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Wood Ears or Black Fungus – An Easy Remedy To Flush Arteries, Clear Blocked Arteries, Reduce Chances of Arteriosclerosis & Strokes,Promote Blood Circulation, Lower Bad Cholesterol, Cleanse Blood, Promote Positive Feelings

A cup of cleansing Woods’ Ears and Honey Dates drink

Added on 26 March, 2013 – Read Master atan’s Dhealing Basic Blood Remedy - an advanced technique to lower cholesterol, detoxify the blood, clear blocked arteries. My husband and I have been on his “programme” for 8 days now and we will detoxify our blood for 1 month, using just 3 simple ingredients of oats, black fungus and ginger only. :idea:

Hi there, dear friends :D

When I make Crispy Roast Pork Belly , Juicy Lamb Chops , or cooked Festival Feasts  for my family often throughout the years…and when age is catching up with me (I just turned 50 last week! :lol: ), it is inevitable that my cholesterol level would go up :roll: .

I’m not sure if it’s due to perimenopause or something else, but I have been experiencing heart palpitations since the beginning of this year. My Chinese physician warned me that my cholesterol is high and I should watch my food intake. My Western doctor prescribed Remifemin  to counter my menopausal symptoms, which include my increased heart rate.  

I am not a regular coffee or tea drinker, so that couldn’t be the cause of my heart palpitations. Then I developed some morbid thoughts that led to me think that perhaps my arteries could be blocked or my blood is not flowing smoothly…and hence, the uncomfortable increased heartrate that comes and goes as if it has a mind of its own!  :lol: 

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