An Amazingly Simple But Very Effective 10-Minute DIY Chinese Stretching Method For Immediate Relief & Permanent Healing Of Back Aches & Pains – The Lajin Stretching Method

Source - Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method

(Source – Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method)

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I got such great relief just now from my chronic lower backache from doing this super simple Lajin self-stretching method for the first time, that I couldn’t wait to share this technique with you! It looks unassuming and simple but it really packs some healing power! 

For months, I have this on-off lower backache that got better when I went for Thai massages,  but the pain would be back whenever I do heavy lifting or mop the floor. Previously, I would go to my lady healer friend for deep massages to get rid of my backaches but since she passed away early this year, I never got 100% better relief from my backaches…..until today, when I tried the Lajin method!

Wow, I am now pain free from my back sprain and I could even carry out a major decluttering of my kitchen and clean up my house today. I had to bend this way and that way but my lower back was still pain-free! Previously, I couldn’t bend over much and even washing dishes at the sink was a torture for me!  

I am so glad that my eldest nephew from Singapore introduced me to this technique of self healing last week! .Lajin was originally taught by Xiao Hongchi from China. You will be amazed at how simple the stretching technique is and yet it is a powerful healing technique! Although it seems like just some simple stretching, the stretching poses actually activate certain meridian points and clear those that are blocked. 😀 

After I had completed my Lajin stretching exercise in 10 minutes, I was able to walk properly again. I even tested bending at my waist in every imaginable situation to see if my lower backache comes back – it didn’t and I am still pain free now. My nephew said his chronic back pains and other pains have been gone for months now after doing this Lajin exercise twice only! 😀 

The word, Lajin, means “Stretching or Pulling of Ligaments/Tendons” in Mandarin. Actually, Lajin can heal a lot of illnesses but for now, I will only write about it for back pains. I will try it out further and write more on it later. Right now, I am convinced that this is really one of the greatest beneficial stretching exercises I have ever experienced in my whole life!


If you want relief from back pains, do give this Lajin stretching a try – it is free and you can do it  conveniently at any time at home. You certainly have nothing to lose….but a lot to gain from the Lajin stretch. 

 All you need are just ===> 

1) 2 to 3 sturdy chairs,  or 1 sturdy wooden coffee table

2) a minimum of 10 minutes of your time (the longer you do this, the more effective it will be)

3) a wall 

I didn’t have any sturdy chairs nor table, but what I did was I lied down on the floor right at the top of my stairs and stretch upright either of my legs against the stair balustrade, with the other leg hanging down the stairs. LOL! But it worked for me, too, in that position! 

Source - Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method

Source – Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method

Method –

1) While lying flat, place one leg upright against the wall. It is best if the leg is completely straight – if you find it difficult, slowly ease your leg into position. For me, I felt a little bearable pain on the inner thigh but you try your best and see how far your leg can go. This leg is at a 90 degrees angle from your body. You can also have a partner help hold your leg straight for you. 

2) Pull your 2 arms over your head and shoulders straight. If you can’t do that completely, relax your body and slowly let your arms go flat down. 

3) Place the other leg down as far as you can, making it also at a 90 degree angle from your body, but with your lower leg dangling towards the floor. If your leg can’t go down that much, slowly push your leg down. Some people even put a little weight around their ankle to help the leg go down further.

4) Stay in this position for a minimum of 5 minutes

5) Then switch to the other leg and repeat steps 1 to 3 above. 

At the end of the session, get up slowly and see if you really got any relief from your back pains from that simple Lajin stretch! 

For more detailed information on this Lajin stretch, you can visit –

Paida & Lajin Self-Healing website 

Paida & Lajin Self-Healing by Xiao Hongchi (PDF version)

It is also mentioned at the website above that the amazing beneficial health effects of doing Lajin in the above position are :-

1. This position smoothens Qi flow throughout your body, which helps alleviate pain, discharge poisonous wastes, and enhance immunity and sexual potency.

2. This position produces a shocking effect against back and leg pains, knee pain, painful menstruation and headache.

3. This position is effective against chronic diseases like hypertension, cardiac diseases, diabetes, prostatitis, piles and constipation.

4. This position cures insomnia, reduces body weight and speckles, and develops fine body linage.

5. These abovementioned effects summarize the personal experience of readers and friends who have benefited from this self-healing technique. It is also effective against various other diseases.

Oh, one more thing, as in any exercises, do this stretch at least 2 hours after a main meal, or 1 hour before the meal! 

If you find that this Lajin stretch works for your back sprains, too – do teach your friends and relatives and spread this technique around! After all, it is free and convenient to do and you will save money from visits to the doctor or chiropractor, and from buying medication.

Most importantly, this technique will give you back your freedom from back pain and you can regain your previous active lifestyle! 

With best wishes for good health,

choesf 😀 

P.S. There is another variation of this Lajin stretch that can help one to slim down and lose weight and  I am having my overweight daughter try that out – I will post here her feedback later. 




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    Update –

    I did a second 10-minute Lajin stretch a few minutes ago – this time, I decided to try my dining chairs. You need to place the chairs at the corner of a wall in order for 1 leg to go dangling down.

    Some tips :-

    1) set a timer for 5 minutes (or any duration that you want to do this stretch) for each leg, so that you will know when the time is up.

    2) do some deep breathing to relax into the position. Breath in with your nostril and breathe out all the air through your mouth, slowly. I find that with this method, my lower abdomen is being tightened and toned as well.

    3) after completing the stretch for both legs, draw both legs up into your chest and bring your arms forward to hug your legs. Ah, this foetal post is really to relax our stretched muscles and ligaments.

    4) lastly, slowly and mindfully turn your body around and get off the chairs to prevent from falling down!


