Easy Energising Ways for Your Body

Good morning, 😀

Yesterday, yen was very nice to recommend another very good way to energise ourselves in the morning ===> right after we have just got out of bed and before brushing our teeth, drink 3 glasses of water (at one go).

Our body has no intake of water while we sleep for hours and when we do this we are helping to rehydrate the body. When I was young, my mother used to teach me this method which I never followed until lately when yen advised me of this. This method helps to keep our body “cool” and can help to prevent illnesses like sorethroats, flu and fever due to “heatiness.” In addition, this helps to meet your daily required water intake of at least 1.5 litres. 😉

While I was walking my dog this morning near the park just before 7am, I knew I forgot to tell you another way to jump start your morning. At this time of the day when the air is so crisp and fresh, I will do this lung cleansing breathing :-

1) through your nostrils, slowly breath out, then slowly breathe in.

2) now, slowly exhale through your mouth until you can’t anymore……….but don’t stop here, because there is more stale air in your lungs left in the lungs which we don’t usually exchange when we do our normal breathing.

Now you force your diaphragm to push out the innermost air from your lungs by panting, “hah……hah…..hah….” until you know there is almost no air in your lungs. You will be amazed how far you can go at this “hah” part! 🙄 At this point, you can feel your stomach and abdomen flattening inwards. 😀

3) now through your nose, slowly breathe in the fresh, clean air into your oxygen starved lungs…………

4) fill up your lungs and hold your breath for 5 seconds, counting slowly 1….2….3……4…..5. At this stage, the oxygen is being circulated through your lungs and to all the cells in your body! How invigorating indeed! For me, I can actually feel my whole body coming alive and my brain is much more clear, not as fuzzy as before.

5) exhale through your mouth again until you can’t and then you go again with “hah…..hah……hah….” to squeeze out all the air from your lungs. Repeat Step 4.

Do this for as many times as you like. Other than cleaning almost all the air in your lungs, there is another good benefit of this breathing exercise ===> did you notice that your stomach/abdomen seems to be tighter and flatter?

Well, when you are exhaling all the air out from your lungs, both the lungs are being deflated, thus resulting the diaphragm right below the lungs to go up. When the diaphragm goes up, it creates a space in our abdomen cavity and our internal organs will fall into place to move into that space. How wonderful! 😀

Try these 2 energising ways and see for yourselves! 😉

To good health,

choesf 😀


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  1. 1

    yen1908 said,

    Hi choesf

    What you have demostrated is Deep Breathing using the lungs instead of our usual nose. Though I have tried doing this but somehow I still unable to get it right. Perhaps placing our hands on the abdomen or stomach may help? Do it lying down is better or standing up?

    Do share your views! thanks


  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi, yen! 😀

    My apologies 😳 in point 3, I forgot to specify that after emptying our lungs we use our nose to inhale. We exhale through our mouth and inhale through our nose. It helps if you think you are trying to empty your lungs completely by panting out…like “hah, hah”. It takes a few tries to get it right.

    Best wishes and joy,

    choesf 😀


  3. 3

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Good evening, yen 😀

    Ah, this morning I was in a hurry and had quickly replied to you first before rushing to see the people in the Income Tax Dept. At last now I have some time to use the PC.

    Regarding the Lungs Cleansing, I find that it is easier to do it while standing up. Once in demonstrating this to a friend, I was sitting down and it worked as well, but personally I prefer to stand up, with my arms at my sides. Just relax your body a bit. You can try a few stances and see which one you prefer. Hmmm….maybe I have to join Skype and teach this to you step by step… 😆 😀

    Hope you manage to get this right because it is feels really good after this exercise. 😉

    Good night and sweet dreams!

    choesf 😀


  4. 4

    yen1908 said,

    Hi choesf

    I have tried many times but not sure whether I have done it correctly.

    When I breathe in, my stomach will expand slightly and when I breathe out, it will contract? Is that how?

    take care


  5. 5

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Yes! This is what they call “breathing from the tanden point or belly”. You got it right, yen! Usually, we breathe shallowly and only the lungs are affected, but when we breathe deeply like during meditation also, then the abdomen movement will be involved as well. Good job, yen!

    Have a nice weekend ahead!

    Much peace, harmony and joy,

    choesf 😀


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