha helps to reduce BO. I am sure this tea will work very well with your stomach bloatedness – just drink this tea warm after a meal. :wink:

      Hope Xiaohu will be here to tell you where to get the loose tea leaves in AMK…haven’t seen her here for quite a while.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 155

        asuzie said,

        Hi choesf & Theresa :)
        Thank you so much for the super fast responds. You were hilarious Theresa haha! Yeah I thot I’d try AMK first since I’m staying so nearby there b4 I travel all the way to Chinatown as I’m hopeless when travelling further outside my comfort zone. Being a homemaker has made me become so square:( thanks again ladies!

      • 156

        You are most welcome, dear Suzie! Hope you will be able to find your loose leaf Jiaogulan Tea soon. You will love its health benefits. :wink:

        Do have a lovely evening with your family!

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  62. 157

    Theresa said,

    Hello Choesf,

    Haven’t come to this page for a while. Suzie’s husband’s friend sounds like George. Hehe… Except George said that he lost his weight and that his B.O. improved a lot from Kuding Cha. He was no longer embarrassed when taking MRT or buses.

    Suzie, if you can not get it in AMK, for sure you’ll be able to buy it from Chinatown. Most Chinese medical hall sells it. Scroll up to post 35 for Chinatown location where I bought mines. And post 53 where Xiaohu bought hers. But, she does not give the exact location.

    Choesf, maybe you can tell Paul of Minneapolis to try the Chinese medical halls there. The Chinese medicinal name for Jiaogulan loose leaf is 金嗓子 (Fiveleaf Gynostemma).

    Best wishes,


    • 158

      Good evening, dear Theresa :D

      Heheh, we have been chatting all over the place here at my blog…so, we meet back here today hor, thanks to Suzie’s queries. :lol:

      Thank you so much for your guidance to Suzie on where to get her new stocks of Jiaogulan Tea…it seems to be easier to find the loose leaf type in Singapore than here in Malaysia. :oops:

      Okay, I will pass on your message to Paul of Minneapolis via email…I think he found some loose leaf tea to buy online in US, if I remember correctly, I will go dig through the older comments. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. I read about your health reports at the forum, your health is good – only slightly elevated cholesterol and bilirubin levels, which I saw Master atan replied that his Basic Blood Remedy (BBR) can help to reduce.

      I have stopped drinking the Black Fungus for the third time today as I am having a cough/cold and I will resume after I finish my Chinese medicine. Master atan told me that it is really strange for me to get a sore throat halfway through the BBR blood detoxification programme :roll: …and it means that my liver is super heaty. He told me to avoid alcohol/liquor and tonics which are considered heaty. He also said the people with gallstones problem also have liver problems :sad: … I should go for an extensive health check-up after finishing the BBR. :wink:

  63. 159

    D said,

    Hi choesf, I continue to to follow this blog here and there. I mainly focus on the stuff regarding Jiaogulan though :) . And speaking of which I’ve been meaning to ask: Is it ok, or advisable, to say brew 2 bags of tea at once? Does this increase the potency of a serving? (In fact can I technically call this “2 cups” or no?…I figure probably not but why not ask just the same….). What can I do to increase the effect or potency of jiaogulan?



    • 160

      Hi there, dear D :D

      Yes, you can brew 2 teabags of Jiaogulan at one time in a cup for added potency. Then, just refill the cup with boiling water for another round. :wink:

      From feedback received on the Jiaogulan tea from those of us drinking the Jiaogulan Tea – we have found that Jiaogulan can enhance the effects of the other tea that it is paired with, i.e. Jiaogulan has a multiplier effect.

      For example, when Kuding Cha or Yerba Mate is combined with Jiaogulan, the benefits of Kuding Cha or Yerba Mate are felt even stronger and more obvious. George reported that when he drank the Kuding Cha on its own, the clarity of eyesight was better felt when Kuding was mixed with Jiaogulan and drank at the same time.

      For Yerba Mate….my lady healer friend introduced me to that Argentinian tea for its wonderful “super-human” effects – she said when she combined Jiaogulan Tea with a Yerba Mate teabag in one cup, she had a lot of energy and she never got tired physically (she gives healing massages throughout the day)!

      I also felt the same effects of the combined Yerba Mate and Jiaogulan Tea.