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    P.S. Lajin stretching bench are available for sale online on some websites (I don’t sell thiem), in case you want to purchase a proper bench 💡


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      Mr Teatime said,

      Hi, another supporter of Paida and Laijin over here. I would like to contribute my idea which helps a lot with making laijin sessions much more bearable and effective – rigorous massage of the leg muscles before and after the session. To do this ideally I use one of those foam rollers to ‘iron’ out the quads, hamstrings and especially the areas where the leg joins the hip (piriformis). If you don’t have a foam roller a tennis ball against the wall/floor and the muscles also works well. Over the course of five days (practising laijin 10 minutes each leg) I am now able to straighten one leg and touch the floor with the other, which was not possible before. I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels and motivation. Before I couldn’t get through the day without taking an hours nap despite sleeping OK as far as I knew. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will try building my sessions up to 20 minutes per leg instead of 10 minutes twice a day and see how I feel.


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        Hi there, Mr Teatime 😀

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience with doing Paida and Lajin. That is certainly a good tip for newbies to Lajin – using a foam roller or a tennis ball to loosen the muscles at the hip joints to ease the pains of the initial stretching. 💡

        I find that Lajin is the easiest stretching exercise one can do to improve one’s health and to lose weight, just by lying down.

        Best wishes,

        choesf 😀


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    Update –

    I woke up today happy that my lower backache didn’t return despite me carrying out many tasks that required bending yesterday.

    Today, I did a total of 20 minutes Lajin (10 minutes on each leg) before breakfast and wow, the 10-minute stretch per leg was more painful than the 5-minute stretch. I thought I was going to get better at the stretching. I had great difficulty lifting up my left arm from above my head at the end of each stretch – previously, I used to have quite a few problems with my left arm that felt like sprains and I hope the Lajin will help to heal my left arm in addition to my backache.

    After doing just 3 Lajin sessions in the Reclining Position thus far, I could feel my lower back is getting stronger and I was even able to carry a heavy basket of laundry up the stairs without any pain or any feeling that my back was about to give in. 😀

    I intend to do Lajin twice a day, gradually increasing the duration of each stretch. 💡


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    Penglam said,

    I am a 72 years retiree living in KL. I have this chronic lower back aches upon waking up which goes off later in the day. I also have this hamstring contraction aches on my left leg. After reading your success with Lajin, I have tried it out.for a week now but the aches are still there. Perhaps i had not done it correctly.


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      Hi there, dear Penglam 😀

      I am sorry to hear of your chronic lower backaches and hamstring contraction aches and that this Lajin method has not worked (so far) 😦 … How long did you stretch each of your leg for?

      I am not sure if it will take a longer time for your chronic aches (if you have had them for years already?) as I am an amateur Lajin practitioner just starting out. I am 52 and often develope lower backaches and the recent ache was a few months old, which was gone with this Lajin stretch. Maybe older pains may require more stretching?

      But so far, after reading more information on and testing out the Lajin, I have the following thoughts 💡 ===>

      1) the leg that is lifted upright must be “almost” perfectly straight – to the extent that pain to a tolerable level is felt all along the inner leg/thigh. The more pain there is, the more effective the result of Lajin. But the pain is to be within our tolerable levels, of course. The proper Lajin bench requires the upright leg to be velcro-strapped to a vertical board….so you can imagine how much we need to straighten one leg. Then the other leg is to be lowered down with the ultimate goal of the sole of the feet touching the floor.

      2) I read that one 20-minute session per leg will yield much improved results than having 2 10-minute sessions per leg daily. I have increased my stretch per leg to 20 minutes per session (with great difficulty and patience) and found that from the 15-minute or so onwards, I begin to feel a nice warmth along the inner thighs/calves of both legs. The warmth is believed to be Yang chi covering those meridians along the legs to give a healing effect. At the beginning, only coldness or pain is felt.

      Therefore, it seems the longer and the more painful the stretch per leg, the better the results.

      I tried to look for more feedback from people who are doing the Lajin stretches but most of the information on the Internet is from the Pailala website with testimonials of people who had attended their 1 week workshop doing both Lajin and Paida for healing.

      So far, my feedback on doing Lajin only :-

      1) the Y-shape pose, with both the legs upright against the wall in a V-shape and with both hands stretched over the head – both my youngest daughter and myself have gone down slimmer at the waist, hip and thigh area.

      2) one day I had aches on the right side of my neck and shoulder but doing the Lajin stretch was successful in getting rid of the aches immediately.

      Although so far you have not seen any improvements to your aches, try to continue doing Lajin and if possible, try to extend the duration of each leg stretch slowly. The stretch is believed to clear blocked meridians and energise them with Yang chi. As long as the stretches are not doing any harm, it is good to do stretches anyway as a form of healthy exercise. 💡

      Hope your aches will be gone soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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        Wong Peng Lam said,

        Dear Choesf,

        Thank you for your response.

        How long before you achieve your 20 minutes per leg and how long did you practise lagin to heal your chronic back aches completely? Do you still have chronic aches if you have a active day?

        My hamstring contraction pain and lower back aches started about 2 years ago and I decided to do something about it. My wife has the same problem for a longer period.

        Both of us tried doing lajin without a proper Lajin bench and did find a little improvement.

        I have now acquired a proper Lajin bench which has a Velcro strap and sand bag. I have tried it for a week already…starting with 3 minutes and then to 10minutes per leg. However, I am struggling because of my stiff body…e.g. I cannot bend my waist enough for my finger to touch my toes.

