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Bedroom Mountain Pictures – Another Unique Master atan’s FS Technique For Good Sleep & Support


Note – This post was made for 2009 Feng Shui. I will be posting the 2010 Bedroom Mountain Picture technique when Master atan announces it shortly. :wink:

Good evening, dear friends :D

Ah, this is another unique Master atan’s Feng Shui (FS) that has proven to be very effective in giving us a good night’s sleep and also backing us up with good support for the things we do in life.  For the Chinese culture with practices dating back thousands of years ago, homes are often sought with mountains behind them for steady support. But these days, with urban living instead of rural homes, finding a mountain behind our house would be hard indeed! :lol:

Anyway, this technique is known as “Bedroom Mountain Pictures” or BMP in short, and a BMP is stuck onto the wall right above our bed’s headboard. However, only approved BMPs can be used as they have been “made safe” by Master atan for use in our bedrooms….there are 5 approved BMP photos to be selected from HERE.

This is a FREE service! :D

Just select your favourite photo, print it out or have it digitally developed at the photo shops, stick it with Blue Tack to your bedroom wall (above your bed) and request for ACTIVATION HERE.

For best results, the BMP must not be framed nor laminated. Do not use your own mountain pictures.

I have copied here Master atan’s announcement on his “How to Feng Shui 2009 – Tip # 6″ for you -

It is advisable to place a mountain picture above the bed’s headboard, and the bed’s  headboard must preferably rest against  a solid wall.

Placing a mountain picture above the headboard in any directions is effective in giving a person good sleep and support.

I find this method interesting because when one’s head is pointing towards his or her bad direction (as per their KUA number), the BMP can remove bad chi from the bad directions.

If one’s head is pointing towards a good direction , then the BMP will give strength and power to one’s good directions.

Just my little experiences on the Bedroom Mountain Technique – hope they help …

I would like to share some feedback on using this technique in the bedroom :-

1. It had lowered blood pressure for some – one reported it had reach a perfect reading 120/80 . Head pointing to health sector – West

2. Some don’t have to go to bathroom during their sleep time anymore. Somehow the mountain had strengthen the kidney or urinary bladder. Head pointing to health sector – West

3. Some reported the noise from outside the house is very much reduced – head pointing to North.

4. Some reported that many parts of their body pains are reduced or completely gone.

5. Some reported that their backbone pains are healed.

Generally,  most reported good sleep, and  feelings of safety and peace.

BMP size of about 5 inches will be sufficient.

Try it out – you may gain good sleep.

master atan.

3rd March 2009

Well, I wish you Good Night and Sweet Dreams! :D

With peace and harmony,

choesf :D

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Homemade, Healthy, Detoxifying Herbal Drink – Misai Kucing (“Cat’s Whiskers”)

Good morning, dear friends :D

No, I am not boiling real cats’ whiskers for a healthy drink :lol: … but a type of plant known as “Misai Kucing” in the Malay language (translated as “Cat Whiskers”) because the sprays of white flowers look like a cat’s whiskers! :wink:


A few pots of “Cat’s Whiskers” growing in my little garden


The scientific name for this plant is “Orthosiphon Aristatus” and it is a common ornamental plant or garden herb in Malaysia. I was first introduced to Misai Kucing more than 10 years ago when my husband’s elderly aunty told me to brew its leaves as a health drink to treat his gout problem.

(**Add on 14 Sept, 2009READ HERE for an article in our local newspaper recently on “Misai Kucing Cures All” , and the lady talked about the A H1N1 Flu and breast cancer.)

In addition to treating gout (it removes urea acid), the active compound of Misai Kucing is also good for -

  1. diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels
  2. stress
  3. high blood pressure
  4. removing toxins
  5. revitalise our energy
  6. regeneration and building of new cells
  7. balancing our body systems

Seeing the real benefits of this plant, I then quickly harvested some Misai Kucing from my garden and made a large pot of health drink for my family. As I had some other Chinese herbs like a Buddha fruit or Lor Hon Kor (good for phlegm and lungs), dried cane strips, and some cooling dried herbs….I decided to combine them with the Misai Kucing.


