Hi there! A big, warm welcome to “Happy Homemaker88’s Virtual Home“, a blog I started in September, 2007  D

I am a 52-year old homemaker who has found the journey from being a banker and later, a remisier to being a housewife a big challenge and a great learning experience – with lots of sweat,  joy, satisfaction, tears, and insanity ! :lol:

I have a loving husband, 2 daughters and 2 sons,  aged 19 to 28, and a cat who get along happily with our Beagle dog! We live in a 3-storey terraced house in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I am always wearing different “hats” at home,  multi-tasking as a wife, a mother, a maid, a driver, a chef, financier, psychologist, dog groomer, etc … :roll:

God knows how many times I had almost thrown in the towel and scream at the madness of coping with it all……but somehow, there is a thread of sanity in me making me hang on to be what I am striving to be – a loving, successful homemaker, a wife and a mother. At the end of the day, there is contentment and peace in my heart, knowing that my husband and children are well nurtured and taken care of.  :D

This blog (which began in September 2007) also serves as a legacy to my children, for when I am not around, they can refer here for our family’s heritage recipes, natural health remedies and some homemaking tips. I  hope that by sharing with you my experiences here, it would benefit you, too,  in some way, especially if you are a new wife, stay-at-home mom, single mom, working wife, mom, or housewife.

There will be many tips and articles on being a successful homemaker, on health, on how to keep going, homecooked food recipes, nourishing recipes, health recipes, home and natural remedies, dieting and even some ghost stories. :lol: 

Most importantly, I would like to think of this blog as my virtual home, where you are most welcome to visit anytime when you are free, when you are down, when you are happy….. please make yourself comfortable, have your favourite cup of coffee or tea …. and know that you are not alone trying to cope with your chores, being a wife and mother, but that there are many of us out there in the world leading a similar life like you.  :wink:

May your days be filled with love, prosperity and joy always!

choesf, aka happyhomemaker88 :D


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  1. 1

    Hi…can you please post the recipe for the lung cleansing soup you mentioned> I can’t seem to find it on your site. Thank you very much.

  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there, Louise :D

    Welcome! Here is the link to my Lung Cleansing Soup Recipe –


    On this page, there is a side bar on the right hand column – look under the various categories and this recipe is filed under “Nutritious Soups and Meals”…. or you can also use the “Search” function/box located at the top right hand corner. If you click on the word “HOME“, you will see all my posts in date order if you scroll down the page. :wink:

    Hope you like this recipe. :D

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    Much peace and joy to you,

    choesf :D

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      JinJin said,

      Hi Choesf,
      Your watercress recipe helped me to breathe better. I had severe wheezing when the humidity and temperature went up. Today is a hot and humid day and I feel good with your soup. I just started having your soup.

      Thank you once again.


      • 4

        Hi there, dear JinJin :D

        Thank you very much for your feedback on drinking the watercress soup. I’m glad it has helped with your wheezing during these humid, hot and hazy weather. I know that this soup is very good for lungs but I learned something new today – that it can help with wheezing, too. :idea:

        Nutritious Lung Cleansing Watercress Soup

        With best wishes for good health,

        choesf :D

  3. 5

    Duct Cleaner said,

    Would you consider adding my duct cleaning blog to your blogroll? We have a lot of information about cleaning everything from air ducts to furnaces, dryer vents chimneys and much more. I have 2 blogs: duct-911.com/blog and http://airductcleaner.wordpress.com/ Thanks! – Dave the Duct Cleaner.

  4. 6

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there and welcome, Dave :D

    I have put you on my Blogroll – you have very interesting information and services on air duct cleaning. I’m sure some of my readers would find it useful. :wink:

    Much peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  5. 7

    sweetrosie said,

    Hi – love your blog, I will be sure to visit often.

  6. 8

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Welcome, sweetrosie! :D

    Do drop by whenever you are free…..:wink:

    I have problems linking up with others using “tagging”….hmmmm, let me check that out …meanwhile, I probably take the easy way out and ask my kids tomorrow! :roll:

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    choesf :D

  7. 9

    Camemberu said,

    What a lovely, lovely blog! And hats off to you as a multi-tasking mom! I’m sure it’s sometimes tougher than a job in the corporate world but certainly more rewarding! :)

  8. 10

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there and welcome, Camemberu :D

    Thank you for your encouraging words – hehe, sometimes I do feel frustrated about the repetitiveness of my work at home, but mostly there is a great sense of satisfaction. :wink:

    Wow, I love your blog….especially those yummy photos on food – my Singapore friends would love your reviews, and I have added your link here for convenient reference! :D

    Have a relaxing weekend with your loved ones!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  9. 11

    Lisa said,


    My daughter loves the green snail kitchen timer with the heart. Where did you find it? We need one for helping her get to bed on time!


  10. 12

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there and welcome, dear Lisa :D

    I looked around the Internet for cute kitchen timers – if you search for it at Google’s Images, you will find the place to order for it and its price.

    I wish you a Happy & Successful Year 2008!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  11. 13

    Jacqueline Phua said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88,

    I am very impressed by your superb blog, I just can’t imagine how u manage to have all the energy to juggle everything from cooking, housewor, posting blog.. etc…

    Do keep on posting all the interesting topics. I am already your ardent fan !!! Do you have any herb remedy or soup, tea to boost energy??
    I am feeling tired all the time.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a fantastic blog like you, appreciate if you can email me at woofer@singnet.com.sg


    With Best Wishes from,
    Jacqueline Phua from Singapore

  12. 14

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there and welcome, dear Jacqueline :D

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments – hehe, I do run out of energy some days and just become a couch potato for a whole day, watching movies! :lol: But most of the time, I just have no choice but to keep pace with the daily schedule or else, I will get a backlog of chores the following day! :roll:

    For a good and easy way to energise yourself – try doing salt baths or salt scrubs. The instructions are here –


    Also, it is good to drink nourishing soups or brew a satchet of American ginseng tea a day for energy. Brand’s Chicken Essence works wonders as well for those days that you feel low in energy.

    Do take care of your health and be sure to have some nice time out for yourself to recharge your energy – like going for a massage or to a spa for relaxation. :wink:

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  13. 15

    Jacqueline Phua said,

    Hi Hi Happyhomemaker88,

    Many, many thanks for the wonderful tips ! I will definitely try it out.

    Do take care.. ..and please, please do keep on posting articles, recipes and information to your blog. You never fail to impress us….. :P

    With warmest regards from your No. 1 ardent fan,
    Jacqueline from Singapore

  14. 16

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Good evening from KL, dear Jacqueline :D

    Hehe, I have such a big smile on my face as I am typing this, absolutely beaming with happiness in the knowledge that I have an ardent fan in you! :lol: :lol:

    I really thank you for your valued support here and it is due to people like you that makes it all worth the time and effort I have put in. As you can see, this blog site has no advertisements and I am not blogging for money but merely to share with others what I have learned. :wink:

    Thank you!

    With many hugs,

    choesf :lol:

  15. 18

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello and welcome, dear bibomedia :D

    Nice and cute site you have there. :wink:


    choesf :D

  16. 19

    bhargavi said,

    Hi ,

    ur blog is a wiff of fresh air ..
    am so glad i found ur site …evrythng abt it is so grt .. God bless u and ur family ..


  17. 20

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello and welcome, dear bhargavi :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments. May God bless you and your family, too, with good health, good wealth and success! :D

    With harmony and peace,

    choesf :D

  18. 21

    Jane said,

    So happy to have you drop by my blog. Since you are a yogini yourself, I will be adding you to my yoga blogger list.

    Keep up the blogging. Your move from the corporate world to the home is akin to my own so I can relate very well.


  19. 22

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello and welcome, dear Jane :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments. It is always so wonderful to meet up with others who have gone through similar transitions in life like me.


    With love and peace,

    choesf :D

  20. 23

    mndyky said,

    Hi there,

    This is my first time coming across such an interesting blog…I simply love ur blog. It’s full of info and idea, esp for new homemaker like myself. Sometimes feeling low,lonely and directionless…LOL

    I am already in ur fan list…thanks for the useful tips in the blog.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Best regards,

  21. 24

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello and welcome to my virtual home, dear mndyy :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments. I am always delighted to meet a fellow homemaker. {{{HUGS}}

    I come here to write whenever I am free and it is a nice way for me to wind down and relax from a hectic schedule. Lately, I have been thinking that this blog is more of a legacy to my teenaged daughters for them to refer to for my recipes and other stuff when they have their own families. :lol:

    You have a wonderful week, too and do drop in for a cup of virtual tea or coffee with me whenever you are free!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  22. 25

    spring said,

    hi, I dont know if you can or cannot answer this-
    I live in the USA and would like to purchase the gourd/wu lou
    glass jar yellow wax candles with the red ribbon attached to the front with a prayer you see in Buddhist Temples? thanks spring.

  23. 26

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome to my blog, dear spring :D

    I remember seeing those gourd shaped candles before in some temples, but I have forgotten which temples exactly. When I come across them, I will contact you immediately and send some to you, okay?

    Have a relaxing weekend!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  24. 27

    Allen Tang said,

    I love your blog and all the recipes. From your website I’ve educated the boys I take care of on the beauty of burdock!

  25. 28

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Allen :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    I’m glad that you like the goodness of burdock root for detoxification, too. Just the other day, I was buying some burdock from a lady and she told me the first time she had burdock soup, her urine was really dark and pungent – a sign that there were many toxins removed.