        When I lie on the bench and have my left leg up straight, I feel an excruciating stretching pain at my inner left thigh. I forced myself for a 10minutes stretch 2 days ago and may have injured myself. I cannot do the Lajin with my left leg now. So maybe I will rest a day or two before doing again. However, I have no problem with the 10 minutes stretch with my right leg.

        Maybe I will do the Y-shape pose for the time being. How many minutes per session of Y-pose are you doing and how many days before you see the slimming effect?

        On the other hand, my wife who has a more flexible body was able to do the Lagin with both legs. She is now doing 20 minutes with ease.

        Will Lajin done on ground floor more effective compare with doing it upstair?

        Have you tried doing the Paida?

        With best wishes,



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        Good evening, dear PengLam 😀

        Thank you so much for sharing your wife’s and your progresses with the Lajin exercise. Wow, you have even bought a Lajin bench! How much did it cost you and where did you buy it from? Is it the foldable or non-foldable type and is it sturdy enough? I have thought of purchasing a Lajin bench but decided to hold it off for now until my family members are seriously doing Lajin. So far, I am still testing it out and seeing how it feels as we progress further with Lajin.

        Maybe because of your chronic aches/pains that have been around for the past 2 years, your body muscles, ligaments and tendons would have been put into a different position to accommodate your pains. So, when we do Lajin, we are actually stretching those tendons and ligaments back into good body posture and it will most likely take your tendons and ligaments more time to be stretched back properly.

        I think the sandbags provided with the Lajin bench should not be used for now until a month or so later, so that our ligaments and tendons can be eased into the required Lajin position so as not to injure ourselves? Heheh, just my personal opinion. 😳

        The first day I wrote this article, my chronic lower backache was completely gone after doing just a 5 minute stretch on each leg. However, I only suffered from chronic backache this year, and the aches are not as long as yours. The following day, I even tested doing really heavy household chores and I carried heavy stuff up and down the stairs many times, and my backache stayed away – I was still pain free!

        On Day 2, I increased the stretch to 10 minutes per leg and I decided to do it on 3 teak dining chairs. It was only when I learned that ONE 20-minute stretch per leg daily, is not the same as TWO 10-minute stretch per leg daily that I increased the stretch to 20 minutes per leg per day last week. So far, I have only the 20-minute per leg stretch for a few days only. I stopped Lajin from Thursday last week until yesterday because I was out of town. This morning, when I did my usual 20-minute per leg Lajin, I could feel my body easing into the stretch quickly despite a 4 day break.

        The first time when I increased the 10-minute duration to 20-minutes and I forced my leg to stay upright while having the sole of the other foot touching the floor, I could feel also extra pain on the inner part of the upright leg. After that Lajin, my knee joints were in pain…not the inner legs. That was also the reason I decided to rest from Lajin and it helps, my knee pains are gone already. So, it is okay, you should have a break to let your ligaments and tendons and muscles recuperate a little.

        I did the Y-pose twice only – usually I do the one upright leg Lajin in the morning and the Y-pose in the evening. Although all the Lajin poses do help one to slim down, the Y-pose is meant for slimming down and it is easier to perform than the 1 upright leg position. I saw results after just a week of Lajin. 😀

        I read somewhere that doing the stretches on the ground floor of the house is even better as we have the earth energy to help increase the efficacy of the stretch in clearing our meridians. Personally, I have not done it on the ground floor of my home. Heheh, I tested only just now as I have not done it since I started Lajin – I can bend down and touch my toes with my fingers while having the feet together. I couldn’t do this before.

        Because you have contracted hamstring and chronic aches, continue to do the Lajin at a tolerable level of pain and a tolerable duration of stretching time. So it is good that you do the Y-pose for now to slowly loosen your ligaments. I think I will stick to my 20-minute per leg stretch for now. Although there is mention that the more pain we have, the faster we will heal…I don’t think I want to have so much pain per day! LOL!

        I started the Paida only yesterday because my family were attending my daughter’s convocation ceremony and I didn’t want to show any bruises on my skin. 😳

        Yesterday, I did Paida as follows 💡 ===>

        1) 5 minutes slapping (not really hard as in the videos shown, but with a little stinging pain on the skin) on the back of the hands. i.e. the other side of the palm. My nephew told me this Paida position is very good for constipation and I found that it really works effectively. I didn’t have any red or blue-black Sha.

        2) I Paida my inner elbows joints for 10 minutes each – this position is very good for the heart. After just 1 minute I could see dark maroon colour spots or Sha coming out already – 3 spots of half-cm circles. I took some photos and will post them later in my Paida article. There were some areas of blue-black bruises. Xiao Hongchi said the blue-black colour Sha means more serious problems with the heart but not necessary physical problems with the heart but more with having to do with the emotional stress on the heart from negative emotions like anger, frustrations, stress, etc. So when the toxins from the blood in that meridian come up to the skin from Paida, we can heal from it.

        I find that healing to be true – after Paida-ing my inner elbows, I feel more relaxed, light hearted and happy after the Paida. 😀

        My elbow bruises got darker today but after Paida-ing for 5 minutes, the bruises have gone lighter and are healing faster.

        Hope you and your wife find a lot of health benefits from Lajin and Paida!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀

        P.S. I am testing Lajin and Paida now and will ask my husband to do them both soon – he is on a lot of medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, urea acid and diabetes and I hope he can go off them by the time he retires! 😳


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        Wong Peng Lam said,

        Dear Choesf

        The Lajin bench I bought was a China import. It comes in parts inside a carton box. You will need to assemble it ….just like IKEA furniture. It is a complete Lajin bench with a Instruction book in Chinese, Velcro belts, Paida beater and 2 sandbags. This is what it looks like:-

        Lajin Bench – Self Healing, Lajin Stretch and Exercise Model LJ867

        I bought it at RM450 from a shop in KL.

