Wow, I Am Deliriously Happy Now & Feel Like A Superwoman – Serotonin Boost After Taking DE ?

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Hi there, dear friends ๐Ÿ˜€

I can’t believe what I am feeling right now – I am so deliriously happy that I am literally singing in my heart!! This is coming from a 52-yearl old woman who feels like 32-year old now! Perhaps, this is how it feels like being a “spring chicken” and what they say about regaining the “fountain of youth” again? LOL!

I am trying to catch this moment and backtrack my way to see if I can capture the right “formula” to get a rush of happiness by writing about it here before I lose the happy moment, so just that I can get this mood again in future.

Some background first of all ===> almost 4 weeks ago, I started taking Diatomaceous Earth (DE in short and I wrote about it HEREย a few days ago) , which have many health benefits, among which are feelings of good mood and increased energy. Today, I experienced a boundless supply of both! Yippee!

What is serotonin? What does it do?ย  – Medical News Today


Serotonin works as a neurotransmitter and is a chemical in our body that is responsible for our mood – a deficit of serotonin results in depression. Conversely, an excess of it results in happiness.

  • Serotonin is manufactured in the brain and the intestines. The majority of the body’s serotonin, between 80-90%, can be found in the gastrointestinal tract.


So, when I was taking DE, the DE was cleaning up my intestines and colon, i.e. gut, and my mood was able to improve drastically as a cleaner gut resulted in my body being able to synthesize serotonin more efficiently!

While I had woke up this morning with a good mood and my blood pressure reading was good at 110/74, I didn’t wake up with an exhilarating mood. The joyous feeling came later.

Looking back today, I did a few things which I thought were what help me ย to “harness or reap” that increased available serotonin level in my body. ย 

*** Note – This is only my personal observation/experience and I am not sure if it will work the same way for everybody…but it is worth a try for anyone wanting to achieve that level of happiness, yes?)


1) We need a physical trigger (to wake up the body?) – CAFFEINE!ย 

One of the things that can get us moving ย is CAFFEINE! This morning, I had a good cup of coffee (I am usually not a coffee person) at one of my favourite coffee shops. You can take your favourite beverage, anything that you love and enjoy to expand on your good mood. ย I felt very energised after having had my coffee, but I wasn’t in a exhilarating mood yet.


2) We need an emotional trigger – MUSIC!ย 

Music can be a very powerful tool that affects our moods and scientists at the University of Missouri (refer to this LINK at HealthLine) have found that people can boost their mood by just listening to upbeat music. Wow, how wonderful!ย 

So, I listened to one of my favourite K-pop songs called “Hey, Mister” by Crayon Pop – although I don’t understand the Korean language, that song is so zippy and cutesy and so upbeat that I felt a rush of happiness and joy while I went about doing stuff the whole day!

You just need to play your favourite music that never fails to make you dance and be happy.

Below is my happy song, never mind that I don’t know what it is about…but it is really catchy, zany, zippy and upbeat! LOL!

ย (If music is not playing, click on mute button)ย 


What I achieved today in under 6 hours

Looking back, I am so amazed at how I felt and what I achieved today with my boundless energy and joy. I have not felt like this in so many years…..this is like I was really young, like a spring chicken!

1) I went to the market late today and bought meats, vegetables and fruit

2) I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm! I made a giant pot of delicious Chicken Stew (with 2 free range chickens) that can serve 20 people (I was going to freeze some to be had later)….and a large pot of Spaghetti Sauce to be served tomorrow.

3) I vacuumed and mopped the ground and middle floors of my 3-storey house.

4) I did 2 loads of laundry for dirty clothes and another 2 loads for my daughters’ bedsheets, pillow cases and blankets.

5) I decluttered and cleaned my kitchen counter tops and cabinets.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel tired at all nor did my body ached after that 6-hour period of non-stop moving, cooking and cleaning! Before taking DE, I could only cook or clean in a day, certainly ย not do both!ย 

I am so glad that I stumbled onto DE and it has turned my life around for sure – I feel so much younger than my actual age, I have lots of energy and most importantly, I have found so much happiness!

With best wishes,

choesf ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S. In case you have missed out my DE article – here it is again ย ===>

Nature’s Food Grade Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth (DE) That Is Good For Almost Anything!


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  1. 2

    Jane Lee said,

    Hi Choesf, where did u buy your DE and how much did it costs u? Very keen to buy it.


    • 3

      Hi there, dear Jane ๐Ÿ˜€

      I bought my DE from here – – for RM75 per kg (COD), or RM85 per kg (mailed by PosLaju). You can contact them at their FB page.