Misai Kucing on the left, some dried cooling Chinese herbs, dried bamboo cane, a Buddha’s Fruit aka Lor Hon Kor…all ready to be boiled for 4 hours in a large pot



After 4 hours of simmering over a small fire, I added in 2 cups of red sugar or dark sugar … this type of sugar has anti-inflammatory properties



My pot of Misai Kucing and other herbs to make a cooling, health drink



A large mug of Cat’s Whiskers health drink for each of my family.


The rest of the drink are stored in jugs in the fridge and we drink this over 2 days…a nice, refreshing drink for the hot days here in KL. I now have 6 pots of Cat’s Whiskers plants in my garden, so that they can be harvested every two weeks for making my family’s pot of health drinks for health maintenance. It is definitely cheaper than buying those teabags! :wink:

So, I would advise you to buy a small pot of Misai Kucing and plant it in your garden or in your apartment’s balcony, i f you have some space. They grow easily in pots and need minimum care – water daily, direct or indirect sunlight, and bi-monthly fertilising. If I can plant them, you can, too! My present batch of Cats’s Whiskers plants are offshoots of the original one- foot tall plant that I bought about 4 years ago.

I wish you good health always!

choesf :D

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Chinese “Lemon” Leaves Drink For Lung Cleansing, Detoxification & Coughs

A bunch of “lemon” leaves, compared to a teaspoon for measure

A cup of healthy “lemon” leaves drink

Good morning, dear friends :D

When I was a kid, my mom used to brew this drink and make everyone have a glass of it. Being young at that time, I never asked what exactly the drink does for health as my mom just said it was good for me.  We had these plants in a little pot as they grew easily with minimal care.

It was about 30 years later when a few weeks ago, my massage/healer friend gave me some of this to drink and it brought back fond memories of my childhood health drinks. I just collected the stems discarded by my friend and poked them into some soil in a pot behind my house. They grew very fast and in 2months’ time, I had enough of my very own “lemon” plants for harvesting.

I am sure these are not the leaves from the actual lemon fruit tree but its name in the Cantonese dialect is “Leng Mong Yip” or “Lemon Leaves”, literally. When you crush the leaves, there is a minty and lemony smell…hence, its name. The taste is quite refreshing and not at all difficult to drink.  I think I will add in the word “Chinese” to differentiate these leaves from the actual lemon tree leaves. :idea:

The health benefits of these lemon leaves are -

1) to cleanse our lungs of toxins, i.e. it is a detoxifying drink. In Cantonese, it helps to “ching fai” or in English, “clear the lungs.”

2) this drink is a remedy for coughs, both phlegmy and dry coughs.

However, please note that this drink heaty or “yang” energy in nature and if we have an accompanying sore throat with a cough, it is best not to take it. I decided to brew this drink with some honey dates (which are “yin” in nature) to balance out and make this drink “safer” to consume. :wink:

For me,  I like to make health drinks or cook some nutritious soups for my family as a preventive measure for health maintenance, so that the frequency of any of us falling ill is much reduced. So, last week, I made a small pot of lemon leaves drink and everyone got a cup of it to drink. For my husband who is a heavy smoker, I made him drink 2 cups. :lol:

Chinese “Lemon” Leaves Drink

Method -

1) Have enough lemon leaves and stems (cleaned) to fill up 2/3s of a medium pot.

2) Fill up half the pot with water.

3) Add in 8 large honey dates or “mutt joe”.

4) Cover pot and bring to a boil.

5) Reduce heat to small and simmer for 1 1/2 hours.

6) Refrigerate any leftover drink for consumption the next day.

Consumption -

1) Drink one cup per person per day for health maintenance purposes.

2) For someone who is having a cough, drink 2 cups daily of this for 2 to 3 days.

Here’s to good health always! Cheers!

choesf :D

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Natural & Safe Method Of Removing Gallstones Without Surgery – 6-Day Method


Added on 13 July, 2012 – Please read my later post for more feedback and information from myself and those who had shared their experience with this natural method of flushing our gallbladder ===>Oh no, I have a 22 mm gallstone detected in my gallbladder and I am going to try the natural gallbladder cleanse”

Please read Ending the Olive Oil Soap Stone Myth Report to know if what you flush out are indeed gallstones or just soap stones.

