The Beautiful Art Of Procrastination


Ah, dear friends, you are wondering why I describe procrastination as being a beautiful art? 😆

What started me off thinking deeper about procrastination was just the simple fact that I have been procrastinating for a long time on a really, simple task, which got me thinking that procrastination is not as simple as it seems! 🙄

I have been putting off decluttering a small section of our family room on the top floor where our bedrooms are, where there are cupboards storing our bedsheets, towels, clean laundry pending ironing…….and because these cupboards are also accessed by my kids, being kids, they often mess up the whole place. Neatly folded towels would have slipped off and pushed hurriedly back in a haphazard manner by them, clean laundry would be turned upside down in their haste to get their own shirt for ironing, and so on…  

What was putting me off that simple task of merely putting order to the little “chaos” in those cupboards was the futility of it all – they will be back to a mess in a week’s time! 🙄 So, I took the easy way out – I started to ignore the “mess” that was staring at me and I became immune to the chaotic sight that greets me everytime I open those cupboards.

But then there is this little voice coming from the back of my head that refuses to go away and just keeps on telling (err…..I think nagging would be a better word there! Hahaha!) me to please, go and clean up that place – after all, clutter is no good for good feng shui, because clutter means chaotic chi, negative energies…blah, …….blah, ….blah. 🙄

So, one day, I really couldn’t stand that little voice bugging me anymore, I took a deep breath, opened those cupboards, took out the first item (actually, I started with the easiest chore to do – refolding those towels) and started my decluttering chore there.

As the minutes went by, I started to think, “hey, actually I am enjoying doing this.”  Really! Because there was joy and satisfaction in creating order out of chaos, seeing the untidy mess turned into neatness, and more of getting a decluttering chore out of the way (and in getting rid of that little naggy voice out of my head, too!) Actually, when we are decluttering, we are also removing the negative, stagnant chi……and in its place, new energies would come in and those energies were making me feel good. Sort of like “external” endorphins, if you like. 😆

While I was tidying up, I couldn’t help thinking how wily and conniving our mind can get in trying to get away with doing something, i.e. in procrastinating. Have  you ever procrastinated before in doing something, like finishing an assignment in school, getting the leaking faucet fixed, preparing your paper for tomorrow’s meeting, etc? The next time you try and postpone the inevitable (you are procrastinating), try and slow down a bit and observe how you feel and what is going through your mind. You would be amazed by all sorts of excuses or feelings that run through you when you procrastinate…..and that is why I call it “The Beautiful Art Of Procrastination!”  😉

We can use so many adjectives to apply to it – the mind is slippery as an eel, and therefore it is so easy to come up with many excuses in an instance just to not do that job –

1) I told myself that there was no point in decluttering, things would only get messy again in a short time

2) no, I have something better to do

3) no, I have something more important to do

4) no, I have nothing to do but I am just going to take a little rest now

5) I know I am supposed to declutter after that nap, but now I have to prepare dinner (but dinnertime is 6 hours away! 🙄 )

6) I will declutter after dinner because that job is easy, it’ll only take me 10 minutes. No problem!

7) …(after dinner), gosh, I am so tired from running around doing errands today, I will clean those darned cupboards tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I promise!

8 ) …(come the next morning), please refer to Step 1 above and go down the list again …

See what I mean? 8)


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  1. 1

    cina_fong said,

    I find it very therapeutic to de-clutter and I do that as and when I have a need to de-stressed and when I feel overwhelmed or depressed. It usually works better than taking medication or bingeing or drinking.. hehe…



    • 2

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there, dear Cina 😀

      Heheh, I agree with you 200% about decluttering whenever we are feeling down. It is good to clear up some old stuff, move some energies at home and let in fresh chi. That’s why I always like this time of the year when we declutter and clean our whole house for the Chinese New Year….then the air at home feels so fresh and crisp. 😉

      Heheh, I have a whole category dedicated to decluttering here –

      Decluttering For a Better Life

      Yesterday, I got an Indonesian lady to come help me do the CNY cleaning and decluttering – in previous years, I would do it on my own in stages. This year, getting old already and didn’t feel energetic enough to do that anymore. I only have my kitchen to clear and clean…and then I’m ready to Feng Shui my house and wait for CNY. 😆

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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