    If it is too troublesome to make as a savoury soup or for those who are vegetarians/vegans, the burdock root can be boiled/simmered over a low fire with some red or honey dates.

    Do drop in when you are free and we will have a cup of virtual coffee or tea or kopi-o ice together! :D

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf :D

  26. 29

    Jon said,



    I am inquiring to see if it is ok if i use your picture for my ICT GCSE Coursework, if you help me, i will include you in my Sources and you will get full credit.

    Awaiting your reply

    Jonathan Harvey
    Aldridge school

  27. 30

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Jon :D

    Yes, you can use the pictures here for your course. :D

    Have a nice week!

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  28. 31

    Mary said,

    Dear Blogger:
    I have had pinched nerves for 2-3 years. The doctors have tested me
    for mildly pinched nerves and neuropathy but I stilll have servere pain eachday of my like. I con no longer work a school principal because I
    can barely walk in any shoes. I buy so many shoes but nothing is confort to wear all day. My doctor have given me so many different kind of medicines, but they have so many side effects. I need to know the name of those herb leaves. I do detox, but I still have extra sharp pain in my toes,legs and underneath my foot. Please help find the
    plant herbs that you described above for all kind of issues. Such as hypertension, chlestrol, loweling blood sugar etc….Please help me!

  29. 32

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Mary :D

    I am very sorry to hear about your pinched nerve problems..I know they can be so debilitating on our activities.

    Have you had a urea acid test done on your blood? It sounds like you may be having urea crystal deposits or gout. Urea acid crystallizations in our joints can be a main cause of joint and leg pains.

    Are you able to find a Chinese physician in your area? It may be wise to consult him and know from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view as to what exactly are natural remedies that can be prescribed to you. In some cases, the pain caused by pinched nerves is caused by “heatiness in blood and bones” according to TCm, and Western medicine is not able to solve this problem.

    Some of the herbs for health here, I don’t know what their names are in English and they are naturally found here in Malaysia….so, I can only show their photos here. :oops:

    Hope you get better soon.

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf :D

  30. 33

    Shalynne said,

    Hi! So sorry that I thought you are Malay earlier, mentioning Allah etc. (when I commented on you rendang recipe). Sometimes, I do say the silliest things; hope I didn’t offedn you in any way!

  31. 34

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    No problem there, it is okay, dear Shalynne. I have many friends of other religions and believe that Islam teaches us to be kind and peaceful to all. I am a Buddhist. :D

    Selamat Hari Raya! :D

    With peace and joy,

    choesf :D

  32. 35

    susan said,

    Hi there! I was googling for crispy pork–& here I am–your blog is so interesting. You sound like such a sympathic & helpful person ;) I missed all those Asian food & herbal ‘remedial’ soups since living in Belgium, thank you so much for the recipes I certainly will add your blog to my favourites, it’s easy to find the ingredients in the chinese supermarket here, so it’s no excuse for me not to try out your recipes on my family. god bless, & happy blogging!!

  33. 36

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Susan :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments :oops: and for adding me to your favourite links. I’m glad you can find ingredients for Chinese or Asian recipes in your area – this will make your Asian cooking more authentic. :wink:

    Yes, when we have been away from our home country, we tend to miss the food there. I remember when my husband and I were living in the US for a few years, I even made my own “Chee Cheong Fun” (in Cantonese dialect for Rice Rolls) or “Kway Teow” from scratch, as I was in a very small town and there were no Chinese shops there or nearby. :lol:

    Do drop by anytime and we’ll have a virtual cup of kopi-O together! :D

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf :D

  34. 37

    Jeffery Chew said,

    Hello Happyhomemaker88! I like all you recipe and I learn a lot from you on cooking.
    I just move to Texas USA for a year from Penang, Malaysia. I miss a lot of food back home and lucky myself like to cook and also I got the chance to come across your blog.
    You really impress me not only on cooking but how you handle your life and the positive thinking that you motivate yourself.
    I think you are a book lover also and you did spend lots of time on books.
    Anyway, many best wishes to you from me in America.


  35. 38

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Jeffrey :D

    Thank you for your lovely comments. :oops: :lol:

    I have a few friends who have moved to Dallas, Texas a few years ago. You must miss Malaysian food as Penang has really good food. Hope you can find most of the spices and ingredients there for cooking. I only seriously picked up cooking when my husband and I were living in Oregon for a few years and we missed our home country’s food – that sure was a great motivation for me! :lol:

    Yes, I read a lot but these days, boks are just too expensive in Malaysia compared to 30 years ago and now, I often buy cookbooks only and I already have a cupboard of them! :roll:

    I wish you all the best, good health and success in America, Jeffrey. :D

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf :D

  36. 39

    David said,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I just want to write it before I forget. Great blog. I check it once a week for updates.

    • 40

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Thank you, dear David, for your regular support here and your good wishes. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and may year 2009 be smoothsailing and successful for you! :D

      With peace and prosperity,

      choesf :D

  37. 41

    Katarina said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker,

    I guess some divine force led me to your blog at one of my darkest hours.
    A year ago, my family and I have moved in another country, better for climate but worse for job, social&health security and other … As a spoiled Westerner I watch in awe at the water shortage and power blackouts, not to mention low salaries and long work hours. Shortly after our arrival my mother in law was diagnosed with dementia and father in law came down with some neurological disease. I was used to living in rented 2- or 3- bedroom flats; now I live in partially damp studio appartment (the 4 of us). I sincerely hope this is only temporary and I won’t elaborate here on the reasons why we’d moved.
    But I’d like to share that, when I felt I was standing on verge of losing it, I came across this blog and I had a good look around. For the last four days I’ve been feng shuing the appartment and I feel a surge of the new energy that is almost magical. I’ve been dragging around lately, slept poorly and woke up even more tired than the night before. But I feel so much better now! That heavy and dark lid has finally started to lift off me. I can see some hope for the future. And this is mostly because of your writing which is so vibrant and happy and hope-inspiring (if this is the right word), and after a long time I FEEL that a happy life is a real possibility. I noticed some brighter smiles around me, too.
    Thank you,

    • 42

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Katarina :D

      Thank you for sharing your experience and for your kind comments. I am so happy for you that you have benefitted from applying Feng Shui to clear the energies in your home and improve your perspective of life for the better. It would be good if you can join Master atan and us at the Dhealing Forum, where you can get more guidance and advice on Feng Shui matter to improve your life. :wink:

      I wish you and your loved ones more blessings of light, happiness, success and good wealth for the Year of the OX 2009, Katarina! :D

      With peace and joy,

      choesf :D

  38. 43

    manila said,


    You have a big fan following and rightly so. Your blog is very informative and well presented.

    I will start cooking a few recipes from your blog as and when I can.

    I have a question though. What vitamins do you take to manage all that you have mentioned about u? I have to look after my 3 year old (just one) and manage household chores. All my time just flies away.

    Although I have a website now of my recipes. I love to cook. My husband has lived in KL for 15 years (before marriage). He loves the food there. I make laksa at homeoften.

    Here is my website http://www.creative-cooking-corner.com/

    If you think it is informative, please add that to your blogroll.

    I have bookmarked yours and will keep coming back.

    • 44

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear manila :D

      Thank you for your lovely comments and for adding me to your blogroll. I have added your blog to mine as well. I love your website with all those easy and healthy recipes! :D

      Ah, what vitamins do I take? Most days, I drink a cup of “Magic Plant Boiled Water”, a Pharmaton multivite (with ginseng), a Omega Fish Oil capsule, and most importantly, on those days that I feel really stressed and in need to energise, I do SALT BATHS to re=energise. :wink:

      But once in a while, I do “run out of battery” and I will just not cook nor clean for a day and just sleep most of the time. Heheh, most of my regular visitors here know that if I don’t post here for a while, it means I have gone into “hibernation” to recharge my energy. :oops: :roll:

      Do drop in here or I’ll drop by at your site and we will have a cup of coffee or tea and put up our tired feet together! :lol:

      With love and hugs to a fellow homemaker,

      choesf :D

  39. 45

    Dear Madam,

    I live in Bombay, India. I tried your recipe. It benefited me tremendously. I feel obliged and I have no words to thank you.

    I have done Ph.D in Cleansing Therapy. I have written a book “Cure Yourself”. The PDF version of the same is available at my website as stated above. It talks about kidney cleanse, acidity cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver cleanse and joint cleanse.

    Kindly go through the book. I wish to send a hard copy to you if I could get your address. I wished to include lung cleanse in next edition of my book if you permit me. You may get my website linked to your site if it suits you.


    Dr Piyush Saxena

    • 46

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Dr Saxena :D

      Thank you for comments and the link to your site – I have added you to my Blogroll. In this modern age when there is so much processed and junk food, toxins build up easily in our body, faster than they can be eliminated naturally. It is essential that we carry out cleansing of the body. Your book seem to have all those important information on cleansing and I am very interested in learning more about cleansing – I will contact you by email. Of course, you can write about my Lung Cleansing recipe. :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  40. 47

    bunnyshoes said,

    Excellent Blog. I’m comparatively new to the blogosphere, but decided to check out my neighbors who are also into health writing. I liked your post on lemon juice .

    Good work Keep it up. :)



    • 48

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there, dear P.Kar :D

      Welcome to the blogosphere! Thank you for visiting. Your health blog has very good information which many people would find interesting. We need to take care of our health more these days, given that there are so much processed food and additives added into food in restaurants. :wink:

      With peace and harmony,

      choesf :D

  41. 49

    SimplySedap said,

    Hi happyhomemaker88, i just stumbled upon your blog when i did a search on food, of course!

