Holy Basil ! Ocimum Tenuiflorum…. Another Wonderful Plant With Many Health Benefits – Good For The Heart !

Harvested Holy Basil for drying

Harvested Holy Basil for drying


Hi there, dear friends 😀

I never intended to write about the Holy Basil plant – “Tulsi” as it is more commonly known among the Hindus and as “Tulasi”  here in Malaysia. ….. I originally got a Tulasi plant back in 2003 more for cleansing and calming the energies in the compound/garden of my home.

I had learned from the Vasthu Sastera (Indian Feng Shui) traditions that  the Tulsi can absorb negative energies from its surroundings, and from people of ill intents – the Tulsi leaves would turn brown and look as if the plant was dying if it was exposed to negative energies. However, the plant will regenerate back its energy/qi and grow lushly again. 💡  



This morning, my daughter told me that my Holy Basil plant was growing really too large and was too close to her car for her to open her passenger door properly. Throughout  the years of having Holy Basil plants, this plant has somehow thrived the best and has grown the “bushiest” in its present spot of being next to my compound’s main gates, despite its home in a small, lesser than 1-foot high pot.  Its location beside the gates there was as a “sentry” of my home. 😉 

Anyway, I had to trim the plant today but I felt it was a utter waste to just throw the cuttings away like that – the plant looks really healthy and I felt like it was “calling out” to me to turn it into a healing food instead! 😆 

My Indian neighbour, Aunty Kumar, had told me before that eating the Tulsi raw was good for treating stomach ailments, but I know there got to be more health benefits to it …  

….well, the Tulsi didn’t let me down at all and I found a whole lot of Holy Basil information on health on the Internet.  💡 

In Dr.Singh’s Naturals website, the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant ===>

1) has abundant magnesium and therefore, is good for preventing heart diseases by ensuring our blood vessels work properly and keeping our veins clog free by having our red blood cells flow smoothly

2) can reduce  glucose in Type 2 diabetics

3) is a good stress reliever and good adaptogen

4) is good for curing cough, colds, sore throats, headaches, stomach ailments

5) has a lot of anti-oxidants

6) has a nerve tonic that can even enhance our memory, prevent or cure  Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

7) has anti-inflammatory properties that can hydrate our skin, making us look younger and glowing at the same time

Some websites said it can increase testosterone levels, reduce muscle sore after a strenuous workout (good for body builders), burn belly fat, etc…  

In Aryurveda traditions, the Holy Basil can affect the body’s energy fields in that the Holy Basil can perform the body’s spiritual function by  balancing and toning the body’s  chakras. Holy Basil opens up the heart and the mind, bestowing the energy of “love and devotion.”  

Wow!  I didn’t know I have a pot of “medicine chest” growing in my garden! On some mornings, when I let my beagle out to the garden, I would pluck 2 Tulsi leaves to eat. Little did I know they were packing a lot of goodness in them!  

Hmmm…I must figure out a way to incorporate this Holy Basil tea into my regimen of healing foods and drinks.  Let me clear the “trial run” of my recently posted Roasted Burdock Root Tea first and then, I will sample the Holy Basil Tea for good health – I have a pretty good idea what I will be using the tea for! 💡 

As usual, I wish all of you “the best of health” always,

choesf 😀


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  1. 2

    jane said,

    Hi is this called 左手香 in Chinese ? If yes , then i have it, but never see mine flower like yr picture.


    • 3

      Hi there, dear Jane 😀

      I am sorry I don’t know its name in Chinese and I couldn’t find the Chinese name in the Internet 😳 … I also have the Thai Basil plant, which is more commonly used in cooking Chinese and Thai food. The Tulsi or Holy Basil plant has more “fuzzy” or “hairy” leaves. I have also grown a few varieties of Tulsi – I usually find small, wild ones growing in or near my compound and I will grow them to larger plants. After a while, sometimes they grow too big or die off due to the limited space in my pot.

      What I have at the moment have light green leaves and green stems, whilst my previous one had purple stems and darker green leaves. They flower very easily with lots of seeds in every stem – hence, I often get baby plants scattered all over my compound. 😆

      Later, I will post a picture of my drying Holy Basil cuttings. 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀

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  2. 4

    P.S. I had just uploaded a picture of my Tulsi cuttings for drying – when they are to be used for healing purpuses – be sure to cut them right when they are about to flower, so that the good energies are still in the leaves.

    Mine just started flowering with one or two stems forming seeds already…in the end, I decided to use every part of the plants ===> the seeds, flowers, stems and leaves for drying.

    While looking for the Chinese name of Tulsi, I found a post about using the basil seeds for health in China…not sure if they are Holy Basil Seeds for sure … anyway, it is an interesting post of putting the seeds in drinks 💡 :-

    Basil Seeds – Beijing’s New Superfood


  3. 6

    George Tan said,

    HI everyone,

    The Chinese name for Holy Basil is 羅勒 or simplified 罗勒 (luó lè). In Indonesia, they use basil as mosquito repellent and it is toxic to their larvae.

    So have a few plants in your house and surrounding and most likely you will not have any mosquito in your home.


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    • 7

      Good evening, dear George 😀

      Thank you for your helpful information and Chinese name for the Holy Basil. 😉

      I know that the Thai Basil is a mosquito repellent, but I didn’t know that the Holy Basil is one, too. In that case, I will be sure to plant more Holy Basil and put them around my home. Great tip there! 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 8

    […] Holy Basil ! Ocimum Tenuiflorum…. Another Wonderful Plant With Many Health Benefits – Go… […]


  5. 10

    LIPSHYAN LAM said,

    May I know where can I buy a tulasi plant here in malaysia? Interesting article and im quite amazed by this plant’s capabilities. Appreciate your reply. You can email me directly. Thanks for the help.


    • 11

      Hi there, dear Lipshyan 😀

      If you ask around Indian florists or friends and tell them you are interested in planting some tulasi plants, they may be able to give your some seeds or seedlings. My Indian neighbour has a tulasi plant and somehow, the seeds grew in my house compound. I just transplanted the seedlings into a larger pot and they grow very well with good sunlight and water. 😉

      You can also try asking around at plant nurseries although I don’t know if they sell tulasi plant. 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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