      I think you are from the US? You should be able to buy Yerba Mate there easily. Do give Yerba Mate-Jiaogulan tea a try. Dr.Oz also recommended drinking Yerba Mate first thing in the morning for stable energy throughout the day. So, imagine if you put in a teabag of Jiaogulan Tea, too, you will have superhuman energy, too! :lol:

      Do have a lovely day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  64. 161

    Hi there, dear friends :D

    I bought a box of 100 teabags of the sweet Jiaogulan Tea for RM16 (USD5-00) from a Chinese Medicine Shop in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and I am posting here the information on the box for those of you staying in the US :idea: -

    Shigu Mountain Brand – Gynostemma Tea – 100 teabags of 2g each

    Distributed by :-

    Universal Trading Center (USA)
    912, 8th Street
    Oakland CA 94607

    Tel :- 510-444-0936


    With best wishes,

    choesf :D

    • 162

      theresa ng said,

      Hi Choesf,

      This box of Jiaogulan Cha sells for US$9.99 a box here in Oakland.

      The second Chinatown in the Bay Area.



      • 163

        Hi there, dear Theresa :D

        Thank you for your information on the price for this brand of Jiaogulan Tea. Not too expensive, considering that it is imported into the US, which is further than to Malaysia. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  65. 164

    Heng said,

    Hi, would like to check what is the name of the Chinese Medicine Shop in Section 17 where you bought the Jiaogulan tea? Is the Hai-O brand available in the same shop? Is there any difference for the Shigu Mountain Brand and Hai-O brand? Which one will you recommend? Thanks.

    • 165

      Hi there, dear Heng :D

      The name of the Chinese Medical Shop in Section 17, PJ is “Kedai Ubat Arak Lian Fatt”…located on the same row as 7-11 convenience store. :idea:

      I am not sure if they have the Hai-O brand (this is the bitter tasting Jiaogulan)…the Shigu Mountain brand is the sweet type but costs RM16-00 for 100 teabags. The Shigu brand is better tasting and better quality as it is meant for the US market. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 166

        Yeoh said,

        Hi Choesf,

        Do you know if the Shigu brand contains 100% Jiagulan or could it have been mixed with other teas/etc that it is now sweet? The Hai O Jiagulan is extremely bitter and I am doubtful if I will be able to continue consuming it on its own. As I made my first brew of the Jiagulan this morning, I was absolutely unbearable. Since I didn’t want to waste it, I purposely made a decoction of another tea (I only had hibiscus tea in my office drawer) to add to the bitter Jiagulan hoping to tamper with the bitterness.


      • 167

        Hi there, dear Yeoh :D

        Yes, the Hai-O brand of Jiaogulan tastes really nasty. The Shigu Mountain Brand is 100% Jiaogulan or Gynostemaa Tea – it tastes just like the loose-leaf Jiaogulan Tea. When I described the taste as “sweet”, I don’t mean that it is sweet like sugar, but sweet like herbs. You will know when you taste the Shigu-brand. :wink:

        The large Chinese Medicine Shop in the Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – opposite the Melaka Corner, I think) of 1Utama Shopping Centre sells a bottle of 100gm loose-leaf Jiaogulan Tea for RM11. You can try that and the Shigu brand to compare.

        Here’s a picture of ===> Shigu Mountain Gynostemma Tea

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

    • 168

      Yeoh said,

      Hi Heng, you can purchase the Jiagulan tea at Hai O’s SS2 branch. A box of 40 at RM6.80. I brewed my first teabag this morning and it was horrendously bitter! I couldn’t even get past the first sip! I wonder if the original Jiagulan is this bitter.


  66. 169

    Heng said,

    Hi Choesf and Yeoh,

    Thanks loads for the info!! Shall go and purchase soon to have a try on it. Have you ever try Green Rooibos tea? And any idea to purchase in kl/pj area?

    • 170

      You are most welcome, dear Heng :D

      I have not heard about Green Rooibos Tea…but more than 10 years ago, I used to buy lots of Dr. Nortier’s Rooibos Tea for my family to drink. It was a delicious drink and in those days, there were a lot of promotions and I got them quite cheap then…maybe, they were just introducing it to the market here. :wink:

      You can easily find them at pharmacies, supermarkets, etc…even at Chinese Medicine Shops. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  67. 171

    Heng said,

    Dear Choesf,

    OK thanks. Have came across the website stated that green rooibos has 100 times more antioxidants than red rooibos and thus I’m interested to find out more.


    • 172

      Good afternoon, dear Heng :D

      Thank you for your information of Rooibos Green Tea…let me know if you find any and the price. I would like to try this Rooibos Green Tea, too. :wink:

      Have a lovely weekend ahead!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  68. 173

    Angel said,

    You stated that jiaogulan is related to cucumbers. I am allergic to cucumbers, but I am very interested in drinking this tea. Can you ask your shop boss if it is likely to cause a reaction? Thank you.

