On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency On Medication For High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Urea & Diabetes

Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

My husband encountered his first gout attack way back in 1994 and has been on Allopurinol 300mg once daily for treatment. Β 

In mid 2009, our family physician made him go for tests to check his health and my husband was found to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high urea acid and diabetes. On top of that, the doctor said my husband’s kidneys were not functioning optimally.

When a friend heard about my husband’s health problems, he taught me to make the Tateshi Kasu Miracle Vegetable Soup Β for my husband. πŸ’‘Β 

Tateshi Kazu Miracle Vegetable Soup

After consuming that soup regularly for around 1 year, my husband went for another round of blood tests, which revealed some good news – his kidneys were working properly already, blood pressure was around 120/30, cholesterol and urea acid levels were normalised…and his blood sugar went down slightly to 6.4 mmol/L, an improvement from 7.2 mmol/L before taking Glucophage 850mg twice daily. πŸ˜€Β 

Last year, his blood tests showed that his blood sugar went up again, with medication, to 7.2 mmol/L. The doctor had wanted to increase his Glucophage dose but my husband said that he will try to control his diet Β to bring down his sugar level. πŸ’‘

Unfortunately, my husband is not the type to watch what he eats….he just loves food and snacks too much…especially during Chinese New Year when there are a lot of cookies, snacks and mandarin oranges laying around the house! Β πŸ™„Β 

Here’s an example of his midnight snacking (maybe I should call it “feasting”) ===> 2 boxes of sweetened soy bean drink or sweetened Yeo Hiap Seng packet drinks, 1 large bag of nachos chips or 1 tube of Lays Potato Chips…many mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts, prawn crackers…on a daily basis, he can drink up to 1 litre of soy bean drink. His wantan noodles or nasi lemak or rice intake during meals are usually of large portions (add on noodles or rice.) Β Β πŸ™„Β 

That’s why he is also the perfect guinea pig for me to test the health teas on πŸ˜‰ Β ===>

Jiaogulan or Longevity or Immortality Tea

A pot of Kuding Tea, Unfurled Kuding Leaves, A cup of Kuding Tea, Dried Kuding Tea/Nails

Kuding Cha

Yesterday, my husband and I went to see our family physician for the results of some blood tests done around the Chinese New Year time and we had some good news πŸ˜€ ===>

1) despite all that non-diabetic diet that my husband is on and his over-consumption of carbohydrates and sugar….his blood sugar level dropped from 7.2 mmol/L to 6.8 mmol/L! The normal range is 3.9 to 5.5 mmol/L for non-medication). I was actually expecting his blood sugar reading to hit sky high but I was very happily surprised. Yay, no need to increase his diabetes medication as what our doctor wanted earlier. πŸ˜‰Β 

2) his uric acid level was normal at 0.33 mmol/L (normal is 0.18 to 0.47)

3) total cholesterol was normal atΒ 3.6 mmol/L or 140 mg/dl (normal is <5.2 or <200), but his triglycerides was very high at 3.41 mmol/L (normal is <1.6)

4) blood pressure was 130/80

5) heart, kidneys and liver functions are working normally

Wow, not bad at all considering my husband’s food intake (by the way, did I say that he loves pork belly and pork crackling and pork liver ? ) and him not exercising at all….I would say that the health drinks have worked very well for my husband ! πŸ˜€

Yesterday, for the first time since my husband was prescribed all those medication for life, we managed to convince our doctor to reduce his uric acid and cholesterol medication to 100mg and 10mg daily – both are minimal daily doses.Β 

Our doctor was at first reluctant but she said she will see my husband’s next blood test results in 3 months’ time to see if she should increase back the dosages. Β Heheh, she gave my husband quite an earful yesterday…encouraging him to take up some form of exercises to reduce his pot belly (my husband is not fat…he just has some flab around his belly).Β 

Well, I am glad my husband is now seriously changing his diet to cut down all those soda pop, sweetened drinks, chocolates and last night, I found him drinking some Japanese Green Tea at midnight, instead of his usual packet of soy bean drink! πŸ˜†Β 

From now until the next month end when he is based back at the office, he works from home and I am able to set up a regiment of health drinks for him. His waking hours are a bit odd though because he works from 5 pm to 1am, following European hours to liaise with his colleagues there. So, his breakfast time is usually my lunch time and we eat the same type of food together.Β 

This is what I give him as alternative home remedies for his health maintenance πŸ’‘ ===>

1) 1 cup of Roasted Burdock Root TeaΒ Β after he has woke up, around 1pm. I thought because the tea is drank on an empty stomach, its absorption into his body system is much better and faster. I put about 1 heaping tablespoon of the burdock tea and pour boiling water to steep for more than 10 minutes.

2) 1 cup of Jiaogulan Tea (1 teaspoon of loose leaves, or 1 teabag) combined with Kuding Cha (2 sticks) right after his main meals at around 2.30 pm and 8 pm. So, he has 2 cups of this tea daily.Β 

Before his last blood tests, I only gave him one cup daily only.Β 

3) for his midnight snacking time, he will have 1 cup of either Japanese Green Tea or 1 cup of Yerba Mate (I will post about the Yerba Mate tea later as I am testing this out now).Β 

The Tateshi Kazy Miracle Vegetable soup, I stopped making it as frequent as in 2010 when we drank it almost on a daily basis because my Chinese doctor said it was too cooling for me…but I will now make that once a week for my family.Β 

I hope the health teas and soups will help wean, or at least reduce, my husband’s medication because right now, all medical expenses are covered by his employer/company…but when he retires in a few years time, we will have to fork out our own savings. Of course, it will help greatly if my husband takes care of what he eats and if he exercises more….well, there is a Chinese saying, “You can only lead the cow to the water, if the cow doesn’t want to drink the water….you can’t make him”…..hmmm, maybe a few whacks on the cow’s (or bull’s) butt will make him! πŸ˜†Β 

I will post here later more findings on how the health teas and soups are impacting on my family’s health. I thought to post my husband’s blood tests results here so that there is a central point of reference for them and we will know how those alternative home remedies for health are doing on him (and on my family.) πŸ’‘

With best wishes for good health always,

choesf πŸ˜€


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    Jade said,

    Dearest choesf,
    You are the epitome of the Chinese saying 贀妻良母!Virtuous wife and kind mom.
    My hubby has a sensitive nose and family history of some ailments, so I mix and match vitamins/ minerals and plan his meals for him to bring to work. Nowhere near what you are doing and I do not mean to boast… Just a knowing smile of how women around the world care for their family:)
    Women rule!


