My Home Remedies For Ailments Arising From Stomach Wind – Headaches, Bloatedness, Nausea, Pains

A hearty, yummy bowl of Chinese Herbal Lamb Soup to warm the stomach

Hello there, dear friends 😀

This year, my stomach is acting up quite often and I have to really watch my food intake and diet.   Some foods that seemed alright  previously somehow do not agree with my stomach this year…hmmm,  must be a sign of getting old for me! 😆

As usual, I would ask my lady healer friend for advice when I go to her for a healing massage. She said my stomach is prone to developing wind and the reason is due to the weather this year! Yes, she said the weather is the cause of my problem. 😆

I was very surprised that the weather can affect our health in such a manner, i.e. stomach ailments.  😯

My stomach is developing wind more frequently and I end up having nausea, indigestion, headaches and even migraines, bloatedness….all resulting from wind.

Even  my husband and my eldest daughter had wind-related problems. My husband had very bad neck, shoulder and upper left arm pains. He thought he had sprained those areas somehow or perhaps, it could be due to work stress. Seeing a doctor for treatments over a week didn’t relieve his pains at all. Finally, a visit to my lady healer friend revealed that my husband’s stomach was producing wind and it was a bad case of wind that resulted in his neck/shoulder/arm pains.

As for my eldest daughter, she  experienced mild nausea every day, especially towards the evening. Her doctor checked her health and couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She was prescribed some antibiotics, but that didn’t help with her nausea at all. Although her nausea was mild, it was a discomfort and a distraction. So, I brought her to my healer friend who said my daughter was suffering from stomach wind.

In both my husband and daughter’s cases, my healer friend recommended them to take the “5 Pagoda” brand (called “Ng Tarp San” in the Cantonese dialect)  of Chinese medicine that was a product of Thailand (see picture below). She said this is the most effective solution for stomach related problems like wind, nausea, indigestion, etc. I asked her about the “Po Chai” brand of pills and she said this Thai one is even better.

Top – Bak Foong Yuen for removing wind from body. Bottom – 5 Pagoda Powder for Removing Wind from stomach

Both my husband and daughter took just one dose of the 5-Pagoda Powder in the morning, before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and they did this for one week. Wow, they recovered from their pains and nausea respectively by the end of the week! 😀

For me, I have been taking this powder when I feel I am burping a lot or my stomach starts to feel like a balloon. Although the 5-Pagoda Powder doesn’t taste good as in any Chinese herbal powder, I really love the strong minty and cool taste it has. My stomach feels immediately soothed after I take the powder.

After taking the 5-Pagoda Powder for a week, my healer friend told me to make a hearty Chinese Herbal Lamb Soup (picture at the top) to warm back our stomach.  Below are the ingredients for that soup :-

Chinese Herbs For Lamb Soup – carrots, 2 honey dates, red dates, Wai San, Yook, dried longans, Kei Jee, Pak Kei and Tong Sum

500 gms of Lamb Shanks and Ribs


1) Bring 2 litres water to a boil in a pot on the stove top.

2 Put in the Chinese herbs and lamb. Bring water to a boil. Skim off any scum that come to the surface.

3) Lower heat to small and simmer for 2 hours.

4) Season with some salt to taste and serve immediately.

In addition to warming up the stomach, this soup is also good to improve one’s energy, stamina and overall good health. 💡

I also bought a bottle of “Tiger Stork” brand ( “Fu Hock Yau” in the Cantonese dialect) of medicated oil which was recommended by my healer friend for applying on the stomach for relieving gastric or winds stomach pains. I had complained to her that my “Minyak Angin” and “Yu Yee Yau” didn’t help at all in removing wind. She said to just apply the “Tiger Stork” oil on the our middle back and then on our stomach areas. Then our stomach would be soothed. 💡

Tiger Stork Brand of Medicated Oil for treating  stomach ailments and wind

So, these are my home remedies for stomach ailments. Hope you can find them in your area as they brought a lot of relief to my family. The medicated oil and 5-Pagoda powder cost about RM5-00 or so and I bought them from some Chinese Medicing shops. in Kepong.

