Submit Your Names Here For FREE Tai Sui Prayers From Master atan For Your Family’s Protection & Support 2012

Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

The new year has begun and on 23 January, 2012, we will be celebrating our lunar Chinese New Year.Β 

As in previous years, we will follow Master atan’s “Dhealing How To Feng Shui 2012” guidelines to Feng Shui our home for good energies and good luck all year round. πŸ’‘

The first step advised by him is to request for Tai Sui Prayers for your family.

Whether you are applying Feng Shui in your life or not, you are most welcome to submit your names here for FREE Tai Sui Prayers offered by Master atan.

You can ask for this free prayers also if you or anyone in your family is a Dog zodiac and will be offending Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter in 2012.

Below are Master atan’s Tai Sui Prayer message from his FORUM .

May you be blessed with Tai Sui Support and Protection for 2012!

With best wishes,

choesf :D:

Step 1 ~~~ Prayer to Tai Sui – 2012.

All members and their loved ones are encouraged to list their names in the 2011 Prayer Room for Tai Sui Prayer.

This prayer is very important as I had activated it to be …..

1. You and your family will have the protection and support from Tai Sui in many areas of your life – especially for wealth and health.

2. When you are moving outside or away from your home or traveling – you will also have His protection and support.

3. If you had unknowingly offended Tai Sui – you will be protected.

For the past few years, we had placed SCC and Trinity 3coins in the NW and North, and Piyao in the SE facing Him – these sectors were very clean when Tai Sui came and stay in our home – Tai Sui was very happy in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and I hope the same in 2012.

With more than 10,000 people praying to Tai Sui in 2011 – please don’t miss out this Prayer, it is FREE.

Master atan.

Tai Sui Prayer Room Name List 2012


130 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    P.S. If you prefer not to reveal your real names over the Internet, you can also submit your usernames, nicknames or initials for the Tai Sui Prayers. Also, do remember to state the country you are from!

    Happy New Year 2012!


  2. 5

    Raf said,

    Raf & Family- Spain


  3. 7

    Sandra said,

    Peh Ah Geok & Family – Singapore


  4. 9

    Angie Ng said,

    Angie Ng & family – Malaysia
    G S Ng & family – Malaysia
    Tai & family – Malaysia
    M L Ng & family – Malaysia


  5. 11

    Chien Yu Chou said,

    Chien Yu Chou & family – Netherlands


  6. 13

    jody lee said,

    Jody Lee Mei Ngee & family – Singapore

    thxs πŸ™‚


  7. 15

    Gigie said,

    Master, can you please includes this of your prayers:

    Gigi,Tak, Elena, Mrten,Roy, Ariel en Family

    Best wishes en a million thanks.



  8. 16

    Gigie said,

    Tak, Elena, Roy, Ariel- Philippines

    Mrten, gigie en family- Netherlands

    thanks you so much



  9. 18

    yuxuan said,

    Mo YX – Singapore


  10. 20

    Pat Chow said,

    Pat Chow and family – Malaysia

    Andrew Chow and family – Singapore

    Thanks a million


  11. 22

    sharon said,

    Sharon & family… Singapore


  12. 24

    Mary said,

    Mary … Singapore


  13. 26

    Hoon said,

    Master Atan
    Please include the following for the Tai Sui Prayers 2012
    Lai SK – Malaysia
    Teo Ch – Malaysia
    Lai XS – US/Malaysia
    Lai YQ – Malaysia
    Thank you


  14. 28

    Emily said,

    Hi kindly include following :

    Hubert Yong & family
    Emily Chin & family
    Madeline Ernest & family
    Edmund Chin & family
    Christina Hwang & family
    Chua Kay Chiang & family
    Peter Hwang & family
    William Hwang & family
    Doris Soo & family
    Susan Soh & family
    Irene Mckeddie & family
    Florence Maslen & family
    David Yong & family

    All above in Singapore, except last three are in Australia. Thank you


  15. 30

    aiwawa said,

    Teh Lin Chai and family


  16. 32

    Jusin said,

    Thank you for the blog . I wanna learnt about how to make char siu .thank you so much . Love you .


    • 33

      Hi there, dear Jusin πŸ˜€

      Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry, I don’t have a recipe for Char Siu as I am not very good at making Char Siu. 😳

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  17. 34

    Leey_family said,

    Please help include me & my family in your coming 2012 Tai Sui prayers for a healthy, smooth sailing year – Singapore


  18. 35

    Please submit below names for Tai Sui Prayers:-

    1. Wong Shuing Yew – Seremban
    2. Siow Ah Kim
    3. Wong Li Mei
    4. Wong Li Teng
    5. Wong Li Yen
    6. Wong Kah Liang

    Thank you & wish you a happy chinese new year!