    • 2

      Thank you, dearest Jade, for your kind remarks! Errr…sorry, I can’t read Chinese, I can only speak Cantonese 😳 πŸ˜† You are doing very well, too, in taking care of your husband…wow, he gets to bring your meals to work – that is impressive! Your cooking must be very tasty and healthy…not many husbands will bring food from home. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, women rule! πŸ˜€

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


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    vinita said,


    Good wife indeed! Keep it up. Glad your hubby is OK. Found your blog. Good. Like it. ABout the miracle soup, the mushroom is fresh type…can use the dried one? Also, the green leaves must be radish leaves.?…supermarkets tend to cut off the leaves. You mentioned recipe is for 2 days…meaning you keep in the fridge and heat up the next day?

    Will need to spend time reading your blog. Lots to catch up.


    • 4

      Hi there, dear vinita πŸ˜€

      Ah, I’m glad you found my blog posts – hope you will have fun reading them! πŸ˜†

      Thank you for your compliments 😳 … heheh, I must take care of my husband (in Chinese sayings, a husband is considered a wife’s mountain, for her support and backing in life) and his health. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, like I had mentioned above, he will be a good “guinea pig” or “lab rat” for me to try my health drinks and remedies. πŸ˜†

      Yes, for the miracle soup – you can use the dried Shittake mushrooms, instead of fresh ones. These days, I keep my dried mushroom stems in the freezer after I had used the mushroom tops for cooking. Then, when I cook the miracle vegetable soup, I will just throw in a handful of mushroom stems – which should serve the purpose as well.

      Yes, the soup can be drank cold, straight from the fridge (this is really good and yummy on a hot day) … warmed up to room temperature, or warmed up on the stove for a warm soup. πŸ˜‰

      If you go to the organic section of supermarkets and hypermarkets, you will find organic white radish or daikon for sale – those radishes come with a huge amount of radish leaves, and are much sweeter than those sold in wet markets or pasar malam.

      It is best to drink the soup early in the day as it will give you good energy for the day. πŸ˜‰

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


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    TheOwl said,

    Dear happyhomemaker,

    Thanks for that lengthy write-up about your dear husband’s health. It’s bcs you’re doing so much he thinks he can indulge. I recommend a cane to make the horse drink the water LOL. The Chinese believe that once your kidneys and liver are well all is well with your yin and yang. I worry to think of all the junk he’s feeding his body. With no exercise at all and lots of junk your miracle teas must be having a tough time keeping him healthily normal. Anyway,I raise my hat to you. Your write-ups are useful/helpful to your readers and their kids too.

    By the way what is tateshi kazu? Is it a kind of Japanese root,long and brown?

    Would like to inform you and your readers that lately I have discovered a way to fight my tendency to cough. I suck on half a lime (the type with thick skin) or squeeze out the juice of a whole lime or lemon and drink it raw. Just rinse the mouth and don’t drink water for 15-30mins (depending on how long you can stand it) to allow the lime/lemon juice to do its work on your throat. Lime/lemon is a kind of antiseptic,besides being rich in vitamin C. I can drink chilled drinks,eat mandarin oranges and spicy food without ending up with a sore throat and flu. If you get a cut just rinse off the dirt,dry the wound with clean tissue/cotton wool and squeeze any kind of fresh lime or lemon juice directly on the raw wound. Scream in pain for a while. Just once and the wound heals beautifully. If you want to do it again you may but the lime/lemon juice works best when the wound is fresh and raw (and the pain is more memorable too haha).

    My worms are still alive and well. Though a knight in shining armour has offered to pour in the brown sugar for me I feel bad to ask someone else to do my dirty work for me so I said to let more worms die first. The whole tub,in fact both tubs,must be teeming with worms but since they are harmless just let them be. Even if they manage to come out they’ll die soon enough from lack of food and exposure to the sun. I would rather they die naturally then kill them with poisons,like putting in sulphur etc.


    • 7

      Hi there, dear TheOwl πŸ˜€

      Thank you for your kind comments 😳 πŸ˜† …. heheh, since the visit to the family physician yesterday, my husband is now more conscious of what he eats – I had even set up his snacks for midnight afterwards ===> a few small pieces of Dark Chocolate Acai Berry (dark chocolate and acai berries are very good for health), a cup of Yerba Mate Green Tea, a couple of small Pisang Emas (bananas), and 2 pieces of multi-grain crackers. πŸ˜†

      I told him that if he can cut down the junk food, calories and sugar intake, and he can increase his exercise, with the healing teas and soups, he should be able to cut down his medication further. For now, we take it one step at a time and see how it goes.

      My friend told me his friend went off his high blood pressure medication after being on Tateshi Kazu Miracle Vegetable Soup for a few years, and his friend can even donate blood these days. Later, depending on how my husband’s blood tests results go, I will modify the regimen of healing teas and drinks for my husband to fit his health better.

      Tateshi Kazu was a Japanese who made the Miracle Vegetable Soup famous back in the 70’s. Some websites said he was a doctor, but I read somewhere that he wasn’t. He was into healing foods and drinks and back then, he got a retired major political figure to regain his poor health by drinking this soup. The soup went on to become a fad in Japan after that, and then to the rest of the countries in the region.

      According to my Japanese friends, this vegetable soup recipe has been around since her grandmother’s time and they like to drink it regularly for good health, longevity and for energy. My friend would make a pot of this soup every time she has to go to Tokyo to help spring clean her sons’ house with them. πŸ’‘

      Later, I will do a re-post of this Tateshi Kazu Miracle Soup because I have new information based on scientific research on the goodness of this soup for healing purposes – the details were from another episode of the Korean health documentary called, “Mysteries of the human body.”

      These day, I only make the Miracle Vegetable soup like once a month, but starting this week, I will do that weekly for my husband.