    I like all your recipes, they are comfort food and unpretentious. Now i am temporarily living in Sydney, they become rather useful.

    I do hope you will post new home cooking recipes.

    Keep up the good work.

    • 50

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear SimplySedap :D

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I will keep posting new home cooking recipes here. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  42. 51

    Doris Tham said,

    Hi Homemaker88,

    This year we had new year reunion in my brother’s house and my nephew made siew yoke for us. The siew yoke was so delicious and crispy skin, all of us love it so much, especiallly me.

    I asks him for the recipe and he forwarded me your website. Thanks very much for the recipe and look forward for more yummy ones.

    Once again thanks for sharing.

    • 52

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Doris :D

      Thank you for your lovely comments. Wow, your nephew is a good cook! I’m glad he tried out my recipe successfully and I really appreciate your feedback on the taste of the siew yoke. :D

      Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  43. 53

    Trish said,

    Hello HappyHomemaker 88. Your recipes and food photos make my mouth water! They keep me close to my Chinese roots. I’m wondering if you are familiar with an old Cantonese nursery rhyme used to calm down children. My late grandmother used to say it to me all the time when something scared me. It started out with “Geung um geung, mong gnee doy. Hor fon them, hor fon gorn.” I guess it translates to something like: Frightened, don’t be frightened, pull [your] little ear. Take back your heart, take back your liver. There were a few more verses, but I don’t remember them. Have you ever heard of this? I’d like to get the rest of the rhyme.

    I hope you gallstones are no longer bothering you. Thanks again,


    • 54

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Trish :D

      Thank you for your lovely comments…do drop by whenever you are free and we can have a cup of virtual coffee or tea together! My gallstones are no longer bothering me and my stomach problems are mostly gone…thank you. I am now on my second Apple Juice Treatment to remove the gallstones naturally.

      I’m sorry I am not familiar with that Cantonese nursery rhyme you mentioned :oops: …. hopefully, some of the blog visitors here may know about it and comment here. :wink:

      Do have a lovely week!

      With best wishes,

      choesf aka Happyhomemaker88 :D

  44. 55

    ethan said,

    cool blog

  45. 57

    manjarisharma said,

    Hey happyhomemaker! Thanks so much for haring these wonderful home remedies.
    I was wondering if you had any remedies for curing acne. I usually get acne only on my chin and am looking for a natural way to treat it. Also since it has been a recurring place for acne, the chin area of my face is now mildly scarred and blemished from years of acne in the same small concentrated area. Do you have any wise solutions for this?

    • 58

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear manjarisharma :D

      My 18-year old daughter has been “battling” with acne for 6 years with all sorts of skincare and medication but to no success. When I was doing a liver/gall bladder cleanse, I read about this lady who had persistent acne around the chin area and after she did this liver/gallbladder cleanse, her acne was gone. So, I got my daughter to do my second gallbladder cleanse with me about 1 1/2 months ago and her acne has gone by now. Maybe you can try out this method and see if it works for you, too! :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  46. 59

    taney said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88!

    I noticed you added me on your blogroll! I did the same on my blog, but I recently moved my blog to a new address: http://www.taneyism.com/

    Do you think you can update it on your blogroll?

    Thanks! (=

    • 60

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there, dear Taney :D

      Thank you for letting me know of the change in your blog address. I have updated it on my Blogroll already! :wink:

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  47. 61

    Jaqq said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88~

    I’d just like to let you know that I enjoyed you blog tremendously!

    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful recipes and helpful (nourishing & healthy) tips. I must try some of you yummy recipes one of these day~ I’m keeping your blog next to my very favourite home-baking blog (http://auntyyochana.blogspot.com/) ^_^

    I’m counting my lucky stars for stumbling across your blog accidentally while searching for traditional remedies for my husband’s persistent Gout attacks. I heard that boiling Pandan leaves in water and drinking it daily might help to ‘flush’ the excess purine out of the body. Would appreciate if you can share your wisdom for traditional home remedy for battling gout problem.

    Thank you so much & will be looking forward for more ‘goodies’ in you blog! :D

    • 62

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Jaqq :D

      Thank you for your lovely comments and for adding me to your blogroll. :D

      Yes, there are a few natural remedies for treating and preventing gout – boiling pandan leaves and drinking the water is one of them. Other methods include brewing the “Misai Kucing” tea, and drinking 100ml water with 1 tsp of apple cider 3 times a day. Most importantly, one must drink more than adequate amount of water daily and avoid foods that are rich in purine. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  48. 63

    Sarah said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88!

    What an inspiring site! I am not at all a stay at home mom or a mom or a wife or a driver… but I love all that ‘do it yourself at home’ stuff. I have a home remedies for acne site at http://www.easyhomeremediesforacne.com – if you’d be interested we could exchange blogroll links. Let me know what you think and great job on the site, I’ll be back :)


    • 64

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Sarah :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. You have a wonderful site for home acne remedies – I would be glad to put it in my Blogroll. 3 of my children have bad acne (they are teenagers) and one of them is now almost cleared of acne due to a gall bladder/liver cleanse that she did a month ago.

      Do enjoy your visits here and we’ll have a cup of virtual coffee or tea together! :lol:

      Witt best wishes,

      choesf :D

  49. 65

    Sarah said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker :)

    Ah! Yes a liver cleanse will do wonders not only for acne but quite a number a health issues. I am glad it is working well for one of your children – it should inspire the others to do the same :) Thank you for the link, I will add your site to mine. Best wishes, until next time :)


  50. 66

    John said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker,

    I stumble upon your website, looking for information on ng far char soup. I definitely did not know ng far char is for common cold remedy. Great info! Thanks!
    BTW, would you be kind to share some of your experience on being a stockbroker in your earlier career? I am getting a MBA, and would really like some perspective!

    • 67

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear John :D

      I was a remisier for only 5 years after I left my banking job in the 1990’s. I quit to take care of my family. Back then the commission was much better and the stock market was more active. Also, the trading period was longer with a T + 5 and trades get more turnovers. It is important to have good honest clients that can pay up….and a lot depends on your quality of service rendered to them. Hope this helps… :wink:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  51. 68

    doris said,


    I am looking for the recipe for blue cheese butter, anyone can help me with this?
    Would appreciate if anyone have this recipe to share…thanks

    • 69

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Doris :D

      I’m afraid I don’t have a recipe for blue cheese butter :oops: , but I hope one of the visitors here can help you. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  52. 70

    louise said,

    Hi chosef,
    I will be posting a few recipes from the following book in the next day or so, (I haven’t decided which day yet as it is a sort of halloween themed post, Dracula included:) Anyway, the following recipe is one I will be posting. I thought you might appreciate so I am posting it here not to interfere with your regular posts. I tried to email you but it seems I either misplaced your email address or never had it. I am a bit hurried but I wanted to get it off to you before I forget. Hope you like it, Louise…

    A Wine Vinegar for Autumn from Transylvanian Cuisine by Paul Kovi
    A bunch of green grapevine tendrils
    2 ounces raisins oor dried, pitted sour cherries or cornel
    1 ear of young corn
    2 ounces lentils
    3 quarts dry white wine
    1/4 cup honey
    1 or 2 pieces fresh and ripe fruit (any kind), cleaned and stemmed

    1. At the beginning of the summer fill a wide-mouthed glass gallon jar one fourth full with the following ingredients: green grape vine tendrils,raisins (or dried sour cherries or cornel) ear of corn, and lentils. Pour in enough wine to fill jar halfway and stir in half the honey.
    2. Cover the top of the jar with cheesecloth and tie it down. The mixture will first ferment then turn cloudy before it eventually clears up.
    3. When 2 weeks have elapsed, place the jar in a cool but not too cold spot. Add 1 or 2 pieces of cleaned, stemmed ripe fruit of the season to the jar and let stand.
    4. At the beginning of September add enough wine to the jar to fill it. Stir in the remaining 2 tablespoons honey. Place the jar in a sunny spot again for 1 week (be sure the contents do not become too warm), then return it to a cool spot.
    5. Do not move the jar until the first days of October. By this time the vinegar will have a layer of sediment on the bottom, and will be clear on top.
    6. Carefully siphon off a bottle (1 quart) of the clear, ready to use vinegar and fill the jar again with the same amount of white wine.
    7. If the vinegar is handled carefully (not moved or shaken), it will not spoil. This procedure of draining off the clear vinegar should be repeated again from time to time (taste it occasionally, and siphon it about every 2 to 4 weeks). Be sure to replace the removed amount with fresh wine. It produces a very good vinegar.

    Variations: Using an existing vinegar base, one can prepare new vinegar from a favorite wine and some fruit (or other sugar-containing plant) in the following manner:

    Fill a 2-quart wide-mouthed jar with wine (or with any kind of fruit soaked in wine), Cover the mouth of the jar with cheesecloth and tie it down, then put the jar in an evenly warm place. The top of the wine will develope a skin after a while; stir it back into the wine by shaking the jar. Continue this process until 1/4 or 1/2 quart gelatinous wine skin forms. Transfer this gelatinous wine to a similar size jar. Fill the jar with some vinegar from the recipe above. Let stand in cool spot. When the contents settle, slowly siphon off the top for use. Replace the removed amount with fresh wine. Be sure to siphon off new vinegar at least once every 4 weeks. Bottle the vinegar and store it in a cool place.

    Note: If the wine develops a skin on top, be sure to skim it off. Wine vinegar prepared in such a manner can be used as a base for flavored vinegars as well.

