The Morning After……

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I am so glad to report that the morning after I had a field day of ecstatically happy emotions, I woke up early this morning  still filled with happy feelings and the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams was playing continuously in my head! LOL! 

Yesterday, I wrote about Wow, I am deliriously happy now and feel like a superwoman – serotonin boost after taking DE?” and because “happiness” is such an elusive emotion for some of us, I had wondered if my “happiness” tank was going to fizzle out by today. 

Phew, it didn’t! As I am typing this, I am bobbing my head and tapping my feet to the song above – very contented that I didn’t suffer a crash of emotions  and I am still happy today, albeit at a more mellow level, but nonetheless, still preciously good for me.

Although they say that happiness is a state of the mind, I would like to believe that my body is able to now efficiently synthesize serotonin and I have a more stable source of serotonin to “happify” my moods. 

Now, it is past noon already and I am soooo glad that Pharrell is still singing “Happy” in my head! Right, I am off to carry out more decluttering in my kitchen! LOL! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 

P.S. Hey, I feel like one of those “Jaegers” in the “Pacific Rim” movie and I had beaten the “Kaiju” monster of Crankiness & Irritability…hence, another of my favourite music is also playing in my head! 





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  1. 1

    P.S. I just asked my husband if he is a happier person now since taking DE almost 4 weeks ago? His answer was a resounding “YES!” I had quietly played his favourite “happy song” ===>

    before asking that question, and I was very glad that to hear that he felt happier nowadays. I have not seen him as lighthearted and happy in a long time, given that his work can be quite stressful at times. So, I can safely say that the DE is working for him, too, in allowing his body to synthesize more serotonin! He has even cut down on his number of cigarettes, saying that he doesn’t quite crave for cigarettes nowadays. 😀


  2. 2

    P.S. I also asked my 23-year old daughter if she felt happier these days, since started taking DE (she takes up to 3 tablespoons of DE a day) and she said she felt the same. Anyway, this daughter of mine has always been cheerful, positive and outgoing…so probably, the serotonin levels in her body was high anyway.

    I also read that serotonin levels drop as we age, from the article below 💡 ===>

    Why Aging People Become Depressed, Fatigued, and Overweight – by William Faloon in Life Extension Magazine

    which said, “Startling research reveals that serotonin levels decline as we age!1-3 These findings provide a biochemical rationale to explain common age-related disorders such as depressed mood and sleep difficulties. Based on these discoveries, aging people may appreciably improve their health by restoring serotonin to youthful levels…”

    … and that could be the reason why my husband and I felt happier, compared to our youngest daughter, since taking DE?


  3. 3

    Update at 4pm – I am still feeling very happy and am now listening to my songs while surfing the Net for more songs – something I have not done in 2 years! LOL!

    It feels like I am going crazy with happiness…..sometimes I want to jump with joy! **blush**


  4. 4

    Remember to listen to upbeat music to uplift your mood and boost your energy! 💡

    According to The Journal of Positive Psychology, lead author Yuna Ferguson did a research study and found that when people consciously listen to UPBEAT music (as opposed to music playing in the background while people are focused on doing something else), they can improve happiness!

    Right…back to listening to my upbeat music 😀


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