Since I posted this article, I had done 8 Dr. Lai Chiu Nan ‘s  apple juice natural method of gallbladder flushes over 3 years on the following dates ===>

1st Flush – 27 April 2009
2nd Flush – 14 May 2009
3rd Flush – 4 July 2009
4th Flush – 12 May 2010
5th Flush – 26 December 2011
6th Flush – 20 July 2012

7th Flush – 27 October 2013

8th Flush – 16 September, 2014


Good afternoon, dear friends :D

Yesterday, Master atan, a Professional Healer and my Feng Shui Master, posted at his Dhealing forum HEREa way of removing gallstones that is safe, natural and tested – without going for any surgery. I was very impressed by this method and thought I would share it here with you as I’m sure many people will benefit from this technique.

Master atan said that gall bladder stones today can be easily removed by operation and the so called laparoscopy, a process using laser to remove the gall bladder stones. But there are still ways we can take other than to undergo these expensive treatments, surgeries and medicines to help you cured of gall stones.

Master atan had tried this method himself and has recommended it to many people to follow, advising that this is good and safe.


Gallstones may not be everyone’s concern but may lead to cancer. We all have them (big or small, many or few). “Cancer is never the 1st illness. There are a lot of other problems leading to cancer. I came across some materials stating that people with cancer usually had stones,” said Dr Lee of China.

One symptom of gallstones is a feeling of bloatedness after a heavy meal as if you can’t digest the food. If it gets more serious, you feel pain in the liver area.”

Dr Lee offers the apple juice treatment which is good for those with a weak liver. Liver and gallbladder are closely linked.

1) Drink 1 glass (250ml) 100% apple juice 4 times a day for 5 days. 1 glass at breakfast, 1 glass at lunch, 1 glass at dinner & 1 glass before going to bed. It softens the gallstones. Eat normally.

2) On the 6th day, skip dinner. At 6pm, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water. At 8 PM, repeat the same for purging purpose. It helps to flush out all solid stuff. It also opens the gallbladder ducts. At 10 PM, drink half a glass of olive oil mixed with half a glass of lemon juice. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage. Lemon juice helps to extract the stones out from gallbladder ducts.

Soon you will purge again. This time you can find greenish stuff floating in your toilet bowl, if you have gallstones. “You may want to count them. I have had people who passed out 40, 50 or up to 100 stones.” as told by Dr Lee. “Even if you don’t have any symptoms of gallstones, you still might have some. It’s always good to give your gall bladder a clean-up every now and then.”

Something more to share by Master atan –

“Dr Lai Chiu Nan’s “6 Days Apple Juice Treatment” works wonderfully to remove gallstones in a natural way. I came to know this more than 10 years ago and many of my friends had benefited from this treatment without going for operation.

Mr AT almost had his gallbladder operated in the hospital in 1996. When we met up just a few days before his operation appointment, he gave it a try when I told him about this apple juice treatment. The doctor was surprised of the disappearance of gallstones when Mr AT went to the hospital for a re-examination. He passed on this good news to his friends and relatives so much so that whenever a person wanted to buy Epsom salt from the pharmacy in that town, straight away the sales personnel at the pharmacy knew that it’s for the removal of gallstones treatment.

Mr LMK also drank the apple juice and passed out the gallstones. Mr AY called me and asked for the apple juice treatment for his Indonesian worker who refused to go for operation. According to Mr AY, his worker suffered great pain and could hardly walk. One week later, Alan called again saying that his worker still suffered the pain. I told him to bring his worker to see Mr LMK who could give a testimonial to him so that he would repeat the 6 Days treatment one more time. Later I received good news from Mr AY that his worker was able to walk without pain after passing out the gallstones. No operation was required. Mr LMK also told me that the worker thanked him many times whenever they met each other in town for the encouragement and confidence given to him.”

Master atan said that in order for it to be more effective, drink green apple juice. You can buy 100% pure apple juice from supermarket in 2 liters packing. The treatment needs 6 liters only (4 x 250ml = 1 liter per day). Nevertheless, do include apple juice as one of your daily drinks. It’s good for you, he said.