        After one day’s rest, I started my lajin last night again. I can manage 10minutes with my right leg straight up and a 2kg sandbag on my left leg.

        However, when I did with my left leg up and 2kg sandbag on my right leg down, I could only do it with a bended knee. A straight left leg was too painful.

        I did this also for 10 minutes.

        My wife continued to do her 20minutes without any problems and she finds it beneficial.

        From what you had said, you do not have any serious ailments other than the chronic lower back ache. My wife also has no serious ailment other than hamstring cramps on her left leg.

        Your husband seem to have more serious ailment and should try the lajin.

        For your information, I also have high blood pressure and am taking medication for it. It is under control at 135/72.

        I had also taken a Myocardial perfusion scan and a Echocardiogram last year to confirm that I did not have any blood vessel blockage or heart enlargement.

        However, I also take a supplement called Coenzyme Q10 for my heart muscle.

        This ailment could be the reason I cannot have my left leg straight up.

        I have only tried the paida on my left inner elbow. After about 15 minutes, I found a vein swollen into a small marble and it scared me. So I stop doing it because I do not know what it means.

        This swollen vein could be because of my blood pressure.

        Meanwhile, I will just continue my Lajin at my own pace and hope for the best.

        I hope your husband will join you to do the lajin.

        Have a nice day.

        Best regards,



      • 12

        Good evening, dear Penglam 😀

        Thank you for your information on the Lajin bench – the ones I saw online were also selling for RM450 to Rm650 or so. I can’t read Chinese 😳 but I guess I can always Google for the instructions.

        I am glad that your wife is healthy, too with only hamstring cramps. I have a borderline high blood pressure and slightly higher cholesterol and I am trying all sorts of natural health remedies to bring them down lower – my family doctor is always trying to prescribe me medication but I don’t want to be on the meds because if my children’s parents both have to take medication for high blood pressure, then they have a 100% chance of likelihood that they will get high blood pressure, too.

        We also take CoEnzyme Q10 and Omega 3 Fish Oil for cardiovascular health 💡 – CoEnzyme Q10 and Omega 3 Fish Oil can be quite expensive in Malaysia but I buy very good brands at really economical prices from iherb in the US.

        I had written a post on getting good health supplements online before and first time buyers there can use Gift Code Ref. MLL655 to get US$10 off purchases exceeding US$40. Shipping is best by DHL Priority Mail – International costs around US$10 and takes only 5 days to arrive at my doorstep ===>

        I Found A Large, Reputable Online Store With Good Brands & Affordable Pricing To Buy My Family’s Health Supplements, Vitamins, Organic Foodstuff, Toiletries

        A bottle of Dr.Best’s CoQ10 with BioPerine, 100 mg, 120 Veggie Caps costs only US$12-95 or RM40-84.

        It is indeed very scary to see a large swelling on your vein after Paida….maybe we can just Paida a maximum of 10 minutes, to take things easier at our own pace and hope for the best, just like you said…same goes for Lajin. Yes, I will be getting my husband to do Lajin as soon as possible, probably on weekends first to help ease him into the stretch! LOL!

        I saw there are some Lajin groups in Port Klang or something and recently, there was even a Lajin/Paida workshop held in Bukit Tinggi….I don’t dare to attend the workshop although there are so many testimonials of participants weaned off their medication for high blood pressure/cholesterol etc…because I don’t think I can stand the pain of doing Lajin and Paida for 1 week!

        But there are 2 sisters who offer Paida and Lajin for free…maybe you can check with them about the swollen vein?

        May you have a relaxing evening with your wife.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 13

        Wong Peng Lam said,

        Dear Choesf,

        Same here, I also cannot read Chinese. Did my schooling right to my university degree in English. There are published books on Lajin and Paida in Chinese from China but none in English here, but I believe you can get English version from a Singapore bookshop.

        Women are protected from high blood pressure by their female hormones. Women only get high blood pressure during pregnancy and after menopause. If you have reach your menopause, the danger of blood pressure is always there. Sufficient physical exercise helps preventing high blood pressure. For example, I notice that my blood pressure drops if I am on the treadmill for an hour.

        Yes, I also order my supplements from iHerb. Have been doing it for some 12 years.

        Dr. Best CQ10 is good quality type as it is derived from natural fermentation trans and with bioperine. I ordered the softgel type instead of the capsule type.

        I take 2 x 100mg softgel in the morning and 1 after dinner. It helps to lower blood pressure as well.

        Instead of Omega 3, I take SeaBuckWonders, Sea Buckthorn, Omega-7 Complete, 500 mg, 60 Softgels which has Omega 3,6,7,&9 oil.

        For uric acid, I use;- Mason Vitamins, Advanced Tart Cherry, 10:1 Extract, 90 Veggie Caps

        You can check it out at iHerb.

        Is your husband taking any statin for cholesterol? It has side effects of hamstring cramp or muscle pain. My hamstring cramps started after taking statin for a year.

        Now I stop taking it. I am now taking a cup of Oat drink every morning to control my cholesterol.

        Yes, I had read Hongchi report about the Tay’s sisters’ before.

        I will explore further the paida on myself more before I contact them.

        Meanwhile, I will continue with the lajin.

        Take care.

        Best wishes,

        Peng lam


      • 14

        Good evening, dear Penglam 😀

        Thank you for your helpful information on the iherb health supplements that you are on – wow, I didn’t know iherb has been around that long. I only stumbled upon iherb last year and I am so happy with the range of good quality health supplements they carry that I often rave about them to friends. LOL! 😀

        Yes, my husband is on 5 types of medication and I am trying to get him to wean off his medication (hopefully it works) by the time he retires in a few years’ time. He is currently taking 1/2 a Lipitor for cholesterol and Fenolip for triglycerides and he used to suffer from cramps until recently a month ago when we started taking Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina – he doesn’t have any cramps nowadays.

