Dried & Roasted Burdock Root Tea For Looking & Feeling Younger, Anti-Cancer, Improving Qi/Life Force Energy, Healing Liver, Anti-Aging, Hormones Balancing, Body Strengthening, Blood Purifying, Easing PMS/Menopausal Symptoms, Lowering Blood Sugars, Detoxification…

Dried, Roasted Burdock Root Tea

Dried, Roasted Burdock Root Tea

Hi there, dear friends :D

I was first introduced to the exceptional health benefits of the Burdock Root (Gobo in Japanese, Ngau Pong in Cantonese, New Pang 牛蒡子 in Mandarin) when I was taught to make Tateshi Kazu’s Miracle Vegetable Soup  (which I had posted here in 2010) to help with my husband’s high blood pressure/cholesterol/urea acid and diabetes. Burdock root was one of the 5 ingredients in that soup.

I bought 3 burdock roots from my local market for only RM6-70 (USD2)

What got me really excited again recently  about using Burdock Root as a major healing food  was what I saw in a Korean health documentary show called, “Mysteries of the Human Body“. There was this Japanese doctor named Dr. Nagamo Yoshinori, a 58-year old doctor who looks 37 years old :shock: …and he showed the audience a photo of him taken 21 years ago, whereby he looked much older than now !

A recent health examination showed his bones and blood vessels to belong to someone whose age is in the 20’s ! Wow, how wonderful is that :?: What was the secret behind his youthful looks and good health :?:

Answer :- He has been drinking 5 to 6 cups of dried and roasted burdock root tea daily, for more than 20 years now!   :idea:

My second daughter, who is 22, said the 57-year old Dr Yoshinori looked younger than her! :shock: 

In that Korean health documentary, Japanese researchers were also saying that  burdock root has anti-cancer and anti-tumour effects and is different from current anti-cancer agents. :D

So, yesterday I was busy preparing, drying and roasting burdock root to try out. Below are some pictures that I took of the process ===>

Use a peeler to make thin shavings of burdock root for easier drying and roasting

Just brush off the dirt from the burdock root under tap water. Do not peel off the skin as the skin contains a lot of nutrients and has acted as protection of the root from fungus and toxins. Use a peeler to make really thin slices of burdock root for easier drying and roasting. Heheh, I could also watch my favourite Korean dramas while doing that :lol:   In the Korean health documentary, the burdock root is sliced thinly into rings with a knife. 
Burdock Root shavings ready for drying

Burdock Root slices ready for drying – put to dry in the sun for half a day, or air dry inside the home for 1 day. 

Dry roasting burdock root over a medium flame

Dry roasting burdock root over a medium flame

Dried and roasted Burdock Root

Dried and roasted Burdock Root. In the documentary, Dr Nagamo said to dry roast the sliced burdock roots until they start to smoke a little.  Dry roasting makes the burdock root qualities more potent 

Roasted Burdock Root stored in a jar for making tea.

Roasted Burdock Root stored in a jar . To make tea, just put 1 teaspoon into a cup and pour boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes before drinking.  Or, make a large pot and drink the tea throughout the day. 

I would like to quote Susun Weed from her Healing Wise book which I had bought online from her – she sums up the goodness of burdock root perfectly ===>

“…burdock root helps “provide optimum nutrition to the glandular and immune systems, liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, and nerves.” Chromium, iron, magnesium, silicon, thiamine, and inulin are among its many useful constituents. Fresh root is also high in vitamin C. Not only is it packed with nutrition; the mucilaginous fiber of the root will absorb, bind and remove poisons and toxins in our digestive tracts. 

Longevity, steady energy, sexual vitality, and freedom from chronic disease and cancer are a few of the reported effects of long-term frequent use of burdock.”

This site and this site have a lot of information on burdock root and says that burdock root is thought to heal a damaged liver and protect it from further damage. Also, Japanese researchers have isolated a substance in burdock root that can help cell mutation and have benefits against breast cancer in early stages, and against colon and pancreatic malignancies. :idea:

You will find in the Internet a wealth of information on the health benefits of Burdock Root.