There you have it – a really safe and natural way of removing any gallstones. I’m going to try this out to see for myself and then get my husband to do it also. A word of caution though, I believe we should be aware of the high sugar content of consuming so much apple juice over the 6 days and it is best to cut off all other sources of sugar intake during this treatment period. Also, since it is spanned over 6 days and we are expected to purge a few times on the 6th day, it is best to start this treatment on a Monday or Tuesday…leaving the weekend free to be spending more time in the toilet. 

I wish you all good health always,

choesf :D

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Another Healthy, Cooling Red Cane, Candied Wintermelon, Water Chestnut Drink aka “Hung Jeh Sui”

A glass of delicious Hung Jeh Sui or Red Sugar Cane drink

Good evening, dear friends :D

With hot weather all year round in Malaysia, spicy cuisine, heaty foods that are fried or roasted, sometimes our body can get out of balance from its yin and yang…usually becoming more heaty with symptoms like sore gums, sore throats, dry or yellowish phlegmy coughs, sore gums, tension headaches, restless sleep. To dispel this heatiness, one of the easiest and most delicious way is to drink the sugar cane drink because most kids and even adults simply love its taste!

The sugar canes used for this cooling drink are not those fat, green-yellowish canes that can be squeezed for its sugar cane juice to drink or to make into sugar, but the thinner and drier ones. There are mainly 2 types of the cane that is boiled as a cooling drink – the bamboo cane or “jook jeh” and the red cane or “hung jeh.” The red cane is also known as medicinal cane or “yeok jeh” and I prefer to use this type of cane just because of its medicinal properties….it is good for treating migraines (I get migraines very often last time but these days, its frequency is much less).

Chinese water chestnuts are held to be a good tonic and are credited with many curative and supplementing properties. Water chestnut is cold in nature and is excellent for clearing Heat. Ground water chestnut powder mixed with water can relieve cough. Boiling water chestnuts in water makes the best drink for measles patients and is appropriate for all measles patients from the third day till the ninth day of the cycle. It helps to speed up the measles cycle. Fever is usually associated with urination difficulty or pain. Water chestnut sweet soup significantly eases the pain and promotes urination.

I love wintermelon and sometimes, I would cook a savoury Wintermelon Soup to go with a meal. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, wintermelon is considered being able to promote urination, reduce swelling, clear heat, remove toxic substances, and mitigate high blood pressure.

In fact, from nutrition perspective, the potassium content in winter melon is proved to be capable of facilitating the body to eliminate excess sodium, which helps reduce swelling and lower blood pressure. Moreover, because of its extremely high water content and 0% fat properties, winter melon is often used in dieting and has become an ideal weight-control food for dieters specially in hot summer months in China.



Ingredients in the large pot above -

10 sticks of 1-foot long red sugar cane

1 packet candied wintermelon (Tong Tung Kwa)

10 or more fresh water chestnuts

* optional – a small bunch of Hung Teen Wu (benefits of this plant can be read in this post HERE )

* other options – 2 cups of Chinese barley, some Mao Kan, or dried bamboo leaves

Real Easy Method -

1) I used my largest pot which can contain about 10 litres of water. Bring water to a boil.

2) Meanwhile, scrub sugar cane with a metal scrubber (the type we use to scrub our pots? This remove dirt easier compared to a vegetable brush). Chop cane into 2 parts so that they will fit into the pot. Smash with the flat side of a chopping knife or hammer or the stone from the pestle and mortar.

3) Scrub water chestnuts with a vegetable brush to remove dirt and mud. Leave skin on and smash lightly also with the flat side of a chopping knife.

4) Put all ingredients into the pot, bring to a boil and then simmer for 4 hours with the lowest fire.

5) No sugar is necessary as the ingredients would have provided some sweetness but if you prefer your drink sweeter, just add in a cup of rock sugar.

