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Rapunzel Vegan All Natural Vegetable Bouillon with Sea Salt – No MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Added – Only USD2-63 per box

Rapunzel, Vegan Vegetable Bouillon with Sea Salt

Rapunzel, Vegan Vegetable Bouillon with Sea Salt for USD2-63 or RM8-32 only

Hi there, dear friends :D

I was at Jason Foods at Bangsar Shopping Centre just now when I came across the above Rapunzel brand of vegetable bouillion cubes selling at RM16-49 per box there! Wow, that was really expensive ! :shock:  

I used 2 cubes of Rapunzal Vegetable Bouillon to make a stock for cooking couscous (in bowl). Then I added grilled yellow & red bell peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. My children loved the couscous!

I used 2 cubes of Rapunzal Vegetable Bouillon to make a stock for cooking couscous . Then I added grilled yellow & red bell peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. My children loved the couscous (in bowl)  !

When I recently ordered some health supplements online from this US WEBSITE ,  I had also bought 2 boxes of the Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillion for RM8-32 only – I was very happy to have  found some vegetable bouillion that didn’t  contain any MSG but has only natural, organic ingredients :D .

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I Got My House Mosquito Free By Just Using Natural Citronella Essential Oil (only USD3-18 or RM10 per 30ml bottle)

NOW Citronella Essential Oil 2 fl. oz or 30 ml for only USD3-18 or RM10.

NOW Citronella Essential Oil 1 fl. oz or 30 ml for only USD3-18 or RM10. Use COUPON CODE ML655 to get up to USD10 off your first purchase

Hi there, dear friends :D

My husband’s nephew passed away from haemorrhagic dengue fever many years ago and I am always really worried about any of my family members contracting dengue fever. With the increasing rainy spells in our tropical country, recent news about the rise in dengue fever cases only got me more concerned   ===>

Aedes albopictus mosquito

Aedes albopictus mosquito

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I Got “O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream” For My Chronic Cracked Heels and Fingers

O'Keeffe's Cream For Working Hands

O’Keeffe’s Cream For Working Hands which I had purchased online from iherb for USD6-30 or about RM20-00

Hi there, dear friends :D

When I stumbled onto this hand cream on iherb , I thought it was perfect and just what I needed to treat my chronic cracked heels and finger tips.  The “Working Hands” name on the label sayes it all – I am constantly using my hands to clean and cook and garden (I don’t like to wear gloves) …..i.e. my working hands will need this cream! :lol:

Right away, I ordered it from iherb and I just received the cream yesterday. Please note that I am not being paid nor was I given this product free to review and promote.  I am posting here just so you know that there is a “man’s cream” (extra strength, and none of those soft, gentle ladies’ cream?) out there for us ladies to try treating our cracked skins.   :wink: 

Previously, I have tried many types of skin creams/lotions for cracked heels and finger tips but nothing seemed to work for me, and I continued to slather on lots of creams and lotion every day and night! 

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Recommending A Good, Reliable Chinese Physician/Doctor To You…

A Chinese Physician applying the art of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

A Chinese Physician applying the art of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis to check a patient’s health

Hi there, dear friends :D

I fell sick with a bad sore throat, fever, cough and cold over the weekend and I quickly headed over to my regular Chinese Physician this morning. Yesterday, I was coughing very badly (so badly that the Chinese would joke that our liver can be coughed out in my situation!) and I woke up today with a splitting headache and no energy to do anything. :sad:  

Three hours after drinking the first dose of my Chinese medicine upon coming home, my energy level is now up, my frequent coughing has dwindled down to the occasional one… and I am beginning to feel some normalcy returning! Well…at least enough for me to write a new post here for you . LOL!   

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On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency On Medication For High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Urea & Diabetes

Hi there, dear friends :D

My husband encountered his first gout attack way back in 1994 and has been on Allopurinol 300mg once daily for treatment.  

In mid 2009, our family physician made him go for tests to check his health and my husband was found to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high urea acid and diabetes. On top of that, the doctor said my husband’s kidneys were not functioning optimally.

