Making Our Home Cosy


Good evening, dear friends 😀

A house or an apartment is a shell, a building really with compartments assigned into bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. But when we buy that house or apartment to live in, then it becomes our home. However, it is only when we put in our personal touches and love in decorating it that we turn it into our COSY home, making it our sanctuary, our refuge….

I remember reading somewhere that a way to measure how cosy our home feels to us is to take stock of how we feel when we are coming home, say about half a kilometre away from home – do we look forward to reaching home? We just can’t wait to reach home? Or ….. we just don’t really look forward to going home as we should?

How to make our home cosy? Everyone has got his or her own ideas in decorating a home but basically, there are just a few general guidelines to follow and you will have a cosy feel to your home. 😉

1) Make the first impression on the approach to your home warm and inviting

For example, when you are driving towards your home, how to you feel when you look at it? That should give you or your visitors a general “feel” of your home when viewed from afar. Does it look warm and inviting? This can be achieved by painting your house exterior a warm, gentle colour, by planting some small trees (I have 2 palm trees beside my car porch) and beautiful flowering plants, and some warm lighting at the car porch or garage.

For those staying in apartments or condominiums, you have limited space outside your main door but you can place some potted plants like yellow palms there, to give a warmer ambience there.

2) You should feel good when you enter your home

When we open our main door and step into our home, how do we feel? Do we feel comfortable and happy that we are home? What is your view from the door? It is absolutely important that the foyer should be warm and inviting to you – it should be uncluttered because clutter (like shoes left all over the place) will make you depressed if that is going to be the first thing that greet you at home! So, the view that greets you is very important…..this area should be lightly decorated and as spacious as possible, with an inviting feel to it. Warm colours and lighting play an important role here too. Personally, I like to have some potted plants and shrubs both inside and outside the doorway here as I love greenery.

There should not be any bad odours greeting you, e.g. smells from the shoes left in the open, something rotting in the house (like garbage that was not taken out earlier)….it would be good to have a bowl of potpourri with some nice fragrance at the foyer because the nice aroma can really uplift your mood when you enter your home. 😉

3) no clutter and obstruction

It is important that the pathways from the foyer to the rest of the house and in between rooms be unobstructed. The way we walk through our home is just like how energy will meander through our house. Make sure that the furniture is placed in such a way that there is a smooth flow around it – you don’t want a sofa to block your way from the kitchen to the dining table!

Clutter is the worst thing in terms of energy and how it affects us, because clutter really means stagnant, old chi or energy, and looking at clutter makes us moody and depressed because there is disorder there and we are procrastinating in clearing it. Best is to do decluttering now and then. Organize our stuff into beautiful baskets, boxes and cabinets, i.e. put those junk away from sight! 🙄

4) put our love and care into our home

A home best reflects the occupants in it, and to make our home cosy is really to put in all our love and personal efforts in decorating it, in taking care of it, and spending time together in it to make it warm and inviting. It is the human chi or energy that can also have an effect on the quality of chi or energy flowing in the house. A home is the most cosy when there is happiness there…..the brightest and warmest when it is full of of children’s giggles, adults’ laughter and all their joy! 😀 Put loving photos and favourite things to decorate around the living room.

5) A fireplace 😆

Hehe, this is my husband’s and my favourite thing to have in a living room to make it very cosy but it is too bad that we live in the tropics as it is just too ridiculously hot to have a fireplace! 😆 But personally, I think a fireplace will make a living room very cosy…especially in the cold months. Hmmm…nothing like roasting marshmallows at the fireplace in winter…. sigh…. 😆

6) Cook

I always feel that the smell of cooking wafting through our home is the most wonderful thing to consider as cosy. 😀 It doesn’t matter if you can’t really cook…..even the smell of eggs sizzling in a hot pan in the morning is such a wonderful aromatic experience. Many times, I can smell what my neighbours are cooking and the aromas can uplift my mood just like that. Imagine the smell of apple pie coming from your oven…..or the smell of coffee percolating in your kitchen. Yummy! But…be sure to throw open the windows to let in some fresh air later…………we don’t want any stale cooking odours in our home. It is good also to have some aromatherapy so that there will be a wonderful scent in your home.

7) Furnishings, Lighting, Colours

Layer your beds and sofas with sumptuous throws and layers of cushions. The simplest of lightings can change the ambience in a room…go for soft, warm lighting instead of fluorescent. Same thing applies for the colours of the rooms…go for colours that best suit the rooms or your liking……make sure that they are soft, pastel colours. But then, some people like stark, dark colours like red and black…..

To find out more on the colours that you may like to use for your rooms, read this ===>  Recommended Colours For Feng Shui At Home

8 ) Feng Shui

We can apply Feng Shui in our home to remove or soften negative chi or energies generated by “poison arrows” created internally and externally of the home environment, e.g. sharp corners of walls/buildings/t-junctions at roads/lamp posts, etc.  In Feng Shui, Poison Arrows or “Sha Chi” or “Killing Breath” destroy the chi or energy in their paths and can be detrimental to the residents. When the home Feng Shui is good and harmonized with the environment, the atmosphere of the home will improve and felt to be much comfortable….and not so “uneasy” as before.

Cheers to your cosy home! 😀


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