        Yesterday, I had a very surprising discovery – my blood pressure has dropped to a healthy level of 122/75! Wow! Previously, my bp would hover around 140/90 and even my bp reading on last Sunday was 147/85. I just took my bp again and it is still low around 122/75 and I even took a few readings as I couldn’t believe my eyes! As my health supplements and herbal remedies that I am taking have remained unchanged and I had only done Lajin for 2 weeks and I started Paida only on Sunday, I believe it must be the Lajin exercises that gave me a healthier blood pressure 😀

        I am still doing a 20-minute stretch per leg per day, except for today when I did 2 sessions of 20 minutes/leg because I did some heavy chores and carrying around the house today. Since yesterday, I can feel certain parts of my legs giving out a warm feeling…and if I pay close attention, there is a soft airy, mildly warm feeling around my legs. I believer Xiao Hongchi mentioned that when certain parts of our body feels hot, it is a sign of Yang Chi coming out to heal or clear those meridians. Today, I have a lot of energy and for the past 2 nights, I noticed that I no longer need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in order to stay alert and energised throughout the day.

        After 2 weeks of Lajin, I find that my lower back is much stronger and I can lift heavy things without my back giving way easily like before Lajin. I am still Paida-ing my inner elbows, paying more attention to the left one because I have the occasional heart palpitations. On the third day of Paida-ing my left inner elbow, I have more dark red spots/Sha and some purple bruising as I had slapped very hard for 10 minutes but the Sha and bruises have healed quite fast and are almost gone in 2 days (today). I am not sure if Paida-ing the left elbow for the heart has something to do with my improved blood pressure. I am only guessing that Lajin is the main reason for that 💡

        I will post here if I find more changes to the benefits of Lajin .

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 15

        Janet said,

        Hi I have been working with Paida for over 8 months now on my self and helping my family to use it and the bench. I had a chronic back problem and also chronic asthma. I am not taking any medication and have so been asthma free. I also have had now more referred pain to the souls of my feet or down the legs. I feel pain free. If I over do it like shovelling dirt well I does hurt a bit then the bench fixes it up. I couldn’t do any thing, now I am like a young lady, since I am in my 60. I have been slapping my face too and the wrinkles have been well they have disappeared, I keep on getting told I look too young to be a 60 year old female. Also my stretch marks have mostly disappeared.. I am very impressed I go see a practitioner once a week for the real slapping as I call it.. Very painful but I live with it because its helped me to a normal life…


      • 16

        Hi there, Janet 😀

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Paida and Lajin. I have yet to practise Paida more – I only slapped my inner elbows and top of the hands. Wow, you look very young and feel very healthy for a 60 year old – that is very impressive of Paida and Lajin. Me, too – I am now do heavy chores that always result in a really achy, almost painful feeling of my whole body but a session of Lajin always gets rid of those pains immediately. 😉

        Perhaps, you can share with me on how you Paida-slap your face to achieve a youthful and wrinkle-free face? 😆

        May you have a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year of the Goat!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  5. 18

    myg1163 said,

    Thanks for posting this. I would like to email you a 54 page PowerPoint that I’ve got on Lai-Jin & Pai-Da therapy. However I cannot find your email address on your web site.


    • 19

      Hi there, dear myg1163 😀

      Thank you so much for sharing your 54 Page PowerPoint copy of the Lajin and Paida therapy – I have emailed you already. 😀

      How long have you been practising both Lajin and Paida? I am trying to find out more information on which areas to concentrate on for Paida for stomach and sinus problems.

      This weekend, I will be getting a foldable Lajin bench as my husband has surprisingly got “hooked” to doing Lajin regularly and he is not a fan of any type of exercise before! However, he is too big sized and I definitely need to get a bench for better support for him, instead of using 3 teak chairs. LOL!

      Thank you once again and do have a wonderful day!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  6. 20

    […] same! My blood pressure which usually hovered around 140/90 (except for that time when I was doing Lajin stretching, my blood pressure was lower around 125/82) even dropped as low as 106/72 after just one week of […]


  7. 23

    Francisco said,

    for two days I slapped the various parts of the body which was recommended. However, I had a very strong body reaction. On the second night I felt drained of energy – I was weak and began sweating
    so much that I had to remove my shirt. I was also freezing all night long. Naturally, I chose to stop the exercises for a day or two until my energy came back, but till now I still have no energy.


    • 24

      Hi there, Francisco 🙂

      I am sorry to hear of your strong body reaction to Paida 😦 – how long did you do the slapping for each body part for?

      So far, I have only slapped my inner elbows and top of my hands for a maximum of 15 minutes each. However, I am not very familiar with Paida, and therefore, I am not sure if your body reaction is a natural side effect.

      If you can, you should consult a Chinese Physician to “balance” back your body.

      Hope you feel well soon!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 🙂


  8. 25

    Francisco said,

    When I paida my right inner thigh not only does it turn red, but this white flecky substance appears. What does this mean in terms of my health? Thanks Francisco


    • 26

      Hi there, Francisco 😀

      I am not an expert on Paida and so, I am not sure which part of your health is affected 😳 … but I read that if white flecky substances means toxins coming to the surface of your skin and if you keep on Paida-ing that area, that health concern will be gone. 😉

      How long do you Paida your inner thigh?

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  9. 27

    Penglam Wong said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Like you, I have yet to practise Paida but have been doing my Lajin regularly. What is the reason for Paida on the inner thigh?