When a friend heard about my husband’s health problems, he taught me to make the Tateshi Kasu Miracle Vegetable Soup  for my husband. :idea: 

Tateshi Kazu Miracle Vegetable Soup

After consuming that soup regularly for around 1 year, my husband went for another round of blood tests, which revealed some good news – his kidneys were working properly already, blood pressure was around 120/30, cholesterol and urea acid levels were normalised…and his blood sugar went down slightly to 6.4 mmol/L, an improvement from 7.2 mmol/L before taking Glucophage 850mg twice daily. :D 

Last year, his blood tests showed that his blood sugar went up again, with medication, to 7.2 mmol/L. The doctor had wanted to increase his Glucophage dose but my husband said that he will try to control his diet  to bring down his sugar level. :idea:

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My Review Of The Amazing Jiaogulan Tea – It Can Really Help You To Lose Weight, Improve Complexion, Age Gracefully, Relax, Strengthen Body, Enhance Immunity/Health, Remove Peri/Menopause Effects, Restore Good Sleep, Give Energy!

A box of 40 Jiagulan teabags at RM6-50 or USD2-10 only

Hi there, dear friends :D

For those of you new to this tea, do read my earlier introduction post on Jiagulan Tea HERE for its background information and how I stumbled upon this inexpensive but yet very powerful health tea. :idea: 

My daily “dosage” of Jiaogulan Tea ===> at least 3 to 4 cups daily; sometimes up to 7 cups on those days I need more energy for increased physical activities. On average, I would say that I drink 5 cups of that tea daily.  

Tips :idea: ===> It helps to take the tea right after lunch and dinner for better digestion and “cut the oil/fat” from the food.  Be sure to continue drinking water while on this tea and to spread the consumption of this tea evenly throughout the day for best effect.  

I will now go straight into my feedback and review after having drank the Jiaogulan Tea  (3 to 5 cups daily) for slightly more than 1 month. During that period, I refrained from drinking other types of herbal teas, coffee and tea, so that whatever effects I felt can be attributed to this tea alone :idea: .

A refreshing cup of Jiagulan Tea, made from loose rolled leaves

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Black Face General – A Wonder Anti-Cancer Herb; Good For Treating Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Constipation, Body Detoxification & Heatiness, Hepatitis…

Strobilanthes Crispus, Black Face General, Pecah Beling Plant

Hi there, dear friends :D

I first heard of this Hak Min Jeong Guan (“Black Face General” in the Cantonese dialect) many years ago when a friend of mine took this herb regularly as a cancer-prevention measure when both her parents passed away from cancer within one year.  This plant’s scientific name is “Strobilanthes Crispus”, in Malay it’s “Pecah Beling”, “Keji Beling” in Indonesia and “Hei Mian Jiang Jun” in Mandarin.

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My Home Remedies For Ailments Arising From Stomach Wind – Headaches, Bloatedness, Nausea, Pains

A hearty, yummy bowl of Chinese Herbal Lamb Soup to warm the stomach

Hello there, dear friends :D

This year, my stomach is acting up quite often and I have to really watch my food intake and diet.   Some foods that seemed alright  previously somehow do not agree with my stomach this year…hmmm,  must be a sign of getting old for me! :lol:

As usual, I would ask my lady healer friend for advice when I go to her for a healing massage. She said my stomach is prone to developing wind and the reason is due to the weather this year! Yes, she said the weather is the cause of my problem. :lol:

I was very surprised that the weather can affect our health in such a manner, i.e. stomach ailments.  :shock:

My stomach is developing wind more frequently and I end up having nausea, indigestion, headaches and even migraines, bloatedness….all resulting from wind.

Even  my husband and my eldest daughter had wind-related problems. My husband had very bad neck, shoulder and upper left arm pains. He thought he had sprained those areas somehow or perhaps, it could be due to work stress. Seeing a doctor for treatments over a week didn’t relieve his pains at all. Finally, a visit to my lady healer friend revealed that my husband’s stomach was producing wind and it was a bad case of wind that resulted in his neck/shoulder/arm pains.