6) I usually pour a large mug of this yummy drink for each of my family member and the leftover is kept in jugs in the refrigerator, It tastes even better cold. :idea:

Hope you will make this drink for your family and I am very sure they will love its taste. It is certainly cheaper than buying it from those cooling herbal stalls and it only costs me about RM10 or US$3.50 to make such a large pot of red cane drink. My family would have it twice a month because it is good in preventing heatiness. wink:

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Bone Density Checks For Osteoporosis

Good evening, dear friends :D

If you are around my age (mid 40’s) and perimenopausal, you should consider getting a bone density check or bone mass measurement done. One of the effects of menopause if we are not opting for any HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is the higher risk of osteoporosis, whereby a slight fall may result in some serious fractures in our bones. Osteoporosis is a disease when the bones have become thin and weak.

I have read of one woman in her 40’s who had fractured her arm in two places from the mere act of her arm banging lightly into a wall. Her bones were that porous then due to a severe case of osteoporosis that she never knew she had. However, 5 years later, her bone density improved tremendously due to her picking up Qigong (healing exercises involving the improved circulation of Qi or Chi throughout the body).

Anyway, lately, I have been worrying about the condition of my bones as I only had condensed milk, instead of milk formula, when I was a baby because I didn’t quite take to milk formula. Also, I can’t drink milk (I don’t like the taste of it :roll: ) and I seldom consume cheese (which I actually like if they are not the strong types).

For the past 3 years, the osteoarthritis of my knees have been getting progressively worse and the glucosamine supplements that I am taking does not seem to work anymore. I have been recommended to take Alterni’s (a natural food and herbal supplement company) BoneX Gold, a calcium extract and collagen drink formulated in Germany. I have been taking this for 10 days now and while I am testing this calcium supplement, I have intentionally stopped taking my glucosamine supplements to see how effective BoneX is

Thus far, I am seeing very good results with BoneX whereby half my knee joint pains are gone. Prior to taking BoneX Gold , if I forget to take glucosamine for a few days, I would immediately feel a worsening of pain in my knee joints when I go up and down the stairs.

Last week, I was offered a free bone density test at Alterni and I’m glad the results show that my bone mass is normal ===> my reading was -6. But sadly, a friend who took the same test with me and whom I thought is in excellent health found out that she is having “osteopenia”, a stage where her bones are below normal and she is nearing the osteoporosis stage ===> her reading was -1.5.

Here is how the T-Score of the bone density test works -

1) T-Score of above -1 would mean your bone density is considered normal

2) T-Score of between -1 and -2.5 is a sign of osteopenia, a condition in which bone density is below normal and may lead to ostroporosis

3) T-Score of below -2.5 means that your bone density shows you have osteoporosis.

A person is likely to need a bone density done if the person is

- at risk of osteoporosis

- is near menopause

- has broken a bone after a modest trauma

- has a family history of osteoporosis

- uses steroids or antiseizure medication

- has had a period of restricted mobility of more than 6 months

Below is a picture of a bone density test being done at the ankle using a peripheral device and although this method is not as accurate and indepth as the CT-Scan or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), it is less expensive and it provides us with a preliminary reading of our bone density. Should it show that we are in the osteopenia stage, then it is highly recommended that we go for a CT-Scan or DEXA next.

Now, I am trying to get my husband and other similarly-aged friends, especially women, to go for this bone density test to know exactly their present bone condition, rather that finding it out the sad way after a fall or accident, to that preventive measures can be taken to prevent osteoporosis from happening. :wink:

I wish you good health always! Like the famous saying these days – “Health is Wealth”

choesf :D

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Using local plants for health and detoxification – Natural herbal remedies

Happy Weekend, dear friends :D

Wow, so many things happened in the last couple of weeks, mainly circulating the health issue. My husband has a relapse in his pinched nerve problem (I think it’s called herniated cervical discs) and basically, his cervical discs C5 to C7 were compressing on his spinal gel, thus pressing on his nerves there and giving him unbearable pains. I’m glad to say that this problem is almost over with some prescription medicine from his orthopaedic surgeon. After an MRI was taken of my husband’s cervical spine, the doctor said if the pain comes back from the pinched nerves, the next and only option was to go for surgery to correct the problem.