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and fascinating use of fresh limes or lemons for coughs and on cuts. I am always game to try out any new health remedies and I will be sure to follow your techniques. I don’t mind the sourness of limes/lemons…I am pretty sure I can hold out the 15 minutes minimum without drinking water! πŸ˜†

      Ouch! I can very well imagine the additional pain the lime juice would cause when squeezed onto a fresh cut! 😯 I often have little nicks and cuts when I rush to prepare my stuff for cooking and my usual technique is to put a little “Chicken & Duck Oil” immediately (I’m not sure if I had blogged about my famous “Chicken & Duck Oil” here yet)…but I will try the lime method the next time (hopefully not soon πŸ˜† ) on my finger cuts. I prefer a quick healing time for finger wounds as I depend on my hands a lot for cooking and cleaning. πŸ˜‰

      Good Night!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  4. 8

    P.S. Another main reason for trying to reduce the medication is because of some negative side effects on the body due to long term consumption, especially statin medicine/drugs like those prescribed for lowering cholesterol

    My husband and I were not aware of those bad effects on the health until a blog visitor here pointed them out to me. Below are some links with information πŸ’‘ –




    It is scary, the side effects of long term use of cholesterol reducing medication may included the following 😯 :-

    1) Loss of bone density

    2) Leg cramps, especially at night

    3) Decreased alcohol tolerance

    4) Impaired brain function

    5) Restless leg syndrome or uncontrollable twitches

    6) Fatique

    7) Joint pains

    8) Headaches

    All the more reasons for us to use natural remedies to counter cholesterol in our body. My lady healer friend said some of us have a body that generates excess cholesterol naturally, in addition to cholesterol that comes from food.

    I am on of those people πŸ™„ – despite eating very healthily and with moderate exercises, and not overweight – my blood lipids readings taken recently on 09 September, 2012 are ===>

    Uric Acid – 0.32 mmol/L (normal is 0.15 to 0.45)

    Total Cholesterol – 6.2 mmol/L (normal is < 5.2)
    Triglyceride – 1.77 mmol/L (normal is 1.03)
    LDL Cholesterol – 4.20 (normal is < 2.58)
    Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 5.2 (normal is < 5.2)


    • 9

      Kyle said,

      Don’t want to be so western by try taking vitamin b3 nonflushing 3 times a day. These will all drop by a third as long as you take them.


      • 10

        Hi there, dear Kyle πŸ˜€

        Thank you for your health tip of taking Vitamin B3 πŸ’‘ – may I know how much of B3 to give my husband, i.e. the daily dosage ❓

        With best wishes,

        choesf πŸ˜€


  5. 11

    TheOwl said,

    Hi happy homemaker,

    Thanks for your response. I’ll try your tateshi kazu miracle soup though I’m in very good health.

    Too much western medication will have side effects bcs they are all chemicals. Do not take too much hbp medication. They can affect the kidneys.


    • 12

      Good afternoon, dear TheOwl πŸ˜€

      I hope you will like the miracle vegie soup taste. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you very much for pointing out that long term consumption of high blood blood pressure medication can affect the kidneys, too … I will tell my husband that. I had just briefed him this morning of the negative effects of cholesterol lowering medication. He is experiencing some of the effects mentioned and it is just timely that he is putting more attention to eating healthier…hmmm…maybe, I should insist that he buys an exercise bicycle! πŸ˜† He was seriously looking at one in a fitness equipment store a few weeks ago, testing it out and looking at its functions. πŸ˜‰

      Do have a lovely day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  6. 13

    […] On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency On Medication For High Blood Pressure/Choleterol/… […]


  7. 14

    George Tan said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker and everyone,

    I used to work in a school and most of the teachers there have high cholesterol, irregardless of body weight and most of them watch their food. This is due to stress (in teaching) and non-existence exercise. I think that’s what’s happening to you. Looking after your family well is very stressful.

    Yes, statin drugs have alot of side effects but there is a solution to reduce cholesterol naturally. Apples! The white flesh of apples will bind with cholesterol and send them out of your body. Read this article “Apples Work Magic on Bad Cholesterol” (http://www.lef.org/news/LefDailyNews.htm?NewsID=12987&Section=Nutrition) why they are getting people to take statin drugs instead of apples to reduce cholesterol. Money!

    For those who have problems with too many teas to drink, consider blending them together (burdock root, apple, carrot, radish, etc) into a smoothie, puree or just juice for breakfast. Instead of brown rice tea, cook brown rice (as rice of porridge) for your family, which is more healthy than plain white rice.



    • 15

      Good evening, dear George πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for sharing your information on cholesterol, apples and your tips on how to make healthy smoothies – they are really helpful for us to take care of our health. Ah, the goodness of apples is really understated – I must get more apples for my family. Morning smoothies will be a good and convenient way to take in a lot of vitamins and nutrients! πŸ˜‰

      Yes, when my children were younger, it was more stressful for me to have to do everything all at once for my family, heheh…that could be why my cholesterol shot up nonetheless! πŸ˜† Now that my children have grown up and I now have a part-time maid, life is much more comfortable for me…and there is more time for me to look more into healing foods and drinks! πŸ˜€

      Good Night!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  8. 16

    Maark said,


    I want a list for myself. Do assist me. High cholesterol and bad stomach influx. 😦


    • 17

      Hi there, dear Maark πŸ˜€

      I am sorry to hear that you still have cholesterol and stomach problems 😦 . Did you manage to see the Chinese Physician in OUG, KL that I had recommended you earlier? Sometimes, if we take natural alternative remedies ourselves and we can’t get rid of the health problems, we have to see a good Chinese sinseh to fix those problems. πŸ˜‰

      There could be some causes to your health problems, e.g. from stress (like George said could lead to high cholesterol), gallbladder health, food intake, etc. Maybe you may need to see a doctor and go for some examinations. If I am not wrong, I think it has been quite a while since you mentioned your health problems here.

      Hope you get well soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


      • 18

        P.S. Maark, my nephew in Singapore had very bad stomach problems like indigestion, extreme bloatedness…for a long time and no remedies seemed to work for him. I introduced him to Kuding Leaves (where you can buy from Midvally at the Chinese Medicine Shop located on the Lower Ground Floor, opposite Eu Yan Sang) and he recovered right away. Read my post for more information πŸ’‘ –

        Kuding Cha

        For countering your high cholesterol, I have been told that a few people normalised their cholesterol readings from high cholesterol…they drink Jiaogulan Tea daily for 1 year. Drink this tea 3 times a day, after a main meal like lunch and dinner and drink tea when it has cooled down to warm enough to drink.