When I bought the burdock roots from my regular supplier, the lady boss told me that recently, one of her customers gave her some good feedback on drinking burdock root tea. Her customer had some growth in her intestines and her surgery was scheduled quite some time away. While waiting for surgery, she decided to drink a  burdock root decoction every day – she boiled a burdock root in water for 1 1/2 hours and drank that daily. She did this over a few weeks until she saw her doctor again before surgery. When the doctor did a scan of her intestines again, he was shocked to find that all her intestinal growths have disappeared and he asked her what she has been taking to have her tumours gone? :shock:

She said it was the burdock root drink. Amazing, yes? 

A few years ago, I have posted here before some recipes using Burdock Root :idea: ===>

Burdock Root, Carrot, Pork Slices and Tofu Soup

Easy Burdock Root Soup for Detoxification

Nutritious Burdock Root Soup for Detoxification

Tateshi Kazu’s Miracle Vegetable Soup

There you have it – the amazing, wonderful health qualities of the burdock root. I intend to make a Burdock Root Tincture once I buy some 100% proof Vodka and I will post here instructions and pictures of that.  Tinctures are easier to make and take daily, and are more potent because we are talking about burdock root extracts – we take only  1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon each time. :idea: 

May you and your family have good health always!

With best wishes,

choesf :D 

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  1. 1

    jenn said,

    sounds interesting…looks like i’ll be drowning in tea!! hahaha
    just managed to get the kuding tea from mid valley and now this new tea to try…however i’m not familiar with burdock. where does one buy the roots? or is the long brown stem shown in pic is the root?

    • 2

      Good evening, dear jenn :D

      Heheh, I like your description of “drowning in tea”…maybe, we can soak ourselves in a bath of Burdock Root Tea instead? :lol:

      I’m glad you got your Kuding Cha from Midvalley…I got my 2kg of Kuding via my nephew from Singapore. I noticed the two types are of different quality, size and taste. The Midvalley has a more refined and less bitter taste, whilst the latter one I got from Singapore has a much stronger, bitter and smokey taste. I have some good feedback to post and I will write about it at the Kuding Cha post tomorrow.

      The Burdock Root is known as Gobo in supermarkets/hypermarkets here and can be found easily. In pasars, have to ask around as only certain stalls have them…also, the burdock root looks like the fresh “Chinese Yam” or “Wai San”..so, be sure to ask for “Ngau Pong”. :wink:

      Good Night!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

    • 3

      Jeannette said,

      I am wondering if there is a market for Burdock root, because I have an endless supply growing on our property. Does anyone know of a contact person that may be interested?

      • 4

        Hi there, dear Jeannette :D

        Wow, you have an endless supply of burdock growing on your property? Where are you from? I think there are people from the US and Australia who may have difficulty getting their supply of burdock root for use as natural health remedies. Maybe you can slice up the burdock root and dry them for easier shipping – anyone interested here can contact you if you will leave your email. :wink:

        I have not seen any burdock plant before here in Malaysia and our burdock root is imported from China.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  2. 5

    P.S. I read recently from Dr. Lu’s website his reply to a question on whether it is okay to stop taking HRT for menopause :?:

    His explanation was of particular interest to me because I am perimenopausal right now and am going through a roller-coaster ride with emotional and physical reactions, which are being well handled and controlled by the various health teas (Jiaogulan, Kuding) and soups (nourishing soups, herbal soups), despite being not on any hormonal prescriptions.

    Dr Lu said that from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, menopause symptoms happen when a women’s body is out of balance when they begin the natural journey of menopause. However, women have the unique capability to continue producing sufficient hormones for the rest of their life provided they have a balanced and healthy body that provides the extra energy required.

    I am hoping that burdock root will complement the rest of the healing foods and drinks that I am taking to maintain a balanced, healthy body. :idea:

  3. 10

    Jade said,

    Yay I have another reason to use my dehydrator! It was starting to become another kitchen white elephant :p

    • 11

      Hi there, dear Jade :D

      Oh yes, your dehydrator would definitely come in handy in drying the burdock root. :wink:

      Actually, this burdock root can be consumed in any way – eaten raw, made into soups, stirfried as a vegetable dish, as stews, etc – all methods are good. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  4. 12

    jenn said,

    i wonder if we could add the burdock to the jiaogulan and kuding tea. more like a 3 in 1…makes it easier to have all the tea at once!!!

