Feeling Tired Or Cranky? Salt Baths & Scrubs – An Easy Way To De-stress & Cleanse Your Energies


Hi there, dear friends, Very Happy

There are a few ways to de-stress and the easiest one is to do a salt bath or a salt scrub, depending on your preference and if you have a bath tub at home. How it works is mainly by removing negative energies (that we have picked up daily and accumulated) from our auras. The usual symptoms that tell us that it is time to do this bath is whenever we feel cranky, heavy headedness, “sticky” thinking, mind is slow to work, lethargy, etc.

Sea salts work the best but if none is available, then normal salt will have to do. I stock up many packets of sea salts whenever I find them in supermarkets or grocery stores, and I try to get my family to do the salt baths on every Saturday, whenever possible. Laughing

Salt Bath Method 1

Fill up about 10 litres of water in a pail – add a handful of salt into this container – stir it.Wet body with normal water – then pour this water slowly from head downwards.

Then take normal bath.

Salt Bath Method 2

If you have a bath tub at home, fill it up with water and about 3 cups of sea salt . Add some fresh flower petals and your favourite essential oils – lavendar, mint, etc…for relaxation. Soak in the bath for about 15 minutes or so, listening to your favourite music, sipping a cup of your favourite beverage (chamomile tea would be good), and a wet face towel over your eyes.

When you get out of the bath tub, and you are draining the water in the tub, please observe if you feel dizzy or slightly lightheaded as the bath water is draining away. If yes, please stop the water from draining away, wait for about five minutes or so and then continue with the draining. Sometimes, there could be too much negative energies and as they are been pulled away from the body’s auras through the water, some dizziness may be expected because the body is suddenly feeling lighter without the “heavy load.”

Salt Scrub

1) You need 1 cup of sea salt at least.

2) Standing in a shower, wet and then soap the whole body, from head to toes (hair, too). Rinse with water.

3) Starting from the crown of the head down to the soles of your feer, use salt to scrub every part of your body, including your ears and face.

4) Rinse away all the salt with water from the shower head.

After doing anyone of the above, your skin will feel fresh, tingling and soft and most importantly, you should feel lighter in spirit, happier and the world seems to be a better place to be in.

For those doing the salt baths for their first time, it is recommended that they do this twice a week for a few weeks, and after that, once a week should suffice. 😉
Have a nice day today! Wink

Blessings, Love and Light to you,

choesf Very Happy


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  1. 1

    Manisha Mathew said,

    Dear mam thanks for this tip … if u wont mind may i pls share about gallstone … i had posted earlier also abt my husband having gallstone and nothing happened in the first flush. But we went for sonography and now the stone r broken in to five pieces as earlier they were 1.7 mm and 20mm ans now theri sizes ve become 10mm and 18 mm and they r 5 in pieces after the first flush…so does this means they ve broken down after the first flush. Secondly the first flush was over on 1st july and i m planning to start another from 8th july doing flush do close period will it b harmful as i ll b givving him 8 apple juice per day… some how i was unable to send the msg earlier hence thru this… thanks so much u r indeed blessing in disguise helping everyonr like this …. pls helo me out with reply.


    • 2

      You are most welcome to the gallbladder flush tip, dear Manisha 😀

      Thank you for sharing your feedback on your husband’s gallbladder sonogram result after doing his first flush. I am very happy for both of you that the large gallstone had broken up into smaller ones…thereby making them easier to be passed out in subsequent flushes.

      You husband can start drinking apple juice again 2 weeks from his last purge day (Day 6).

      Thanks to you, now we all here know for sure that large gallstones can break up into smaller pieces, and this will give hope to those with large gallstones diagnosed and who are trying to save their gallbladder from being removed in surgery. 💡

      Good Luck to your husband on his second flush!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 3

        Manisha Mathew said,

        Hi mam yesterday night was the last day again for my husbands gallstone 2nd flush… strange but never goes for the purge whole night … one more thing this time he was having complain of gas in fact even now. I had increased his dose of epsomesalt cud that b the reason secondly morning he just had loose motion kind …will the rest of small stones wd come out or i ll ve to do another flush … pld help mam i just want him to be free of any such problems. Thank u dear


      • 4

        Hi there, dear Manisha 😀

        If there is no purging on Day 6 night, your husband should take the Epsom Salts again on Day 7 morning, when he first woke up and then 2 hours later. Strong, watery diarrhoea occurring a few times may be needed contract the gallbladder to push the bile and stones out. Any stones that are small enough will go into the bile duct for passing out. If there are none passed out, it will mean the stones are still in the gallbladder…however, only a sonogram or ultrasound scan is needed to confirm that.

        It seemed that the Epsom Salts is still not strong enough to start the diarrhoea process in your husband.

        Also, it seems that your husband will have to do a few more flushes if his gallstones are still in the gallbladder.

        Like I have mentioned before, different people will have different experiences but as long as your husband is not having any gallbladder attacks and pains, he should continue doing this flush maybe once a month or so. With each apple juice drinking and purging process, the gallstones do get a little bit smaller.

        Although this is a natural gallbladder flush, it is not a miracle cure that will help with our gallstones overnight for sure. It will take time….after all, it took a long time for the gallstones to form due to high cholesterol in our body.

        However, surgery for removal of gallbladder is recommended if pain is still continuously experienced even after the first gallbladder flush.

        Good Luck!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  2. 5

    […] Feeling Tired Or Cranky? Salt Baths & Scrubs – An Easy Way To De-stress & Cleanse Your… (happyhomemaker88.com) […]


  3. 6

    Mary said,

    I am a fan of epson salt bath. I hear there is magnesium in it and it helps you relax. I do need that as I have fibromyalgia. I will try the salt scrub, sound wonderful.


    • 7

      Hi there, dear Mary 😀

      Yes, Epsom Salt baths are really relaxing. People who suffer from gout attack in their toes can also do an Epsom Salt foot soak to get some relief from the intense pain – it worked for my husband. 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 8

    eddie said,

    thank you Choesf for sharing. i use sea salt solution to bath once in a while for the same reason but never try direct scrub coz takut sakit. now i will try it

    thanks again for sharing. May you n family be blessed



    • 9

      Hi there, dear eddie 😀

      It’s good to see you here! Surprisingly, the salt scrub may feel a little “harsh” on the skin, but after you are done with it, wah….the feeling is so energised and the skin feels so soft like a baby’s bottom! 😆

      My youngest son actually prefers a salt scrub to the salt bath. 😉

      Do have a wonderful, blessed day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  5. 10

    […] Feeling Tired Or Cranky? Salt Baths & Scrubs – An Easy Way To De-stress & Cleanse Your… (happyhomemaker88.com) […]


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