    Am glad to hear that you had got your self a proper Lajin bench. It is a very good investment.
    After doing Lajin for some months to ease my chronic back aches, I have made a discovery that I can improve the effects of Lajin when I use ankle weight on your down leg and wrist weights on both hands. I use a 2kg ankle weight and 1kg wrist weights.
    After only a 10 minutes Lajin with these weights, you will have a feeling of your “jin” having been stretched from your arms right through your back to your thighs, and believe me, it is a good feeling, Try it out.
    I bought these ankle/wrist weight from Fitness Concept at Subang Parade.
    Best wishes,


    • 28

      Hi there, Penglam 😀

      I am glad that you are still doing Lajin! Thank you for your great recommendation for adding ankle and wrist weights to help improve our Lajin benefits and effects. I will definitely ask my family members to try adding weights. For me, my arms are already flat down on the bench, while my lowered foot is already pressing all the way flat down to the floor, and I am not sure how the weights would help me. I do have some ankle and wrist weights with straps. 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  10. 29

    Penglam Wong said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Even though my arms are also flat on the bench but my wrists are outside the bench. I am sure yours would be the same.
    If your lowered foot is already pressing on the floor, you may need to have set your bench next to a down step. Hope you know what i mean. Since you already have the ankle and wrist weights, try it out. You will not be disappointed.

    Best wishes



    • 30

      Hi there, dear Penglam 😀

      Ah, I understand what you meant now – thank you for your explanation. I can move my Lajin bench to the top of the stairs and try lowering my foot down further with weights. That way, I am sure I will feel more stretching. I will try with my wrists, too. Heheh, I thought the weights were for pushing the legs and arms down if they are not flat. 😉

      Thanks for your great tip! 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  11. 31

    dk said,

    This link is very helpful for the beginners of paida. I started reading bout this wonderful self healing technique since last few days and started paida since last three days. Today I paida my elbows, hands, knees and feet as shown in the videos but for some reason I feel very tired. Immediately after paida I felt good and went to meditation easily but by slapping almost 35 minutes total my shoulder area has been hurting and feel drained of energy. Any suggestions and thoughts if I am doing anything wrong? I read in one of the links that paida for the first time should be done 5minutes and fromnext day one minute on each area twice a day should be fine. Also I have constipation issue and I paida my hands for 5 minute each but did not see the results so far…. how long does it take to see the results for constipation relief? Thanks and happy paida and lajin.


    • 32

      Hi there, dk 😀

      I am sorry I don’t know why your shoulder area has begun to hurt and you feel drained of energy as I have not Paida intensely. I have done Paida on my inner elbows and top of my hands – for the constipation, the result is quite fast – but there is a good bowel movement only on the following day.

      It sounds like you could be going through a healing crisis at this stage. I found that whenever I take or do any detoxifying stuff, there is lethargy around the third day after. So, it could be that your blocked energy meridians are clearing.:idea:

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  12. 33

    sadhu ram said,

    Will this will be helpful in curing varicose veins on legs for ladies…?


    • 34

      Hi there, sadhu 😀

      I am not sure if this Lajin exercise can help with varicose veins 😳 … however, there is no harm trying as Lajin has many health benefits other than for backaches. I notice that my blood pressure reading are at very good levels whenever I do Lajin. 💡

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  13. 35

    janet said,

    Yes I do Lajin. Its brilliant. I wouldn’t be with out my bench.. 🙂


  14. 37

    P.S. I was going through my files when I saw that I have some instructions on how to do Paida – I have copied the information here for anyone who are interested in doing Paida 💡 ===>

    1. General parts

    Theoretically, you can Paida all parts of the body. However, in order to improve the effect, people look for key areas related to their illnesses for Paida. Therefore, the most frequently asked question is, “which part of the body do I need to Paida to cure my illness?” Since all illnesses are manifestations of blocked meridians (energy channels in the body), they will be cured once the meridians are cleared. People will then ask, “which meridians should be cleansed in my case?”

    Illnesses mostly originate from the blockage of the 12 standard meridians and the Ren and Du Meridians. Therefore, they can be treated by clearing these 14 meridians. General parts (elbows, hands, knees and feet) are key areas most frequently slapped as they cover all 14 meridians; they can be the first parts to Paida in treating any illness. Hence, Paida the general parts is like “carpet bombing” of all meridians in the body.

    Since these are the general parts, they are useful for treating all illnesses through all-around Paida; additional areas may be included accordingly. Nonetheless, for any illness, the efficacy is still better with “carpet bombing”, i.e. the more areas slapped the better. That does not mean Paida all areas briefly in one session, instead, one area is to be slapped thoroughly before moving on to others.

    Important things to observe:

    When Paida elbows or knees, thoroughly Paida all around the areas, including front, back, left and right sides;

    The best way to Paida the back of a hand is to place one hand on a knee, and Paida the back of that hand and fingers with the palm of the other hand;

    When Paida the feet, it is necessary to Paida the inner and outer sides of the ankles, and the tops and soles of the feet.