  19. 36

    SP Peh said,

    hi.. pls add us to your Tai Sui prayer list for 2012.

    – SP Peh and family (Malaysia)
    – SL Peh and family (Malaysia)

    thanks a lot.


  20. 37

    Patricia O said,

    Please can you put my name in the list to get protection and health for 2012 to Tai Sui. Thank you very much. Patricia O. and family from Argentina.


  21. 38

    Hi there, dear Leey_family, Wong Shuing Yew, SP Peh and Patricia O πŸ˜€

    Your names are now included in the Tai Sui Prayers 2012 for support and protection :-
    (Nos. 441 to 450)

    With best wishes,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  22. 39

    Wendy said,

    Please add in my name plus family for TaiSui:

    Ng Sheue Ling, female, Singapore (1970)
    Peh Kim Hing Raymond, Male, Singapore (1966)
    Peh Min Tze Daryl, Male Singapore (2001)


  23. 41

    Melissa said,

    Hi can you please add me in for prayers Melissa and family singapore.


  24. 43

    SJL said,

    Hi can you add my name and family please? πŸ™‚

    SJL and family, Malaysia
    FY and family, Malaysia
    CYL and family, Malaysia
    AQ and family, Malaysia
    CTSW and family, Malaysia
    TYM and family, Malaysia
    CSB and family, Malaysia

    Thank you so much. May you be well and happy too. Cheers! πŸ™‚


  25. 45

    Olet said,

    Please include us in your prayers. We are all from the Philippines
    1. Lolita Bautista & Grimm Phoenix Bautista
    2. Rogelio & Rosario Doctor and Family
    3. Wyrlo Saavedra Reyes & Family


  26. 47

    MichelleW said,

    Please add
    KW Wong and Family – Kajang, Malaysia
    SK Mok and Family – Melbourne, Australia
    Andrew and Family- Melbourne, Australia
    Lili and Family – Melbourne, Australia


  27. 49

    KK Leong said,

    Please include us in your prayers.

    KK Leong and family – Malaysia

    Thank you.


  28. 51

    Marian said,

    Please include us in your prayers.
    MBP & family
    RPS & family

    both from the Philippines.

    Thank you πŸ™‚


  29. 53

    Sam said,

    Please, include us as well for all 3 prayers. Thank you so much in advance! ^_^

    Samantha & family – Germany


  30. 55

    Audrey said,

    If you could please also add:

    Ted & family – Philippines

    Thank you!


  31. 57

    shatina said,

    Please add my family and I

    shatina l and family- USA


  32. 59

    Please include us in the tai sui prayers;

    Pierre Regis Letier
    Eileen Anne Marie Letier
    Fabrice Ronnie Letier
    Vanessa Marie letier
    Anthony pellizzeri
    Josette Jacquette and family
    Lise Casimir
    Shirlaine Jacquette
    Jennifer Jacquette and family
    Harold Casimir
    Jacques Casimir and family
    Norbert casimir and family
    jacqueline Roussety and family
    Mariane letier
    Joice Lihing
    Claudette Koo and family
    Nadege ahkye and family
    Christine piekema and family
    Aniele fitzgerald and family
    Adoune Ahpew


  33. 62

    Ging Manuel said,

    Please include us in your prayers:
    Gerry, Nydia, Geny & Gerard – Philippines
    Sr, Teresa & community – Philippines
    Nanay, Nora & Chito – Philippines
    Ding & Family – Canada
    Joseph & Family – Canada
    Ner & Lily – Canada
    Nilda & Family – USA
    Harry & Family – USA
    Louie & Family – USA
    Mama D & Family – USA

    Thank you!


  34. 64

    Darren said,

    Hi please add –
    D. Ngiam and Family – Singapore

    thank you very much!


  35. 66

    Felix Wu said,


    I would like to request a Tai Sui prayer for the following:

    Thomas Wu and family – MI, USA
    Felix Wu – CA, USA
    Michael Mendez and family – MI, USA
    Rita Lee – CA, USA
    Thomas Fong and family – CA, USA
    Clifton Lee and family – CA, USA


  36. 67

    Felix said,

    Please add Norman Chow and family- CA, USA to the Tai Sui prayer


  37. 69

    Aunty Pit said,

    Include me in your prayers


  38. 70

    Ricky Teh said,

    Ricky Teh and family – Singapore


  39. 71

    DancingMommy said,

    Dear Choesf,

    You are so kind to include strangers in your prayers. I wish your family happiness and health too. Please include me and my family in KL and Singapore in your list.