    • 71

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Wow, dear Louise, how can I thank you for taking the time and trouble to share such a wonderful recipe for making base vinegar! I really appreciate it very much! :D

      Heheh, you must have read my mind somehow as I just bought a book on making fruit and vegetable enzymes and vinegars. For the special homemade vinegars for health, the recipes calls for quite a lot of brown rice vinegar but I have no idea where to get that. Now, with your recipe by Paul Kovi, I can make my own batch of base vinegar. I think I can get most of the recipes, except for the grapevine tendrils.

      Also, I hope you don’t mind that I have made a new post on this base vinegar recipe with all the credit going to you – just so that other visitors can have an interesting read also! Ah, I am so excited to try this recipe out and I know I will have fun making it, thinking of Transylvania and Count Dracula! Thank you once again! :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  53. 72

    […] blogger friend, Louise, has shared this recipe  on how to make our own base wine vinegar at my About page and I thought to set up a new post here so that you can have easy referral to it. I’m […]

  54. 73

    Alesia said,

    Hi choesf,

    I stumbled upon your wonderful blog while surfing the net for siew yoke recipe and I think I’m meant to be one of your faithful followers when my next search (pork fat nettings) leads back to your blog! :D

    And after reading more about you, I can’t help but to have a feeling of awe towards you :) I’m a stay at home mommy to a beautiful girl and I’ve always wanted to be a full time homemaker just like you. You’re my inspiration after my mom and grannies :)

    I’d be coming back to your blog now for more great recipes :)

    Have a nice day!

    • 74

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Alesia! :D

      I am always very happy to know a fellow stay-at-home mom and a full time homemaker! Wow, you have a great blog with wonderful pictures and recipes….I will be sure to visit your for some recipe ideas! :D

      Thank you for your kind comments here . :oops: :lol:

      Our moms and grannies are a wealth of information on good cooking tips and skills. Heheh, usually when I go to a party and there are elderly people there, too, guess who I mingle the most with? Them? And they always love talking to someone and imparting their cooking knowledge. :lol:

      I am slowly putting together my blog here as a legacy and guide to my children (my 18 and 23 year-old daughters don’t know how to cook yet) when they grow up…most of our heritage recipes (“kar heong choy” in the Cantonese dialect”) will be very important as time goes by and people cook lesser at home. :wink:

      Take care and do send some hugs for me to your beautiful little girl!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  55. 75

    Joyce said,


    Just came across your post on Homemade Citrus Enzyme Cleaner
    I have been collecting my fruit peel & rice water standby ready to make my own enzyme for my plants or use as liquid detergent.

    However I’m not sure which type of brown sugar i shld use.
    I went to supermarkert, at most i can see only brown sugar under SIS brand.
    And not too sure are they consider the raw sugar & unprocess sugar or etc.
    I cant really find any other type of sugar…i went to those normal provision shop they either show me brown rock sugar or SIS brown sugar.

    Do you have a pic of the brown sugar that you use for creating the enzyme.
    i already standby all the necessary fruit peels and bottle etc except the brown sugar. or do you have frds that do this enzyme in singapore….

    Btw, can i use the rice water that i have collect 2 days ago to make or got to recollect a fresh one ?

    Please Help…

    from Singapore

    • 76

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Joyce :D

      I’m glad you are also making the enzymes for cleaning. I guarantee you will not regret it and you will be amazed with their cleaning qualities. I have kept rice water for a few days before I put in the sugar (because I ran out of the sugar) and it should be okay, as it will start to ferment a little on its own then. :wink:

      I’m not sure about the brown sugar brands in Singapore but in Malaysia, I use the CSR brand of brown sugar – the type that we put into our coffees and teas? Or you can use the darker brown sugar that can be purchased in bulk from hypermarkets, which the Chinese call “red sugar.”

      If you look at Google Images for “brown sugar”, you will get some idea of what brown sugar I am using. The type of brown sugar is not important…as long as we do not use WHITE sugar, which is bleached, I think.

      Some of us will freeze or refrigerate the fruit peels before we ferment them with sugar and water. Alternatively, you can get ready a bottle with sugar, water and whatever fruit peels you have and start with that first….adding whatever fruit peels you have later into the fermenting bottle. This step will save you the trouble of keeping your fruit peels one side in the fridge. :wink:

      I believe blog visitor “Jessica” is from Singapore. She was the one that taught me how to make drinking fruit enzymes. You can read up about the comments posted on the enzymes HERE and HERE to find out more on what you can do with preparing and using your enzymes. If you have further queries, you can post there and I will be glad to assist you. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  56. 77

    Geen said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88!

    I love your site. Not just the recipes (so mouth watering), but also all the articles on wellbeing in general :) I must try out the salt bath, as I’m often all out of energy and groggy by 8 pm.

    I was wondering if you have any thoughts on cooking oil? There are so many brands on the shelves it’s mind boggling! and so many types, and most of them look almost the same. And so many brands. For me the brand Mazola stands out for some reason. I read that it’s good for the heart, and is an international bestselling brand. any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • 78

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Geen :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am happy to share here recipes and articles for our general well-being. :lol:

      Regarding cooking oils…..I use Canola or Corn oil for stirfry recipes. For deepfrying, I use Palm Oil based cooking oil….my favourite brand is “Knife” as it gives a very fragrant smell to foods fried in it. Palm oils can withstand high cooking temperatures without smoking. For salads and sometimes for stirfrying, I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

      There have been negative press about Palm Oil, but I don’t deepfry my meats a lot these days and so, it is not so bad consuming this type of oil.

      Hope this information helps … :oops:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  57. 79

    Geen said,


    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks so much for your advice! I never realised that we should use different oils for different purposes. Will go and try them out myself :)

    • 80

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Merry Christmas, dear Geen! You are most welcome to any advice that I can give here. :D

      Have fun trying out the various types of cooking oils – a tip : you can buy small bottles to see if you like them, since there are so many brands and types out there. :idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  58. 81

    Geen said,

    Hi again!

    I went off to buy a few bottles of oils and spent the last couple of days experimenting :) I adore roasting potatoes with olive oil. It adds a lovely flavour! However, I found that the canola oil smelled a little funny when I used it for frying (hard to explain the smell), and the corn oil was very oily and difficult to clean off the wok. Did you have the same experience? O.O

    • 82

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello again, dear Geen :D

      Wow, you certainly have been busy experimenting with the various types of cooking oils. Thank you for sharing your results here….yes, indeed the cooking oils all have a different aroma and it also depends on one’s preference. :wink:

      Good observation there on the extra oiliness of corn oil on the wok….heheh, I didn’t notice it as I wasn’t paying attention when I washed my wok. :oops: :lol:

      I find the vegetable or canola oils have some funny smell, too but I masked that by frying some garlic or shallots with a slice or two of ginger. Those aromatics would overcome the oily smell there. :idea:

      For roasting potatoes, sometimes, I add in some sinfully, calorie and cholesterol loaded oil from frying bacon…some whole pips of garlic, salt and pepper onto potato wedges and wow, they taste so delicious. :lol:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  59. 83

    Geen said,

    Hi hi,

    Thanks for the tips. Bacon fats in roast potatoes!! Yummmmmmmm!!!

  60. 85

    Linda said,

    Hi Choesf,

    My name is Linda Moore and I’m based in the UK. I stumbled across your website today (http://happyhomemaker88.wordpress.com) while surfing around the net and I’ve ended up staying on here for quite a while! You have some great content that makes very interesting reading!

    I myself am an avid health/weight loss writer and researcher and I thought I would contact you and ask if you would accept a guest article from me for publication on your website. If so, please let me know and I’ll happily send over some of my work for your consideration.

    Thank you for your time :)

    Warm Regards,

  61. 86

    Linda said,

    P.S. You can delete that comment! Sorry, I couldn’t find any other way to contact you :)

    • 87

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Linda :D

      Thank you for stopping by at my blog and for your kind comments. I have emailed you and you send send your slimming article to my email addy. I would love to read it. If it is not promoting some slimming products for sale but serious about slimming methods, I would be glad to post it at my blog, with all credit and references going to you. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  62. 88

    Krasel said,

    Hi choesf, happyhomemaker88

    My family also drinks Dr Takeshi Kazu’s Life Extension Soup with Brown Rice Tea since one month.

    I use the recipe 2 day’s quantity. Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water as the vegetables. It is about 6 liters of water. Do you also use this proportion of water?

    For the brown rice, I use a cup of 250 cc (250 milliliters). So 16 cups are equivalent to 4000 milliliters (4 liters). One cup (250 cc ) of brown rice is equivalent to 200 grams. What kind of cup do you use? It seems the amount of water for my brown rice tea is double.

    In your picture, your Brown Rice that has been dry roasted in your wok is very dark brown. Could you please post a picture of your Brown Rice before roasted?

    Thank you,


    • 89

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Krasel :D

      I’m glad to know that your family also drinks Dr Kazu’s soup and brown rice tea. Did your notice any side effects or developments in the one month since you started? I would love to hear your feedback HERE (we are sharing our experiences there).

      Thank you for pointing out the water amount for the Brown Rice Tea – I had made a mistake :oops: it should be 4 litres of water as I am also using a 250ml cup for measurement. :wink:

      As for the water in the soup, I didn’t measure and I only estimated the amount, as I don’t follow the weight of the vegetables exactly. I will post a picture of the unroasted Brown Rice shortly. These days, I stopped making the Brown Rice Tea as I found it to be very heaty and in our hot, rainy weather now, we can’t take that for now.