As for my eldest daughter, she  experienced mild nausea every day, especially towards the evening. Her doctor checked her health and couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She was prescribed some antibiotics, but that didn’t help with her nausea at all. Although her nausea was mild, it was a discomfort and a distraction. So, I brought her to my healer friend who said my daughter was suffering from stomach wind.

In both my husband and daughter’s cases, my healer friend recommended them to take the “5 Pagoda” brand (called “Ng Tarp San” in the Cantonese dialect)  of Chinese medicine that was a product of Thailand (see picture below). She said this is the most effective solution for stomach related problems like wind, nausea, indigestion, etc. I asked her about the “Po Chai” brand of pills and she said this Thai one is even better.

Top – Bak Foong Yuen for removing wind from body. Bottom – 5 Pagoda Powder for Removing Wind from stomach

Both my husband and daughter took just one dose of the 5-Pagoda Powder in the morning, before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and they did this for one week. Wow, they recovered from their pains and nausea respectively by the end of the week! :D

For me, I have been taking this powder when I feel I am burping a lot or my stomach starts to feel like a balloon. Although the 5-Pagoda Powder doesn’t taste good as in any Chinese herbal powder, I really love the strong minty and cool taste it has. My stomach feels immediately soothed after I take the powder.

After taking the 5-Pagoda Powder for a week, my healer friend told me to make a hearty Chinese Herbal Lamb Soup (picture at the top) to warm back our stomach.  Below are the ingredients for that soup :-

Chinese Herbs For Lamb Soup – carrots, 2 honey dates, red dates, Wai San, Yook, dried longans, Kei Jee, Pak Kei and Tong Sum

500 gms of Lamb Shanks and Ribs


1) Bring 2 litres water to a boil in a pot on the stove top.

2 Put in the Chinese herbs and lamb. Bring water to a boil. Skim off any scum that come to the surface.

3) Lower heat to small and simmer for 2 hours.

4) Season with some salt to taste and serve immediately.

In addition to warming up the stomach, this soup is also good to improve one’s energy, stamina and overall good health. :idea:

I also bought a bottle of “Tiger Stork” brand ( “Fu Hock Yau” in the Cantonese dialect) of medicated oil which was recommended by my healer friend for applying on the stomach for relieving gastric or winds stomach pains. I had complained to her that my “Minyak Angin” and “Yu Yee Yau” didn’t help at all in removing wind. She said to just apply the “Tiger Stork” oil on the our middle back and then on our stomach areas. Then our stomach would be soothed. :idea:

Tiger Stork Brand of Medicated Oil for treating  stomach ailments and wind

So, these are my home remedies for stomach ailments. Hope you can find them in your area as they brought a lot of relief to my family. The medicated oil and 5-Pagoda powder cost about RM5-00 or so and I bought them from some Chinese Medicing shops. in Kepong.

In my next post, I will share with you a wonderful Chinese medicated oil which is really good in treating cuts and burns and can stop bleeding almost instantaneously. :idea:

With best wishes for good health,

choesf :D

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Chinese Herbal Prescription Formula For Protection Against A H1N1 Flu

Herbal for prevention of H1N1

Chinese Herbal Prescription for building up body resistance to the A H1N1 virus


Chinese Herbal Prescription for A H1N1 Influenza

A packet of Chinese Herbal Prescription for countering the A H1N1 Flu


Happy Saturday, dear friends :D

A month or so ago, I have been receiving through emails and my cell phone a Chinese Formula/Prescription for a herbal tea to stave off the Influenza A H1N1.  For my family, I have been brewing Ng Far Char or “Five Flower Tea” (read my earlier post on this HERE) to reduce body heatiness, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is  believed to be the root cause for weak body immunity and susceptibility to any flu virus.

Recently, I saw these herbs for the AH1N1 prescription prepacked for  sale at my regular Chinese Medical Hall (shop) – it costs only RM10 for each packet. I bought some to try for my family. Seeing as how the rate of deaths arising from the A H1N1 flu in China is so low given its large population, I was convinced that this herbal formula must be working well to build up our body immunity.

