Give your best to your loved ones!

My dear friends,  

Two days ago, my good friend felt depressed and phoned me up to talk to me. You see, my friend is only 44 but she is a widow, with 3 children of ages 8, 18 and 21. She is a full time homemaker like me; and her family and mine would do things together like travelling, eating out, etc. After a long battle with a brain tumour, her husband had  passed away last year and she was left alone with no income and she has to take care of her 3 children all by herself. 

Many times she has thought about committing suicide but she couldn’t because she knows she has to be there to take care of her kids. Also, her husband had made her promised that she won’t do such a foolish thing when he is gone.  But fortunately, she has the spirit to go on with life  for she decided to open a little restaurant with her brother – she now has an income and she need not worry about feeding her children and providing a good education for them. 

Her restaurant business is now thriving and everyday, she sees many types of customers, many types of characters – some are kind, some are arrogant, some are fussy, etc.  One thing that stood out was that her customers that come in consists mostly of families – couples with children, eating out together. Whenever she sees the families eating together, she feels a great emptiness in her, a feeling left in her when her husband passed away for she can no longer be like those whole families having an outing together. She accepts her fate as such but there was something that she wanted to tell some of those families so much but she couldn’t, and it really breaks her heart…

 She sees some families who sit at the table, bickering among themselves, whilst there are some families who just sit at the table silently as if they are strangers, and she sees insensitivity and rudeness in some families.

She wishes so much  that she could go up and tell all these families to please, just forget their disagreements, their animosity, their selfishness……………that they should enjoy that outing fully with their loved ones and not take their loved ones for granted because if they suddenly lose any of their loved ones, be it husband, spouse or child, it will be too late for any regrets and guilt.  They should always be thankful that they have their loved ones all together but who knows, death can just take one of them away anytime.  😥 

I felt very sad when my friend told me about this. Many times in those self-help books and articles, we are advised to love and show kindness to our loved ones as if today is the last day that we will ever see them, and therefore, we should not  just take our loved ones for granted and that they will always be there for us. But ever since I saw my friend grieving for her husband when he passed away and what she now misses doing with him and what she is going through these days, I try to give all that I could to my loved ones….I try not to speak harshly  but with kindness and love instead,  I try to make the extra effort and go the extra mile to be a good wife and mother, instead of being lazy…………..for we will never know…..that today may just be the last day that we will see our husband, our wife, or any of our children……

Conversely, if anything were to happen to us, we can leave this world with peace in our heart if we know we have done our very best for our family…. My husband’s friend, aged 45, was exercising in the gym when he had a heart attack and died on the spot. He has never had any heart problems, was very fit and had a healthy diet, and yet he just passed away suddenly, leaving a young wife and a 8-month old baby boy, who has just learned and uttered his first word…..”Papa.”

Much love, peace and harmony,



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  1. 1

    Olya said,

    Hello darling girls! i tried to login but couldn’t… Don’t know which user name am I supposed to use…..password incorrect….

    I loved Terese’s idea! I am positive it would have excellent feed back!Your friend is very brave,Choesf, and strong too!
    Many times I repeated:God puts us always where we should be and testing us with challenges He knows we could overcome successfully, becoming stronger through the struggle, for future life, be it good or bad….
    Hugs to both….Olya


  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    My dear Olya, 😀

    You have certainly made my day today with your presence here……arrghh….I was very busy today meeting with the Inland Revenue department and after dinner, I am able to have some time on the comp now! 😉 Oh, the Login is for me to access my blog, visitors here need not log in as I have specified that my blog can be accessed by all, and not just only registered members. You can just click on the categories or archives to read any of my posts, okay? 😀

    Thank you for your much comforting words….I agree wholesomely with you….God put us where we are in whatever situation to learn from life itself. I will be sure to pass your words to my friend when I see her, which is likely to be sometime next week. 😉

    Hope you enjoy coming in to my virtual home as well, Olya! 😆

    Take care and many hugs and kisses back to you,

    choesf 😀


  3. 3

    Robin Olanrewaju said,

    Just an additional note, the idea about the different notes and memory verses can be apart of (i.e placed around) the menu! Be Blessed


  4. 4

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Welcome, Robin, 😀

    Now that is a very good suggestion as well – I will pass it on to my friend. Thank you! 😀

    Much peace and joy to you,

    choesf 😀


  5. 5

    clinical depression

    Sometimes, you will get overwhelmed by the colossal supply of depression info available.


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