        Jiaogulan Tea

        For maximum results, both teas must be made with fresh, hot boiling water….not those hot water from water dispenser machines.


  9. 19

    […] the use of oats in addition to Black Fungus. Β His health remedy was quite timely since I was on a quest to reduce my husband’s dependency on medication, especially Lipitor, and thereofre, I decided to put my husband and myself on Master atan’s […]


  10. 20

    George Tan said,

    Hi Happyhomemaker88,

    I would like to introduce another herb to you which I think is good for diabetes. It’s called Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as honey leaf plant, sweet chrysanthemum, sweet leaf, sugarleaf, or simply stevia (η”œθŠεΆ).

    In place of sugar, you may want to use stevia leaves or extract which is more healthier as it has zero calories and zero carbs and has a lot of other health benefits.

    Japanese are big users of stevia. They use stevia plant parts to sweeten tea, sweets, sauce, confectionary, and soft drinks. Long ago before stevia, they wanted to find an alternative to sugar and that’s how Jiaogulan was discovered (because of its sweet taste) and made popular by a Japanese doctor but it remains a health supplement.

    For other countries like Brazil, USA, etc, it is used as food supplement.

    You can purchase stevia in chinese medical halls. In Malaysia, there is a company producing setiva products. Go to http://www.stevia.com.my for more info.



    • 21

      Good morning, dear George πŸ˜€

      Thank you for your information on this herb. Yes, stevia is a good substitute for sugar and good for diabetics. I was introduced to stevia by the Chinese Medicine Shop boss who sold dried leaves leaves in packets. I occasionally use them in Chinese sweet soups (tong sui) and beverages. πŸ˜‰

      With best wishes,

      choesf :D:


  11. 23

    Just an update here about my blood pressure which has always hovered around the 130/90 range.

    A few days ago, I had my doctor take my blood pressure and it was very good at the perfect reading of 120/80 πŸ˜€ … my husband and I have been taking this overnight soaked oats and black fungus drinks for almost 30 days already.

    My husband just had a range of blood tests done last week and we will be taking the results soon – I will post them here later.

    With best wishes,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  12. 24

    Bic said,

    Dear Choesf,

    i first came cross your blog when i searched for the Tateshi Kasu Miracle Vegetable Soup (MVS), then i got deeper and so excited about other things that you have wrote here. So far, i have made burdock tea, 3 batches of clean enzyme, and i have done the 1st gallbladder, liver clean two days ago. i have learned so much from you and others and i keep learning…

    Thank you very much for sharing all of your known and un-known on your blog.

    i am a Vietnamese but live in Canada. About 9 years ago, i heard about the Miracle Vegetable Soup, bought a book (translated to Vietnamese) and used it for a while. i don’t remember how it impacted on me and my hubby’s health at that time. I am now 49 years old and the pre-menopause had been hitting me with hot flashes, weight gain, irregular period, mood swing, memory loss,… so i re-started the MVS with hope to balance my hormone and lower my husband’s high blood pressure.

    i started taking two MVS small glasses per day in late March 2013 for two days, then increased to the full two glasses, and after about four weeks of taking it every days, i felt my hot flash was reduced, and i had nights of straight sleep, but sometimes, during the days i felt so sleepy that i had to take the naps, which was not often happened to me.

    After that i had to work out of town for two weeks, but i managed to be able consumed MVS 1/2 – 1 cup per day. When backed home, up until now, i kept consuming one cup in the mornings. It was 25 days i used only one glass per day, and last night the hot flash and mild sweat work me up…

    With what happened, i think the MVS has effected to my hormone, and i need to get back to two glasses per day to be able easing the premenopausal crises. Unfortunately, after done the Gallbladder Clean, which i would share to you under its topic, my stomach has been so sensitive with all kind of fruits and some kind of vegetables that including MVS. i have to wait….

    The down side of using MVS is i felt dry throat after dink it, so i had been taking lots of water then. i had stomach ache when i took MVS before bed, so i drank it after dinner, and later used only one per day as mentioned above

    That was my experience of using MVS within two months.

    For my husband who has high blood pressure, and had been using its medication since 2000:

    He used one cup in the mornings with no side effect of dry throat. He said 9 years ago when we first used the MVS, his blood pressure was dropped… so he takes one cup and maintain of using the Western medication.

    Ah! My blood pressure are usually around 90-96/ 55-59. Some days, during the last two months, i felt tired and thought my bp dropped, but it was higher than my normal bp, around 113/69.
    Is that weird? i can’t ask my family doctor as he is not believe in this MVS.

    Choesf, do you know any other herbs might help to ease the premenopausal symptoms as i would use as an alternative one after taking this MVS for three months.

    Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family.

    Note: My MVS was made without leaves


    • 25

      Hi there, dear Bic πŸ˜€

      Thank you for sharing your experience on trying out some natural remedies for health. Wow, you have “known” the Miracle Vegetable Soup longer than I do. Yes, when we are experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, we will try all sort of natural remedies to alleviate them and it is often an “internal battle” that we have to fight on our own without anyone in the family really understanding what we are going through. I am so glad to know another menopausal lady now! πŸ˜†

      About the MVS, it can be considered a cooling drink according to Traditional Chinese Medicine…and therefore, whenever it reaches the stage whereby I start to feel really tired and sleepy, I would stop drinking the soup for a while. So, in your situation, perhaps you give have a break from the MVS for a couple of weeks, maybe even a month. Sometimes, our body would get used to whatever health tea/soups we are on and we have to let our body rest from that particular health tea/remedy that we are on. I often rotate my health drinks.

      I believe every woman experiences menopause differently and also, their body will respond differently to the natural remedies also. What I do is to try a certain tea first for a few days and see how it addresses my menopausal symptom. I even try a combination of the teas together.

      For example, at the moment, for my first tea in the morning, I put a combination of (1/2 teaspoon each) dried burdock root, dried holy basil and dried Jiaogulan into a mug and pour hot water over. I find that this “combo” gives me energy, calmness and perseverance to carry out my tasks throughout the day. Without this tea, I would pretty much have to push myself to go through the day. 😳

      I drink about 2 cups of that in the day.