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

  63. 90

    kristalena said,

    hi :) what’s your zodiac sign? :) I like your blog!

    • 91

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, kristalena :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am a Leo. :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  64. 92

    Rebekah said,

    Just discovered your awesome blogs! love the citrus enzyme recipe. I’m going to make a batch…. and start using it to clean up puppy pee pee when my expensive store bought enzyme cleaner runs out! :)

    All the way from Manitoba, Canada :)

    • 93

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Rebekah from Manitoba, Canada :D

      Thank you for your nice comments. I know you will not be disappointed with the cleaning results of the citrus enzyme, and you will surely save some money from there. :idea:

      Here’s another natural home remedy that I just discovered and that will save you some money, too, on your puppy :-

      My Beagle puppy is now 8 months old and he had a lot of fleas/ticks in our current extremely hot Malaysian weather. I tried some sprays like Frontline but it didn’t seem to work so well this time. So, I tried a home, natural remedy taught to me by my neighbourhood’s dog walker – he said to feed the dog a few sliver of raw garlic. So, I fed my puppy 1 whole clove/pip of garlic (skin removed and I pounded the garlic in a pestle and mortar), mixed into his food. He doesn’t want to eat the garlic on its own and I didn’t want to force feed him that…so, I mixed some into his food first thing in the morning, when he is too hungry to mind the garlic. The next morning, I saw lots and lots of ticks and fleas on the floor and up on the walls all the way to the ceiling at the area where he sleeps. So, the garlic works really well indeed! Today is the third day and I am still seeing more ticks/fleas getting away from my puppy and I just swept or vacuumed them away. The anti-flea and ticks sprays are very expensive here and now I don’t have to buy that anymore. Some money saved there. :D

      Do have a great day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      P.S. The only disadvantage is after the first day of eating garlic, my puppy had some loose stools but today, his stools are normal already. It could be his stomach getting used to the new garlic.

  65. 94

    arasy said,

    Hi, I live in Malaysia. I am weighing 60kg. I want to reduce 20kg. Please recommend me a best and quicker slimming tea that I should take. Plese specify the brand of the tea where I can buy in Malaysia, please. Thank you.

    • 95

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear arasy :D

      I’m sorry I can’t recommend you any brand of slimming teas as I have never drank them. To lose weight effectively, it is best to incorporate a good amount of exercise and reduce your caloric intake. At the same time, drinking green tea after meals and in between meals can help to cut down the fat somewhat. It is best to eat light, small and non-oily foods every 3 hours or so to increase metabolic intake and to prevent hunger and eating a lot. :idea:

      Also, I think reducing 20 kg for you is too drastic – probably 5 kgs would do nicely. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  66. 96

    David Chua said,

    while researching for natural alternative remedy for kidney ,hypertension and cholesterol problems, I came across your blog mentioning the effectiveness of Gynura Procumbens(NAM FEI YIP). My wife and I had taken the dried leaves(boiled with water to make a tea solution) for 3 days and discovered we had some mild rashes and itch on our bodies. Is it due to allergy of the herbs or is there reason for it? Should we stop the consumption of the herb?

    • 97

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear David Chua :D

      I am sorry to hear that you and your wife developed some mild rashes and itches from consuming the “Nam Fei Yip” tea. I am not sure what caused it and to be on the safe side, perhaps you should stop consuming it for a while (like a couple of weeks) to rest your body. Then try taking this tea again and see if you develop allergic reactions again. So far, among those people whom I know have taken or are taking this tea, there were no adverse reactions – only more bowel movements/stools, better sleep… there is a group of Macaque monkeys behind my house and I have seen them (babies included) tearing the top of my NFY plants off and eating them. So, there must be something good for sure as it is so bitter and yet the monkeys eat them frequently.

      Another point to note is be sure your leaves/plants are organic and free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides. :wink:

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

      • 98

        David Chua said,

        Good day Choesf,

        Thanks for your opinion.The itch had subsided,so we will continue to consume “Nam Fei Yip” for a little while to see any more adverse reaction.By the way, I you mentioned sometime ago that ‘Nam Fei Yip’ boiled with ‘Tri leaf herb’ will multiply the effects’.The herb has 3 small ,saw-edged leaves that grow out of branch or main stem.Am I correct?

      • 99

        happyhomemaker88 said,

        Good day, dear David :D

        Phew! Am I glad to hear that your itch and rashes had subsided. Now, you can continue to try out the Nam Fei Yip for health. The tri-leaf herb is very good in removing urea acid. Here is the link to that post :-


        Master atan (he is also a healer and good with herbs) told me when the Nam Fei Yip is brewed with Misai Kucing, then the health benefits of that tea will be four-fold (4 times the goodness). I have brewed before a large pot of Nam Fei Yip, Misai Kucing and the Tri Leaf herb together (no sugar added), then refrigerate the drink and we have one cup of it every day, preferably on an empty stomach and the drink is at room temperature. However, I have not made this tea in a long time since I started the Miracle Vegetable Soup…all the talk about the Nam Fei Yip is making me all geared up to brew a large pot of the multi-herb drink tomorrow as I have an abundance of misai kucing leaves in my patio which I need to trim back. :lol:

        With best wishes for good health,

        choesf :D

  67. 100

    ogz5 said,

    hello, I am from the Philippines, a full-time homemaker, and in my 40’s too :) I came across your site while I was searching for an easy cream puff recipe. I think I hit the right keys, so many wonderful comments in there, and I think I want to try it soon. I”ll assure you that I’ll be here in your site often :) take care

    • 101

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear ogz5 :D

      I am always glad to know another fellow homemaker! Thank you for your kind comments. Do drop by anytime and we will have a cup virtual coffee and some virtual cream puffs together. :lol:

      Do have a wonderful weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  68. 102

    Paul said,

    Hello there is no fresh watercrest to be found where I live in Wyoming can you help?????????????? Thanks Paul

    • 103

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Paul :D

      I am in Malaysia, South-East Asia and I am not sure where in Wyoming can fresh watercress be found. :oops: Hopefully, there will be a blog visitor here from your area to help you. :wink:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  69. 104

    PurplezHope said,

    Hi I heart yr blog so much~ Helped so much. I hope u can post more of these interesting posts. :D Best of lucks to you in the future, happyhomemaker88 or choesf. :)

    • 105

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear PurplezHope :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. Good Luck to you, too! :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  70. 106

    Pauline Ong said,

    Dear Happyhomemaker88,

    My hubby has a 3.4mm stone in his left kidney. I would be most grateful if you could kndly recommend a home remedy to remove the stone. I googled and found that 2 oz of lemon juice and 2 oz of olive oil will do the trick. Unforfunately, he has a very sensitive stomach – suffers from wind, reflux and also has gastric problems. I would really appreciate your advice. Thanking you in advance.

    • 107

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there, dear Pauline :D

      I am very sorry to hear that your hubby has a kidney stone. I have not tried any kidney stone removal techniques before but I have read of one method using corn silk. I read about it in Dr Saxena Piyush’s “Cure Yourself” book that he was very kind to send me a hardcopy. Here is the link to his free download :-


      This link here has some explanation on how corn silk works in aiding kidney stone removal :-


      So far, I have only used lemon juice and olive oil for my gallbladder cleansing and Master atan told me to add some honey inside for my sensitive stomach (I have gastric and wind, too).

      I once asked Master atan (he’s a healer, too) about any natural remedies he knows for removing kidney stones, he said to go to any good Chinese sinseh (physician) and they would have some concoctions/recipes to recommend for that. :idea:

      Good Luck in your hubby’s safe kidney stone elimination. :wink:

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

  71. 108

    cina_fong said,

    Hi Homemaker

    My sister just emailed me your blog about the enzyme and I think I am going to like your site so have decided to follow you. Coincidentally, I am also a former banker/financial and now full time homemaker to a teenage boy. I started blogging as a form of therapy and it seems to be working :)

    • 109

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear cina_fong :D

      I’m so glad to meet another former banker turned homemaker! :D It sure took me a while to “re-wire” my thought processes to adapt to a different way of handling daily tasks. I still remember that time I fired my Chinese maid and when I began to tackle the housework by myself – I was holding my mop in one hand, the pail in another and wondering where I should start mopping first? :oops: :lol:

      Since then, I have improved in my cleaning and cooking tasks :lol: , and I started this blog to share my cleaning tips and heritage recipes as well as leaving this blog as a legacy to my children in the future. :wink: I am very happy to “meet” many friends here and to share our knowledge here together. You are right, blogging is also very therapeutical. :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  72. 110

    cina_fong said,

    Hi choesf

    Thanks for taking the time to respond as I can imagine your busy schedule and such a great reply some more , much appreciated :)


  73. 112

    SC said,

    Hi choesf,

    I came across your blog while searching for a natural ant repellent. Do you know where I can get the Natural Pesticide Made From Lemon Grass in Singapore?

    How is your experience using it and how do I apply it? Thank you.


    • 113

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there and welcome, dear SC :D

      I am not sure where you can get the Lemon Grass Natural Pesticide in Singapore. :oops:

      In Malaysia, it is sold in Giant and Tesco hypermarkets. Maybe you can get someone who is going shopping in Johor Bahru to go there and buy for you.

      If you can make your own enzymes, it is very good as a natural pesticide, too. :idea: ===>



      The enzyme is very effective in repelling ants and cockroaches.

