My Haunted Bungalow


Dear friends, 😀

Right now we are experiencing a very heavy thunderstorm with lots of thunder and lightning, with our electricity flickering now and then as our electrical switchbox tries to cope with the power surges caused by lightning.  Having heavy thunderstorms like these brings down the temperature a lot and the air is very cool and the rain is very loud. If I were to drive out now, I will have difficulty because my visibility is drastically reduced by the heavy rain.

As  the weather was so terribly hot and humid the whole day up until an hour ago, this thunderstorm has brought much relief to us and we are having a great time relaxing now.  Then it suddenly occurred to me that the setting of the thunder and rainfall is just perfect for me to tell you some ghostly experiences. I had intended to write on this subject earlier this morning when I read an article in the newspaper today about a haunted abandoned mansion located in Relau.

The mansion’s condition adds to the eerie atmosphere. It is covered wuth creeper plants with tree branches making their way up the old stone walls. The grounds of the single storey bungalow, believed to be 100 years old, are densely covered with lallang (very tall weeds) and bushes.  There is a pool right in the middle of the building and the roof of the building is missing.

This dilapidated mansion is sending chills down the spines of nearby residents, many who had experienced strange incidents there. On one occasion, a 19-year old man who likes to hang out at this mansion with his friends said that he had smelt “fish curry” while they were there at 7 pm.  At one time, his friend uttered some expletives and suddenly, he went tumbling down. They have heard rumours of a woman commiting suicide in the mansion’s pool.

A nun used to live there and she told one of the neighbous that there is “always something whispering” to her and she had seen many spirits and wandering ghosts at the mansion.  This nun passed away about three years ago, and her dying wish was to have some have some monks chant some prayers at the mansion to appease the spirits there. And so, a few days ago, 7 monks and 30 devotees turned up at the mansion to offer some prayers, and hence, fulfilling the request of the late nun.

I have had many experiences of my own with ghosts and spirits, and I will tell you more about them as and when I recall them later ….hehe, I have started a category here called, “Ghost Stories”, as I have many stories to tell. 😆

Here is my first ghost story :-

In 1996, my family and I had moved into an old single storey bungalow, which we had a contractor did some renovations to it turn it into a modern home. There were 4 large plants with leaves that looked similar to banana trees, except that the leaves opened up like a Chinese paper fan. I didn’t like those trees at all as the Chinese believe that ghosts and spirits like to reside in those type of trees. So, I told the contractor to uproot the trees and remove them.  It was very strange, his worker tried many times to chop the trees down but everytime he struck the trees with a machete, his arm was in great pain.  The contractor then suspected that there must be “something” there – so  he said a short prayer, chose 12 o’clock noon as the time to chop down the tree and got the task done finally. Noon time was believed to be the hottest sun and the time that ghosts and spirits are at their weakest.

The renovation of our house got delayed many times and there were always inexplicable problems that crop up. Finally, our new home was completed and a few days before we moved in, the contractor told us that he has seen many ghosts while working in our home – there was always this old man looking at him from the main door, and his workers said there were some spirits in the roof. Being Buddhists, we believe in different realms of beings and we were not afraid of ghosts or spirits as they should have their own worldly dimension to be in and they do not come into our human realm or dimension.

Before we moved in to this new home, we did some prayers and made some offerings to appease any spirits that were there and we requested that we co-existed in peace.  Things were fine when we were living there for a year when suddenly all my 4 children (whose ages were from 2 to 10 years only) got a severe case of food poisoning. After seeing a paedictrician and taking some prescribed medication, they all got better. The strange thing was the whole family and my maids ate the same home-cooked food but nothing happened to us.

One year later, at the same date, again my 4 children got severe food poisoning and this time my 7 year old daughter had to be admitted to the hospital, whilst the other 3 were just prescribed medication and they got better. Except for Natasha who was so sick for 2 days in the hospital. She couldn’t even keep a spoonful of water down…..she would vomit out a spoonful of liquid. I stayed at the hospital with her while my mother and my husband took care of the other 3 children at home.

By this time, I knew that ghosts or spirits were likely to be the cause of my children’s food poisoning as the timing was just too coincidental and the rest of the family was not sick. Only the children. The Chinese believe that spirits would “disturb” children. A few weeks after this latest bout of food poisoning, one night, around midnight, I came out of my bedroom and walked across the living room to get some water from my kitchen. As I was walking, suddenly I noticed from the corner of my eye  a man, who was wearing white, seated at my armchair and staring at me. By then, I was already very angry at the spirits for disturbing my children and I was in no mood to be afraid of them!!