    • 174

      Hi there, dear Angel :D

      Jiaogulan Tea is actually a member of the Cucurbitaceae family of plants, and it is related to the watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin and other melons and gourds. If you are allergic to cucumbers, it would be safer to avoid drinking this tea. I will check this with my Chinese Medicine Shop boss the next time I see him. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  69. 175

    tony said,

    Dear HappyHomemaker88,

    This Jiaogulan Tea acidic, can upset our stomach for sensitive stomach like got wind, bloatedness, acid reflux and if over wind in stomach vomited wind.

    • 176

      Hi there, dear Tony :D

      I don’t think this Jiaogulan Tea is acidic…in fact, they help relieve me when my sensitive stomach gets wind, bloatedness, or indigestion. My family take this after a meal, or any time during the day without any of those effects that you had mentioned.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 177

        P.S. For first time drinkers of this tea – it is recommended that they drink it after a meal and not on an empty stomach, and drink just 1 cup a day, building up the amount to 3 cups daily eventually for maximum effects. The first 2 days when I drank this tea, I had some slight nausea, but it went away as I continued drinking the tea.

  70. 178

    tony said,

    thanks, for your info, so now how your husband condition & your son stomach wind include you so far, can drink gas drink or take laksa?

    • 179

      Good evening, dear Tony :D

      My husband’s condition is the same – he is still on medication. He just had some blood tests done last week and we are waiting for the latest results.

      As for me and my son, we can take soft drinks (gas drinks, soda pop), curry laksa, assam laksa, nasi lemak with sambal & rendang, lots of pork belly siew yoke (roast pork) without any stomach problems. However, last week, I suddenly had indigestion from eating too much Bak Kua and pineapple tarts. :oops:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  71. 180

    tony said,

    That means this Jiaogulan tea can help people with stomach problem like wind, how long will it take to stable sensitive stomach? anyway thanks for your info.

    • 181

      Hi there, dear Tony :D

      I am not sure how long it took for this tea to stabilise a sensitive stomach as I didn’t observe it. My nephew who used to suffer from extreme bloatedness (until he couldn’t button his pants) got relief from drinking this tea. However, one needs to take a break occasionally from drinking it to give the body a break.

      You may like to check out “Kuding Cha” or “Kuding Tea” here as that bitter tea can also help to get rid of wind and is good for digestion.

      As with all teas and a sensitive stomach, be sure to take the tea after a meal and not on an empty stomach. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. If you are trying out the Jiaogulan Tea for the first time, try to buy the loose leaf type – it cost a lot more but I think the quality is better and the effects are better. I bought 1 bottle of 100gm “5-Leaf Gynostema” (aka Jiaogulan) for RM11 last year at Effective Herbs on the Lower Ground Floor, 1Utama Shopping Mall. :idea:

  72. 182

    tony said,

    This 100gm 5-Leaf Gynostema (Jiagulan) got brand?
    I stay in Penang island, I think 1utama shopping mall (AEON) same boss, Queens Bays mall (AEON). Currently I take Chlorella still got wind. Dr. medical no help…

    • 183

      Hi there, dear Tony :D

      Unfortunately, the loose leaf Jiaogulan has no brands. The Effective Herbs shop at 1Utama is different from the AEON departmental store.

      Stomach wind problem is not easily solved by Western medicine. Have you tried seeing a good Chinese Physician/Sinseh? Usually, they will recommend avoiding eating foods with coconut milk, leftover rice (fried rice), overnight foods (they contain wind).

      When I often get stomach bloatedness last time, I would drink apple cider with honey (1 tablespoon each to 8 oz water) and it helps. Try taking some Probiotics. I noticed my stomach digestion often acts up whenever I finish a course of antibiotics for some illness. My doctor told me to take Probiotics. :idea:

      Stomach wind is not a simple problem as it seems – it can lead to pains in the body arising from stomach wind. I can get headaches, gum pains, shortness of breath, etc whenever my stomach bloats up too much. :sad:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  73. 184

    Giulia said,

    Hi, I’m just confused. Why does everyone lump Jiaogulan and Xiancao together? Their scientific names are different. Jiaogulan is supposedly Gynostemma pentaphyllum and Xiancao is supposed to be mesona chinensis. Am I missing something?

  74. 186

    I found this latest information on Jiaogulan Tea regarding reducing High Blood Pressure :idea: ===>

    Sterols relax blood vessels. Yucca root is the highest herbal sterol source. Jiaogulan is also sterol rich and also helps to act as a beta blocker.

    Source :

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