Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day 2013

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Here is wishing all mothers and grandmothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Ah, today is the day that you get to be QUEEN for a day! 😆 

I remember a few years’ ago, I woke up really surprised to find that my children had got up earlier to clean the whole house for me! They vacuumed and mopped and dusted…I was amazed and deeply touched! 

In another year, I woke up to find that my children had cooked some pancakes for breakfast for me. 😆  

When my children got older and my eldest daughter has begun working, Mother’s Day was celebrated with a nice lunch or dinner at some restaurant and going to the movies. This year, I decided to cook something special for my family instead on Mother’s Day… for tomorrow, I will be going with my second daughter for a foot reflexology massage, a pedicure and then for a nice brunch. Ah, bliss…. 😉 

Do have a wonderful day today with your family! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 


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    TheOwl said,

    Dear Happy,

    Stay-at-home mothers work so hard. Those working moms have an even harder deal. You deserved all the appreciation your children
    /husband showered upon you so a belated Happy Mom’s Day. You’re one lucky lady.

    Time flies and it has been a while since I visited your blog. The last time I wrote about worms was many months back. I wanna tell you and your readers about the latest development and hope somebody could give me good,practical advice. I have not taken a look into my two tubs for many many months bcs I’m afraid to look at the worms. Lately,I notice that none has crawled out of the big tub bcs there would be a few hiding under the wash basin or something when there’s a thunderstorm (maybe they are afraid of thunder) and that there’s a “bad” smell emanating from both tubs. I think the worms are dead and decomposing. I’m now waiting for them to be truly decomposed before I dare to open the tubs to have a peek.

    Do you or any reader think it is better for me to dispose of the contents of both tubs and start anew or should I add more water and brown sugar? I feel a little geli to use the enzyme knowing that it was teeming with worms once. I was waiting for the worms to be all dead and decomposed first. The content would make very good organic fertilisers. I have 3 or 4 strong heroes to help me remove the tubs and pour out the contents in the garden compost heap (that’s why I must wait for the worms to die or they’ll crawl everywhere in the garden as the compost heap is at one corner of the garden and not in a bin or box. I’m thinking of constructing a large wooden bin for making compost as that’s neater or perhaps fence up the compost heap with bricks).

    I have a few mulberry trees (black sweet fruits when very ripe) which are purely organic and fruit a few times a year with big fruits bcs they get all the compost made from organic stuff like fruit skin,vegetable skin etc. The last harvest which was just over is really bountiful. I add some to my smoothies everyday and keep them in cling wrap in the fridge bcs every morning there’s such a big harvest. Lots of sparrows (burung pipit) share the fruits with us so you wake up to the merry sound of tens of chirping little birds. In fact,if there’s a market for organic mulberries I could plant an orchard. There’s very little work involved in their care except pruning. However,if you plant hundreds or thousands of trees you would need workers and a real orchard/plantation away from the city where land is precious. That would become a business venture with all its accompanying headaches but it could be an option to consider for the future LOL. One could make a lot of money if there’s a market. Besides having it fresh in smoothies you could eat it like that or with ice cream or have it dried as a preserve. It will involve a lot of hard work bcs they are almost like strawberries,only hardier They don’t keep for too long outside but can keep for some time in the fridge.

    I thank you and your readers for whatever kind advice pertaining to my blundered enzyme attempt. Thanks again.


    • 2

      Hi there, dear TheOwl 😀

      Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes. Now that my children are almost adults, I am beginning to reap the rewards of being a stay-at-home mom and taking care of them since I quit working 13 years ago. Now, I have more free time to myself and get pampered by my children instead! Sometimes, I feel like I am beginning to be the kid or child at home! 😆

      My hats off to working moms because they have to juggle both office and house work at the same time and with the horrendous traffic jams these days, working moms have hardly any time for themselves. It can be really stressful.

      About your enzymes, I think it is better to use the present batch as your compost and start from scratch again with new fruit peels, sugar and water. I don’t think adding sugar and water would do it for your present enzymes as there is an extra ingredient in there already – worms! 😉

      Wow, you have so many organic mulberry fruits! You must have a wonderful green thumb to make good compost and having such healthy mulberry trees. Mulberry leaves and fruits are very healthy to take. I was testing out some mulberry leaves (I ate them raw, dried in capsule form, drank as tea, as a decoction) for a while (just a few weeks) but I didn’t gather enough results to make a new post here. Maybe you can make some mulberry jams also. Your mulberry fruits can be sold at farmers’ markets…I am sure people would buy the fruits. 😀

      Currently, I am on another “experiment” to test out another health remedy and I should be able to write about that shortly. 😉

      Take care and have fun making a new batch of enzymes!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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