      Master atan taught me in the past few weeks to take Fish Oil that has Omega 3 (EPA and DHA content) and after about 3 weeks of taking Omega 3, I find that I am much calmer these days (before, it was difficult to deal with my menopausal irritability and anger) – but it is recommended that we take about 1,200 mg at least of Omega 3 a day (spread out throughout the day). The amazing thing about Omega 3 Fatty Acids, I noticed that my heart palpitations have not occurred in the past 3 weeks already since I started the Fish Oil. Before, my heart would jump terribly once in a while – like 10 days or 2 weeks.

      So, if you can, try to take Fish Oil regularly – read the contents on the Fish Oil bottle to see how much is the Omega 3 DHA and EPA content in each capsule – then you calculate how many capsules that you need to take daily.

      One of the worse menopausal symptoms that I hate is the lack of energy – both the Jiaogulan Tea and Burdock Root tea help to address that issue.

      On the weight gain – Kuding Cha Tea can help us to lose weight. If you can’t find Kuding Cha in Canada, then try Yerba Mate Tea (from Argentina). Yerba Mate gives a stable output of energy if you drink it throughout the day…but if you add some Jiaogulan Tea to the Yerba Mate, you can be a superwoman during the day and do many tasks! πŸ˜†

      Since you are in Canada, it should be easy for you to find Motherwort there, try to make some Motherwort tincture or teas. I have found Motherwort to be very calming on the body and spirit. It is a great comfort to me.

      When you are trying out the teas that I mentioned above, do concentrate on just one tea for a week and see how you react to it. Then stop that tea, and try another one. This way, you will know what works best for you. πŸ˜‰

      So far, I don’t have any hot flash issues….but then the weather here in Malaysia is always hot anyway and I am always feeling hot. πŸ˜†

      I am glad that your husband is also drinking the MVS regularly – 1 cup can also be very beneficial. I make the MVS like once a month these days because I have so many health teas to rotate with. πŸ˜†

      Your blood pressure before was very good and low in the average zone, even for your level now of 113/69 is still considered a very good reading for someone in our age group. I heard the perfect blood pressure reading (a balanced one) is 120/80 ?

      You can try the other teas that I had mentioned above and if you have any queries, you can write about them here and we can discuss about them on this page. πŸ˜‰

      Take care and do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€

      P.S. Among all the teas that I have tried, I would say that we as menopausal ladies cannot do without Jiaogulan Tea and Burdock Root Tea. The burdock root tea tastes very good when roasted, compared to the sun dried one which has an earthy taste that I don’t quite like. πŸ’‘


  13. 26

    Bic said,

    Dear Choesf,

    You are so right about the lack of energy due to menopausal, i also find so hard to concentrate to do my paper works,… My long run health issue is the lower blood pressure (LBP) that my Western family doctor did not give me an answer or anything to cure it. In the last ten years i have tried to eat right and exercise regularly, but my LBP still remain the same. i wish to find some herb/food that help to fight back my pre-menopause symptoms and might be also help to balance my LBP.

    Wow! There are so many new herbs that i would learn from you. Step by step i would give them a try and will share my experience here.

    i love Burdock, it is delicious to me that every time making the MVS soup i ate some pieces raw. Two weeks ago i also made the Burdock tea, and after roasted it tastes sooo good that i consumed few more pieces, but immediately my throat was dry out. It was so bad that i felt someone choked me up. Yesterday, i’m back of taking one glass of MVS soup, and again i fallen to sleep during the day, and had to drink a lot of water after that. Unfortunately Burdock tea and MVS is not for me now. i’ll test it after about 3 months.

    i definitely would try the Jiaogulan Tea and cross my fingers… Thanks for reminding me about the omega 3. i was on and off with it, and just took one while writing this to you πŸ™‚

    i would share with you about the Fennel seed. Two days ago i had a big dinner with my friends; back home, i made a cup of tea then ate the Fennel seed. Within 2-4 hours later, my stomach started making noises and produced lots of gas and wind…The next morning i felt so hurry (normally i feel bloated at night and next day don’t feel hurry until close to noon if i had a big dinner) and then passing … plus oil.

    Have you tried the Fennel seed? If so, i would love to hear about it.
    Have a nice week.

    P.S. i received the notice of your reply to my email at the last time i posted on different page… but not this time, might be i did something incorrect… Anyway, i checked this page and found your answer. Thank you very much.


    • 27

      Hi there, dear Bic πŸ˜€

      Thank you for sharing your information on Fennel Seeds. Wow, I didn’t know that it has so many health benefits – especially for smoothing perimenopause, for weight loss, digestion, coughs, etc :-


      Yes, one thing about the roasted burdock root tea, it can be very heaty. I, too, couldn’t resist tasting some right after I roasted them and I felt very heaty with a dry throat, too. Maybe we can balance its heatiness by eating some slices of cucumber? Just a thought. πŸ’‘

      About the Omega Fish Oil – the Omega 3 amount is stated on the label, e.g. EPA 120 mg and DHA 180 mg…making it a total of Omega 3 (DHA + EPA) 300 mg. We need to take at least 1,000 mg of Omega 3 to feel its good effects. Maximum required is 3,000 mg.

      When we are perimenopausal, energy and mood levels can change so unexpectantly. I call it being on a rollercoastal ride! πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

      Take care and do have a blessed day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  14. 28

    Bic said,

    Dear Choesf,

    i just consumed but didn’t know about the EPA & DAH in the Fish Oil until now. The bottle i’m having shows each softgel contains:
    – Wild Alaska Salmon oil 1000mg
    – EPA 90mg
    – DHA 110mg
    Is that mean the total good oil is only 200mg and the rest of 800mg is “junk” oil?
    The recommended dosage is 4 softgels daily, but i only take 1/2 of it as i eat salmon and flax seed regularly. Hope it is ok πŸ™‚

    i also learn more good things about the Fennel Seeds on last Sunday when i had a big meal, and keep using it twice per day, but from yesterday i cut it back to use before bed only as i think it might flush out the good omega 3 that i consumed during the day (?). i haven’t use this tea long enough to know how it impact on other issues, except it is really, really good for digestion.