      This DE is so natural and good for so many things, it is good if you can give it a try. I was so happy just now it felt like my heart would burst from happiness…seriously! ๐Ÿ˜€

      With best wishes,

      choesf ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. 4

    P.S. I forgot to mention how I took my DE today :-

    1) 1 heaping teaspoon first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach

    2) at 12 noon, I put 1 teaspoon of DE in a tall glass, fill up with water, let stand for half an hour (the DE will sink to the bottom)…and without stirring up the DE, I drank water from that cup all afternoon ๐Ÿ’ก


  3. 5

    Linda Choo said,

    Hi, I read your articles on DE with great interest. May I know where you bought your product. Can I buy it in Malaysia.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. 7

    […] I wrote about “Wow, I am deliriously happy now and feel like a superwoman – serotonin boost after taking DE?” and because “happiness” is such an elusive emotion for some of us, I had […]


    • 8

      P.S. I just asked my husband if he is a happier person now since taking DE almost 4 weeks ago? His answer was a resounding “YES!” I had quietly played his favourite “happy song” ===>

      before asking that question, and I was very glad that to hear that he felt happier nowadays. I have not seen him as lighthearted and happy in a long time, given that his work can be quite stressful at times. So, I can safely say that the DE is working for him, too, in allowing his body to synthesize more serotonin! He has even cut down on his number of cigarettes, saying that he doesn’t quite crave for cigarettes nowadays. ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. 9

    P.S. I also asked my 23-year old daughter if she felt happier these days, since started taking DE (she takes up to 3 tablespoons of DE a day) and she said she felt the same. Anyway, this daughter of mine has always been cheerful, positive and outgoing…so probably, the serotonin levels in her body was high anyway.

    I also read that serotonin levels drop as we age, from the article below ๐Ÿ’ก ===>

    Why Aging People Become Depressed, Fatigued, and Overweight – by William Faloon in Life Extension Magazine

    ….which said, “Startling research reveals that serotonin levels decline as we age!1-3 These findings provide a biochemical rationale to explain common age-related disorders such as depressed mood and sleep difficulties. Based on these discoveries, aging people may appreciably improve their health by restoring serotonin to youthful levels…”

    …. and that could be the reason why my husband and I felt markedly different and happier, compared to our youngest daughter, since taking DE?


  6. 10

    Wong Peng Lam said,


    It has been awhile since I wrote to you.

    Let me update you o my progress with Lajin.

    I still feel very painful on my tendon to do Lajin for 10 minutes per leg. Does not seen to help me much. It only ease my lower back aches.

    However, my wife is able to do the Lajin without any difficulties and she feels that it eases her cramps in her legs.

    I refer to your experience with DE. I wonder how safe is it to ingest into your intestine, especially if it is not available at iHerb.

    As for the serotonin, you can easily get it by taking 5-HTP.(5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin which is a vital neurotransmitter in the body.)

    You can get 5_HTP from iHerb.

    BTW is it possible to get small quantity of DE locally to try out?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend.




    • 11

      Hi there, dear Penglam ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Lajin and for the 5-HTP. Yes, I know of the 5-HTP and I have bought 2 bottles of it to try. I was testing 5-HTP out and if it worked, I was going to call it “The Happy Pill” and write about it here.

      Unfortunately, they came with some negative side effects for me – I got nausea and stomach bloatedness (despite taking it with some carbo as suggested at some website to counter those effects) the day after taking 5-HTP and I stopped after a while. I gave 5-HTP to my husband also but he didn’t feel any mood improvement from it.

      The way I understand about DE, as long as we get Food Grade, Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth from a good source (Perma-Guard is the leading brand in the US), it should be safe for us to take internally. Nonetheless, it is best if you could do your own further research to see to decide if you want to ingest DE for yourself.

      I think because DE is so cheap in the US – a 50 lb bag can cost around US$30? – that maybe iherb doesn’t carry it. Also, although it is considered as food grade, even for Perma-Guard brand, I think they say the DE is safe for animals, but Perma-Guard doesn’t say anything for human consumption.

      The local supplier for DE also sells it in a smaller quantity of 400gm for RM35 plus postage. You can ask them at their FB page –

      Today, I restarted my Lajin after stopping it to try out DE. I noticed that my body is now more flexible and it is really enjoyable to Lajin, so much so that I can use Lajin to relax myself and yet reap its health benefits – I still Lajin for 20 minutes per leg.

      I am glad to hear that Lajin has helped with your wife’s leg cramps…but sad to hear that your tendon is still painful.