Quickly, I turned my head back to glare at him but he vanished!  I told my husband about this and the next few days, we enquired around to look for help to exorcise the spirits and cleanse my home. We found a reputable man who was a psychic as well to help us.  I was told to buy a list of things (I have forgotten all of them by now) which included 6 types of different coloured beans, some kuih, some fruits, some cooked food, incense and candles. An evening was chosen and this man came with many of his followers to say some prayers and “negotiate” with the spirits to leave the house. I did the chanting of prayers together with them and by 10pm, we were done. I was told that the “negotiation” was successful and with the help of some of the followers there, I was to take out a tray of the offerings and the candles to a park nearby and leave the things there and then return back to my home without looking behind me. As I walked back, all the dogs  in my neighbourhood were howling anc crying very loudly and eerily that my hair stood up……but I just kept on walking and walking, never looking back even once.  When I reached home, the psychic man told me that I had got those spirits out of the house.  What a relief!!

But then, it was only for a further 3  years that we stayed at this house as many things had also happened later on (ah, I will leave the stories to tell you later when there are thunderstorms again :wink:) …. and in the end, we decided to just sell it and get out …… 😯


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  1. 1

    Hello, I am writing about my rain experience lately, so if you don’t mind, I am using the picture you’re using above.

    Anyway, … it was a very interesting ghost story. I wonder, do you really write the continuing story? I’m curious to know more.


    • 2

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Franco Lingua 😀

      Things weren’t really going well when we lived for 5 years in that bungalow and in the end, we just sold it, and rented a townhouse. Even there, we had some “experiences” – I think there is a little girl spirit there. I saw her once. Many times, when I was in the kitchen and cooking, the stove would just go out when there was no wind at all. My gas tank supplier/technician checked my stove and gas pipeline and couldn’t find anything wrong. However, I felt the spirits there were not malicious, just playful. We moved out after 5 years when we bought our present house. Heheh, even our movers told us our townhouse was haunted and they could feel them, even in a hot afternoon, in broad daylight!

      I believe in spirits existing in another realm and I’m not worried if they don’t disturb us. These days, I use Master atan’s Feng Shui and Spiritual techniques to counter negative energies and spirits and my home’s atmosphere is serene and peaceful….all my friends commented that they feel good in my house. 😆

      Do have a lovely weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  2. 3

    yalda omidi said,

    I like the rain I think the spirits of creatures that they still like it after the death of the material should stay in Alth kind spirits and good people bad people is bad spirit I have experienced a problem once when me Mhrbanm grandmother went to help with spirit spirit was good people after death and to know the kind of friends and come Aqvamshan It is interesting that more spirit Cloudy and rainy reveals to them are very delicate and fragile as the halo or silk, and soft white clouds are ………


    • 4

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear yalda omidi 😀

      I like the rain, too, as I find the sound of rain very soothing, and rain brings a cooler temperature to our hot weather here in Malaysia.

      Do have a lovely week!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  3. 5

    yalda omidi said,

    choesf’s I love the people of Malaysia Malaysia’m kind and lovely people and hospitality are the hope of later and bring my beautiful city Tehran Tehran too nice city with good weather, especially north of Tehran … Darband، Darakeh and Evin and Jamaran. loving you Yalda Iran – Tehran.


    • 6

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello again, dear yalda 😀

      Thank you for your lovely comments on Malaysias. We are from different races – Malay, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, Caucasians – living together and we can get all sorts of these cuisine easily all over the place. So, food is quite diverse here, too. My neighbours are Malays and Chinese and Indians..I am Chinese. We live in harmony here. 😀

      I’m glad to know you…I have not known anyone from Tehran before. Your country sounds beautiful from your description. 😀

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 7

    Amber said,

    What a beautiful picture! May I use it as reference for a painting? I enjoyed reading your stories very much. I’m very sensitive to spirits and the emotions of other people, as well as animals. Malaysia is on my list of places I want to visit. I’ve only seen pictures, but it seems like a most beautiful place!

    Best wishes,


    • 8

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Amber 😀

      Of course, you can use the picture. Hope you can visit Malaysia one day – it is a melting pot of many cultures and yummy food is easily found all over. 😀

      Do have a wonderful weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  5. 9

    Elias said,

    So those things are adamant hehhhh, but maybe they had contributed in the establishment of the house. I feel sorry for the new occupants. Did you tip them or maybe you were afraid you wouldn’t sell?


    • 10

      Heheh, nope..I didn’t tip them.. 😆 Anyway, from a Buddhist point of view, the experiences with spirits or ghosts were karmic. Sometimes, I drive by my former home (the bungalow) for a nostalgic look … the people who bought the house from us are still living there, 12 years later.

      I will post more supernatural tales as and when I remember them. 😆

      Ghost Stories

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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