    • 13

      Hi there, dear jenn :D

      Hahaha….I was thinking the same thing as you yesterday! 3-in-1 would be good and convenient, yes? :lol:

      Actually, I am not sure because whenever I try something new healing teas/soups, I stop taking other herbal teas/soups so that I can experience directly the effect of the new tea/soup, without any “interference” from others. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  5. 14

    Theresa said,

    These burdock roots comes in two per pack at NTUC supermarket here in Singapore. I bought a pack yesterday. The two burdock root are long, close to 30 inches each. If there is enough sun today, I will try out your instruction and make some homemade ‘Dried Roasted Burdock Root Tea’.

    • 15

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      I am glad you have found the burdock root easily. I read that burdock root is also good for our health no matter what method we follow to take them, e.g. as a tea (using fresh or dried or roasted), as a decoction (boil/simmer in some water), as soups/stews, or eaten fresh. :D

      I have had some good feedback from a blog visitor from another of my burdock root post that eating a few slices of fresh burdock root every day after her breast cancer chemotherapy helped her to recover well with minimal effects.

      I found that the dried and roasted burdock root shreds I made are also very delicious when eaten just like that as a snack. :lol:

      Later, I will post here an easy, nutritious burdock root stirfry recipe. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  6. 16

    Another link with wonderful information on Burdock :idea: ===>

    Burdock Blood Cleanser Extraordinaire.

  7. 17

    Theresa said,

    Hello Choesf,

    Your latest link to ‘Burdock Blood Cleanser Extraordinaire’ is informative.
    Now I know that we do not need to dried roast the burdock root. All we need to do is cut it up into small tiny pieces and air dry it before storing it in an air tight jar. And that just two cups of infused air dried burdock root tea a day is good for blood cleaning.

    I had a cup of the dried roasted burdock root tea this morning. It has a very mild taste, almost tasting like the American Ginseng, 花旗参, Hua Qi Shen. It even smells like it. :)


    • 18

      Good evening, dear Theresa :D

      I have just finished cooking dinner and stopped by here for a breather. :lol:

      Yes, the burdock root can be taken in any form – dried, roasted, fresh/raw, etc. It is such a wonderful natural remedy for health. I had roasted the burdock root, following that young looking Japanese doctor’s method, and to see how roasted burdock tea tasted like. I will see if I can take a photo of that Japanese doctor on TV, not sure if the picture will be clear or not.

      Today, I did another variation – I cut the burdock root thinly into slices/rings with a knife, instead of peeling it. Much faster this way…but it is taking a longer time to dry. I had only 2 hours of sun in the morning and my burdock root rings are still being air dried under my ceiling fan now. I will roast them tomorrow. :wink:

      Do have a lovely evening!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 19

        Matt said,

        chosef will you soon post the process of decocting burdock with vodka?
        Be well

      • 20

        Hi there, dear Matt :D

        I will be making a burdock root tincture as soon as I go buy some grain alcohol, probably sometime next week or so. :wink:

        However, if you are interested to make some of your own, the process is very easy ===>

        1) brush burdock root clean under tap water. Air or wipe dry with paper kitchen towels.

        2) slice burdock root thinly into slices and pack into a clean glass jar and then pour in vodka to cover the burdock completely.

        3) cover and store in a dark, cool place for about 1 month. Shake the bottle occasionally to make sure the burdock is always wet at the top.

        4) take a teaspoon to a tablespoon of burdock root as a health tonic – preferably first thing in the morning before breakfast. Mix burdock tincture with a little warm water, like in a whisky shot glass, and drink.