Hearing this, I was very worried because I never like the idea of surgeries unless they are absolutely necessary and in my husband’s case, as the surgery involves his spinal area, there is a risk of paralysis happening. Therefore, we decided to consult some Chinese physicians to counter this pinched nerve problem and I was on a quest on learning more herbal plants that can be used to prevent this pain from happening to my husband. The Chinese physician told my husband that his blood is full of toxins and that he needs to lose 20 pounds off his weight and all his health problems would go away.

In my quest for a healthier life, I am also learning what sort of plants can be used for detoxifying and these plants are a cheap and easy alternative, in addition to my husband embarking on a fitness/exercise regime.

What my Feng Shui Master (who is also a a healer and good with using local plants for health) taught me was this plant called in Cantonese – “Por See Yip” or “Lam Fei Yip” – in English translation “Persian Leaves” or “South African Leaves”. Well, because it is so excellent in treating many ailments, I have given it a nickname myself – “Magic Plant.” :lol:

It really grows easily and its health benefits are :-

1) reducing cholesterol

2) reducing urea acid

3) reducing wind or flatulence

4) balancing blood pressure

5) countering insomnia as it promotes good sleep at night

6) reducing high blood sugar levels

7) reduce fat and helps us to lose weight

8 ) remove other toxins from our body

Below are a close-up picture of these leaves and a picture of how the plants look like :-

Added on 01 August , 2012 – Thanks to John Ong (Comment # 131 below), we now know the actual name of this plant (in both the pictures above). Scientific name: Gymnanthemum amygdalinum [Family: Asteraceae]
Synonym: Vernonia amygdalina
Common name: Bitter Leaf, Vernonia Tree, Pokok South Afrika aka Pokok Bismillah
Chinese name: 扁桃斑鸠菊, Lam Fei Yip, Por si Yip

Actually, a number of our joint pains can be attributed to urea acid crystallization at the bone joints, and the plant below is especially good for removing urea acid and for detoxification -

Added 16 Nov, 2010 – this plant is known as Sam Kar Pei (in Cantonese)

Acanthopanax Trifoliatus L. Merr.

Uses :-


    1. 感冒发烧骨痛Colds, fever, bone pain
    2. 风湿关节痛,腰腿痛Rheumatic arthralgia, lumbago
    3. 胃痛,肠炎Gastric pain, enteritis
    4. 黄疸,胆囊炎,胆石症Jaundice, cholecystitis, gall stone
    5. 白带,尿路结石Leucorrhea, urinary tract stone.
      外用治铁打损伤、湿疹。每用1至2辆,水煎服;外用适量鲜根、叶捣烂敷或煎水洗患处。External use in traumatic injury, eczema, boils and pyodermas. Use 30-60gm. Prepare as decoction. Macerate fresh roots and leaves for topical application, or boil in water for washing.


Recipe for Magic Plant Detoxifiying Drink for health -

Ingredients (for 1 person for 1 week):

14 to 18 large (they are about 5 to 6 inches long) leaves of Magic Plant (larger, mature leaves have less tannin)

9 leaves of Tri Leaf Plant (optional as this plant is harder to find)

2 litres water


Just bring the ingredients to a boil and simmer for at least 2 hours. Can be kept refrigerated to last a few days to a week.

Dosage – take a cup or 250 ml of this Magic Drink once in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach for better absorption. :idea:

Warning – this drink is extremely bitter :shock: but the health benefits of this drink is well worth its terrible taste! :lol: Also, if you are on any other medication, please allow at least 2 hours apart between taking this detoxifying drink and the medication.

The Magic Plant is not a normal plant in any home’s garden and you have to look out for it. It grows up on a single, sturdy stalk without any branches or stems extending from the stalk, just leaves.

I found some growing outside the compound of a temple and with the kind permission of a lady there, I was able to cut some stalks of the Magic plants to grow at home. Just remove the leaves, dry them in the sun and they can keep for a long time. The bare stalks can then be planted preferably in the ground and they will grow easily from there. If you are staying in an apartment with no garden to grow them, they also do well in large pots.

I have to go take my dinner now and I will be right back later to write about the Chinese “Ghost Festival” and doing prayers for our ancestors in my next post.

I wish you good health and good energy! :D

With peace and joy,

choesf :D

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