FREE Tai Sui Protection & Support Prayers By Master Atan For 2018

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I am writing this from my iphone as my laptop is under repair, and therefore, I apologize if this font doesn’t turn out very well. 😊

As in previous years, now that the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, Master atan is offering free Tai Sui prayers and everyone is very welcome to be included in that prayer.

If you are interested, please submit your names or nicknames and country, either in the comment box at the bottom, or directly at Master atan’s forum at the link below :-

Dhealing Forum

I have copied his message from Dhealing Forum here for your reference.

Have a great weekend! ❤️

With best wishes,

choesf 😀

# 1 ~~~ Prayer to Tai Sui – 2018.

All members and their loved ones are encouraged to list their names in the 2018 Prayer Room for Tai Sui Prayer.

This prayer is very important as I had activated it to be …..

1. You and your family will have the protection and support from Tai Sui in many areas of your life – especially wealth and health.

2. When you are moving outside or away from your home or traveling – you will also have His best protection and support.

3. If you had unknowingly offended Tai Sui – you will be Protected.

For the past few years, we had placed SCC and Trinity 3coins in the in our home , and Piyao to appease Him – these sectors were very clean when Tai Sui came and stay in our home – Tai Sui was very happy in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 and I hope the same in 2018.

With more than 60,000 requests to Pray to Tai Sui in 2011and 2012 and 2013 and 2014,2015,2016and 2017 – please don’t miss out this Effective Prayer, it is free — anyone can join.

Go to this Link…..

Tai Sui Prayer Request – 2018

Tai Sui Prayer – Name List – 2018

Master atan.


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A Special, “Out Of This World” FREE Technique For Relieving Chronic Pains



Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Happy New Year 2018! 

This article is dedicated to those of you out there that suffer from chronic pains, or you are in some pain and you want quick relief. 

However,  I must warn you that you must have an open mind to read further about this pain relief technique. 

There is an 80% chance of success among those that have tried it. If it doesn’t work, it means that you have a deeper medical condition that requires further medical consultation. 

It has worked very well for me and I use it whenever I have a headache, a muscle or ligament sprain, gum pains…basically, any pain related matters. It is better than taking pain medication. 

This pain relief protocol was introduced to the world on 06 November, 2017,  and people who have found it effective are encouraged to inform others who suffers from chronic pain. It is meant to reduce pain suffering for everyone. 

Some feedback :-

“wow cant believe this actually worked ! 
I have had plantar fasciitis on my foot for 2 years and chronic back pain for weeks that are now gone!!!”


“…I felt something started to work on my left arm which induced my backaches for decades. I felt cool on my arms and the pain was relieved little by little. Really awesome !!”


“Ohh my god! I mentally quoted 3x and moved the column from side to side to test.
I felt the pain of the slipped disc and then a shiver down the spine until the hair and pain was relieved. I’m a little shocked! no words at the moment. I do not know if I’m totally cured of slipped disc, but I guarantee that eased the pain”


“Sorry, my English is horrible, so I used the google translator. I have pain in the joints of the fingers of the hands, I performed the technique yesterday and today, when I closed my eyes I had the sensation of receiving a scanner of lights, green, yellow, red, very strange. The pain has subsided, I’m back on the weekend.


“definitely works but pain came back after a while although not as intense as it used to be. Had to do it several times. But I feel great now. Thanks a lot. Sending much love.”


“Success! I repeated the code as instructed. I did it when I went to sleep Monday night. I have had a chronic inflammation in my throat for over 10 years and nothing has cured it. I am an acupuncturist and have to cough and clear my throat constantly to alleviate the pain. This disrupts the silence I like while working on a patient.

I felt subtle shifts happen after repeating the code. The next day there was no pain. I went through the entire clinic day without coughing. The relief is enormous! I wanted to wait until another day went by before I really got my hopes up. Today, I am still experiencing relief. We will see how it goes.”


The Pain Relief Protocol :-

command-pb-stardust mangga

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Free Christmas Trinity Prayer By Master atan 2017

Christmas Trinity Prayers 2017

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

As in previous years, Master atan is now providing a FREE Christmas Trinity Prayer. The blessings and energies from this prayer are very good for healing, love and relationships. 

Everyone here is most welcome join, and you can do so by submitting your names (username or nicknames will do) and country in the comment box below, or directly at Dhealing Forum HERE.

I have copied Master atan’s Christmas message below for your reference.

I  wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season! 

With love, light and peace,

choesf 😀 

Christmas Trinity Prayer for 2017

Dhealing is organizing a Christmas Trinity Prayer for Christmas 2017 .

The Blessings of this unique Trinity Prayer are very good for healing, love and relationship.

