Declutter Your Home For Better Wealth, Career, Relationship, Health


Dear friends, πŸ˜€

Hehe, you must think that I talk a lot about decluttering and cleaning and cooking… πŸ™„ but when we look from the Feng Shui perspective, it is of utmost importance that we do a light decluttering occasionally, so that old, stagnant chi or energy can be removed and new, vibrant chi takes its place. Have you ever noticed how good you feel, both mentally and physically, after you have decluttered and cleaned up some sections of your home?

Here, I am going to explain a bit further on why we should never let clutter build up in our home because, in Feng Shui, that pile of clutter is going to have a negative impact on some aspects of your life! 😯

In the Life Aspirations Theory in Feng Shui, our home is divided into 8 sectors, with each sector signifying an important aspect of our life. For example, the Southeast sector means the WEALTH SECTOR for us. Now, if you have a lot of clutter in this part of your home, it is likely that you will face some problems with your wealth in terms of savings, expenses, money flowing out faster than it comes in, etc.

Below is a Life Aspirations Theory Chart, and some explanation on the various sectors of our home. When you understand how it works, I bet you will want to start decluttering those important sectors of your home! πŸ˜‰


The eight aspirations are correlated with a direction.The magnetic orientation of the main entrance (a compass reading) determines the placement of the life aspirations map. In the example of the chart above, the front door faces South. So, the area at the entrance is considered as the South sector of the home. Or when you take a compass reading by standing at your doorway, looking outwards and it shows that your entrance faces East, then that sector of your house is considered the East sector.

Meanings of Sectors in our Home
East ===> Health. Activating and keeping the area in the East sector clean and tidy bring good health to the residents. The East also stands for longevity and descendant’s luck.

West ===> Children & Family. If the west side energy is kept harmonious, clean and active, the family stays in good spirit and strength.

South ===> Fame. The fame recognition sector when energized (by having some activities there, like spending some time cleaning and decluttering there) would assist and benefit the reputation, recognition, popularity and fame of the occupants. If you desire more monetary wealth you need to activate the fame area to be noticed. If you want a promotion you first need your boss to notice you. Also, if you want to increase your business sales you need clients to notice your company.This is definitely a favourable sector to energize for politicians, actors, singers, writers, models, or people that benefit from popularity and recognition. So, be sure this area is not cluttered up and no stagnant chi builds up slowly.

North ===> Career, Business. The career sector when energized would assist and benefit in the positive and smooth flowing of your career, for steady and solid growth in career as well. Stagnant chi and clutter means your career is going nowhere.

SouthWest ===> Love, Relationship, Marriage. The marriage and relationship sector when energized would stimulate smooth and positive flow of energy favourable for relationship and marriage prospects. Thus, this corner would be appropriate for those wishing for positive relationship and improving relationship, especially those not married. For married couples, sometimes marriage can be stressful and need much compromise; the activation of this corner can help in circulation of more positive and harmonizing relationship energy, South West is also a very important area; as it is the place of the matriarch of the family. Take care that this area of the house is always kept free from clutter.

SouthEast ===> Wealth/Money. The wealth and prosperity sector when energized would assist and benefit in the positive achievement, and accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Make sure this area is not obstructed by clutter and there is free, easy flow of good chi here.

NorthEast ===> Knowledge, excellent examination results of you and your children, i.e. this sector represents educational growth. This area is also good for meditation and spiritual growth.

NorthWest ===> Networking, Mentors, Friends, Helpful People Sector.This sector helps to bring in helpful people, the Chinese call them “Noblemen”, mentors, friends, to help you progress in your life. So, if you are into sales, and you need to ensure that you have got good networking circles, be sure this area is kept clean and active.

A light decluttering can simply mean that you are moving things around just a bit, like taking that pile of books off the shelf, giving them a good dusting, and then putting them back onto the shelf – there, you have moved the energy or chi around there. Or when you pull out your sofa set from the walls, give that area a good vacuuming and then push your sofa set back – that is also considered as refreshing the chi or activating the chi there. Move things around. A fresh coat of paint will also refresh the chi.

Do you remember the feeling you had when you moved into your newly rented or purchased home? When your new home is all clean and tidy, with fresh coats of paints on the wall, when you got there? Remember how good and fresh and vibrant the place felt to you?

For the Chinese, the welcoming of the Chinese New Year doesn’t just mean heralding the lunar New Year date, but we also welcome the wonderful, new chi/energy of the lunar New Year. But before the new chi can come into our homes, we need to remove all the old chi first, and that is when a few weeks before the Chinese New Year, you will see all Chinese families engaged in a frenzy of cleaning every part (and I mean literally every part!) of the home – the walls, the floors, all the furniture, even our cars, car porches, all get a good cleaning and wiped with water (water is a cleansing medium, too)….and on the eve of Chinese New Year, our homes are spotless!

Earlier this year, we had some European friends who joined us in this cleaning ritual, all the way up to preparing a Chinese feast for our New Year’s Eve Reunion dinner, and they had a lot of fun welcoming the new energies of the lunar New Year.

Next year, Chinese New Year will fall on February 07, and a few weeks before that, I will be embarking on my grand house cleaning activities, and I will blog about it here. So, if there are some you who would like to join me in decluttering your whole house then, we will have some fun together. I can assure you although the job will be very tiring, you will go to bed happy and fresh each night. Like the new chi that you will be bringing into your home as you clean along, you will feel lighter, brighter, more cheery and full of energy. Best is now that you understand what the Life Aspirations Theory on the various sectors of your home is, you will know that good things are being welcomed into your life as you declutter your home. πŸ˜‰

Happy Decluttering! πŸ˜€


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  1. 1

    Thorne Williams said,

    My kua # is 1 born March 01,1954 male.
    The house I own has a front door facing SW and back door facing NE.
    I understand the SW is a bad direction for me.
    What feng shui cure can I use to reduce this?
    Thank you,
    Thorne Williams


  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hello there and welcome, dear Thomas πŸ˜€

    Usually, houses are not perfect in terms of feng shui but we can apply feng shui to mitigate some of these effects. There is a lot of infomration on some effective techniques at this Feng Shui forum known (where I am a Moderator also) to help you, but you need to register there to access the full information there –

    You can post your questions there…

    Have a nice weekend.

    With peace and harmony,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  3. 3

    […] this year, I have written here about how the various compass sectors in our homes are equated with certain aspects of our life. […]


  4. 4

    Jima Flores Dizon said,

    hi – my toilet door is facing my kitchen door.. pls advise


    • 5

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hello there, dear Jima πŸ˜€

      Usually, when we follow Master atan’s Feng Shui techniques, such issues like the toilet door facing the kitchen door are cured. Try reading the information at his forum here :-

      Dhealing Feng Shui Forum

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


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