      The lemon grass pesticide is used by making a solution of 1 part lemon grass pesticide and 9 parts water. It was quite effective when I used it. Since I have my own homemade enzymes, I don’t buy the lemon grass natural pesticide anymore. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 114

        SC said,

        Hi choesf,

        Thanks for the fast response. I will try Giant here. BTW, what do you think of using white distilled vinegar in replacement of brown sugar in making the enzymes?

        Was thinking vinegar may fasten the process? :)

        Kind Regards,

      • 115

        happyhomemaker88 said,

        You are most welcome, dear SC :D

        I am not sure about using white distilled vinegar in replacement of brown sugar for making the enzymes, if there is no brown sugar used …perhaps you can try it out and see how it turns out.

        For my cleaning enzymes – I just used brown sugar as per the recipe. To hasten the process, a visitor suggested to add a little bit of yeast.

        For drinking enzyme (dragon fruit), I had added apple cider vinegar to the brown sugar but followed the required amount of time for fermentation/harvesting.

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  74. 116

    Frances said,

    Hi Choesf, I would love for you to share recipes for the following:
    1) Char-Siu ….Chinese Barbequed Pork
    2) Fa Sang Wu …..mentioned in a posting from ‘Ben’ #147
    3) Gee Ma Wu …..black sesame dessert soup

    Love your Site!

    • 117

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there and welcome, dear Frances :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. :wink:

      I had posted the Fa Sang Wu recipe shared by Ben at the Siu Yoke comments thread there. :idea:

      I’m afraid I don’t have a good Char-Siu recipe nor a recipe for Gee Ma Wu. :oops:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  75. 118

    fatima said,

    Thank you very much for sharing beneficial information and recipes in your blog and for your welcoming tone. its an obligation to thank people when they do a kind deed, the Prophet Muhammad said: he who does not thank people does not thank Allah(God).

    • 119

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there and welcome, dear fatima :D

      Thank you for your kind words. There is a saying, “Speak kind words, and you will hear kind echoes…” :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  76. 120

    dotty jamil said,

    hello there,

    i am soooo happy that i found your blog. i was looking for ways to explain the steps in making kerisik and lo and behold, abang google led me to you blog. i was wondering if i could link that particular post to my blog so that at least my readers would know where it comes from.

    thank you once again. you have a nice day! :-)

    • 121

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there and welcome, dear dotty jamil :D

      Thank you for your kind comments. Of course, you can link my kerisik post to your blog. :wink:

      Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  77. 122

    Nora said,

    I need to go through the rest of your posts! esp “the homemade enzymes”You just gained another fan!
    Hugs- nora

    • 123

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there and welcome, dear Nora :D

      Thank you for your encouraging comments and support for my blog! Do drop by anytime and we will have a cup of virtual coffee or tea here. :lol:

      With best wishes and hugs back,

      choesf :D

  78. 124

    Betty said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker!
    I am looking for some home remedies for headaches due to “wind”. I get these pretty often and cause me a lot of pain. I was wondering if you know of any soups that can help. I just tried your mint and ginger soup (without the egg, because my mom told me that eggs trap wind in the body). I am hoping to feel some relief soon. Thanks for the tips!

    • 125

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Betty :D

      My healer friend said when we get headaches due to wind, the wind is caused by the stomach. Another soup that can remove wind from our body is the “Shallots or Small Onions and Old Chicken Soup“. It is very delicious as well. You can boil the soup with the skins of the onions as well, i.e. without peeling. Just wash the shallots well.

      Another home remedy for wind is the “Nam Fei Yip”…just pour boiling water over 2 to 3 dried leaves in a coffee mug…soon, there will be a lot of burping and the headache is eased…usually about half an hour later.


      Take care and hope you won’t get these headaches too often!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  79. 126

    A Mui said,

    Thank you so much for this blog, it means the world to me. My housekeeper, growing up, was from Malaysia. She was like a second mom to me and she would cook some of these home remedies for me and the family. When she went back I wanted to be able to pass on what she gave me…but with my Cantonese skills slipping it was a little difficult which is why I am so grateful for this blog.

    Thank you so much.

    • 127

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear A Mui :D

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. :D

      Wow, you were so lucky to have that caring, wonderful housekeeper from Malaysia. Heheh, my children can’t speak Cantonese well, too and so, I have started this blog as a legacy from me to them…so that they can refer to the home remedies and heritage recipes easily from here. :idea:

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  80. 128

    Angeline said,


    Would like to check with you what is the benefit of using the black claypot like the one you’re using. I’ve seen this pot been sold widely but don’t know what is the benefits.

    Appreciate if you could share with me the benefits.

    Thanks & Regards

    • 129

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Angeline :D

      The black claypot that you see here is part of the range of claypots under the Tanyu brand. I have been looking for a claypot for a long time and my husband bought me this when there was a promotion in 1Utama Shopping Mall.

      I like this because it can be washed under the tap with cold water even though the claypot is still hot. I have even accidentally dropped the cover :oops: onto my kitchen counter top but it didn’t break at all….it was surprisingly very hardy. So, those 2 features/benefits of the Tanyu claypot were exactly what I was looking for when I wanted a claypot. :idea:

      Hope that helps…..

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  81. 130

    Emma Ferguson said,


  82. 131

    Vrindavanath said,

    Hi, i’m so happy to find this web page. I realy want to get some Konnyaku powder. You can also sell this in bulk? Please send me info and price details. I’m in Mexico, Can you send it here? Thank you so much in advance.

  83. 133

    JoJoStyling said,

    Thanks for the baking soda tip – I am off to clean my oven and oven trays which are looking very neglected. I invite you to visit my blog which is a fashion blog for women over 40. I will be adding your blog to my favourites. thank you. JoJo Styling

    • 134

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear JoJo :D

      Thank you, I will visit your blog. Hope you find the baking soda-vinegar tip for cleaning ovens effective. :wink:

      Do have a wonderful weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  84. 135

    Ong said,

    In what proportion vinegar to baking soda, may I ask?

  85. 137

    Ong said,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply. Have a great day

  86. 138

    Nicholas said,

    Thank you for much for this amazing website.

  87. 140

    emerald said,

    Hi, I have just stumbled on your website and immediately fell in love with it. I would like to know if you know of any remedy or recipes that can help to cure stye. My girl is very prone to getting stye since young and is now in her teens.

    Thanks in advance.

    • 141

      Hi there, dear emerald :D

      Thank you for your compliments on my blog. :D

      I called up my lady healer friend and asked her if she has any home remedies for curing persistent stye growths. Well…she actually does! She said her daughter who is now 23 years old used to get styes in her eyes very often when she was younger.

      However, her remedy’s ingredients may seem weird to you and I’m not sure if you can get them where you live. If you have Chinese Medical Halls/Shops in your area, then you can get the herb (which sounds like a dried fruit anyway). :idea:

      Also, her remedy may sound very gross but she assured me that your daughter just need to take that once or twice and she will never get anymore styes in future.

      Here’s her remedy (don’t get shocked :shock: :lol: ) :-

      Ingredients :-

      A few “Wong Kor Jai” (in the Cantonese language)
      A portion of pig’s small intestine (about 2 feet, clean the inside with lots of salt and some white vinegar or limes, don’t remove any fat on the outside, then cut into pieces )
      1/2 rice bowl of glutinous rice, rinsed
      1 rice bowl water

      Method :-

      Put all ingredients into a heatproof dish and steam over high heat until the rice is cooked (test occasionally and see).

      When done, eat the rice only. To make it more palatable…you can add a little bit of salt to make it savoury, or a little sugar to make it sweet.

      This remedy works due to the fat from the pig’s intestine and the “wong kor jai”.

      I would suggest not letting your daughter know about the pig intestine and present just the rice only to her to eat. :wink:

      Hope this helps….

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  88. 143

    emerald said,

    Do you have the chinese name of “wong kor jai”? The people here do not know what it is.

    I tried making the mint leaves and egg soup yesterday and really love it. I hope it could help rid me of my persistent headache. How often can I drink this soup?

    Thanks & Regards.

    • 144

      Hi there, dear emerald :D

      I’m sorry I don’t know the Chinese name of “wong kor jai”. My lady healer friend said something about it being used boiled in water for bathing newborn babies who have jaundice. The English translation of it sounds something like “baby yellow fruit.” May I know where you are from :?:

      I’m glad you like the mint leaves and egg soup. You can have it as often as you like. As for persistent headaches, they can arise from many causes, like body heatiness, lack of sleep, stress, stomach wind, indigestion, etc.

      A Chinese physician is very good at diagnosing health problems at root causes and would prescribe some herbal medicine to balance our body back. :idea:

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf :D

      • 146

        emerald said,

        Dear choesf,

        Thanks for your reply. I’m from Singapore.

        May I ask if you’ve cured your tension headache completely or do you still need to drink the mint leaves & egg soup regularly. I suspect mine is also due to wind in the body. Beside making the soup, I’ve also made some mint ice cubes which are really refreshing on a hot day!

        A friend of mine suffers from piles for many years, do you know of any remedy for that?

        Thanks & Best Regards.

      • 147

        Hi there, dear emerald :D

        I’m glad you are from Singapore because then, you can find the ingredients for the stye remedy easier than if you were from USA. :lol:

        I also take warm apple cider & honey drinks for helping the stomach to digest, and for other good health benefits.

        I will be 50 years old this year and being perimenopausal means my health is more complicated, e.g. the digestive systems is not as effective and tends to get sensitive to some foods, poor sleep quality at nights leading to tension headaches. So, I went to see a Chinese physician to “balance” back my body and I don’t have tension headaches anymore these days. I found out from him that I cannot take cold or iced drinks, that I am to avoid foods with coconut milk and I should not take cooling drinks/soups.