        Tip – after step # 2 above, if we pour the vodka and burdock root into a blender to blend the burdock root finer, it is easier for the vodka to extract the burdock :wink:

        I have motherwort, hawthorn, holy basil, pegaga/centrella asiatica and some Chinese herbal plant tinctures for easy consumption – no need to make teas or boil them. The tinctures are stronger, too, as they are the extracts of the plants.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

        P.S. Tomorrow, I will post my feedback on consuming Roasted Burdock Root Tea for almost a week already.

      • 21

        Matt said,

        esteemed chosef;
        Thank you for all you put forth in your posts and replys.
        The tincture seems like the way to go .
        Be well

      • 22

        You are most welcome, dear Matt :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  8. 23

    Theresa said,

    Hi Choesf,

    Yupp, slicing the burdock root is work in itself. I used a peeler that I bought from Isetan, a three peeler in a pack at there promotional table where someone does various demotrations of peeling different fruits and vegetables. It comes with a peeler and two peeler for shredding things like carrots and cucumber. The peeler has a extra rolling bar which allows you to use the peeler as a slicer. So slicing the two burdock roots was fairly easy.

    How do you find the burdock tea so far? I know it’s too soon to tell. For me, it’s been two days of drinking this tea. I’d stopped the Kuding and Jiaogulan tea and just drinking burdock tea only. And plain water in between.

    After CNY celebration, my consumption of the Kuding and Jiaogulan tea was not very constant. I was only drinking about two cups a day until I started on the burdock tea on Monday afternoon.

    Before starting on the burdock tea, I noticed that The skin on my palms and finger tips were not as smooth as when I was drinking at lease four cups of the Jiaogulan tea a day. I noticed that my palms were dry and the finger tips looked a bit chapped with some dried flaky skin on it. I would moisturize my hands before sleeping. But, it did not help.

    I have not use any moisturizer today, and am washing my hands often as usual due to household work. But, I noticed that my palms does not feel as dry, and the finger tips does not feel dry and chapped. And also the dried flaky skin appearance on my finger tips had disappeared.

    I am not sure if this is the effect of drinking dried roasted burdock tea. But, I am happy with how my hands feels. :)



    • 24

      Hi there, dear Theresa :D

      Wow, that sounds like a really easy slicer/peeler to use. It will make the slicing job easier. Today, I took some photos of my burdock rings that have dried but not roasted yet. I think I prefer the peeled slices because those are thinner and therefore, easier to dry and roast…also the flavour will all come out in 1 steeping time of water. I noticed that if I pour a second round of boiling water, the burdock tea has no taste already.

      I find the roasted burdock tea very pleasant and aromatic to drink…different from when used raw in soups. After stopping the Jiaogulan and Kuding Cha to concentrate on the Burdock Tea, I noticed so far that I have better energy when I wake up immediately in the morning. Before, I would still be a little sleepy and it would be hard to make myself get out of bed. Also, today, I noticed that my abdominal area (around the kidney, liver and gallbladder area) suddenly felt very light and comfortable….not so bloated and tight. I used to have a “fussy” gallbladder and sometimes, when we do so much detoxifiying, our liver would ache a little from all that. Somehow, I feel that the burdock root tea has “soothed” my inner organs.

      Sigh…you are right, when we stop drinking the Jiaogulan Tea… our hands and heels would feel rough again. These few days, I have been doing a lot of cleaning and cooking … so busy until I didn’t have time to put hand cream (until bedtime), but I noticed today, my hands don’t feel as “tight” and wrinkled. Maybe, it is the goodness of the burdock?

      I read somewhere before, that burdock tea can be applied on the scalp to prevent hair loss or thinning hair. Hmmm… maybe I should try that out? :lol:

      Got to go and cook dinner now…talk to you later hor..

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. I been taking pictures of the nourishing soups that I have been making this week, I will post them shortly. When we detoxify our body, it is good to nourish it back with some yummy, good soups! :wink:

  9. 25

    [...] 1 cup of Roasted Burdock Root Tea  after he has woke up, around 1pm. I thought because the tea is drank on an empty stomach, its [...]

  10. 26

    [...] of healing foods and drinks.  Let me clear the “trial run” of my recently posted Roasted Burdock Root Tea first and then, I will sample the Holy Basil Tea for good health – I have a pretty good idea [...]