    DancingMommy xx

    p.s. I’m trying your siu yoke recipe tonight. That’s how I found your blog. The pork is grilling now, looking good and smelling great. Can’t wait!


  40. 73

    Eddie said,

    Kindly include this names in Tai Sui Prayer

    Eddie Ng – Singapore
    Ng Tang Kwai – Malaysia
    Mah Chiew Thye – Malaysia
    Barrie Lee Singapore

    Many thanks for providing your blog as a channel to submit our names. Bless you



  41. 74

    cj said,

    Thank you for including me in your prayers and may you also recieve the same blessings multiplied!!


  42. 75

    mr.and mrs jojo timogan said,

    more wealth abundance,good health,and long life


  43. 76

    Bimaljeet Kaur & Dursan Singh (dad) said,

    Kindly include BK and dad in the Tai Sui prayers.
    …Thank u & god bless.



  44. 77

    kwaniee said,

    please add my name and my family to your playlist and wish all return to you:0 thank you a lot

    Chalermkwan Nanta : sydney
    Lumduan Nanta and family : thailand
    Kanokkarn Nanta : thailand
    Matthew Garnett and family : sydney


  45. 78

    Meena said,

    Thanks please include following names
    Thiyagarajah and family
    Alagaratnam family


  46. 79

    Sarah Blanche said,

    Pls add us to the Tai Sui prayer 2012. Wong Yuen Fong and family – Malaysia. Ken Chin – Malaysia. Thank you


  47. 80

    Marvic said,

    Please include us in your prayers:

    RMAK Lorenzana
    and special prayer for Alex and Krys for success, protection and a well paying job.

    Thank you.


  48. 81

    K said,

    Krizia, klpj, and Javate family – Philippines


  49. 82

    Hi there, dear Aunty Pit, Ricky Teh, DancingMommy, Eddie Lee, CJ, Marvic, BK, kwaniee, Meena, Sarah Blanche, Krizia πŸ˜€

    Sorry for the late reply 😳 … I was really busy with the CNY preparations and CNY visitings. Your names are listed for Tai Sui Prayers here :-
    (Nos. 934 to 957)

    Please let me know if I had missed out any names, okay?

    I will be back later to do the prayers for Good Luck and Success. πŸ˜‰

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to all! πŸ˜€

    With best wishes,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  50. 83

    Kok Joong said,

    Dear Master, please include my wife and my name in the prayer list. Thank you.

    Kok Joong
    Shan Shan
    (all from Singapore)


  51. 84

    SF said,

    Wang Soo Fung and family – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  52. 85

    Sim said,

    Pls add us to the Tai Sui prayer 2012.
    Sim Boon Shin – Singapore. Hoo Chee Wen – Malaysia. Thank you


  53. 86

    Kok Joong said,

    Hi, many thanks for including us too:

    Kok Joong – Singapore
    Shan Shan – Singapore


  54. 87

    Glen said,


    Please include Law Sing Wah and Family – Singapore


  55. 88

    Lim Pei Hsien said,

    Hi Many Thanks for including us too:

    1) Lim Pei Hsien
    2) Hulbert Tan Chin San


  56. 89

    Loh Gaik Im said,

    Pl. add us to the Tai Sui Prayer 2012.

    gaik im $ family – Malaysia
    gslewis & family – US
    siew hong & micheal



  57. 90

    Loh Gaik Im said,

    wish to add,

    siew hong & micheal -Malaysia
    kah hin & may yin – Malaysia

    Thanks again.


  58. 91

    Aylward Gerardus said,

    Request for Tai Sui Prayer in 2012

    Aylward Gerardus & familiy

    Many blessings


    Aylward Geradus


  59. 93

    Tia Khoo said,


    Request for Tai Sui prayer

    Tia Khoo & Family – Malaysia

    Warm Rgds


  60. 94

    Helen Lim said,

    Request for Tai Sui Prayer in 2012

    Please add us to the prayer –

    Helen Lim and family
    Shirley Lim and family
    Alice Lim and family
    Choo Liang Eng
    Johnny Lim and wife
    Mary Lim and family
    Susie Lim and family
    Richard Lim
    Henry Lim

    Thanks so much. Regards, Helen


  61. 95

    Helen Lim said,

    Sorry forgot to mention, we are all from Singapore. Thanks


  62. 96

    ls lim said,

    hi, please add us to the prayers. Thanks.
    Lim LS & family. Melbourne, Australia


  63. 97

    Hi there, dear Aylward Geradus, Tia Khoo, Helen Lim and ls lim πŸ˜€

    Happy Chinese New Year to you. Your names are now included in the Tai Sui Prayers 2012 here :-
    (Nos. 993 to 1004)

    With best wishes,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  64. 98

    balicigar said,

    please include me in your tai sui prayer :
    Yuga L Mochtar – indonesia


  65. 100


    Please add my family to the 2012 prayers list, Thanks in advance.