        It is good to visit a good sinseh occasionally to accurately “correct” our health. :wink:

        I will check with my lady healer friend and come back to you on the remedy for piles. :idea:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  89. 148

    Hi there, dear emerald :D

    Sorry for the late reply :oops: ….I just spoke to my lady healer friend and asked her what’s her best remedy for piles :?:

    Well, she has a very yummy and easy solution to cure piles ===>

    just eat some dried figs :idea:

    Here’s a Picture of Soft Dried Figs

    There are a few types of dried figs – there are the dry, harder ones used mainly in soups and then, there are the softer types that we can just eat like a snack as those are softer to chew. The softer type are more expensive and both varieties can be found at the Chinese Medical Shops.

    With best wishes,

    choesf :D

  90. 149

    emerald said,

    Dear Happyhomemaker88,

    Many thanks and best wishes.

  91. 151

    darren said,

    I have just found your blog today. It is very informative and easy to follow. Appreciated with thanks.I will be retiring soon and I hope to learn or try some of your recipes to surprise my wife and daughter. It is not easy to hold so many roles at one go. It takes a lot of sacrifices ( only God knows) on your part and understanding and appreciation from the people who have benefited from your sacrifices. Take care and good luck and always healthy and happy. Enjoy what you are doing.

    • 152

      Hi there, dear Darren :D

      Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Wow, you are a really good husband to try a hand at cooking something yummy for your wife and daughter. :wink:

      Happy Retirement and I wish you a new life with lots of peace, love and contentment with your family! :D

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  92. 153

    darren said,

    Thank you very much. May God bless you, the people you care and love very much.Take care

  93. 155

    Jade said,

    Dear happyhomemaker,
    I <3 your blog! Your siew yoke recipe earned me some street cred with my family and friends! It's also such a rewarding dish to prepare :)
    Today I made a batch of apple Eco enzyme cleaner…anticipating….read somewhere that adding yeast will shorten the 3 month maturity to a few weeks. Maybe I'll try that next time.
    Thank you for sharing your virtual home.

    • 156

      Hi there, dear Jade :D

      Thank you for your compliments! I’m glad your siew yoke turned out successful and it earned you a lot of praise from your family and friends! :D

      Yes, adding yeast will shorten the maturity time of the enzyme. You can substitute yeast with 1/4 cup of apple cider, too. :idea:

      Do drop by my virtual home anytime and we’ll have a cup of virtual tea or coffee or diet sodas! :lol:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  94. 157

    Elise said,

    Hi, I’m so glad I found your blog! I was looking for an enzyme recipe and I got it! I saw that process in Thailand a decade ago and want to make some to wash stuff around the house.
    I’m from Canada and I lived in Asia for 10 years, back home for the moment, but I hope I will be able to live in Malaysia sometime when my daughter is a bit older, it’s my favorite country in the world and I just LOVE it!!!!!

    • 158

      Hi there, dear Elise :D

      Thank you for your compliments! I’m glad you love Malaysia – yes, we do have a diverse culture and cuisine here. :wink:

      Wow, I didn’t know the enzyme making process went back 10 years ago. I knew that a Thai lady originally came up with this really effective enzyme formula. :idea:

      Hope you can visit and stay in Malaysia soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  95. 159

    me said,

    hii, just like your page…. healthy benefits

  96. 161

    Jade said,

    Hi again dear Choesf!
    I’ve finally put my baking and cooking adventures on a Facebook page. Please feel free to browse and like the page. Welcome any comments too :)
    I feel like we have a lot in common, I too was a stock broker turned homemaker and love cats!
    It’s been 3 months and the enzyme cleaner is finally ready but I cant bear to use it! Hahahah

    Hope all is well. Have u tried yoga breathing exercises to regulate your heartbeat?
    All the best,

    • 162

      Hi there, dear Jade :D

      Thank you for your link. Wow, you are really good in baking and you have so many yummy cakes at your FB website! :D

      I have tried deep breathing, meditating, calming my mind, etc…but the irregular heartbeat (sometimes pounding of the heart) would still happen. It has a mind of its own and there is no triggers. But drinking Motherwort Tea and Jiaogulan Tea have helped to calm my heart a little and it doesn’t pound as hard. I have since found out that it is triggered by fluctuating hormones during perimenopause :roll: .

      Have fun trying out the enzymes for cleaning!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  97. 163

    Jade said,

    Argh, hormones! The bane of women’s
    lives! Glad to hear that you have found herbal teas that help.
    I will share the enzyme experience soon!

  98. 165

    ari zimlev said,

    I need to email you about your piece about “black face general” tea.
    can you reply to my email at


    Ari Zimlev

  99. 167

    vinita said,

    Hi !
    I am new here. Just found your blog by chance looking for Koniyaku jelly. Are you from Selangor, Malaysia? How to get to know you?

  100. 169

    just another woman in the US said,

    What a delight to find your blog today, HappyHomemaker88!

    Your spot online is very homey and cozy and lots of treats to share. I bet you are as gracious a hostess in real life as you are here…

    A woman’s instinct to nurture the world around her is universal and cannot leave our traditions, and we have to share and support each other in these gentle pursuits, which prepare the way greater thing in the world around us. Feminism brought many the chance to explore other things, but the fundamentals of caring will always be the foundation of the world.

    God bless you for putting so much care and love into the “little things” of everyday life, and for making the world a brighter place than you found it. This is quiet legacy without comparison, and I am certain your family and loved ones treasure you.

    Thank you for living your love.

    • 170

      Hi there, just another woman in the US :D

      Thank you so much for your compliments and encouragement, I really appreciate that! :oops: :D

      Yes, I have often thought of myself as a “nourisher” and “nurturer” for my family, and I like to share any information that I have here so that others would also be able to take care of their families. In this modern world, the younger generation of people have mostly lost touch with natural ways of health and healing, and I hope to leave this blog as a legacy to my children for reference in heritage recipes and health traditions, too. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  101. 171

    Devi said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88,
    I have a quick but personal question that I do not want published on your blog. Would you mind sending me your e-mail addess so that I could e-mail my question to you?

  102. 172

    Rita said,

    Thank you Choesf for a wonderful and informative site, is truly enjoyable. I have purchased my first Jiaogulan Tea and have been drinking it for 2 days and have found an improvement. I would also like to let you know of a couple of sites that gave a lot of information on Jiaogulan Tea and its benefits. This is where I purchased my tea from and the service was very prompt and the tea is sweet and very fresh. http://www.immortalitea.com and http://www.asianhealthsupply.com
    Keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes Rita

    • 173

      Hi there, dear Rita :D

      Thank you for your compliments and for the links to buy Jiaogulan Tea online. I’m glad you have also found this wonderful tea beneficial to your health. Up til today, my family is still drinking lots of Jiaogulan Tea – we make them by the jugs daily! :lol:

      Do have a wonderful week ahead!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  103. 174

    Posy said,

    Dear Choesf,
    Thank you for sharing your enzyme receipe. I will try it out on my free days.

  104. 176

    raju said,

    Regarding therapy u hav suggested for gall bldder can v have normal diet for 6 days or v should have only apple?

    • 177

      Hi there, dear raju :D

      For Day 1 to Day 5 – we have our normal meals and we drink apple juice 4 times a day.

      For Day 6 – eat a light breakfast and lunch, preferably with as little oil as possible and meatless. No food for dinner.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  105. 178

    cpastone8 said,

    Dear Choesef,

    It seems stars aligned when I found your website. I am trying to improve my career and some mentioned me about Trinity coin. I bought these coins and now want to know the process so I can get the benefit I desire. Could you please provide your kind advise. I also read somewhere that they need to be activated, could you please help me with activation process as well. Thanks in advance.

    • 179

      Hi there, dear cpastone8 :D:

      I see you have made it to Dhealing Forum and posted there as well.

      I’m not sure if you may have mixed up Trinity 3coins with Lucky 3coins.

      Here is the information on Lucky 3coins technique as per Master atan’s Dhealing Technique :idea:


      …..and here is the link to Trinity 3coins technique – Trinity 3coins has 9 coins altogether and if we make them ourselves, they are 3 sets of Lucky 3coins tied into a single bunch) :idea: ===>


      Scroll down to the bottom of the instructions and click on the “Photos” links to view how they look like.

      Once you have placed them correctly, do request for activation at the correct threads and we will activate them for you.

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  106. 180

    Dew said,

    Hi Choesef,

    I am a reader of your blog and especially love & follow your health remedies.
    I am writing to you today wondering if you can help and if you do have any herbal remedy for this problem: hole in the eardrum.

    My husband got ringing in his right ear recently and the doc found a large hole in his eardrum. Nothing much he can do except wait for it to close and use a ear drip. If it doesn’t close after 6 months he will need a new eardrum surgically constructed.
    I am really sad and scared because he kept hearing this ringing buzz nonstop and it’s causing him headaches. He is still gritting his teeth, staying positive and working very hard daily for the family. Yet I do not know what else to help alleviate his ear problem. I am really worried.
    I will be extremely gratefully if you can help. Of course I will also understand if you do not have any remedies targeting this problem. :)
    Thank you for listening. God bless! :)

    • 181

      Hi there, dear Dew :D

      Thank you for following my blog and for your kind compliments. :D

      I am very sorry to hear that your husband is suffering from a hole in the eardrum :sad: … this is the first time that I hear of holes in the eardrum and I don’t have any herbal remedies for it. :oops:

      Maybe you can check with a good Chinese sinseh to see if they have anything that can help your husband, i.e. to lower or stop his ear ringing and headaches?