  11. 27

    Feedback :idea: ===>

    My husband and I drank this tea first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and before breakfast – we both noticed that our energy levels are much higher than before. I noticed that my husband now no longer drinks as much coffee as before.

    From the TCM point of view, when our body’s yin and yang are balanced, we will not have fatigue and good energy levels are maintained.

    When we stay up and we are not asleep between 11pm and 3pm, this is not good for our liver, for that is the time that it needs to regenerate and replenish itself.

    This website says :-

    “In Chinese medicine, the liver bears an incredible amount of responsibility— physically, mentally, and emotionally. Liver energy regulates one’s mood, digestion, menstruation, dreaming, the sleep-wake switch, vision, and the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. It is in charge of strategic planning and execution and nurtures all of the connective tissues, from ligaments to nails.

    The liver is extremely sensitive to negative emotions such as anger and resentment. If the liver is not being cared for well, people will be very irritable and agitated. Now you can see how serious the consequences to your health will be if you do not sleep at the times you should.”

    Burdock Root is able to heal the liver and that could be the reason why my husband is feeling more energetic from before.

  12. 28

    maark said,

    Auntie Choe,

    Where can I get this? Kindly point me to a shop in kl that sells this. Many thanks

    • 29

      Good evening, dear Maark :D

      Wah, I am honoured you addressed me as “Auntie” :oops: …heheh :lol:

      You can buy whole Burdock Root at supermarkets and hypermarkets. Look for a long 30-inch beige colour root like the picture above – it is sold under the name of “Gobo”. I have bought some before at the Midvalley Aeon (formerly Jusco) Supermarket. Look near the Organic Vegetables section or near the potatoes/onions section….you should find it easily there.

      You can boil the root fresh or dry them…anyway is good for health.

      By the way, my husband and I are now trying out Master atan’s advanced technique of reducing cholesterol and detoxifying the blood. Today is Day 4 of our 1 month-detox programme…you can follow my daily reporting and feedback at his forum at the link below :idea: ===>


      When I am ready, I will post this technique here, too. :wink:

      Do have a wonderful weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  13. 31

    I live in Australia and not sure if Burdock root is available here. Any other name that it might go by, besides Gobo..?

    • 32

      Hi there, dear Emily :D

      I have copied part of the comments from another Australian visitor at my Tateshi Kazu Miracle Vegetable Soup post (read comment # 65) so that you know where to get burdock root in Australia :wink:

      I thought I might share with your other reader from Perth or anyone else in Australia for that matter. Burdock is not expensive and sold in dried form, from chinese medical shops which are plentiful in Melbourne. I pay AUD($)10 for a pack of 600g. Contact Winner Trading (chinese herbs wholesaler based in melb):


      I have also successfully freezed fresh radish leaves. I keep them weighted & packed individually (unwashed) and just take out one pack at a time.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  14. 34

    ndiane77 said,

    Hi everyone…I’m new and not sure what I’m doing. I need help. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good web site that I can order Black Fungus and Burdock Root from? I appreciate any help anyone can extend. I am limited in traveling around and do not know of any stores in my area that would sell these items.

    Thank you,

    • 35

      Hi there, dear Diane :D

      Where are you from? I will try to look for those websites from your country. Some people have mentioned that they bought their dried burdock root online – from the US and Australia.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  15. 39

    Vivien Loh said,

    Hi choesf
    My 9 year old son has a tumour near his hypothalamus/pituitary gland. To cut a long story short, we decided not to go for a biopsy and will try to shrink the tumour via alternative methods. Anyway, I would like to know if the flesh will turn black when we slice/peel it? Thank you.

    • 40

      Hi there, dear Vivien :D

      I am sorry to hear that your son has a tumour :sad: … yes, the burdock root will turn a little darker very fast when it is peeled or sliced, but that is okay.

      As this roasted version of burdock root can be quite heaty, you can use the burdock root fresh or dried, i.e. without roasting. :idea:

      Hope this works for your son!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  16. 41

    Michelle said,

    I am a little confused. Hope you can help.