I thought to post this Chinese formula here for those of you who live abroad and you have access to your local Chinatowns…hope that you get the herbs shown in the formula. :wink:

How to prepare the herbs -

1) Just bring to boil the herbs in 3 litres of water, lower heat to small and simmer for 2 hours.

2) Remove herbs with a slotted spoon and add in red or brown or white sugar according to taste.

3) Drink one cup or two  per person per day. Keep any left over refrigerated.

Important Note :- If you are on Western medication, please keep 3 hours apart between consuming this herbal drink and taking your medication (to prevent contra-indications/clash)

With best wishes,

choesf :D

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Easy Homemade Dragon Fruit Health Enzyme For Drinking & My Review Of This Enzyme

Picture 046 (Small)
Two bottles of Dragon Fruit Enzymes and a bowl of Dragon Fruit “Jam”

Picture 047 (Small)

A small cup consisting of 2 to 3 tablespoons of Dragon Fruit Enzyme, mixed with water.

To be had first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach for better absorption.

(Please read the comments below for feedback on my family’s health after we started drinking this)


Good evening, dear friends :D

Ah, finally…. I am posting my recipe for making enzymes for drinking. All thanks go to my blog visitor, Jessica, who so graciously shared with me her recipe for making drinking enzymes at Comment # 14 at my cleaning enzyme post HERE .

I did some reading over the Internet to find out more on drinking enzymes .

Some links with good information, recipes and tips on fruit enzymes :-

1) here,  from e-How

2) here, from Leah’s Cafe

3) here, from Penang-Island

4) here, from Cooking Momster - this site has some background on a Chinese recipe for fruit enzymes using “San Cha” used to make Haw Flakes. There are some interesting recipes there as well as the benefits of the various fruit enzymes. :wink:

Different sites have different information on the recipes – like how much fruit in proportion to sugar/honey, when to shake the enzyme during fermentation, how long to wait before harvesting enzyme (period ranges from 2 weeks to 6 months), and how to take the fruit enzyme for health.  So, I would suggest that you gather as much information as you like on the Internet before you start making your own enzymes.

In general, it was reported that drinking fruit enzymes improves our vitality, ensures regularity in our bowel system, aids in digestion and enhances body absorption of nutrtients.

Initially, I was going to buy a large glass jar to prepare the enzyme in, but at the last minute, I decided that I would just use the inner pot of my slow cooker  - the reason being, I didn’t know how much of liquid enzyme would be yielded and I wanted to get the size of the jar right. :idea:

Picture 031 (Small)I had used my crockpot to prepare the enzyme. My fruits all layered with the last topping being lemon and sugar. After that, I poured in 1 cup of apple cider and 1 cup of Australian honey

Picture 044 (Small)

I covered my crockpot with the glass lid and a piece of aluminium to keep out the light. Beside it is a new glass jar that I had bought to prepare more Fruit Enzyme the next time.

Some tips to share with you :-

  1. make sure that the fruits, chopping board and knives are completely dry as even a drop of water can spoil the enzyme. I washed them thoroughly and left them to dry overnight. But, if you are rushed for time or you find that your items are not 100% dry, do like what Jessica does – she uses a hairdryer! :wink:
  2. as you cut your fruits, it is best to place them straight in the jar – this is to ensure that the fruits are not contaminated or exposed to fruit flies
  3. you have to use a glass jar for safety reasons because we are going to drink this enzyme.  If plastic bottles are used instead, it is feared that the fermentation process may leech out some unhealthy stuff used to make the plastic bottles
  4. the fruit enzyme needs a dark, cool place to ferment. You can also wrap a piece of aluminium foil or an old t-shirt or cloth around the glass jar
  5. shake or stir the fruits often to prevent build-up of a whitish mould at the surface. Don’t worry, the mould is safe and is a sign that fermentation is well underway.
  6. if black spots or black moulds are seen, it would mean that the fruit enzyme is contaminated. Some people recommended that the black moulds be scooped out and the fruits left to ferment further. For me, I would prefer to throw the whole batch away and start a new one, for fear of food poisoning  from the contamination.
  7. upon harvest, pour the liquid enzyme into old, clean wine bottles. The leftover fruit can be used as jams, or it can be fermented further to be used as a facial wash or plant fertiliser. I gave half of my fermented fruit to a friend, and the other one is kept in the fridge to eat as a jam with my toasts.