    By the way, i found the radish’s leave to complete the MVS. i usually cook 1 part of vegetable w/ 2 parts water in a pressure cooker with hope to lock in the vitamins. When it brings to boil, i simmer it for 90min-100min, then cooled in the cold water and transfer it into a fridge asap. When drink, i take two parts of MVS and add 1 part of hot water. This way i don’t have to preheat the soup, and i found the taste is a bit nicer to compare cook it in a regular pot πŸ™‚
    i love this soup and will back with it as soon as i could. Right now, only my husband drinks it.

    Have a nice date!


    • 29

      Hi there, dear Bic πŸ˜€

      Yes, if 1 capsule of 1,000 mg fish oil has only 200 mg of EPA/DHA, that means the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that are good for us is only 20% and we are consuming the other part as oil. I wasn’t aware of that, too and nowadays, I am taking 600 mg of EPA/DHA in one capsule…so, I don’t take too much oil. I am on 1,800 mg of Omega 3, while my husband is on 2,400 mg daily. I noticed since I increased my dosage of Omega 3, I am much calmer and healthier and best is, I have not had any heart palpitations for more than one month already (I used to have them around 2 weeks or so, no matter what herbal remedy I was on). πŸ˜‰

      But since you are able to eat salmon and take flax seeds often, then you have a good dosage of weekly Omega 3. Here in Malaysia, I have yet to find flax seeds, and even then, both salmon and flax seeds here are very expensive.

      I will go get some fennel seeds to try out – I have read so much good stuff on them. Yes, cooking the MVS in a pressure cooker will bring out all the goodness – you have a very good tip there – cook a concentrated form of MVS and then dilute it with a little hot water when drinking. πŸ˜‰

      Take care and do have a nice evening! Here it is Friday morning already – I love Fridays because tomorrow, it’s the weekend and I can rest! πŸ˜†

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  15. 30

    Bic said,

    Ahhh! Now i know what to look for when buying the Omega 3. Thanks Choesf.
    i’ll go to get some Jiaogulan and Yerba Mate tea.

    Have a nice weekend


  16. 31

    Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

    Here are the comparison blood tests results for my husband from 31 May 2013 …………8 April, 2013 (he stopped his cholesterol medicine when he started his Black Fungus Drink on 1 April, 2013) and from 6 February, 2013 ===>

    Total Cholesterol – 6.0 mmol/L…………..7.79 mmol/L …….. 3.6 previously (normal is < 5.20)

    Triglycerides – 8.25 mmol/L……………….12.79 mmol/L ……….. 3.41 previously (normal is 1.03)

    Total Cholesterol/HDL – 7.1 mmol/L………….10.10 mmol/L …….. 4.9 previously(normal is 4.5 mmol/L

    Fasting Blood Sugar – 6.3 mmol/L ……..7.2 mmol/L………6.8 mmol/L (normal 3.9 to 5.5)

    CLICK HERE for Cholesterol Converter – mmol/L to mg/dl

    Because he stopped his cholesterol medication, Lipitor, one week later his cholesterol shot up 7.79 mmol/L while his triglycerides went up sharply to 12.79 mmol/L. But after further drinking of the BFD for 1 month, his readings went down to 6.0 and 8.25 respectively. That confirmed that the Black Fungus can indeed bring down cholesterol and triglycerides.

    However, because my husband still has high cholesterol and his triglycerides were dangerously high – our family doctor put him back on medication but a different one – Fenolip (Fenofibrate) for high cholesterol and hypertriglycaemia.

    Our doctor is happy that my husband’s blood sugar level has improved over the months and the best news is my husband is now taking better care of himself – with lesser consumption of junk foods, carbohydrates and sugar…and he has started to exercise! πŸ˜†

    Also, my husband’s uric acid medication, Allopurinol, has been reduced in dosafe from 300mg daily to 100mg.

    With best wishes,

    choesf πŸ˜€


  17. 32

    ray colbert said,

    I am trying to understand which mode of the tea would work best for me.

    I would like to have the cholesterol, Blood pressure, Diabetic and weight loss benefits.

    The tea bags appear cheaper than either the loose leaf or capsules.

    I am sure I will have to have the sweeter taste as I can’t stand bitter tea.

    Your thoughts?


    • 33

      Hi there, dear Ray πŸ˜€

      The teabag version works just as well – since I have found a cheaper brand of sweet Jiaogulan teabags, my family is now taking just that form of tea.

      Jiaogulan Tea can help those health conditions that you had mentioned but you need to drink at least 2 to 3 cups of the tea daily for it to work more effectively. I have friends who just took this Jiaogulan tea who have lost weight, too.

      Kuding Cha is the one that is really powerful and effective for lowering sugar levels and reducing weight fast, but that tea is too bitter and nasty tasting for you. Even my eldest daughter would gag at the taste of Kuding Cha.

      Since I last posted this article, I am happy to report that my husband has (on his own accord) now cut down on almost all of his junk foods, carbohydrates, sugar and fat intakes, and is basically eating healthier. With that, the health teas would work even better for him and hopefully by a year’s time, we may be able to reduce his medication.

      As long as he doesn’t watch his diet, even the teas would not be able help him on their own, as shown in his last 2 blood test results when he stopped his cholesterol and uric acid medication.

      He is due for another blood test next month and I will report here the results. Today, he has lost some weight and his pot belly is getting smaller. πŸ˜‰

      With best wishes for good health,

      choesf πŸ˜€

      P.S. My husband has yet to start on any exercises though… πŸ™„


  18. 34

    Good news! I just received my order of 2 60-ml bottles of Stevia extract from iherb at just USD3-95 each. Now, I can help to cut down my husband’s sugar intake by replacing sugar with 1 or 2 drops of Stevia extract πŸ˜€ ===>


    Servings Per Bottle: about 375 (of 5 drops each)

    You can use Gift Coupon Code No. MLL 655 for a USD10 discount off your first purchase of more than USD40 (USD5 off if less than USD40)!


  19. 35

    George Tan said,

    Hi everyone,

    I am going to introduce you to another tea which I am sure most of you have heard before.

    I know pu er cha is good and expensive, but I did not expect it to be so effective against cholesterol.

    Read this site’s readers’ comments on pu er cha for your info. (http://www.purepuer.com).

    1) Alice Waters, “mother of California cuisine”, said pu er tea has lowered her cholesterol 100 points.

    2) A former heart attack reader has his cholesterol level near normal level after drinking the tea for about 5 weeks without taking his statins.

