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Yummy, Soothing Soup To Remedy Insomnia, Restless or Lack of Sleep, Nightmares…& Body Heatiness

Tai Bak Choy Soup simmering in my Tanyu Claypot

My Large Bowl of Yummy, Hearty Tai Bak Choy Soup - Dried Oysters, White Tofu, Pork & Melt-in-the-mouth Bak Choy

Hi there, dear friends 😀

Wow, the weather in this part of the world is really hot and humid this year. Most people have their air-conditions on most of the time to deal with the heat.

This weather can cause our body to be heaty and we find it difficult to sleep well at night. Sometime, nightmares or really vivid dreams are experienced, resulting in us feeling more tired the morning after,  although we had slept sufficiently for many hours. My healer/massage lady friend said this is due to our “body’s internal heat” (she calls it internal fire) increasing too much and it is affecting our sleep. She taught me a cooling soup recipe which I have found to be very effective for this restless sleep and it is very delicious as well. Wink

Here is the recipe. I call it Tai Bak Choy soup (in Cantonese for literally “Big White Vegetable” – it is similar to Bok Choy). As I am typing this, I have a clay pot of it simmering on my stove for tonight’s dinner. I will take a picture of the soup and post it here shortly.

Tai Bak Choy soup for restless sleep with many dreams Laughing

Ingredients :-

1 kg Tai Bak Choy, washed and cut

100 gm Salted Fish Bones, washed and pan fried in oil (if not available, substitute with dried oysters)
0.5 kg Pork Ribs, washed
1 5-inch X 3-inch block of soft tofu, cut into large cubes
3 litres water


Put all ingredients into a soup pot and simmer for 4 hours. Or simmer longer in a slow cooker. Season to taste. Remember the salted fish is salty, so you may want to taste the soup first before adding salt to taste.

The salted fish bones are actually from large, whole salted ikan kurau and the meat has been fillet out to be sold, and the bones are left. If you can’t find the salted fish bones, you can use some salted fish meat or dried oysters instead.

Serve this soup with your normal meals like dinner. At one time, I even made this soup into a porridge for lunch – I boiled the soup without the rice for 3 1/2 hours and then only I add in the rice to make it into a porridge. Just as tasty! Very Happy

Hope this works for you as well in case you decide to try making this soup. My family usually sleep very well on those days when we have it. Right now, the soup’s mouth watering smells are wafting through my house…mmm, I can’t wait to have a large bowl of soup with lots of vegetables and tofu in an hour when it will be ready! Wink

Sweet Dreams! Laughing

With best wishes,

choesf 😀


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