Feng Shui Magic?

Good morning, dear friends 😀

Ah, this morning, the weather is much cooler than last week, which was extremely hot and humid. So, despite it being a Monday (cos I’m the type that gets the Monday blues :roll:), I am quite relxed and happy to start off this week, and I am having a cup of hot cereal drinks and Jacob’s crackers for breakfast and reading some stuff on the comp.

Then I remember an incident that happened to me, which I could only attribute it to feng shui magic, and not to mere coincidences. Why? Because really the effects of correct feng shui placements and practices are usually felt when we feel good with certain things, or when things just seem to fall into place, when good things happen just like that, or bad things that could turn out in the best of ways…….and the list goes on….  As long as we have faith in our feng shui placements, be patient and give them time to work…..feng shui is bound to improve the quality of our life.  😉

Here is my story which happened early last year and which I had posted at the Dhealing Feng Shui forum  :-

Hi, all. I have a strange yet funny experience to tell members here. I can’t think of any reason why it turned out this way except that it must be due to fengshui. I have always believed that good fengshui placements actually help us to negotiate the ups and downs of our life as smoothly as possible.

A few months back, I had parked my car in legal spot at a parking lot, paid the parking fee,  and then gone into a building right next to it to pay my electricity bill. Having finished the transaction in 10 minutes, I left the building and went to my car only to find it blocked behind illegally by another car, whose inconsiderate driver was nowhere to be seen. The driver has just dumped the car there! 😯 

I couldn’t drive out of my parking space, and I needed to go elsewhere urgently to pay my other utility bills.  I sounded my horn just to inform the said driver that I needed to drive out and waited for someone to come out. After having waited for 5 minutes, still the driver didn’t appear. 

Now, this is sheer  inconsideration and rudeness of that driver…..  I was starting to get angry  because it was hot and I’m stuck there. I had no choice but to keep blaring my car horn for another 3 minutes and everybody was staring at me by this time. Shocked

Finally, a  lady turned up and I told her off, saying the she’s such an inconsiderate person blocking me like that. She could have easily parked at a multistorey carpark located 2 minutes away, but she was too lazy to even bother, I guess! 🙄

She didn’t even apologise for her behaviour, didn’t even look at me but instead, she just removed her car away from mine but went to block another car instead instead and parked there. 🙄  I shook my head in utter disbelief at her terrible attitude and I quickly left the place.

Because of this bad experience, I decided to go home to have my lunch instead and  2 hours later , went to a bank further away to pay my mortgage loan. This bank  was situated in a tall office building with a multi storey carpark but I managed to find a spot right in front of the building lobby on the ground floor.

After paying my loan on the 3rd floor, I was waiting for a lift to go down when suddenly, I noticed that the inconsiderate  woman driver that had blocked my car earlier had also gone into the same office as me and was right there in the same lift lobby as me!! Waiting for a lift to go down. What a coincidence!  😯
By now, I wasn’t angry with her anymore but I decided to stand very near her. She recognised me and she was looking quite embarassed and was fidgeting around in her handbag. We took the lift down and all this while, I was purposely standing behind her and sort of “breathing down her neck.” 😉  😆
I know, it’s very un-Buddhist of me but this was like an opportunity to remind  her that if she had not done anything wrong, then she has nothing to be guilty or scared of. 😆 I thought that it was my  sheer good luck that I bumped into this woman and that opportunity had presented itself to me. 🙄 

Anyway, after coming out from the lift, I had to go to one of the many Autopay machines located in the building to pay my parking ticket and guess what? Again, I found myself lining up just right behind this woman at the same machine. Wow, this is the second time that I had bumped into her – another coincidence indeed! I could feel her discomfort and she probably thought I was stalking her! She quickly paid her ticket and walked off.After I had paid for my parking ticket, I went to my car. Guess what??

Hehe, this woman’s car was parked right next to mine and she was taking something from the back seat of her car!!  She stood up, saw me, and went pale! I just gave her a stare (just to scare her a little bit more :oops:) before getting into my car and drove off.

I told my family about bumping into this inconsiderate woman so many times and what are the chances of seeing her another 3 times at a different place and different time. 😯 My husband said this woman probably learned the lesson of her life and will never block another person’s car in the future!!  😆

Now, was that due to  sheer coincidence? Or fengshui magic?  😉

Have a smooth and wonderful day today!

choesf 😀


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