    2. Illness-related areas
    After Paida the general parts, one may go on to Paida the illness-related areas. Please note: all types of Paida will deliver better benefits when combined with Lajin (stretching). Illness-related areas are determined primarily based on “problems areas” and the Theory of Meridians:

    Illnesses of the head and related organs, such as deafness, tinnitus, hearing loss, eye problems, facial paralysis, headaches, dizziness, colds, cardiovascular disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, stroke sequelae, depression, insomnia, etc.: Paida the head and face, where the head includes the top, the back, the sides and the forehead;

    Various pains at the neck, limbs, and joints: As a general rule, Paida where it hurts, regardless of the disease name as defined in modern medicine. For instance, neck problem, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, hydrarthrosis, age-related degenerative deformation, etc., all symptoms can be treated by prolonged Paida at the problem areas. Those who lack strength may get others to do the Paida. Since these parts are located away from internal organs, heavy Paida is safe and effective as long as the pain is tolerable;

    Various cardiovascular disorders, post-stroke paralysis, lung diseases, mammary gland diseases, asthma, thyroid gland diseases: Focus on Paida the inner sides of the arms and wrists, armpits, around the collar bones, and all over the thighs and calves. Benign mammary lumps may be slapped directly, even if the size is as big as an egg;

    Various gynaecological disorders (such as uterine flesh tumour, ovarian cysts, menstrual pain, etc.), male disorders (such as prostate disorders, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc.), reproductive and urinary system disorders: Focus more on the root of the thighs (where more toxins accumulate, and where meridians, blood vessels, nerves, lymphoid vessels gather), inner thighs, lower abdomen and both sides of the calves;

    Old wounds, injuries or fractures from falls, sports or other accidents, etc.: Paida directly on the “problems areas”, e.g. scars or sutured wounds that have recovered; this is the process of “drawing out old injuries”. Take care to adjust the intensity, and be sure to extend the duration, preferably you should Paida each area for at least 20 minutes;

    All kinds of itches: Paida directly on the problem area, the inner sides of the elbows (including the Quchi acupoint), upper inner sides of the knee joints (including the Xuehai acupoint), outer sides of the thighs while standing straight (including the Fengshi acupoint, i.e. where the middle fingers of the naturally lowered hands touch the thighs);

    Diabetes, piles, constipation, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, and almost all chronic diseases of internal organs, such as liver, kidney, spleen, etc.: You could Paida heavily on the lower abdomen, inner and outer sides of the thighs and calves, root of the thighs, and obese areas for a long duration. You may also use your fists to hit these areas, or use the sides of your hands to chop at the root of thighs. These methods produce less noise but stronger penetration;

    Those suffering from constipation, piles and tootache can Paida the back of the hands.

    All types of acute disorders: Directly Paida on corresponding acupoints or meridians, making reference to the acupoint selection method. For instance: acute gastritis, bloated stomach: Paida the Zhusanli acupoint;

    acute heart attack or any disease that may cause fainting: Paida on the Neiguan acupoint and the inner elbows; for cold, cough or fever: Paida top of the head, Dazhui acupoint, the inner elbows; for drunkenness: Paida on the elbows.

    The general parts and illness-related areas mentioned above are not perfect combinations, they are only meant as a reference. As many illnesses are complex diseases, i.e. several diseases occurring in the same patient, for best efficacy, in principle, “carpet bombing” should be applied for all types of severe illnesses, i.e. Paida all over the body, including general parts, the head, limbs, armpits, root of thighs and the torso.


  15. 38

    siownah said,

    is it okay to do lajin only without doing paida?


  16. 40

    Lee said,

    does Paida and Lajin help Asthma ?


  17. 42

    Divine said,

    Hi What is the weightloss lajin please? My daughter is overweight too..


  18. 44

    Marin said,

    Hi. Isn’t La-jin a type of static stretch,thus shouldn’t a warm up take place prior?


  19. 47


    Thank you for this and all your posts. Looking int this for myself and to share with others. I am having trouble finding books in english and where to buy the equipment. Do you have sites where it can be purchased?
    Is there any way to make contact in order to attend a week long workshop or arrange one here?


    • 48

      Hi there, Matthew 😀

      If you do a search online for “Paida Lajin” – you will find some articles in English, as well as information on where to take classes.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  20. 49


    Matt here.
    the search finds 2 year old demos & talks. The email contacts supplied on their site have not replied to my inquiries.
    do you have any current info or contacts that we can use?


    • 50

      HI there, Matt 😀

      I have not contacted them before nor followed any of their classes, as I only did the simple stretching Lajin. I am not doing Paida, the slapping technique.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 51

        MATTHEW METZLER said,

        Thank you for your prompt reply
        Today we received a reply from one of my emails
        It is in chinese but the google translation was helpful if not perfect.
        It concerned a session in Bulgaria that is happening now.
        We can not go to this session but it does give us a contact for other communication.

        We too are doing the La JIn not the slapping for about 5 days but we feel it is producing some improvement in our well being.

        Be well my friend


      • 52

        Hi there, Matt 😀

        I am glad that you got a reply for one of your emails and a contact for more communication. Lajin works for sure to heal us in a number of ways, but the results commensurate with the amount of time that we Lajin.

        My nephew’s friend did Lajin for just 5 minutes a day, but his chronic neck pain was totally gone after 2 months.

        My friend’s painful upper arm got a reduction in pain by 50% after just a session of Lajin for 15 minutes. She couldn’t stretch her arm straight at first.

        Take care and be healthy, and thank you for the updates.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 53

        MATTHEW METZLER said,

        Here is the message we recieved:
        To Matthew Metzler Jul 5 at 10:10 PM
        2-day workshop:
        7-day workshop:

        Zhou Ping / PaidaLajin Team

        Youtube Playlist: PaidaLajin Self-Healing
        多语种网站/Multi-lingual website:
        English Website:
        English Facebook:PaidaLajin


  21. 54

    […] of DE, my family stopped taking all health supplements and herbal teas, while I had stopped doing Lajin and Guasha therapies, and stopped applying my Progesterone […]


  22. 55

    […] of DE, my family stopped taking all health supplements and herbal teas, while I had stopped doing Lajin and Guasha therapies, and stopped applying my Progesterone […]


  23. 56

    […] of DE, my family stopped taking all health supplements and herbal teas, while I had stopped doing Lajin and Guasha therapies, and stopped applying my Progesterone […]


  24. 57

    Natalie said,

    This is a great post. Thank you for making this stretch understandable!


