Some Cute & Interesting Kitchen Gadgets 1

Good morning from KL, dear friends 😀

Hmmmm….., how many of you are like me? Absolutely crazy over cute and amazing kitchen gadgets? Whenever I go to the shopping malls, I don’t head for the fashion boutiques but for the household or kitchen outlets. Lucky for me, I have a good friend who has the same craze like me and we would go “window” shopping together going ga-ga over the kitchen gadgets, crockery, utensils, pots and pans on display.  Or on those occasions that my husband is looking at his favourite electronic gadgets, he will know where to find me ===>  in the household department! 🙄 😆

I have found some kitchen gadgets on the Internet and have posted them here as I am sure you would find them interesting as well. 😆 Please note that I am not advertising for the suppliers of these gadgets nor am I paid in any way to mention them! 😀


Butter Wizard

Butter, at least in my house, is kept in the fridge. Whenever you want to use some, you generally take it out, give it a few seconds in the microwave, and it’s good to go. I never thought that was a lot of work, but the Butter Wizard aims to help me be a little lazier. It’s self described as a temperature controlled butter dish. Any stick of butter you put into the Wizard will be kept at the temperature of your choosing so that when you finally go to butter that toast, you’ll be all set.

No need to wait for the butter to thaw before spreading it onto our bread. Sometimes, the butter even gets too soft for my liking! 🙄 Whenever plugged in, the wizard will charge itself up for when there’s no outlet around, then it can provide about 2 hours of perfect butter for your enjoyment. I’m serious, that’s pretty much everything the Butter Wizard does. Oh, almost forgot, it’s dishwasher safe too. That’s always important.


Hands-Free Can Opener

From personal experience, I know that using a traditional can opener to open a can takes way to long, and those under the cabinet ones look ugly and are tricky to use sometimes. It’s also a task for someone who is a bit older; they just don’t have the strength in them to do it.

This gadget is supposedly a hands free can opener. All you have to do is secure the opener on the can, hold a button for a second, and then the opener will travel around the can giving a clean cut. That means no sharp edges when it comes off, and the lid will come right off, there’s no pulling it and having half the contents come out on you.


Electric Ice Cream Scooper

When you want ice cream at home, you want it instantaneously. Waiting for the ice cream to thaw, while only taking minutes, seems like hours. Or….the scoop gets too messy and it is difficult to get the ice cream out of it nicely. 🙄 You’re just impatient, but there is a solution, the Electric Ice Cream Scooper! All your troubles are gone, at least the ones relating to ice cream. . .

It’s like any other high quality scooper, it’s made of metal that will scoop thawed ice cream easily. The real beauty is the electric part, the scooper actually heats up to make scooping that much easier, you could scoop at a entire galloon in minutes.

The rest of the features are pretty standard and boring. It’s got a nonstick surface, which makes cleaning simple, and a drip guard to make sure you don’t get any ice cream on your hands or shirt.


Tea Bag Timer

Ah, this is the perfect gadget for me as I am a serious tea drinker! 😆 There is a method of steeping the tea bag in hot water so that we get the perfect strength of tea….but I have never followed it and would just leave my tea bag in my mug. 🙄

The tea bag timer does what you’d expect with a bit of panache. You attach the tea bag to an arm which is lowered into the boiling water, set a timer for the required length of time you would like the brew to stew and when the time is up the arm lifts the tea bag from the cup leaving a perfect brew. Voila! 🙂


Hot Diggity Dogger

Do you love eating Hot Dogs? If so you might be interested in the Hot Diggity Dogger, a toaster that has holes for the Hot Dogs’s wieners and buns! This is a fun and simple way of having a delicious Hot Dog at any time you wish. This toaster can make two Hot Dogs at the same time.

The Hot Diggity Dogger comes with an electronic time control, so you can adjust the heat to barbeque the Hot Dog’s wieners and the warm the buns in the way you like them best. The wiener basket can be easily removed to help cleaning, as does the crumb tray. The vertical toasting will give you a healthier Hot Dog, at least according to the company. 😀


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    cori said,

    The mushroom timer is toooo cute! Where can you purchase that?


    • 2

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there and welcome, dear Cori 😀

      I’m sorry I didn’t purchase any of these cute timers. 😳 I got the pictures off the shopping catalogs in the Internet. You may like to check them out. 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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