You Will Know When Your House Feng Shui Is Good

Good afternoon, dear friends 😀

To many people that are new to Feng Shui, they will definitely wonder what is Feng Shui? How does it feel like? And yet, many people will not have the opportunity to find out what it is ……… unless they are experiencing some problems in life. That is when they will look into anything that will help them turn their life around and they will come to Feng Shui….in addition to prayers. Human nature is like that….

That was how I came to learn Feng Shui from Master atan from HERE , My husband was facing a downluck pillar in his destiny (Bazi), his career was in a rut, our expenses were more than income, and life was quite frustrating a few years ago.

With the little Feng Shui  I had learned from books and forums 4 years ago, I knew my house has some external poison arrows – my house is right next to a T-junction, there is a lamp post pointing at the front of my house,  there is a triangular roof pointing at my house, and at the back, there was a sharp angle of a condominium pointing at us).

Inside my house, there were toilets at the North sector (career is affected), in fact I have 2 toilets, a laundry and a sewage hole in the North sector!), toilet in the East (bad for health), and a toilet in the SW/W (bad for love and children). 🙄

So, there were many things wrong from the Feng Shui perspective…energies were being affected by the poison arrows, bad locations of toilets and my kitchen is located in the SE (SE means wealth, and kitchen means fire….so it is like the kitchen is burning away our wealth). I have tried many methods but nothing seemed to work and life was continuing to be difficult for us….up until 2006, things started to change when I followed Master atan’s unique Feng Shui Techniques.

Despite the negative Feng Shui factors, my family’s life turned around for the better.

Some of you may scoff at his techniques but if you have not being where I was and then see how things improved now my family, you will not know unless you experience it for yourself.

Master atan has helped many people selflessly for many  years, by way of feng shui and through his healings….I have personally met him earlier this year, when he was so gracious to ask me to bring my husband to see him when my husband was in a lot of pain from terrible pinched nerves and he couldn’t sleep for days….with the only option of going for surgery. Well, with Master atan’s help and prayers with the Bird Release Ceremony, my husband got better in just 2 weeks and he remains fine now…without any surgery.

Anyway, I am digressing from the subject title…..I was just too excited to get you all into practising Feng Shui with me, I guess. 😆

When a house has good feng shui, you will experience it in your life – somehow, the things that we do just fall into place naturally, like a piece of well-oiled clockwork…….with some windfall, rewards beyond our expectations…but most importantly, the house feels like HOME, comfortable and warm with good energies.

What happened to my second daughter yesterday can only be attributed to good Feng Shui. Here is the story which I had posted at the forum …

My second daughter has just finished her Form 5 exam and she now has 6 months of holiday before she starts her Form 6 education. Meanwhile, she wants to earn some pocket money immediately to save some money for her dream trip to Japan.

It seems that my family is already experiencing the benefits of Master atan’s Prayers. A cousin recommended her and her best friend a job with a famous resort that pays about RM5 an hour for part timers…and the take home pay is estimated about RM850 a month with no EPF nor Socso nor other fringe benefits.

So, this morning, I listed my daughter and her friend’s names in the Prayer Room 2008 for them to do well in the interview this afternoon and get the job.

Wow, my daughter just called me with some fantastic news – she and her friend not only got the job, they have a fantastic remuneration package along with that – RM1,500 as basic salary per month, plus RM500 in overtime pay, plus commission for quota met (they take phone calls for hotel room bookings and this will be a busy holiday period for this highly popular 5-star resort ), medical coverage, free medical exam, EPF and Socso!

They got more than they expected (for them who has no SPM certificate yet and still waiting for SPM results), and we are so happy for them. They certainly didn’t expect to be hired as employees with full salary and benefits, as they had thought they would be happy if they even got a job now in this economic situation.

Thank you for introducing the powerful Fire Ceremony to us here and if my daughter’s job marks the beginning of good things to come….I am already welcoming year 2009 now!

With love, peace and prosperity to all,





 HERE   is another of the many experiences I had which I attributed it to Feng Shui helping circumstances for me and my family. 😉

I hope the other members who signed up for this prayer will be getting some happy news soon, too! 😀

I wish you all a happy and smoothsailing year 2009!

choesf 😀


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  1. 1

    sweetrosie said,

    wonderful news for your daughter, her friend and your family! Well done!

    I would like to confirm your wise words re: Feng Shui but you do have to be diligent and observant, would you agree dear choesf? I know from the small amount of experience I have since taking your advice and the advice of Master Atan and the forum that it is an ongoing application of lessons learnt.

    I can certainly attest to the success of FS – and I think one of the first lessons I learnt from you my dear friend was the value of de-cluttering 🙂 This seemingly simple exercise was my introduction to the powerful effects of energy – “good” and “bad”. I am forever in your debt dear choesf and I urge all your readers to read your valuable posts so they can benefit too 🙂

    with love and hugs xx


  2. 2

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Thank you so much, my dear sweetrosie, for your good wishes and support here. 😉

    Yes, you are right, we have to be diligent and observant how the energies are “flowing” when we apply Feng Shui….but as long as the proper steps and instructions are followed, things should be okay. Master atan is available for help at his forum if anyone has some problems that may require his advice. 😉

    There is another special prayer coming up, this time it is for Christmas, with some instructions for a Christmas Eve Prayer from Master atan. I will be writing about it here shortly. 😉

    May you have lots of happiness, good health and luck in 2009! 😀

    With love and hugs,

    choesf 😀


  3. 3

    marie rose reyes said,

    i just want to ask, wats the meaning of burning our house in my dream? hope you can response soon.. tnx a lot!


  4. 4

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear marie 😀

    I’m sorry but I can’t interpret dreams. There are websites that are dedicated to interpreting dreams and you may like to try those?

    With peace and joy,

    choesf 😀


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