Instructions from Master atan on how to prepare for God of Wealth Prayers 09 February, 2013; and Wish Fulfillment Technique

Year of the Snake 2013

Year of the Snake 2013

Hi there, dear friends 😀

For those of you who had ordered the Chinese New Year Bird Release Ceremonies 2013 from Master atan, here are his instructions on how and what to prepare for the God of Wealth Prayers on 09 February, 2013 and what to do for getting your wishes to come true in his Wish Fulfillment Technique.

Please note that every member of your family can submit one wish for each month of the lunar Chinese year, i.e. you can each make 12 wishes. 😉 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀

God Of Wealth Prayer – 2013

Welcome and invite God of Wealth into your home on the eve of Chinese New Year, February 9th 2013.

Get Blessings from God of Wealth for your home – especially at the South East Sector of your home. :vh: 

Year 2013 God Of wealth will also Bless the North, East, South and West sectors of your house – this will attract much good wealth, good luck and success chi/energies into your home. This technique is very unique for those who had joined the CNY BRC for house or office premise. 

For those who had joined any one of CNY BRCs 2013, please place a clean glass/cup/bowl in the South East Sector of the home. The South East of a room is also good, like ….. South East of the living room or kitchen. 

The glass/cup/bowl must be in place between 7.00pm to 11.00 pm ( your local time ) on the eve of Chinese New Year (that is on the February 9th 2013 – today is January 15th, 2012.) The glass/cup/bowl can be placed before 7.00 pm. The purpose of the glass/cup/bowl is for placing you written wish. Can place more then one glass/cup/bowl

Other items that can be placed together with the glass/cup/bowl in the South East sector are :-

1. All your Lucky 3coins
2. Bank and credit cards/documents.
3. Drinkable water – bottled minerals water/fruit juice is good and easy.
4. Food and Fruits.
5. Wealth cures.
6. Yellow Lemon
7. Photo – individual or/and family
8. Any items you need good luck and success

Repeat :arrow: All items must be in place in the South East sector of your home or room between 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, your local time, for God Of Wealth Blessings. (The items can also be prepare few days before the February 9th 2013)

Wealth water.

Place pipe, tap or drinkable water (with or without cover are both suitable). Can place many bottles. Plastic bottled mineral water is also good and suitable.

Wealth cure.

1) Get a glass or ceramic bottle about 500 ML with a cap/cover. 
2) Fill it with in pipe/tap water or drinkable water and cap it. 
3) Tie a set of Lucky 3coins in red packet (ang pow) with red string around the top half of the bottle

I can teach you how to use or place this Wealth cure in 3 locations. However, you can make more than 3 Wealth cures. For those who had booked the CNY BRC for your business premise, you can prepare one or more Wealth cures in the house and later place one in the office – best location :arrow: in your office room

:arrow: Note :arrow: – “This Spiritual technique is only applicable to those who had joined in any or all of the CNY BRCs 2013 for Family or Gui Ren or Home/Business Premise. ” 
Wealth table Photo 2012

Master atan.January 15th 2013


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  1. 1

    God Of Wealth Wish Fulfillment 2013 – Technique.

    I wish for Protection, Guidance and Help.
    I wish to meet the Great Love of my life.
    I wish the chance to win a large sum of money from lottery games.
    I wish to find the love that I lost.
    I wish to ward off fate, but succeed brilliantly in my life.
    I wish to say goodbye to solitude, and start a new relationship.
    I wish to know success, how to succeed and how to gain a lot of money.
    I wish to destroy the suffering in my life and find again confidence in myself.

    The above are some examples – you can write you own wish.

    For those who had booked the CNY BRC 2013 for Family, every one in the family can make a wish – one wish per person per month for 12 months. The written wishes will be placed in the Wealth cup/glass.

    Written wishes can be folded, with or without red envelop (ang pow) – it is suitable.

    If you feel like writing your name and date of birth on the piece of paper – it is suitable.

    There is no restriction on ink or paper or wealth cup or date or time for this preparation.

    One can start placing the written wishes in the Wealth cup on the eve of Chinese New Year ( 9th February 2013 ) for the God Of Wealth Prayer.

    After one month – all wishes in the Wealth Cup will be burned and you start writing new wishes to be placed in the Wealth Cup for the following month. Repeat this procedure for 12 months – 12 wishes per person.

    Wishes need activation here but it is not necessary to post the written wishes, for example – master – Malaysia – will do.

    Master atan


  2. 2

    Snaz said,

    Hi there!

    This is interesting. I have never heard of this before. I live in the U.S. By the way, do you have to recite some kind of god of wealth prayer? How do you go about it? I am not Buddhist can I still do this?



    • 3

      Hi there, dear Snazzy 😀

      Yes, this is what we do when we welcome the new Chinese Year (10 February for 2013). We don’t need to recite any prayers ourselves…when we purchase the Chinese New Year Bird Release Ceremonies from Master atan, he will do the prayers for us. 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  3. 4

    Maark said,

    Keong Hee Huat Tua Chai!!!!

    How do I do this?


    • 5

      Hi there, dear Maark 😀

      Keong Hee Huat Tua Chai to you, too! May the Year of the Snake bring us an abundance of blessings 😉

      The God of Wealth Prayers were done on the eve of Chinese New Year already (09 Feb). However, you can post your question to Master atan at his forum to see if you can still join…I think there were some latecomers who asked him the question there. 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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