    George Ham and Family
    Ivy Lim Siew Eng

    All from Singapore


  66. 102

    Maria Newton said,

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Will highly appreciate if you could please include us to the prayer:

    Maria Leticia Ching-Newton (Philippines) and husband David Newton (Cambodia)
    Julie Jude Lois Ching and son Alvin Aiden Jace Alegre (Philippines)
    Jesse Jon Bryan Ching Bermudez (Philippines)
    Aida Ching and family (USA)
    Manuel Ching and family (Philippines)
    Juanito Ching and family (Philippines)

    Many thanks!


  67. 104

    Joanne Lim said,

    Dear choesf
    I really enjoy learning and reading yr blog.
    Now it comes with prayers too!! How interesting πŸ™‚

    Pls include my in Tai Sui prayers as I am born in year of dragon.
    Also protection for my sis, Jayne, born in year of Dog.
    All Others to include for good health and rising wealth

    List is as follows:
    Joanne Lim – Malaysia
    Jayne Lim – Australia
    Janet Lim & family – Singapore
    Jerry Lim & family – Malaysia
    Carol Wong – Malaysia

    Thanks so much & blessings upon u & family too


  68. 106

    Margaret & Kevin said,


    Please offer Tai Sui prayers for the following

    Margaret & Kevin Pereira – Singapore


  69. 108

    Phan ching chong said,

    Dear master,

    Please pray for me and my family.

    Phan Ching Chong and Family, Singapore.

    Thank you


  70. 110

    Christine said,

    Hi. Would appreciate it if you can include me & my family and my friend LC and family in your Tai Sui prayers for protection as We are born in the year of the dog.

    Thank you and Best wishes.



  71. 114

    ledragonx said,

    Please add the following nsmes:-
    Pierre Regis Letier from Australia
    Rick Wai Choon from USA
    Mary Jane B Aoanan from Philippine
    Candice Thomson from Australia
    Paige Das from Australia
    Sophia Rivera from Philippine
    Roland Yee Tue Fee from France
    Verna Chebassier from France
    Lhon Almario from Philippine
    Lindsay Marie-Jeanne from Australia
    Toulouse and Josee Selvan from Mauritius
    Meric and Priscilla Lemerle from Australia
    Joe and Linda Duval from Australia


  72. 117

    Dew said,

    Hi Thank you very much for your kindness! πŸ™‚
    Please include the names in the prayers:

    Tan Yueh Jen & family (Singapore)
    Wong Loke Meng (Singapore)
    Choo Sui Lin (Singapore)
    Wong Loke Kit (Singapore)
    Samantha (Singapore)
    Victor Loke (Singapore)
    Wong Swee Wai (Singapore)
    Jacky Kha (Australia)
    Wong Mei San (Singapore)
    Zhang Zhan Qiang (Malaysia)
    Nancy Koh (Singapore)
    James Goo (Singapore)
    Heng Aik Chin (Japan)
    Teo Ai Lian (Singapore)

    Thank you!


  73. 119

    johannes handoko purnomo said,

    Dear Master

    Pls pray for me (Dog zodiac)and my family

    Thanks and regards,



  74. 121

    CWOng said,

    Hi choesf

    Would appreciate if you can include me & my family in your Tai Sui prayers for good health and protection.

    Thank you very much for your kindness.

    Warmest regards
    lmcwws (Malaysia)


  75. 123

    Hi! choesf pleae include me and my family in yourTai sui prayer for health and money. Thank you so much in advance.


  76. 125

    Beth said,

    Hi, I hope its not too late for me yet:
    Please help me to pray to land a good job Beth G. NV USA
    Also Rich G in NV USA for good health
    Jen T Philippines for good health
    Jun T Philippines for good health
    Evelyn D. Philippines for good health also

    Thank you very much. More power to you!


  77. 127

    yoonseong said,

    I have faced relationship problems and parents experienced a health deterioration. Please help to pray for me and my family for health and relationship.

    Chong Yoon Seong and family members. (Malaysia)

    Best regards,


  78. 130

    Sau Soon Yee said,

    Hi, hope its not too late…Can you include the following:

    Chia M K – Australia – Good Luck, Good Health, Success, Happiness

    Alexander Sau – Malaysia – Happiness

    Cheng C M – Australia – Good Luck, Good Health, Success, Happiness, Pass Tra, Get PR soon, Success in Job Career

    Sau S Y – Australia – Success in Everything, Get Pr, Healthy

    Thanks =D

    we need all the prayer n luck we can get …


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