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Step 3 of “How To Feng Shui 2010” – Place SCC To Counter Misfortune Star # 5 In Southwest Of Home

Example of a Activated Salt & Coins Cure (SCC)

Samples of Chinese Coins for Feng Shui

Master atan Activated 6 coins for making SCC

Hi there, dear friends :D

Among all of Master atan’s Feng Shui techniques, I am most fascinated with the powerful Salt & Coin Cure, or more commonly known as the “SCC.” His is unique and different from the other SCCs because his SCCs are activated (programmed) with good energies to enhance its function as a Feng Shui tool to absorb any negative energies arising from :-

  • around the home or office
  • any poison arrows or Sha Qi
  • one’s stress and tension
  • geopathic stress
  • missing corners
  • kitchen in the NW or “Fire at Heaven’s Gate

Depending on which sector of the home the SCC is placed in, the area represented by that sector will be enhanced for more good things to happen. For example, if one places a SCC in the North sector, North being the sector representing one’s Career or Business, then the SCC will help to boost his or her career or business by removing any negative energies, stress or tension from work.

For year 2010, the Misfortune Star # 5 will reside in the SouthWest sector of our home. The SouthWest represents the “woman of the house” (like myself) and the “love and relationship” of the adults at home. So, it is crucial that one places a SCC to counter the negative energies there…especially if your bedroom or main door is in the SouthWest.

To prepare the SCC, you can buy Chinese coins from your local shop and ask for FREE Activation by Moderators at Master atan’s Forum,  or for convenience, you can purchase Master atan Activated SCC 6coins from my Dhealing Webstore.

Below is Master atan’s message regarding Step 3 of “How to Feng Shui 2010”.

Be sure to check in here shortly to learn from Master atan on what we can do to strengthen the woman of the house. :wink:

With best wishes,

choesf :D

# 3 ~~~ Salt and coins cure 2010.

I had posted the scc 2010 today – anyone who is interested can take a look – there is no time or date restriction in placing Scc. Can be place starting from today and remember to get it activated after placement. :)

As for how to further Protect and strengthen the woman of the house using this technique – i will post it tomorrow.

Salt and coins cure 2010 – Technique

Salt and coins cure 2010 – Activation

Master atan

SCC for the Woman of the house .

In year 2010 placing,  SCC in SW of the house will Protect and enhance the love and relationship , it also help to Protect and support the woman of the house.

To further strengthen this technique, place SCC in the South West of the Kitchen – it is very potent and good for the woman of the house – it can bring many benefits and good things in 2010 – like money wealth and food will be more healthy.

Good Luck. :vh:

master atan.

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Kitchen Feng Shui For Good Luck, Good Wealth & Good Health

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Dear friends, :D

In Chinese Feng Shui (FS) – pronounced “Fung Shway” – the kitchen is very importantly associated with our prosperity (wealth) and health. Because the kitchen is also considered as the “heart of the home”, any problems in this area will result in a significant impact on our family – health wise or money wise.

Of course, first and foremost, good housekeeping is good feng shui. When our kitchen is clean, shiny and free from clutter, then it allows the best of positive energy to come into it. Conversely, if we have too much clutter and dirty things or we hardly declutter our kitchens, then this leads to a buildup of stagnant, stale and negative chi in our kitchen.

Now, we don’t want this to happen because negative energies will impact negatively also on aspects of our life, like our money, career, prosperity. Logically, this does make some sense because when our kitchen is cluttered and not clean, then it hampers our efforts to cook a really good and nourishing meal for our loved ones. In fact, I don’t think we would like to do anything or stay any longer in the kitchen if it is unclean and messy! :roll:

But when we can’t cook nourishing meals at home and we eat out most of the time, then our body is likely to be under nourished, thus leading to a less than optimal health and hence, lesser efficient ability to work well in our job.

We are taught the 10 Don’ts in Kitchen Feng Shui by Retired Feng Shui Master, Master atan at his Dhealing Forum as follows –

1. Do not place your kitchen under or next to a bathroom. A bathroom is deemed as a place where we wash away our dirt and where the toilet is located, and therefore, having a kitchen under this is deemed very inauspicious.

2. Do not place your stove under a big beam. A beam is considered a heavy support and if your stove is under it, it is like the energies of your stove are being oppressed by this beam. Not good to cook in such a situation. Why? Because the stove is symbolic of wealth and in such a negative placement of stove, it means your wealth is being suppressed. You can’t prosper.

3. Do not face your stove to water basin or refrigerator, this can lead to arguments and conflict within the family. Fire and water are opposites of and fight each other, and so the placements of the sink and stove are important. If they are directly opposite each other, then this may lead to arguments, conflicts and figthing among family members. Conflicts and tension at home means negative energies. A stove and sink side by side also means a weakening of the energy of the kitchen.

4. Do not clutter your kitchen – stagnant and dirty chi is no good for food. Clean out your food cupboards, pantry and refrigerator regularly.

5. Do not place stove near windows and skylights – the chi can flow out of the house through them.

6. Do not design the kitchen door be in a direct line with the back door or front door of the house. That placement allows the chi to flow from the kitchen all the way outside. If your doors are placed in line, keep the kitchen door closed, or use plants to block the flow.

7. Do not delay in maintaining the stove. A stove that is not in good working order implies a problem with financial resources. If any part of the stove (burners, oven light, fan, etc.) does not work, get it fixed as soon as possible.

8. Do not leave you stove unused – an unused stove implies untapped resources or ignored opportunities. Even if all you do is boil water for tea, rotate which burner you set the kettle on so that all of them get regular use! And use the oven, too, from time to time, instead of always relying on the microwave.

9. Do not have your kitchen in the North West sector of your house, because it will bring negative elements to your family. The NW sector of your house represents where Heaven’s energy flows into your house, and by having a kitchen there, it means that fire will destroy this good energy. A term for this kitchen location is “Fire At Heaven’s Gate.” The family breadwinner could lose his job, lose his wealth, or worse, lose his health. If your kitchen is already in this sector, try to move the cooking elements like the stove or oven away from this sector.

10. Do not use any odd shaped objects in the pots or frying pan at any time. They may seem like piercing weapons of some sort.

I will discuss some of the remedies that can be carried out if the above Kitchen Feng Shui rules are broken later…..

Meanwhile, for those of you looking for a new home to buy or rent and you believe a little in FS :lol: , I hope these Kitchen FS tips will help you to avoid getting an “inauspicious” kitchen. There are also many other “Do’s & Don’ts” for other aspects of a home but we start with this post for now. :wink:

May your life be blessed with good wealth, good health and many successes!

choesf :D

Added on 31 July, 2014 –

For those of you who are worried about about your kitchen located in the NW sector of your home, Master atan’s cure is to place a set of Dhealing Trinity 3coins there. 

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