  25. 59

    Julie said,

    Really enjoyed your article. Can you please post your daughters Paidalajin tips for weight loss. Thank you!


  26. 62

    daniel said,

    My girlfriend had asthma since childhood and she is always taking medication every day,
    he can only sleep for 3 hours a day.
    especially if he relapses I was very sad to hear that
    what Lajin paida can cure asthma?

    I too had the disease tinnitus and eye floater and backpain…
    what lajin can cure my disease?
    sorry for bad english


    • 63

      Hi there, daniel 😀

      I am sorry to hear of your girlfriend’s health condition. 😦

      I only do Lajin and not Paida, so I cannot say if Paida-Lajin can help with both your girlfriend’s and your health ailments. You will need to check with those Lajin centres that offer both Paida-Lajin workshops for health.

      But I know that doing Lajin just a few minutes a day can get rid of neck and shoulder pains in 2 months. The more we Lajin in a day, the faster we will see results.

      Good Luck!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  27. 64

    Golden Hummingbird said,

    Thanks a lot for your post. I came to know about paida lajin yesterday and your post helps a lot!


  28. 66

    Rekha Mahadevan said,

    Hello, I would like to know what I should do for swelling in my feet. One feet the swelling is less, one it is more. I have long hours of standing and cooking. I am doing lajin for 20 mints daily . also let me know where I have to paida


    • 67

      Hi there, Rekha 😀

      I am not sure what you can do for your leg swelling, although Lajin should help to lower the pressure on your feet, when your leg is up and stretched. I don’t do Paida, so maybe you can ask at the Paida/Lajin website?

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  29. 68

    Chris villar said,

    Looking for information or someone’s experience in reference to enlarged prostate, frequent urination at night


  30. 69

    luludis said,

    I’m a beginner at Lajin. I wanted to know if this is the same stretch for weight loss. Thank you for your answer.


  31. 71

    chris said,

    Fabulous thank you! Please post the weight exercise too as you demonstrate it so well here. Top marks ❤️


  32. 72

    C.Elangovan said,

    I got my headache relived,by doing twice for 5 minutes daily ,I thank for it paidha lajain works

    Liked by 1 person

  33. 73

    Aguazul said,

    My pains in the lower back have disappeared as if by magic from the first day I did the stretching of the lajin. Now I practice 20 minutes every day and I can see the difference.
    Thanks for sharing this treasure.


    • 74

      Hi there, Aguazul 😀

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience in doing Lajin. I am glad that your lower back pains have disappeared from doing Lajin. There are also hidden hidden health benefits like better sleep, lose excess weight and detoxification. 😉

      Have a great year in 2018!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  34. 75

    nick said,

    i have done a l4 l5 opperation didnt go good i can walk for short distance but i have chronic left leg pain will lajin help my problem if so please tell me how much can i stay on the lajin bench i made one myself and i be in great pain when i upright my left leg either of my legs touch the floor but i do 10 minuties on each leg


    • 76

      Hi there, Nick 😀

      I am not not is Lajin will help with your type of chronic leg pain as I am not a Lajin expert. Maybe you can enquire at the Paida/Lajin website?

      If you are in great pain when you do the Lajin leg stretches, then you should just stretch as far as you legs can go without pain and do that daily. It doesn’t matter if it is only for 2 or 3 minutes. As you proceed daily further, your stretches will improve and you can do it longer over time.

      Hope this works for you. Let me know if you are interested in another type of chronic pain remedy that I have just written about.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😁


    • 79

      Matt said,

      I posted a comment but it went a way on screen
      Did it come through?


  35. 81

    Matt said,

    For best effect put something under your foot until you reach the floor with each foot. Increase the time increment as much as you can until doing at least 10 minutes on each side.
    With what you described of your condition use discretion while doing this.
    You may benefit from doing the slapping (Paida) always using discretion and listening to your body,

    Liked by 1 person

    • 82

      nick said,

      hi matt thanks for your help yes thats what i do i put 4 telehone books plus 3 kilos of weight i am ok with the right leg but when i upright my left leg i struggle to do ten minutes what does the word discreation mean sorry about my english take care


  36. 84

    Aguazul said,

    To Nick
    In the book: Paid and Lajin Self Healing page 50-59 there is information may be that can help you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 85

      nick said,

      hi thankyou what i forgot to mention i had my right shoulder frozen but now i am able to touch my both shoulders on the bench while doing lajin it took me a while but i got their offcource with a lot of pain and is it normal i itch underneath my shoulders and above my shoulders how can i stop the itching


  37. 86

    nick said,

    hi to u all can any body tell me where can i buy the slapper tool to paida my self indificult area if anyone knows please write the address


  38. 87

    […] An Amazingly Simple But Very Effective 10-Minute DIY Chinese Stretching Method For Immediate Relief … […]


  39. 88

    Sam Li said,

    I am 45 years old, have inguinal hernia (for last 3 years) on left side near groin area . Which specific body parts I need to paida to heal hernia. I am doing paida on general parts for last two weeks (head, elbow, hand, knee & feet) & also on inner thigh. I am doing 20 min paida on general parts & 20 min on inner thigh of both legs. I am feeling better but don’t know what is best paida for hernia. Please guide me what other parts to do paida for healing hernia? I am following your articles for some time & it is very useful.


    • 89

      Hi there, Sam 😀

      Thank you for following my blog.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Paida and I had only tried Paida my inner elbow a few times.

      Perhaps you can ask those people at the main Paida-Lajin website? 🤔

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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