    牛蒡 – is this the same as Burdock Wood or Wai San ?

    Wai San – Fresh ?
    Is the Dried Herb “Wai San” actually Burdock Root ?

    Thank you.

    • 42

      Hi there, dear Michelle :D

      Wai San is called Chinese Yam, and the dried whitish pieces of Wai San we see at the Chinese Medicine Shop is not Burdock Root.

      The fresh Wai San has a flesh that is almost pure white inside….whilst the fresh Burdock Root is a yellowish flesh with a brown ring – i.e. if you cut a slice off, you can see it. Fresh Wai San is also very slimy when cut, but not Burdock Root.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  17. 43

    Michelle said,

    Hi, Thank you for your super fast reply and help.
    Greatly Appreciated.

    New York

  18. 45

    nick said,

    I have lots of burdock. I never cultivated b4. but will try some. I wish to market this. hoping to create couple jobs in local area. is anyone interested in buying dried root. just name your price per pound

    • 46

      Hi there, dear nick :D

      Which country are you from? I think there is a market for dried burdock root, even fresh ones, too. Some people here have in the past asked about where to find burdock roots in Australia and the US. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  19. 47

    Ybur said,

    Hello! So happy to have found your site while searching for a liver cleanse –
    I have followed your recipe for the Burdock Root tea and have noticed that my tea is still quite moist after placing in glass jar even after dry roasting and letting cool.
    Should I refrain from using this tea or is this moistness normal?

    Thank you :-)

    • 48

      Hi there, dear Ybur :D

      I have tried both methods of cutting the fresh burdock roots – shaved into thin slices with a potato peeler, and cut thinly into rings with a sharp knife. Both versions are quite dry after being dried and roasted.

      Did you dry you burdock slices well before roasting (either in the sun or air dried) ?

      Another easier way to dry roast the burdock root slices is to bake them in an oven. Perhaps, you can put your burdock root for a short time in the oven to let them dry completely? :idea:

      Another way to use up your moist burdock root (if you want to start a new batch and not use this moist one as tea) is to make a soup by adding corn and chicken breast or lean pork slices (simmer for 1 1/2 hours) – the soup is quite delicious and nutritious. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 49

        Ybur said,

        Oh thats a good idea I think I will try the oven! I live in a cold climate with no sun in sight :-( and air drying hasn’t done the trick
        Thank you for quick reply 😊

      • 50

        You are most welcome, dear ybur! Ah, your climate is too cold to dry the burdock root properly. I was worried that your moist burdock root may grow some mould if not kept well. The properly roasted dry burdock root will taste very aromatic and nice. :wink:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  20. 53

    Jael said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker,

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful information. I just stumbled upon your blog and the part on skin/complexion really interest me. Somehow my complexion has taken on a slightly darker/yellowish undertone – I used to be very fair, and no, I don’t use whitening products either.

    My question is: is burdock suitable for people who are allergic to nightshade plants (for eg, tomato and eggplant)? I’m allergic to histamine and had a severe outbreak of hives after taking some eggplant – that was a first experience.

    i also researched and read about burdock, and some medical sites mentioned about it being harmful if anyone is allergic to daisy or chrysanthemums – to which I’m not. It also has another effect, which is a bit of dehydration; did you experience that?

    How effective has it been for you in terms of complexion just by taking the tea on a daily basis? I would very much appreciate it if you could share more on that. Lastly, is burdock tea easily available in supermarkets in general?

    Thank you.

    • 54

      Hi there, dear Jael :D

      Thank you for sharing the information you have on burdock root. I always learn something new about it. :wink:

      I am sorry I am not sure if burdock root can be taken by people who are allergic to nightshade plants and if it can help to lighten one’s complexion :oops:

      As the burdock root is diuretic in nature, it is best to drink more water to rehydrate our body. After drinking burdock root tea or soup, frequent visits to the bathroom to pee is often the case. The more toxins we have in the body, the more pungent/smelly the pee will be after drinking burdock root tea or soup.

