Good morning – wake up your senses :D

Good morning to you! 😀

Sometimes, it may be difficult to get ourselves out of bed due to a number of reasons – insufficient sleep, exhaustion, poor quality of sleep, ill, or due to some funny reason. But after washing up and leaving your bedroom, you may still feel that you are out of sync with life and you will think that you need that cup of coffee or tea badly to really wake up! 😆

According to ancient Indian fengshui known as Vasthu Sastra, it is very good for us to wake up our senses and tuned them towards the elements as well once we woke up because then we are truly energised in spirit as well as physically. What are the senses and what are the elements? They are seeing/sight (sense/element), hearing/sound, smelling/smell, and touch/feeling. Let me describe to you what I try to do in the morning and perhaps, you may understand how the process works, okay?

1) After I had woken up and washed up, I would leave my bedroom – the first sense that I try to note with my thoughts/mind (well, when I am brushing my teeth and washing up, I don’t think and I am more of an automaton! 😆 ) is my surroundings – the neatness and cleanliness of my home is conducive to my eyesight, a joy to behold. (But of course if I knew there are some dirty dishes in the sink, I won’t want to look there!) Next, I will open all my windows and doors to let in the fresh air. At the window where I can see the sun coming up, I will greet the sun and welcome in the new day.

2) Once the fresh morning air comes into the home, I then activate my smell sense and breathe in the notedly good clean air. It is good at this point if you have some lovely incense like sandalwood (or your favourite ones) and light it, inhale the wonderful scent and ignite your senses! Of course, there is another short cut to this – you can use the smell of coffee percolating or tea or of eggs frying in the pan.

3) My house is near a forest reserve and there is often the sounds of birds singing. Now that would be my hearing focusing. Pay attention to the lovely sounds made and enjoy the sense of hearing them. Alternatively, I would play some of my favourite prayer chanting or hymms softly in the background. If you don’t have any of the above, you can play some soft music just to get you going.

4) the last one, touch, is more of a grounding exercise in Vasthu Sastra. Most of the times, our feet are in shoes, socks or slippers and rarely do we have our feet in direct contact with the floor or ground. If you have some grass or lawn in your compound, try this exercise – walk barefoot over the grass, feel it tickling the soles of your feet and after 5 minutes or so, you will feel very energised and stable – this is grounding yourself to Earth. This is the best option but I don’t have a lawn or grass, and I have to miss this step. I have tried walking barefoot on the floor at home, but the feeling is just not the same. Try it for yourself and see! Hmmmm……..I know, I will try this at the park nearby this evening, and try walking barefoot for 10 minutes, just to be with Mother Earth! 😀

I am a firm believer in feng shui which is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water, and fengshui is part of a philosophy and metaphysics that tries to understand the movement of energy or “chi” in our environment, and how we can tap on that energy to help us achieve some harmony and goals in our life. I had started by studying Vasthu Sastra 5 years ago before I learned a bit Chinese fengshui about 3 years ago. I will talk on fengshui later…….

Hope you can try some of the steps I have mentioned above………remember to “activate your senses” and you will be better prepared to perform for the rest of the day.

Peace and Joy to all,

choesf 😀


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  1. 1

    yen1908 said,

    Please include 3 glasses of water before you brush your teeth every morning! Hehehe! (I wonder how to add in the icon Smile here?)

    Good ideas about the music, open the windows and I like the walk on the grass! I tried that and the feeling was so good, a tinkling sensation!

    To have a good night sleep, dirty dishes have to be cleared before you sleep. This negative thought in your mind would not let you have a peaceful sleep. So clear your dirty dishes first!



  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Good that you found the barefoot walk on grass a good experience, yen! :Dl

    Oh, the smileys here have to be spelled out, like : l o l : for 😆 and you have to put 2 spaces in front and at the back of the intended smiley to accomodate the box it’s in. 😉 I will try if I can copy some of them here in another posting.

    Hahaha! The dirty dishes crept into the sink when I went to bed!! 😆 🙄 I was using that as an example and to make a joke. Sometimes, after I have already slathered my hands with good lotions, I won’t wash those few dishes leftover from having snacks in the middle of the night!! 😆

    Good night!

    choesf 😀


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