My Story

Dear friends, 😀

Ah, now I will take you back to the beginning just when I became a full time housewife. It was not by choice but out of sheer necessity, and after much discussion with my husband, and weighing the pros and cons of me quitting my job.  The main reason that pushed us into taking this great step was because we just could not find any good, reliable maids to hire, and with 4 young kids growing up demanding lots of attention, it was time that I, myself, enter the “battlefield and take command”, instead of just delegating it so some  inefficient sortie! LOL! This happened in the year 2000, the turning of the new millenium for the world……. but for me, it was a drastic change of my lifestyle!

Hahaha! Now, I can look back and laugh at my wild, and ridiculous antics when I first picked up the mop after I quit my work. Mind you, I have degrees from the USA in Management of Financial Institutions and in Psychology, and have vast experience dealing with my bosses, staff and clients…….but nothing prepared nor did anybody told me that it takes soooooo much energy and perseverance  just to be  a successful and happy homemaker!! I had thought it would be very easy, just switching hats! Moreover, I was so  used to having two maids to help me previously  (one as a nanny, and one as a housekeeper), that starting my life as a homemaker was a very torturous journey for me  indeed!! LOL! 

But then this will be another story for me to tell in one of my posts later. Now, I will tell you the stories of my maids for whom I have given them nicknames as follows :-

The High-Ranking Policeman’s Wife

After our 2 maids’ contracts were up, we had to look for new maids to replace them, and we thought that since the children have grown up a bit, we can do with just one maid. But, even in trying to find one maid only, we had many headaches over each of them, a sheer test of our patience indeed!

When we were at the maid’s agency to select a maid which we desperately needed because the Chinese New Year was just around the corner and I needed help to get the house ready for the festival, we were told that there was only one maid available.  The agent told us that this maid used to be the wife of a high-ranking police official in Indonesia, but he was killed and now she has no money and has to be a maid to earn some. She looked exactly like those Indonesian “tais tais” or “ladies of leisure” and I asked her if she really was willing to work hard as a maid. She said, “yes” and being the desperado that I was (Chinese New Year was just around the corner and I really needed help to get the house ready for the festival), we had no choice but to hire her. Needless to say, things didn’t work out because she was sooooo slow in her chores and I really felt pity for her that she has to come down to this from her earlier cushy life, so much so that we just paid her one’s month’s wages and returned her to the agency after the Chinese New Year.

The Hungry Ghost Maid from Hell

After numerous attempts to get foreign maids, in the end we decided to go for a local Chinese maid since the local ones are more experienced and more professional. However, local maids  are known to be very demanding,  have strict conditions and cost 3 times the wages of a foreign maid. Wow, we thought we were so lucky to have found a very nice and amiable Chinese lady in her late 40’s who could speak English and we thought we finally found a good maid! Yippee!!

Little did we know that we would hurriedly return her back to the agency after 1 week!! Why? Wow, she behaved just like a hungry ghost let loose from hell – for each meal, she would cook for herself half a chicken, a big plate of vegetables, a giant bowl of rice (the bowl is 8-inches in diameter and 4-inches deep!!)  and a giant bowl of soup!! Whereas with the same amount of food, she would served the 6 of us in my family each meal!! Also, she would pick all the choice meats like chicken breasts for herself, leaving the bony parts for us!  After one week, we couldn’t just take it and decided to let her go, although my husband and I have never asked her to eat lesser because we don’t believe in starving our maids, but this was way too much for us!

The Prostitute

Ah, this one was “the last straw that broke the camel’s back”, the one that made us face a tough decision in our  lives,  turning us from  a double income family to a single income family. I had a friend who had just started a maid agency and she would personally source her maids from overseas, and train them in her home before sending them off to work for her clients. So, I got her to choose a really honest and hardworking maid for me and I was very happy to get one that could cook our favourite foods, take great care of my kids and clean the house properly. After a year, I suddenly found in my itemised phone bill, many calls to a certain phone number and when I traced that number, it was a man who had talked to my maid!  I questioned the maid about him and she told me that this man promised to marry her later. My husband and I got very suspicious as to how she met this man and the extent of their relationship since there is talk of marriage. Immediately there and then, we returned the maid to her agency/my friend.

Upon reaching home from the agency,  we went through her things in her room with the intention of packing her stuff to send back to the  agency but what we found were so shocking! There were  lots of cash (we never gave her any cash, her wages was credited into her bank account), jewellery (she came with nothing), an appointment book listing names of men and their contact numbers along with some amount charged at the side. There was also a bag containing men’s slippers, a clothings, comb and toothbrush. There were men sleeping over at night in our house, whom we presumed would have left our house before we woke up in the morning!! On top of that we found many bottles of “feminine hygiene” wash and that told us what she was into!! OMG!! My husband and I almost fainted at the thought that she was using our house as a brothel during the day when we were both at work and all my four kids were in the morning session school!! That’s it! No more maids for us………

…….and that is how I became a full-time homemaker!  😀

Oops, look at the time………..I have to go now and prepare dinner for my family. Talk to you all later, okay? 😀

May you have a blessed day today!

choesf 😀 


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