In my next post, I will share with you a wonderful Chinese medicated oil which is really good in treating cuts and burns and can stop bleeding almost instantaneously. 💡

With best wishes for good health,

choesf 😀


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  1. 1

    Audrey Fong said,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…my son & I have been having wind/gas in stomach the past week. Been taking meds from the pharmacy but not working so well. This is a life saver!


    • 2

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      You are most welcome, dear Audrey! 😀

      Hope these remedies work for you and your son, too. Aaarghh…..having wind in the stomach can be so uncomfortable, even painful at times for me, so I can empathise with you.

      Sometimes, I take Gaviscon liquid, too 💡 , if I have discomfort … but I find it only helps a little, but never does get rid of the stomach problems entirely. I find Gaviston is better than the antacid tablets for sucking like Gelusil or Maalox Plus.

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf 😀


  2. 3

    happyhomemaker88 said,

    Hi there and welcome, dear Veneta 😀

    Not sure about lemon slices in Chinese soups, but the black pepper would be good in this soup. 💡 Is Aloe good for stomach ailments, and how do I take it?

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead !

    With best wishes,

    choesf 😀


  3. 4

    Amanda said,

    Thank you so much for this. I have been burping non-stop and getting headaches. I think it must be due to winter and lack of warming foods. I’ll make the lamb soup and see if that helps.


    • 5

      happyhomemaker88 said,

      Hi there, dear Amanda 😀

      I hope you will get relief from your burping and headaches soon. Try taking apple cider vinegar with honey – I have found that helpful to relieve my stomach wind, too. I usually put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey into a glass of warm water and sip that whenever I find my stomach getting uncomfortable or bloated. 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 6

        Elena said,

        It is wonderful to “visit” your virtual home and learn. Hope to find things you mention here, in SG.
        Best wishes from your neighbor!


      • 7

        Hi there, dear Elena 😀

        It good to hear from my ‘neighbor’ – thank you for dropping by my virtual home! We will have some virtual cups of coffee or tea together! 😆

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  4. 8

    alia said,

    It is really pleasure to find home remedies like yours,please let me know how to buy these products from overseas,currently i am in abu dhabi.thanks


  5. 11

    Lyndia Badenoch said,

    Nausea is really quite bad and it can really ruin your day but first generation antihistamines can also be used as a remedy.*`”,*



  6. 13

    Fan said,

    Hi, I have been suffering severely from nausea, indigestion and bloating off-on for almost 5 months now. It’s so bad that I have to resort to eating porridge almost daily to avoid putting strain on my stomach. I have seen Western Dr and even Chinese Dr but nothing seemed to work so far 😦

    Does the “5 Pagoda” brand really works? You mentioned that your husband and daughter is taking one dosage every morning for one week and they are cured. Is this the recommended dosage for taking them by your Chinese Dr?

    Most importantly, how does it worked for you since I think I’m having all the same symptoms as you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • 14

      Hi there, dear Fan 😀

      I’m sorry to hear that you have those stomach ailments like I did. 😦

      Among all the health issues, I dread nausea the most as it is something that I can’t bear very well compared to withstanding pain.

      Yes, the “5 Pagoda” brand worked for my husband and my eldest daughter. There is another form of this powder, which is in a small glass bottle form and there is a little red spoon inside. Just take 1 spoon of the powder mixed in 1 tablespoon of very hot water. Drink just s small sip of water after that to wash the mouth.

      The problem with the 5 Pagoda powder is the taste – after taking it regularly for a while, I stopped taking it. Although it is very minty and really soothes the stomach, I got very sick with the taste as I now associate the taste with my stomach nausea and bloatedness. 😳

      Since then, I have tried other types of remedies for stomach ailments and have found the Jiaogulan Tea below to have healed my digestive system – my upper abdomen which used to be large due to bloatedness, is now very flat and doesn’t have the “hollow drum sound” when tapped on, I tested it by eating some foods that would trigger indigestion and bloatedness but I am alright already when I drank that tea after the meal….try it and see (the tea is good for many other things as well). One box of 40 tea bags cost between Rm6-50 to RM7-90 depending on the brand) 💡 ===>

      The other type of Chinese medicine that I have bought but didn’t try yet, but it healed my friend’s 70 year-old husband’s persistent stomach indigestion, acid reflux, bloatedness and wind was this brand of pills called ===>

      Min Shan Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan Concentrated Pills

      It was recommended by my Chinese Medicine Shop boss who has taken the pills for a few years. It is a reliable brand and the product is distributed by Hai-O Medicine Sdn Bhd and so, should be available at all Chinese Medicine Shops as well as at Hai-O outlets. My friend’s husband’s acid reflux and indigestion was so bad that sometimes, he vomited in the middle of the night. Now, his stomach is alright already and can eat any type of food.