      My husband has a chronic painful spot (due to his pinched nerves around the lower neck area) at his right should blade…sometimes, if he is too heaty, it gets really bad until he can’t lie down flat on his back to sleep peacefully. He has to sleep on his side. The pain would keep him up. Even for Lajin, although his pot belly was getting smaller and he was losing weight, the pain at his shoulder didn’t allow him to continue with Lajin. Sometimes, the shoulder blade pain even goes down to his right arm.

      However, since he started taking DE with me around 4 weeks ago, he said his shoulder blade pain has mostly gone (I just asked him)…and there is no pain at his right arm. I don’t know how DE works in healing him of his pains….maybe the silica in DE is helping collagen to form to repair tissues? Now, he can sleep flat on his back in bed.

      So far, my youngest daughter, my husband and I have been taking DE daily for almost 4 weeks – my daughter and my husband didn’t get any healing crises (they didn’t feel bad due to the parasitic die-off and detoxification), while I was getting headaches at the beginning and whenever I upped my dosage to 3 tablespoons daily. My husband takes 2 tablespoons of DE in the morning. So, different people will react differently.

      Other than the healing effects, we didn’t feel anything bad from the DE….on the contrary, my husband and I feel like totally different and better as a whole. Nowadays, I often see my husband laughing and smiling most of the time…a marked improvement from his previously fierce and serious temperament. LOL!

      Do weigh the pros and the cons….do more research and decide if you are going to try DE. There are only testimonials of people who tested DE out on themselves and got good results.

      So far, the 2 bad effects of DE that I read are :-

      1) Crystalline DE is poisonous (but the negative people lump this type of DE as bad for all DE, but what we are taking is Amorphous DE, not Crystalline). Crystalline DE is usually used as water pool filters.

      2) if we inhale the fine, powdery dust of DE, we get lung silicosis. This happened to people who worked in the earth/silica mines. As long as we wear face masks and gloves if we are handling a large amount of DE, our daily consumption of a few tablespoons of DE is not going to give us a lot of exposure to inhalation of DE.

      Take care and do have a nice weekend with your wife!

      With best wishes,

      choesf ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. 12

    Remember to listen to upbeat music to uplift your energy and boost your mood! ๐Ÿ’ก

    According to The Journal of Positive Psychology, lead author Yuna Ferguson did a research study and found that when people consciously listen to UPBEAT music (as opposed to music playing in the background while people are focused on doing something else), they can improve happiness!

    Right…back to listening to my upbeat music ๐Ÿ˜€


  8. 13

    Update – 2 weeks after this article was written ๐Ÿ’ก ===>

    Let’s say my “Happiness Scale” has a rating of 1 to 10, 10 being at a “deliriously happy” level …. without being immersed in music, my mood is still happy at 8 ?

    Out of the 14 days since then, there were 2 days when I went ballistic because my dog peed on my pile of dirty laundry and I had much more cleaning up to do . Other than that, I am still in a happy and good mood since taking DE. ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. 14

    Edwin said,

    Thanks for maintaining your very informative and helpful blog. I started taking DE 3 months ago after reading your blog posts and have found it very helpful for my anxiety and mild depression. I was wondering if you are still taking it and whether you could blog an update about it. By the way, my daily routine of 2 cups of Jiaogulan tea is also because of your blog. So thanks for everything!!


    • 15

      Hi, Edwin ๐Ÿ˜€

      I am so happy for you that you have also found DE to be helping your anxiety and mild depression. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here.

      Coincidentally, you wrote about your DE comment here today, when I resumed taking DE to help me with my insomnia, irritability and sprained upper left arm. I had stopped DE and my other natural health remedies when I went on a Traditional Chinese Medicine programme in mid July to avoid surgery for my hemorraghic neck goitre. A check up at the hospital two weeks ago reported my neck growth reducing and I need not go for surgery anymore. I am now seeing my Chinese Physician every two weeks.

      He warned me that if I get irritable or angry, my neck growth will become bigger….so, I decided to go back on DE today to calm me down. Lol!

      I was going to write a DE update on it today….so, your comments here were very timely.

      I am glad that you are also taking the Jiaogulan Tea twice a day. I stopped that also a few months ago when I thought I was going for surgery in October and I was having a haemorragic cyst at the neck – Jiaogulan Tea can worsen any internal bleeding and if one is going for surgery, he should stop drinking Jiaogulan Tea.

      Take care and stay healthy!

      With best wishes,

      choesf ๐Ÿ˜€


      • 16

        P.S. Since I last wrote this article, I found that if I got FORMULA right, i.e. “right mix” of music and coffee, great happiness is still achievable. But I didn’t push for the deliriously high level of joy because it caused my blood pressure to get more elevated! Lol!


  10. 17

    […] When I was on DE, I was very much happier ย ===> I even wrote about how DE made me deliriously happyย !ย  […]


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