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Step 7 of “How To Feng Shui 2010″ – Pi Yao Magic For Wealth & Protection & To Strengthen The Woman Of The House

A Bronze Pi Yao

Hi there, dear friends :D

The Pi Yao is one of the strong Feng Shui remedies to attract wealth, to protect us and the home, as well as to drive away evil spirits.  It is even more powerful when they are used in pairs, as the paired Pi Yaos appease the Gods and symbolise authority.

Master atan’s unique technique of the Pi Yao placement for 2010 is designed with more benefits to us. Read his announcement below for more information.

You can buy your own Pi Yaos and ask for FREE ACTIVATION HERE, or you can buy Master atan Activated Pi Yaos HERE.

Good Luck for 2010! :D

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Starting from today members can place their Piyao and request for activation.

Year 2010 will see many benefits from this unique way of placing Piyao – together with wealth cure and Kitchen God – I only feel that many will have good wealth , good health and success – Windfall luck is very strong with this technique, and more money wealth can come from Piyao and kitchen God. Woman of the house will be properly protected and straighten to enjoy good benefits in life.

Piyao Magic Technique – 2010

For year 2010 – Piyao is a very useful tool when place anywhere in the kitchen – this will made the Kitchen God happy and strengthen the woman of the house.

Piyao can be place in the kitchen and face any directions.

Best Placement ….. Piyao at the SW of the kitchen and face NE.

Piyao can counter Star # 5 at the South West of the kitchen and when place Piyao facing NE , it can enhances the house Centre ( star # 8 ) for Enhancing prosperity, Wealth, windfall luck and …..

When Place Piyao face NE – Piyao can appease Tai Sui and made him happy – it also can counter Star # 2 in the North East

NE sector – Star #2 can cause illnesses related to stomach, muscles, mouth, stress, back stabbing, distress and others..

SW sector – Star #5 can cause major misfortune.

Center sector – Star # 8 – It governs accumulation of wealth and prosperity from the main source such as salary, rentals, and other financial source in a regular basis.

Here are some of the benefits with Piyao placement – 2010.

1. Protect home and individual.
2. Attracting and Enhancing wealth and riches.
3. Drive away obstacle and evil spirit.
4. Bring windfall luck – especially lottery luck.
5. Cure for bad stars in Flyingstar.
6. Appease Tai Sui – North East
7. Very beneficial for the woman of the house – South West.

Here is a good placement for 2010.

Only one Piyao is needed for this cure, please place Piyao at one of the below locations.

1. South West of the kitchen facing North East.
2. South West of the kitchen facing South East.
3. South West of the kitchen facing the house main door.
4. In the kitchen facing North East.
5. In the kitchen facing South East.

Piyao must be firmly place – can be place in most of the places that is clean and tidy, table, floor, top cabinet and …..

1. Do not place Piyao below the bathroom.
2. Do not place Piyao below a beam.
3. Do not place Piyao when some thing is hang above.
4. Do not place Piyao in the bedroom.
5. On the floor – made sure it is animal, child and broom safe.

Piyao for car – for protection and good luck.

1. One Piyao is sufficient to place in the car.
2. Face Piyao toward the front of your car.
3. Piyao is best when firmly glue on.

After placement – please get your Piyao activated.

Piyao Preparation 2010

For all Piyao – Please place the Piyao under the running pipe water for about 30 seconds – dry with tissue and place in the South West facing North East.

For those who had wealth water – after placing Piyao under running pipe water – pour some wealth water over the Piyao, dry with tissue and place in the South West facing North East.

For those who had wealth cure – place one with Piyao.

There is no time or date restriction for Piyao placement form now to the end of February 2010,After February one need to choose an auspicious date for placement inorder to have more benefits.

Master Atan
February 22, 2010

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