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Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Hi there, dear friends 😀

Chinese New Year will fall on Friday, 31 January this year, just under 4 weeks away from now.

I have already started cleaning and decluttering my house to remove old, stale energies (chi or qi) to make way for and welcome the new lunar year’s auspicious energies.  As in previous years, I will have Master atan perform 3 Chinese New Year Bird Release Ceremonies (CNY BRC) for my family, for getting “noblemen or helpful people (Gui Ren) and to energise my home with good chi.


Any of his CNY BRC comes with ===>

1) FREE God of Wealth Prayers on the eve of Chinese New Year (30 January

2) FREE making of activated Wealth Water and Wealth Cures – for increasing wealth luck

3) FREE Wish Fulfillment Technique whereby each family member gets to make a wish every month for the next lunar year

I have copied below Master’s message and those of you who are interested in following his technique to improve your luck, fortune and have your wishes come true are most welcome to try it out. You can order any of his CNY BRCs from HERE or his WEBSITE .  Anyone from any religion or any country can join. 

CNY BRC 2014 Name List 

May you have a prosperous and happy Year of the Horse in 2014!

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 

Bird Release For Chinese New Year 2014

Welcome! This is the most successful Spiritual Technique by Master atan – in 2014 , there was a lot of good feedback received from those who had joined. Try not to miss this technique, for it can enhance your good things and remove many of the bad things for the year :vh: .

1. Bird Releasing Ceremony for Family 2014 

2. Bird Releasing Ceremony for Gui Ren 2014

3. Bird Releasing Ceremony for House 2014

1. Free God Of Wealth Prayer.
2. Free making of wealth water and Wealth Cure.
3. Free making wish fulfillment technique.12 wishes

In 2013 – I am happy that many wishes from God Of Wealth were fulfilled.

For those who wish to donate to the God of Wealth Ceremony – all donations are welcome. (This will generate money wealth and good luck karma/merits for you and your family. )

more Detail….

Master atan
3rd January 2014

Bird Release Ceremony for Family with God of Wealth Prayer for CNY   is …..

1. To get rid of Xiao Ren (vile people or people that cause trouble for us) 

2. To invite Gui Ren (noblemen or people who save us from hopeless situations) everywhere for us .

and include …..

1. One year of master atan’s Prayers.

2. Welcoming and inviting God of Wealth into your house on the eve of Chinese New Year 2013 . 

3. Creating wealth water and making Wealth cure in Dhealing forum( optional ) . 

The Bird Release will be performed during the 15 days of Chinese New Year 2014. (from 31st January to 14th of February ).

For those who wish to donate to the Wealth Of God Ceremony – all donation is welcome. ( this is to generate money wealth karma for you and your family. )

Click here to join.

Bird Releasing Ceremony for Gui Ren is…...

This is an important BRC to give thanks to our Gui Ren , as many Gui Ren ( Helpful people, Helpful Ancestors and Helpful Holy Angels ) had helped us to overcome our obstacles and brought many benefits to us and our family.

With this thankful BRC performed during CNY –  we hope our Gui Ren will continuously help us and our family in 2013 to achieve a much peaceful and better life with good things to come.

Bird Releasing Ceremony for House is…...

This is an advance technique for BRC during CNY, it can bring many benefits to you and your family.

1. It will open up North ~ East ~ South ~ West to attract and bring in many good chi to strengthen and enhance the house with Good wealth, Good health and Peace in the Family.

2. It will balance the chi for North ~ East ~ South ~ West for the house – a balanced house will be ready for good things to happen.

3. This technique is with God of Wealth Ceremony – God of Wealth will bless SE during the CNY – when one book the above technique, God of Wealth will also bless North ~ East ~ South ~ West , the house will open up in 5 directions to bring in many good things in life to you and your Family.

4. It is equipped with the ability to remove bad Spirit and enhance good Spirit in the house or business premises.

5. It is equipped with ability to Give strong protection for the house .


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    You can also order your CNY BRCs from HERE 💡


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