      How to take the pills ===> the instructions on the box said to take 12 pills 3 times a day, but my friend just gave her husband 10 pills twice a day for 1 week.

      On the second week, she reduced to just once a day.

      On the third week, she reduced to just 5 pills taken once daily. Whenever he feel a light discomfort in his stomach happening, he would just take that 5 pills.

      So far, so good and one box of the pills costs only about RM9-80. Best is, it doesn’t taste awful as it is Chinese medicine in pill form and it is more convenient to take. You keep the medicine with you all the time in your bag, and take when necessary. 😉

      Sometimes, our stomach could become allergic to certain foods or our digestive system goes out of sync and are not as effective as it should.

      Another thing is have you check your gallbladder? It could be due to gallstones that cause bloatedness, nausea and indigestion, too. 💡

      Hope either of the methods above works for you, too!

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf 😀


  7. 15

    Sehar said,

    Hello i have to ask u a question about stomach issue reply if you get this message


  8. 17

    tony said,

    Just read from website 5-Pagoda powder, A few years ago, I saw the news on Taichung TV that a consignment of Five Pagoda Powder was confiscated by the Taiwanese Custom as it is banned in Taiwan. It was reported that the powder contains heavy metals and possibly other toxins that are harmful to health, particularly the kidneys. The Thais no longer taking it, do you still want to?


    • 18

      Hi there, dear tony 😀

      Wow, that is scary news indeed 😯 – thank you for sharing your information on the 5-Pagoda powder. In that case, we should refrain from taking the 5-Pagoda powder.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 19

        Anna Lee said,

        Dear choesf
        I am following your post on the 5pagoda and now read here that it contains heavy metals. I have taken it and now giving my 94yo dad because his abdomen is so bloated and nausea.
        Is this ok to consume?


      • 20

        Hi there, Anna 😀

        Yes, I read somewhere that there may be heavy metals but I am not sure how true is that. You can also try apple cider vinegar with honey for your dad – it is really good for nausea and stomach bloatedness, too.

        DE or Diatomaceous Earth is very good for removing heavy metals, and it has many other health benefits as well.

        Hope your dad gets well soon!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  9. 21

    konchy said,

    Hi there, Thanks for your informative post! Can I get the contact of your healer friend? Which area is she located in? Thanks!


    • 22

      Hi there, dear konchy 😀

      Unfortunately, my healer friend has passed away early this year 😦 She was located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

      It could be due to the weather conditions recently as I have a few friends who are now (for the past 2 weeks) suffering from stomach bloatedness and wind.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  10. 23

    Peter yong said,

    Hi Choesf,
    Read yr article. Find it very interesting..will take yr advice as i am now having some stomach bloatness problem. Each time it happens, i will take a western med to cure it. Although it works, i wld prefer to use natural ingredients instead of consuming western med.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 24

      Hi there, Peter 😀

      I have now found the perfect natural remedy for stomach bloatedness (I didn’t like the 5-Pagoda powder) – I take organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey – 1 tablespoon each in a cup of water and drink – either before a meal or after a meal.

      I no longer suffer from stomach bloatedness since then. I also avoided cold drinks as they tend to decrease the digestive function of my stomach.

      However, I will steal a sip of cold juice or two from my family members if I get such a craving. Lol!

      I also drink a bottle of Yakult Lite – that helps the digestive tract function a lot.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


    • 25

      P.S. I am also taking Bentong Dried Ginger Powder – half a teaspoon in a cup of warm water and with some honey – that sure works wonders with wind in stomach 👌


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