What am I cooking for dinner tonight ?

My family’s favourite yummy Chinese Pork Chops with Potato Slices and Caramelised Onions

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I have a confession …. I have not been cooking much this year at all … 😳 .  Experiencing perimenopausal symptoms in our all year round hot, humid tropical weather is sheer torture! To cook in a situation like that is to be drenched in sweat from the hair down to the toes! 😆

That’s why my post title,  “What am I cooking for dinner today?” is a big deal to me. Today, I am prepared to get all hot and bothered to cook a delicious dinner as a treat for my family…. and … heheh, because  I am beginning to feel guilty! Those of you who have been following my blog all these years will know I have not posted many recipes lately. 😉

So, what am I cooking for dinner today

This morning, a suggestion to a reader at my Homemade Yummy Crispy Roast Pork Belly post to try out my family’s Favourite Chinese Pork Chops recipe got my mouth watering. I quickly drove to the wet market (farmer’s market) and got myself a kilo of lovely pork chops from my regular butcher.  😆

My children got all excited, too, when they came home from classes and saw me preparing  the Chinese Pork Chops…they know they are in for a treat tonight! Plus, they have been missing my cooking… 😳

Right now, I have on my stove a claypot of “Lotus Roos, Lotus Seed, Red Dates and Pork Ribs Soup” simmering gently away for 3 hours to build a rich, deep flavour.

Because our weather today is really hot, humid and hazy, I also have a large pot of cooling herbal drink simmering gently away ===>

Healthy cooling drink made up of red cane, candied wintermelon, Hung Teen Wu and water chestnuts

For my family, a typical Chinese meal will have 3 dishes and a soup with hot white rice  – the soup and a meat dish will be the main “stars” at the dining table. So, I have my Lotus Root/Lotus Seed soup already … and the Chinese Pork Chops will be the centre of attention…heheh, I can visualize now my children and husband tucking hungrily into the pork chops.  😆

Well…I better head back to my kitchen to finish prepping for dinner….I had stopped by here for a breather!

With best wishes,

choesf 😀

* Added 4 hours later ….. what I cooked for dinner today 😉 ===>

Chinese Pork Chops With Pan Fried Potato Slices and Caramelised Onions

Baked Beans with Minced Pork, Stirfry Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce, Chinese Pork Chops, Caramelised Onions


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    JamminJordan said,

    July 30, 2010 @ 2:40 pm ·

    Hello HH88,

    I’ve tampered with some of your recipes before but I came across something golden with this one. I was searching for a rustic old fashioned country meal that suits the taste of USA country pallets and your chinese Pork and potatoes (altered of corse) won the country cook off. You dish is so simple that it give way to create virtually any regions taste pending on who the fxtures are cooked. And I won’t keep the secret I came across so here you go food lovers:

    Substitute the following within the marinade~
    Rice wine/wine (instead use a brandy liquor, I chose an apple brandy)
    Sugar (instead use brown sugar)

    Add the following to the marinade~
    2 garlic cloves finely minced
    1 tablespoon of liquid smoke

    Fine tuned instructions~
    Let marinade sit for 8-12 hrs (best to prepar in the morning before work)

    Cut pork into inch wide strips and cook in wok or pan on med/high for 5 min (keep stirring meat the entire length of cooking)

    Instead of adding oil to cook the meat, spoon excess marinade onto the pork while cooking to keep meat from sticking.

    Optional addatives~
    Cornbread crumbs (after cooking the pork dredge the strips in cornbread crumbs then fry saute in pan again for 1 minute, be sure not to burn the cornbread while you saute)

    Cornbread coalition (after all ingredients are cooked mix them together in a bowl adding2 cupps of fressly broken up cornbread from the oven)

    Jam (as my name might imply, I make jam, simply top your pork/onion with fresh jam to add different kicks of flavor, I used rubarb, plum, appricot, peach, and orange jams and they all came out great, jam is better when warm anyways and pork goes good with sweet tastes, experiment and discover your tongues hidden love)

    These three additions are not to be used together but are two seperate variations that helped me get to the finals of our county cook off.

    If you like this recipe then please give all credit to HH88 (Happyhomemaker88) I just used her recipe and played around with country tastes.

    Thanks again HH88, your recipes are so wonderful that they even win in competitions.


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