      For normal incidences of ringing in the ear, from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, the cause is usually from over heatiness in the body. :idea:

      Hope your husband’s eardrum heals soon without surgery. Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  107. 182

    Faith said,

    Dear Chosef,
    I have just discovered your blog and found interesting articles and advise on health and other matters. In your latest article, you mentioned about iHerb.com and I checked it out. You are right, Hebatint hair colour is reasonably priced in iHerb. Do you have to pay tax for this item when you buy via iHerb? What about delivery charges to Malaysia?

    • 183

      Hi there, dear Faith :D

      No, I don’t have to pay tax for orders below RM500. I recently ordered another batch of health supplements and beauty products from iherb and it only cost about US$10 in delivery charges by DHL Priority International Express courier – my packages usually arrive around 5 days or so.

      As long as we don’t buy more than 2 of any type of product, then it is taken that the products are for personal consumption and not for reselling by the Customs.

      Hope this helps… :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  108. 184

    Tina Zimmpas said,

    Hello I had my gallbladder removed in 1998, Can I still do the epsum salt treatment?

  109. 186

    Cynthia said,

    Through your blog, I gather that you try to use natural remedies which I admire. I need to seek your expertise on lotus root powder. Have you used it before? Any methods of cooking it to relieve cough?

    • 187

      Hi there, dear Cynthia :D

      Thank you for your compliments on my blog! :D

      I’m afraid I have not heard of lotus root powder and it being used as a cough remedy. :oops:

      In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many types of coughs and they will require different remedies. For my family, whenever anyone feels a cough coming and has a “scratchy, itchy” throat, I will ask them to quickly take this cough syrup, which is made from herbs and fruits :idea: ===>

      Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  110. 188

    BernardLKL said,

    Hi.. I am from Malaysia and would like to give u a call regarding the gallblader flush. Would u mind giving me your contact no.? Thanks.

  111. 189

    BernardLKL said,

    I got multiple gallstones that is enough to make a rosary. The largest stones are 0.6cm/6mm. I am feeling very down. Dunno this flush will work for me.

    • 190

      Hi there, dear Bernard :D

      I am sorry to hear that you have multiple gallstones, too :sad: . However, your largest stones are only 6mm, not too large to do the gallbladder flush. It is quite a straightforward method – and you can read the comments there for more tips and information. :idea:

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  112. 191

    BernardLKL said,

    Dear choesf,

    I have found a centre named Yong An Alternative Treatment in Kajang.
    Have u heard about it before?

    • 192

      Hi there, dear Bernard :D

      I think I may have come across their website before in getting information. This natural gallbladder flush is quite easy to follow and many people that I know have done it before.

      I’m sorry, I don’t give out my contact details :oops: .

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

      • 193

        Bernard said,

        Dear choesf,

        From the previous post u mention
        ‘This natural gallbladder flush is quite easy to follow and many people that I know have done it before.’ is refering to your gallstone flush remedy or others?



      • 194

        Hi there, dear Bernard :D

        I meant the gallstone flush remedy that was mentioned here. Actually, the gallstone flush remedy here was originally introduced by Dr Lai Chiu Nan and she was in Singapore and gave a talk on this method, along with some other health alternatives. I had learned about it from Master atan.

        But if you Google for “Natural Method To Remove Gallstones”, you will come across many but similar methods. :idea:

        With best wishes,

        choesf :D

  113. 195

    Bernard said,

    Hi choesf,

    before and after this gallstone flush, is it necessary to do colon cleanse? i got this info from the internet.

    many thanks.

    • 196

      Hi there, dear Bernard :D

      Yes, some websites said to do a colon cleanse or kidney cleanse, but I never did any of those. Dr Lai’s method here is pretty straightforward…just go ahead and do the gallbladder flush. But if you prefer to do any of those cleanses, you can do them, too. :wink:

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  114. 197

    Bernard said,

    Hi choesf,

    i have decided to start the gallbladder flush by next week monday.

    just wanna ask on the sixth day after lunch, do i need to finish the apple juice before lunch or continue with 1 cup at dinner and 1 more cup at supper?



    • 198

      Hi there, dear Bernard :D

      I’m glad that you have decided to try out this flush :wink: – on Day 6, if you can try to finish 1 litre of apple juice by 1 pm or 2 pm….thereafter, keep liquids at a minimum, i.e. have a sip of water or apple juice just only to wet your mouth..until 6 pm when you drink the Epsom Salts. Limiting liquid intake in the evening will minimise chances of nausea or stomach upset when you drink the Epsom Salts, and less acid reflux after drinking the Lemon Juice/Olive Oil.

      Do feel free to ask any questions you may have to help you feel more at ease with doing this flush. Once you have done it, subsequent flushes will be easier for you.

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  115. 201

    bernard said,

    Hi choesf,

    i did another ultrasound on last Thursday 24 oct and noted my gallblader is thicken. so should i proceed with the flush?



  116. 204

    Issabelle NJ said,

    hi madam..i juz wonder whether do you have acanthopanax trifoliatus l. merr in your garden?..for your information, I m staying in Melaka, Malaysia..where do you stay madam?

    • 205

      Hi there, dear Isabelle :D

      I used to have a big bush of Acanthopanax Trifoliatus (Sam Kar Pei in Cantonese) in my garden 2 years ago, and I harvested them and they were reduced to just 1 small plant. Last Sunday, I had somebody came to help me repot my plants for the Chinese New Year and he threw away that plant (which was sharing a pot with a large palm). :oops:

      I am from Kuala Lumpur.

      This plant grows wild and the Hakka Chinese use it as an ingredient in the Hakka Lui Char Rice (Thunder Tea Rice) sold at some stalls in coffee shops. :idea:

      Hope you find some soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  117. 206

    Issabelle NJ said,

    hi..tq for the feedback..actually..i m searching for that plant & I need in a large amount..i don’t mind if I need to pay for it..unfortunately you just threw that plant away..huhu..if you have a big bush of acathopanax next time, pls let me know..tqvm..

    have a nice day ahead!

    • 207

      Okay, if I find a place where you can get this plant easily, I will let you know. May I know what you need a large amount of it for? So, far I only use it for treating high uric acid. :idea:

      You have a lovely day, too!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  118. 208

    Issabelle NJ said,

    my brother use it for making herbal tea blend with few other herbs..it hard to find that plant here even in nursery.. yes, the plant is good for treating uric acid & controlling the cholesterol.. :-)

  119. 210

    Cally said,

    Hello, I am new on your website and my friend recommend me to drink the Dr. Kazu soup. I was just wondering for the shittake mushroom, I mostly buy dried one as its really expensive in Perth to get the fresh one. So does that mean that after I soak it, I have to put it under the sun again? or before? Kinda confused. Thank you!

  120. 211

    Cally said,

    and also, any substitute for radish leaves in Dr Kazu miracle soup? Thank you!

    • 212

      Hi there, dear Cally :D

      If you are using dried shittake mushrooms, there is no need to put it in the sun after soaking. I don’t even soak mine, I put them straight into the pot after rinsing them briefly. So far, I have tried 2 types of vegetables twice in place of radish leaves – mustard greens and watercress. However, I am not sure if the substitutes worked exactly as the radish leaves were intended.

      These days, I buy organic white radish, which usually comes with the top full of leafy greens. :wink:

      Hope you will benefit as well from drinking the Miracle Vegetable Soup! Happy Chinese New Year!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  121. 213

    sahin ahmed said,

    I am mr .shahin ahmod from bangladesh .I am your resend. I safer gallstones back 3yers.I used your medicine(1.For the first five days,take four glasses of apple juice every day.)and 6 nambar day i take 1spon Epsom salt.and next 8 pm take agent same.and 10pm take Half cup olive oil,and with take half cup fresh lemon juice.mix it well drink it .in the ext time i do Alta sonogram,but a same regal no out my gallstones.my gallstones sag.7.33mm.
    i request from you,pleas you see whit do i now.i whet four your dissection.m
    MY adores
    Md.shahin ahmod

    • 214

      Hi there, dear Shahin

      It may take a few gallbladder flushes to get rid of your gallstones. Do another flush procedure (the 6 day process) in 2 weeks time and then another time the next 2 weeks. So, it means that you would have done 3 flushes in 2 months. Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  122. 215

    Hong said,

    Hi Choesf,

    I found your article about Bonex Gold in 2008 which helps to treat your knee pain when glucosamine doesn’t seem to help. I just learned about this Bonex Gold today from this company called Alterni from Amcord Mall. My concern is whether this product is safe for consumption. Do you have any issue or side effect arise from consuming this product?

    FYI, I am taking glucosamine for about 6 months. The pain returns when I stop for a week.


  123. 220

    teasenz said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker, it’s a pleasure browsing your blog. I see that you are also a tea lover. Would you be interested in receiving samples from teasenz?

    • 221

      Hi there, dear teasenz :D

      Thank you so much for your generosity and kind-heartedness in sending me some tea samples – yes, I am a tea lover but more from the healthy perspective instead of a serious tea drinker. LOL!

      Your website has a really exquisite range of teas and tea accessories – it is indeed a joy to browse there, too! :D

      I had sent you an email already.

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D

  124. 224

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    I have learn several good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how much attempt you place to make such a magnificent informative website.

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  126. 227

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