Picture 032 (Small)

This is my one day old Fruit Enzyme

Because 2 of my dragon fruits were over-ripe and there were some worms inside (I am terrified of worms :shock: ), I had a paranoia that my other fruits may have eggs that will turn into worms! :lol: So, I decided at the last step of the preparation to add 1 cup of apple cider (I thought that should kill anything inside and of course, I had thrown away the worm infested fruits!) and for added fragrance and to cut down the sugar level, I replaced one cup of sugar with Australian honey. :idea:

I had read that the apple cider will speed up the fermentation process, and that was also another reason that I added the apple cider.

Picture 034This is after a week – there is more liquid produced and there is some white bubbles on the surface – a sign of fermentation in progress

Picture 045 (Small)

My Dragon Fruit Enzyme ready to be harvested – 2 weeks after preparation :D

My Dragon Fruit Recipe

3 kilos or 6 1/2 pounds of Pink Dragon Fruit

8 lemons

1 kilo or 1 3/4 pounds slabs of brown sugar (or loose brown sugar)

1 cup apple cider

1 cup honey



Remove skins and cut to slices about 1 cm or 1/2 inch thick

Arrange dragon fruit starting at the bottom, alternating with slices of lemon and sugar

The last layer at the top must be sugar

Pour apple cider and honey over everything

Cover and keep for 2 weeks, shaking gently the contents in the first few days, and stirring thereafter occasionally


The fruit enzyme was harvested exactly 2 weeks after preparation and there was just enough to fill 2 wine bottles. Half a bottle was consumed immediately for a few days, while the rest will be left for a further duration until 4 to 6 months, with a taste test at every 2 weeks.

In a few days, my enzyme will be exactly 1 month old, and I will see how the taste goes.  A website had mentioned that the ph of the enzyme improves over time, especially after 4 months. I’m not sure exactly what that meant and I just assume that the enzyme will not be so acidic after a longer period. I guess it is like wine, which tastes better over time! :lol:

Also, new enzymes are more alcoholic in nature and some websites do not recommend that the enzyme be consumed at this stage because the alcohol is not good on the liver. My opinion is the new enzyme should be fine for consumption as we are not drinking large amounts of it enough to damage our liver. We are just having 2 to 3 tablespoons a day as a tonic for our health. :wink:

The 2-week old fruit enzyme tasted like a mild apple cider mixed with alcohol, with a hint of apple cider and honey. My children hated the taste of it and I had to tell them to pretend that it was Ribena! Anyway, they never liked apple cider either! :lol:

It is best to drink the enzyme first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, rest for half an hour before taking breakfast. I mixed the enzyme with  2 times its amount of room temperature water. For me and my second daughter, the dragon fruit enzyme tasted absolutely delicious – like a fruity wine! It didn’t smell bad or rotten at all as I had thought it to be.

The period that we consumed the dragon fruit enzyme (5 days all in) was too short to notice any significant improvement in our vitality and health. But all of us reported easier and better bowel movements, as if the enzyme is removing toxins faster from our bodies. Another reason why I stopped drinking the enzymes after 5 days was because I developed a mild food poisoning from eating some bad curry at a mamak shop. My husband and second daughter continued to take until 1 week and they didn’t report and adverse side effects in their health.

In summary, I would definitely recommend to everyone that they should try to make some fruit enzymes to drink. I think the enzymes will do more good than harm. I have seen some stalls at the TTDI pasar (markets) selling the homemade dragon fruit enzyme for RM39 (USD10) for a 750ml bottle. My cost was only half of that and by making my own enzyme, I can be sure that I use good quality fruits and there is hygiene in preparing them.

My next post will be how to make our own rice enzyme for washing dishes. A friend gave me a bottle to try and it is really effective in cutting grease!

Do have a lovely week ahead!

With best wishes for good health,

choesf :D

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