This is a Free Prayer – anyone can join. :yp:

Those who wish to Donate – Donations are most welcome. :vh:

Master atan will be performing the Christmas Trinity Prayer on the 24th and 25th of December 2017. Master atan’s Prayers are very popular, for many had sought his help. In 2016, he had done more than 30,000 Prayer requests.

Dhealing – Christmas Trinity Prayer for 2017 – Name List

Good Luck. :vh:

master atan – Johor – Ulu Tiram


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Health Tips From My New TCM Doctor —> Of Sun, Exercise, Iced Drinks, The Mind, Smokers, Sleeping On The Floor

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I thought the health advice given by my new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor recently was fascinating enough to share with you. Lol!

I was introduced to a new TCM doctor, who specialises in applying acupressure as treatment for one’s health ailments and/or sprains/injuries. I like him – he was a very positive person and he gave me a lot of health tips as he was applying acupressure on the meridian points of my body to heal me of my chronic sinus problem and to balance my health. 

Listed below are what he taught me, from his school of TCM  💡 –


He said that we must get some sunlight daily – around 30 minutes of exposure to the sun is very beneficial to our health. However, the best time to go under the sun is from 12 noon to 4pm.

He was right – for the past few months, I have not been getting under the sun as much as I used to with doing gardening…and my sinusitis got worse.   I was indoors being a “Puteri Lilin”…hahaha!

Candle princess’ (Malay: Puteri Lilin): Someone who can’t stand being in the sun because she’d melt, just like a candle.

The dust generated during my house repairs and renovations also triggered allergies in me – I was sneezing like crazy even when I was cutting onions, when there was a difference in the environment temperature, like from an airconditioned room’s coolness to the normal hot tropical temperature, or vice versa.  

After I started getting my regular doses of sunlight again since Sunday, I am feeling much better now with my sinuses and nose is not as sensitive anymore and my sneezing has gone down by 90%. 



He said we must have some form of exercise daily. It can be walking up the stairs, instead of taking the lift, when going up a building. It can also brisk walk in the neighbourhood or in the park… Yoga… Zumba… 

However, there is a time frame to exercise, depending on a person’s health ailment that he or she wishes to address. In my husband’s case, he needs to exercise between 11am to 1pm – for his lungs. 

So, I told my husband to go walk up some stairs during that time frame in his office, but I am not sure if he will do that. Lol! 

Both the sunbathing and exercising will induce our body to sweat copiously, which is very important for our health, because sweating removes toxins by as much as 70% from our body. He said we can also reduce our cholesterol by exercising. 


iced drinks

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Recommending A Good Home Renovation & Repair Contractor To You


*Added on 06 October, 2017 – Please read my comment # 3 at the bottom for details of the repair and renovation works I had done in my house


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

For the past thirteen years of staying in our current house, we had gone through three contractors – the first one renovated the whole house before we moved in, while the other two were sought to address our roof leaks problem which began right after we moved in. All three contractors tried to fix the problem but none were successful.

I asked  my friends to recommend their contractors but they said theirs were not good and reliable, too. So, my family just closed a blind eye to the leaky roofs – we tolerated the leaks as they were over  the two bathrooms on the top floor of the house and the water ran into the shower areas. 

However,  recently my bedroom ceiling developed a leak and with this year being a really wet year so far, with rain on most days, my husband and I couldn’t have peace of mind every time it rained and we saw the water running down the wall.  

Sigh…I had to look around for a new contractor and I asked my friends to recommend me theirs, but unfortunately, they didn’t dare to recommend their contractors to me because they were not happy with their contractors’ work either. Their “after repair/renovation work service” were terrible. Some contractors even ran away with the deposit money that one of my friend put down for repairing her leaking roof. 

Finally, I persuaded my electrician to get one of his contractor friends to come to our house and and see if he could solve the 13-year old leaky roof problems that we have been sadly experiencing. 

Well, good news! He did!

He did such a good job of solving our roof leaks (there were 3 major areas on the roof) that we decided to give him more work to repair and renovate other areas in our house – the jobs took around two months. That was how much we had done to our house.

Today, he has commenced on the painting of our whole house and we are so happy to see the house finally being 100% in tip top condition again. 

So, in  line with my “Recommending A Good, Reliable Chinese Physician/Doctor” article in 2013, I am now recommending this good contractor to you. 

Please note that I am not being paid to promote his services, but I am sharing his contact here because I understand that it can be so difficult to get a good contractor. 

What I also like about his service is that he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and jump into the job, and he was around our house for almost the whole duration of the job requirements. He was only away to buy materials. 

