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Try “Ng Far Cha” or “5-Flower Tea” To Boost Your Immunity, Dispel Damp-Heatiness, Clear Heatiness

Ng Far Cha or 5 Flower Tea 001 (Small)Ng Far Cha or 5-Flower Tea


Ng Far Cha or 5 Flower Tea 002 (Small)A A glass of cold “5 Flower Tea”

(Read HERE for a Chinese  Prescription Formula to get the herbs to brew a tea specifically to boost body immunity against the A H1N1 Flu pandemic)


Hi there, dear friends 😀

I am always on the lookout on natural home remedies for good healh and last week, I overheard a few ladies talking about the Influenza A Type H1N1 and what they are doing from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective to boost body immunity.  I joined in their conversation and learned that they are brewing a type of tea using dried flowers, known as “Gold and Silver Flowers” (translated literally from Cantonese as “Kum Ngan Far.”)

So, I quickly went to my regular Chinese medical hall and told the boss there what I had learned from those ladies. He said according to  TCM, it is very easy to catch a flu, sore throat and fever when our body is experiencing heatiness (especially “fire” in Chinese terms). As long as we can balance our body’s yin (cold) and yang (hot) carefully at all times, we can lessen the chances of catching any flu because our body immunity is stronger.

Instead of using just the “Gold & Silver Flowers”, he recommended instead the “5-Flower Tea” or “Ng Far Cha” in Cantonese. In his prescription of this tea, it has Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers and 2 other types of Flowers (I forgot the names 😳 )  in addition to the Gold & Silver Flowers. This tea will work even better in dispelling body heatiness and dampness, and especially heatiness in the colon (which is caused by irregular bowel movements and toxins are absorbed into the body).

To brew this tea – I bought 2 packets (RM5 each) Ng Far Cha and boiled the herbs in large pot of water (about 6 to 7 litres) for 2 hours. Remove the flowers and add “red sugar” (Hoong Tong or Gula Merah) or brown sugar to taste. The red sugar has anti-inflammatory properties.

Store the tea in bottles and drink some everyday. They can be kept refrigerated up to 1 week.

Do get some Ng Far Cha and make this for your family to drink, especially now that we are experiencing the hot weather and with the H1N1 and Dengue Fever going around, it is best to keep our body “cool” internally.  This cooling tea are sold at “leong char” or “cooling herbal tea” stalls and shops in town and you can buy from there if you don’t have the time to brew it.   😉

With best wishes for good health,

choesf 😀





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