      Because of its detoxification nature, the burdock root can help us improve our complexion in terms of pimples and acne, my teenage children’s acne improved. However, I did not observe any effects of it on our skin tone. :oops:

      Which country are you from? I have not seen burdock root tea being sold in supermarkets here in Malaysia, but fresh burdock root is easily available near the produce section in almost all the supermarkets here. They don’t cost much either.

      In case you can’t find burdock root where you stay, you can buy organic Dried Burdock Root or Burdock Root Capsules online from HERE .. for first time buyers there, you can use Coupon Code No. MLL655 during checkout to get US$10 off if you purchase more than US$40 or US$5 off if less than US$40.

      Hope you will find great benefits, too, from taking Burdock Root!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  21. 55

    Yeng Hang said,

    Hello do you know where I can watch the video that you mention of the Japanese dr.?

    • 56

      Hi there, dear Yeng Hang :D

      I tried looking for this video on Youtube but it’s difficult because the videos of “Mysteries of the Human Body” were in Korean and not subtitled in English :oops:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  22. 57

    mag said,

    Hi Choesf,

    Can I ask how long can we store the homemade dried burdock tea?


    • 58

      Hi there, dear Mag :D

      The dried roasted burdock root tea can be kept for quite a long time as long as they are properly dried and stored in an airtight container. If you can’t finish it soon enough, keeping it in the fridge will help to keep it even longer. I still have some of that is just under one year old and it is still good when I had some last week. :wink:

      As with any herbal teas or health remedies, I would take a break from each remedy or tea for a while and then resume for a few months or so. This tea can be a little heaty because it is roasted…so, I stopped taking it regularly. However, I make sure that my family have more versions of the burdock root healthy goodness via soups e.g. :idea: ===>

      Dosanko Cooking – Burdock Root, Carrot, Pork Slices with Tofu Soup

      Healthy Burdock Root Chicken Stew

      Tateishi Kazu’s Miracle Vegetable Soup For Health & Brown Rice Tea – Alternative Health Therapy For Treating High Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Other Illnesses; For Skin Rejuvenation, Slowing Aging Process ….

      Nutritious Burdock Root Herbal Soup For Detoxification

      Easy Burdock Root Soup For Detoxification

      Burdock Root is one of my favourite root vegetable for good health! :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 59

        mag said,

        Hi choesf,
        Tq for generously sharing ur knowledge. Both my hubby & I have been drinking burdock tea daily for the past 2wks. ( tt e oni way he can accept. Tried frying w carrot but he simply hate it 😄). Dun c much effect on our health yet but we really enjoy e tea😊 shall cont for a mth to c.

      • 60

        Hi there, dear mag :D

        Thank you for your feedback on drinking the roasted burdock root tea. I would think that the most immediate effect of burdock root would be its detoxifying effect. That is most noticeable when we consume burdock root in it original root form, as a soup or as a tea. Did the tea trigger a diuretic effect on you and your husband when you drank the tea in the first few days? Like more urination and the pee is pungent when there are toxins in the pee.

        Other than that, because we are taking the roasted burdock root tea in small amounts, the effect will be gentler and not as noticeable unless drank over a longer period of time. :wink:

        Heheh, the 58-year old Japanese doctor who looked so young for his age drank 5 cups of roasted burdock root tea a day for many years.

        With best wishes for good health,

        choesf :D

      • 61

        Mag said,

        Ya true we experience the diuretic effect not Oni tt I tend to visit e toilet for “big biz”more often than norm 😬😬 btw since u r toking about e young looking doc, jus like to share my new found love- corallina seaweed (珊瑚草)acc to a health program I saw on utube tis algae r full of collagen & believe to lower cholesterol. U can google for more info.


      • 62

        Hi there, dear Mag :D

        It seems like the roasted burdock root is helping to detoxify you more. :wink:

        Thank you for sharing your tip on corallina seaweed as beneficial for anti-aging, beauty and lowering cholesterol. Is that the same as “sea bird nest” or Eucheuma Cottonii ?

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

      • 63

        mag said,

        Hi choesf,
        Yup, coralline seaweed = 海燕窝 😄.


      • 64

        Thank you for your confirmation, dear Mag :D

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

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