Bio-Identical/Natural USP Progesterone Cream For Men’s Prostate Health, Frequent Night Urination, Weak Urination Stream (MLL 655)


Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have a PROGESTERONE DEFICIENCY ❓ 

Go to THIS WEBSITE and check out the top right hand corner of that page – fill up a questionnaire there to see if your progesterone level has declined over the years 💡  

Recently, I was gathering information for my perimenopausal issues (I wrote about it HERE) and I read up a lot on the use of bio-identical hormones, specifically the natural progesterone cream. 

Wow, was I surprised to find out that natural progesterone cream can be used by men to treat prostate problems, frequent nocturnal (night) urination and poor urination flow stream. As men get older, they may

encounter such problems. I have seen ladies asking Master atan at his forum about remedies for prostate problems (his remedy was to use Nugabest Thermal Massage Bed or Chair Pad) 💡 

Men also go through a stage of hormonal change, a male version of menopause, called andropause. My middle-aged husband has been complaining of having to visit the bathroom often to pee in the middle of the night and that he often takes longer nowadays to pee than when he was younger. A check with his doctor confirmed that his prostate is alright and that it is normal for a man his age to pee more often nightly due to hormonal change at his age. 

However, my husband is not getting a restful sleep at night if he has to get up so often to pee. So, when I received my Natural Progesterone Cream from the USA a few days ago, I applied a little on him (just 1/8 of a teaspoon), too, just to see if it can help him with his frequent nocturnal urination. I will let you know here how it goes for him later 💡 

Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural Progesterone Cream

Before you rush out to buy the natural progesterone cream, please do some research yourself on the benefits of the progesterone cream for men. Also, do check with your doctor to see if it is okay to use it. Make sure the cream you are getting is a USP (US Pharmacopeia) grade. USP sets the standards for purity, quality, strength and consistency and therefore, you know your product is safe to use. The USP standards are accepted worldwide in 130 countries.  “Bio-identical” means the hormone is like the natural progesterone hormone that our body can use, and therefore, will have minimal negative side effects, unlike HRT (the chemical based Hormone Replacement Therapy.)

Here is an example of how men used progesterone  for prostate problems  💡  ===> 

Progesterone Therapy :- Man on Natural Progesterone Cream 8 – 10 mg a day

I mentioned earlier that menopausal women are most likely to have a Estrogen Dominance condition, i.e. while those women’s estrogen levels had declined a lot come middle age, their progesterone levels were almost depleted, thus resulting in their estrogen effects being more dominant. 

Estrogen Dominance can happen to men, too – this is when their testosterone levels drop more than the estrogen levels, and whilst progesterone does not drop as much as the women’s, nevertheless, the progesterone level will also become lower.  

Some signs of men having Estrogen Dominance situation are ===>

  • man boobs
  • waistline and belly getting wider
  • enlarged prostate
  • erectile dysfunction
  • loss of muscle tone

Here in Malaysia, I think bio-identical hormones are not really well-known yet, and are not easy to buy. So, go do your research to find your answers to help you decide if you want to try using natural progesterone cream. I got mine from this US health supplement WEBSITE (you can use a Gift Coupon Code MLL 655 for USD10 off for first time buyers there for purchases over USD40). 

Caution – Make sure you don’t buy more than two number of any products there, and that your purchases should not exceed RM500 each time your order – else, the local Customs may confiscate your goods or charge you import tax respectively. 💡

Hope you find this post on Natural Progesterone Cream useful ! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀

P.S. I have been using the natural progesterone cream for the past 3 days and the improvements I have felt in me are simply amazing (if not miraculous to me) !  

1) no more bloatedness

2) no more persistent headaches and gum aches (that lasted almost 3 weeks for me and for which none of my home herbal remedies helped)

3) no more chronic stiff neck and shoulders

4) I no longer get out of bed with stiff joints – I often shuffle slowly from bed due to muscular and joint stiffness. Now, I can just bound from bed and walk swiftly to the bathroom

5)  my belly bulge is lesser now – firstly due to no more stomach bloating. Secondly, the progesterone cream is easily  absorbed via the skin into our body, specifically into the fatty tissues. The fats are then converted into energy.

6) continuing from point above – I have recovered my energy back, I am no longer lethargic

7) my depression and crankiness are both gone – I smiled and laughed a lot in these last 3 days. Before that, I was really broody and grumply! 🙄  

8) I sleep better at night with deep, restful sleep – previously, I would wake up often and find it hard to go back to sleep

9) I no longer had to get up often and pee at night – I used to go like 4 to 5 times previously, but since I started using the progesterone cream, I only go like once or twice (and that twice is only because I drank more water before bedtime)

Oh, how I love my natural progesterone cream! 

One thing to note – I have to constantly gauge how I feel to see if I need more or less progesterone cream for that day.   😉 


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  1. 1

    P.S. If you have children, pets or pregnant women at home, please make sure that the areas where you apply any type of bio-identical hormone cream do not come in contact with them, or get wiped onto any surfaces that may come in contact with them, e.g. on sofas, beds, hand towels, etc.

    Hence, apply the cream on your stomach, inner thighs or arms (and try to wear long pants or long-sleeved shirts)…just to get some idea! 💡


  2. 2

    Chris said,

    Hi Happy…

    you can read up this website from Dr. David Brownstein


  3. 4

    Mark Tan said,

    Hi, any feedback from your hubby so far? Thks!


    • 5

      Hi there, dear Mark 😀

      Yes, he doesn’t go to the bathroom so often anymore. Same with me – my nightly visits to the bathroom have reduced from 3 to 5 times a night to just 1 or 2 (rarely) times nightly. Urine flow is improved, too.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 6

    Nita said,

    Hi! I am experiencing perimenopause now. I am feeling down and unable to get up from sleep. I sleep a lot and cannot function. Did u see a doctor before taking the bioidentical progesterone cream? Please help


    • 7

      Hi there, Nita

      I am sorry to hear you are going through peri menopause now. I saw my gynecologist last time and did some blood work but she wasn’t really helpful and only prescribed me some really expensive CoEnzymeQ10 which she charged me a few hundred Ringgit.

      I did some research online and bought this progesterone cream from iherb n used it for a few months to get my hormones more balanced.

      You can apply my Gift Coupon Code MLL 655 for USD5 off for purchases under USD40, or USD10 off for orders exceeding USD40, during checkout of your order. Fill in the code at the box where it says “Apply Reward or Coupon Code”.

      The progesterone cream helped me become human again as I was functioning like a robot that ran out of battery earlier.

      Try it and see.

      Hope you feel well soon!

      With best wishes,


      P.S. I am now in menopause already for the past 1 year.


      • 8

        P.S. If your orders exceed USD60 when you purchase on iherb – your DHL courier charges will drop to very low – it costs me only RM31 when I made some orders this morning, and my package reaches my doorstep in under 5 days. Plus, DHL will have a forwarding agent to clear our package at the Malaysian Customs for us.

        To get your package approved by the Customs :-

        1) make sure you only order 2 units of each product – this means you are buying for personal consumption. Not for resale.

        2) make sure your total order does not exceed RM500 – more than that, you will have to pay import taxes.

        I buy a lot of organic shampoos, facial care and teas from there. They are much cheaper than those sold in Malaysia for sure.


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