For example, he was on our roof top, with his workers, over the few days it needed to assess the cause of our roof leaks and during the repair job. He took videos and photos to show us so that we knew what was exactly going on up there (since we couldn’t get onto the roof and know what is really happening.) The videos and photos showed what caused our roof leaks and what remedies were put into place to seal the leaks. How great was that? 

He has a background in plumbing and tiling, and so he was hands on for those jobs in our house. 

I have heard of contractors who would just dropped off their workers and materials and they were not around to supervise the job and their workers. Some of them were like Project Managers, probably managing a few houses at a time and running all over the place and hardly being on-site to properly manage the home repair or renovation job. 

Because the boss (our contractor) was around most of the time, the workers were more careful with their work because their boss checked on them frequently. This was very assuring to my husband and I  because there is quality assurance for work done. 

So, if you are looking for a good contractor, do give him a call. You can even say that Happyhomemaker88’s Blog recommended him, as I have asked for his permission to write about him in my blog here. Lol!

 His contact details are below.

Please note also that I will not be held responsible nor liable for the contract job between you and him, I am only sharing here a contractor’s details. What happens after you call him is just between you and him. You be the judge and see if he fits your requirements to hire him. 

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We, the consumers, are being squeezed!


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

When my children were still young, I often hear the other women shoppers at the “pasar” (wet markets) complaining that RM50 didn’t buy as many meats and vegetables compared to many years ago. We would lament together how little RM50 could buy us. I was fine with the gradual price increases then, as I understood it was because of inflation.

But I really hate it these days, when companies sneakily reduced the size of their products and sugar-coating that as a price reduction, or as promotional sales items. Heck, some even dared to retail sell the smaller products at the same prices as before!

My favourite dish detergent, which costs more than the usual ones in the supermarkets, but is less harsh on my hands, has a nett weight of 930ml, compared to 1 litre before. 

My favourite canned tuna is getting smaller and smaller, but is costing more and more.  I found my tube of favourite toothpaste is feeling lighter and thinner in my hand.

In those day, when they call a product “jumbo sized,” it was really jumbo sized. 

Many brands of eggs for sale now are touting their medium sized eggs as large sized, but selling them at large-size-eggs prices. So, when I need large eggs for my baking needs, I have to buy Jumbo Eggs or Extra Large Eggs. 

Even my favourite loaf of wholemeal bread sold now feels somewhat smaller and lighter, although the price remains the same. 

So, effectively, we are actually paying more for our consumables….sigh…

Sneaky! Sneaky! Sneaky! 

We, the consumers, are being taken advantage of and being squeezed by the companies who are trying to increase or maintain their profit margins, at our expense. 

But it is all a chain reaction. Increasing the nett prices of our consumables and foodstuff will result in us, the consumers, cutting back on the other non-essential spending, e.g. less caramel macchiatos at my favourite cafe, less going to the movies, less shopping for clothes, handbags, etc….because most people’s take home pay have not increased much over the years. 

The shopping malls may appear to be crowded, but most of them are merely window shoppers.

A friend who is a regional manager for some brands of mobile phones told me that sales have dropped a lot in the past year.

The contractor, who did some minor renovations for my house recently, said that the general business sentiment is quiet. 

To me, food and consumables make up a big chunk of my family’s monthly spending. If I have to spend more for the same amount that I buy for them, or get a lesser amount for the same price I pay for them, then I will just make do by buying less of those items, and/or by cutting back on the spending of the other non-essentials stuff. 

By doing that, I believe I have started the first domino dropping in the chain reaction that will affect the rest in the economy – i.e. companies in general will experience lower demand, lower sales, lower profits – just because we, as the consumers, were squeezed in the first place for our consumables! Lol!

Take care and be well! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 



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Happy Father’s Day – 18 June 2017!

Happy Father's Day

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

May you have a wonderful and happy time today – celebrating Father’s Day as a dad, with your dad, and with your family! 

As I was adopted, I never knew my biological father, but my foster dad loved a lot as if I were his own flesh and blood. He doted on me as I was his only child, having adopted me  as an infant when he was 62 years old, when my foster mom was unable to have children after trying for 15 years. Sadly, my dad passed away 22 years years ago and I missed him a lot today, on Father’s Day. 

My husband’s dad passed away when he was only 17 years old, and I was sad today that he never really got to do stuff with his dad when he grew into an adult. 

But my husband got cherished today as a dad on Father’s Day by our four children, who have so quickly grown up into wonderful adults – the youngest is already 22 years old! Lol! They brought us out for brunch this morning at a French restaurant and we had a great time trying out French food together! My husband was beaming with joy  the whole day – he had a great time and good food.  

Take care and may all of you have a great Father’s Day, too! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 







French Toast

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