    3) Tests conducted by universities pointed to lower cholesterol level with pu er cha.



    • 36

      Hi there, dear George πŸ˜€

      Wow, that’s fantastic news! A simple remedy to reduce cholesterol – Pu Er tea. My family loves Pu Er tea and we used to drink that very often for a while a few years back. But now that we have so many health teas to drink, I should get out my dusty Chinese teapot and brew some Pu Er Tea again! πŸ˜†

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful tip and information to reduce cholesterol πŸ˜‰

      Recently, my regular Chinese Medicine shop boss gave me about 10 capsules of Red Yeast Rice to try – he said one of his customer’s high cholesterol became normalised after consuming 1 bottle (70 capsules) of Red Yeast Rice, and it costs only RM40. But I have yet to try that.

      Do have a lovely weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


      • 37

        P.S. I forgot to mention that I now have 7 large “cakes” of 5-year old Pu Er in my cupboard. Heheh, I am keeping it until it is more “matured” after a few more years. A friend gave me some small biscuit-sized cakes of 20-year old Pu Er – wow, that sure tasted really smooth and nice! The older and higher quality the Pu Er, the more expensive it will be! πŸ˜†


      • 38

        George Tan said,

        Hi mdm happyhomemaker,

        Please be informed that red yeast rice contains natural statin, so if your husband is taking statin medicine, he should not take any red yeast rice as the amount of statin will increase.

        Yes, I know I am very bad in introducing more tea (and herbs) to your readers. I hope everyone will not try all the teas and herbs simultaneously but to try them out at different period of time and in moderate quantity.

        Compare your original post and post #31, it seems that your husband’s cholesterol levels were very good last time. So there must be something correct that he was taking last time but not now. Maybe pu er tea is the reason? Just a thought.



      • 39

        Good morning, dear George πŸ˜€

        Don’t worry, any new natural health tips that you have are most welcomed here! πŸ˜†

        For my comment # 31 on my husband’s blood test results…he had stopped taking the cholesterol medicine for 40 days whilst he was trying out the Black Fungus Drink & Overnight Soaked Oats…whilst my cholesterol level dropped from 6.2 to 5.5, my husband’s shot up without the statins. 😦

        So, now he is back on cholesterol medication with some adjustments to the type of medication. He is taking Fenolip for triglycerides/cholesterol (his triglycerides level were high originally) and a Heparite supplement to protect his liver.

        Last month, he has gone for some blood tests and I will post the results here shortly.

        Thank you for the tips on Red Yeast Rice having statin effects…I was going to try them out for myself. If it has natural statins, does that mean that if one takes it to reduce cholesterol, the cholesterol level will go up if one stops the Red Yeast Rice? Just wondering…

        I would think that Pu Er tea would be better as a natural cholesterol reducing tea with no side effects! πŸ˜‰

        With best wishes,

        choesf πŸ˜€


      • 40

        George Tan said,

        Hi happyhomemaker,

        Yes pu-er tea should be the better choice.

        I just found out that 2 persons I know drink this tea and 1 of them (guy) is an obese, the other lady is a bit fat. They passed their annual medical tests! They drink kuding cha too but they just could not slim down. Everytime I see this lady, she will say, “George, kuding cha really makes you slim but there is no effect on me!”

        I think pu-er tea has made their body so ‘clean and normal’ that kuding cha finds nothing to clear.

        I tried the pu-er teabag for a couple of days and checking my blood pressure, it gave me a shock. First day reading was 110/69, second day 118/70. My reading is normally >120/>70. I don’t know if this has something to do with other tea that I am drinking or what, but it shows that pu-er tea is really something. No wonder, the pu-er cake is so expensive.



      • 41

        Good morning, dear George πŸ˜€

        Wow, that is really fantastic news! I didn’t know Pu Er tea can have such health benefits, too! πŸ˜€

        Just now, I quickly packed some Pu Er tea leaves for my husband to take to his office for drinking. I told him what you said and he will try drinking this tea until his next blood tests due in 2 months’ time. For the past 6 months, he has been drinking one cup of Jiaogulan Tea combined with 2 sticks of Kuding Cha after lunch at office.

        Yesterday, I made a large pot of Pu Er tea in the morning for me and my daughter (who is obese 😦 ) … and then for the second round, I added a 1 more teaspoon of Pu Er and 2 bags of Jiaogulan Tea. I had a look at the labels on the cakes of Pu Er…I had bought them in 2009 and I have kept them until 4 years later now….they tasted better and smoother now, compared to when I drank it in 2009 (when it was too smoky and almost “raw” in taste)! πŸ˜†

        I have another “little rattan basket” of tea … also fermented, “old” tea called “Loke Poh” Tea. We were drinking that for a while.

        Okay, I will make this tea for my family daily and see how it goes…

        Thank you so much for the extra information on the goodness of Pu Er Tea! πŸ˜‰

        Do have a lovely day!

        With best wishes,

        choesf πŸ˜€


      • 42

        P.S. I found a very website with very good explanation of the health benefits of Pu Er tea πŸ’‘ ===>

        The health benefits of Puerh: Helps losing weight; Preventing cancer; Protecting teeth; Protecting stomach; Anti-radiation; Anti-aging.


    • 44

      Hi there, dear li πŸ˜€

      Wow, people that young are getting diabetes nowadays? That is quite a worry. The only people who would be happy with that are those pharmaceutical companies supplying diabetic medicines! 😦

      Thank you for sharing all those informative links on diabetes…they are really helpful. I love the bitter gourd one as I love its taste. πŸ˜‰

      Do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  20. 45

    Dr. Oz on “Pu-erh Tea is one of the Best Teas for Weight Loss” ===>


  21. 46

    How to brew Pu Er Tea πŸ’‘ ===>


  22. 47

    L.O. said,

    Hi choesf,

    I came across your blog while reading up about Tateshi Kazu’s soup. I saw that you are on a quest to reduce your husband’s medication which is good because all medication has side effects. The best way is to change one’s diet but it will be difficult for most people who loves food especially Malaysians.

    I’m unsure whether you have read or heard about these 2 books, ‘Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease’ by Caldwell B. Esselstyn and ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell. I highly recommended them if you haven’t read them before and are really serious about reducing the cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar level. All those 3 are precursor to heart disease and other diseases.

    You can buy the books at Kinokuniya, KL or order them online from its website. The books are not too technical and I think it will be an easy read for most people. Once you have read the books, you will be able to understand and know what you need to do to become healthier.



    • 48

      Hi there, dear L.O. πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for recommending those two books to me – I will be sure to go to Kinokuniya, KLCC asap to check them out. Yes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are not good and are precursors to heart and arterial diseases.

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


  23. 49

    Theresa said,

    Hi Choef,

    It’s been a while of absence from reading up on your blog. How are you? All are well? Not sure if you had heard of this new(old) remedy yet, but it has been in circuit on the web for sometime. Check it out. It’s an artery unblocking remedy that you will be interested in. It’s the Ginger juice-Garlic juice-Lemon juice-Apple cider vinegar-Honey syrup. A cup each combined together and boiled down to three cups before adding in the honey after it is cooled down. All it takes is one tablespoon of this in the morning on an empty stomach. Then enjoy your breakfast after 15 minutes. Like the black fugus drink, it has given me super smooth hands and lighten facial skin.

    πŸ™‚ Theresa


    • 50

      Hi there, dear Theresa πŸ˜€

      I am so glad to see you here! Yes, it has been quite a while since we last “chatted” here! πŸ˜†

      Sad to say, I have been down and out for the past 1 1/2 months – firstly, with a blocked left ear canal and ear ringing (I saw an ENT specialist doctor and got that fixed) and it was really uncomfortable. Then, last week I had high fever and a visit to the hospital found me down with Influenze Type A. I was totally out for 10 days and today, I am slowly regaining my energy to go about my daily chores! 😳

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience on taking that Garlic Juice-Lemon Juice- Apple Cider-Honey (GLAH) syrup for health – I really appreciate your kindness there! Yes, I have read about it and was really interested in making up a batch to try …. reading your experience will now have me going to get the ingredients and make this concoction.

      I found some links and there should be the one, right? ===>



      My interest in this GLAH syrup started when my husband’s school friend told him about a certain syrup which has garlic or onion and apple cider vinegar and honey and I Googled for the information and came up with the GLAH. I wasn’t sure it was that as my husband’s friend wasn’t sure what was in a syrup as his friend gave him a bottle of it and he said it cleared a lot of toxins from his body. His age spots on his face were gone after one month.

      Right before I fell sick, I was busy trying out “Gua Shar” (Scraping Technique) for health and doing a Liver Detoxification/Regeneration….

      Take care and stay healthy!

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


      • 51

        P.S. How much (in kilos) of fresh garlic and fresh ginger root is required to make up 1 cup of juice each ❓ Just so I know how much to buy. I read that it may be hard to extract the garlic juice and I am thinking of pounding the garlic and ginger in a stone pestle and mortar and then squeeze out the juices with a muslin cloth. πŸ’‘


  24. 52

    Theresa said,

    Hi Cheof,

    It’s always a downer getting sick. I hope that you are gaining back your energy soon.

    Yes, I had read both of these links in your reply. I made and finished the first batch that I made a little over a month ago. I made a double batched last week since both my husband and I are taking this syrup. I believe this syrup is really good for circulation. I noticed that the skin on my very chapped and dried fingers were turning smoother each day after starting taking this syrup. Just a tablespoon every morning 15 minutes before breakfast.

    I didn’t note down how much garlic that I used to extract one cup of garlic juice. Maybe about one Kg. But, make sure you wear plastic gloves when handling garlic, I got garlic burn on my hand when making my first batch. It’s best to use a Corning pot to boil this syrup. Some people’s syrup turn green when making it. My sister’s experience is to bring the garlic juice to a boil first before adding in the ginger juice, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. This way your syrup should not turn green. The final product should be golden light brown.


    • 53

      Theresa said,

      P.S. A muslin cloth to extract the garlic and ginger would absorb some of its juice. I used one of those clothes nylon nets used for washing clothes. I bought one that is very dense.


      • 54

        Hi there, dear Theresa πŸ˜€

        Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing weekend with your family! πŸ˜€

        Thank you so much for all you tips and information – they have helped answer all the questions that I have been wondering. I asked my husband just now if he will drink this syrup to try for good health and he said he will. So, I will get the various ingredients and “tools” ready to make a batch next week! I am very excited to test out the efficacy of the syrup myself, too. I have higher than normal cholesterol level and because of my heart palpitations I had earlier, I am also worried I may have some not-so-healthy arteries. This syrup will help to clear the arteries and lower cholesterol. πŸ’‘

        With best wishes,

        choesf πŸ˜€


  25. 55

    […] year, I wrote about “On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency for Β High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Blood Sugar…” but it didn’t really work out for my husband because I was giving him too many herbal […]


    • 56

      Check out my latest article on Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – finally, my husband’s medication for his high blood pressure has been reduced by our doctor after my husband took DE for 2 weeks! Now, he is on Micardis only as Norvasc has been stopped last Monday. I am monitoring his blood pressure daily and so far, his blood pressure is very good around 120/80 πŸ˜€


  26. 57

    […] Link :- On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency On Lifetime Medication […]


  27. 58

    Update πŸ’‘ –

    Since my husband is based back at his office and no longer worked from home, it was difficult for me to give him the various types of herbal teas as mentioned above. Now, his working hours are from 11am to 8pm to cater to European clients.

    As a result, his cholesterol readings went way up again and luckily, Diatomaceous Earth was able to reduce the readings to good levels. The only problem was his increased HbA1c, which went way and I will be giving him more Kuding Cha. πŸ˜‰

    Also, our doctor has made him promised he will abstain from taking direct sugar.


  28. 59

    Kok-Hong said,

    Came across your site while looking for articles on Puer Tea and HbA1c. Your husband may want to consider a carb restricted diet and intermittent 18 hour fasting to manage his HbA1c. Also certain raw Puer tea are very effective for controlling post meal glucose spike.


    • 60

      Hi there, Kok-Hong πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for your advice for my husband. Unfortunately, he is still consuming more carbo than he should as a diabetic, and so his HbA1C is still hovering around 7. I have a few cakes of raw Puer and I will give him that to drink to control his post meal glucose spike as you had advised. πŸ˜‰

      With best wishes,

      choesf πŸ˜€


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