Ladies! 2 Effortless Anti-Aging Techniques! Do Lajin & Take DE For Easy Shaping Up & Slimming Of Your Body – Also Good For Droopy Breasts & Saggy Tummy

A  super easy, relaxing Lajin pose for slimming and shaping your body -  The Horizontal Position

A super easy, relaxing Lajin pose for slimming and shaping your body – The Horizontal Position – which can be done on a firm bed, or on the floor


Hi there, dear ladies! 

Although I had intended this post to be for ladies –  gentlemen, you can also follow these two techniques to lose weight and firm up your body easily! 

Doing Lajin and taking DE are the two easiest and most effortless combination techniques that I have tested and found to be really effective in getting a better-shaped body and in losing those stubborn love handles and fat.

All achievable  without having to go on a reduced-calories or starvation diets, without going for  intensive cardio workouts….plus, you get fast results, too! All you need to do for the exercise part is just to LIE DOWN for a few minutes!

Sounds easy??


After having had 4 children and just passed middle age when most parts of the body go “South,” I can attest to the weight loss efficacy of Lajin and DE, because my clothes have gone down  from a UK size 12 to a size 10 (USA size 10 to  size 8.) I did Lajin for about 2 months starting in August 2014 and then I stopped Lajin when I tested out DE for a month beginning 29 September. 

I won’t explain at length what Lajin and DE (which stands for Diatomaceous Earth) are, as their details are already laid out at my earlier posts below… :-

1) An Amazingly Simple Chinese Stretching Method Called “Lajin”

2) Nature’s Incredible Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

 ……, but I will describe how they worked for me…

Firstly, Lajin helps improve our health and heals us from diseases by clearing any blocked energy meridians in the body. There are a few poses or positions for Lajin and they all contribute to weight loss, but the Horizontal Position  as shown in the picture above is especially good for helping one to lose weight. Master Xiao also mentioned that all Lajin poses are good for saggy breasts  as follows :-

Source – Lajin For Sagging Breasts & Obese Women


For me, I did mainly the Reclining Position (picture below) as I felt that it is  more effective for me, but most people won’t be able to do that without experiencing some pain. The Reclining Position also resulted in  my waist, hips, abdomen and thighs becoming slimmer and smaller.  I started with a 5-minute Lajin stretch per leg and I am now doing 20-minute stretches per leg. 

The trick is the more painful the stretches are for you, and the longer you stretch each leg, the more effective and faster results you are going to see! 

Source - Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method

The Reclining Position


For my husband who has a large pot belly, he pants got looser even when he was doing just 5-minute stretches per leg just 3 times a week. For me, I do Lajin every day since I was at home and could do it easily at anytime I am free. 

Our family reaped so many benefits from Lajin that we had even bought a Lajin bench, instead of just using 3 dining chairs for stretching. Buying a Lajin bench was a good decision because it was more sturdy and it could take my husband’s heavy weight of 100 kg (220 lbs), compared to the unstable chairs. Also, I found that the bench was more relaxing for me and I actually do Lajin nowadays to relax.  Imagine just lying down to relax and you can lose weight as a side effect of becoming healthier when you improve the chi or energy flow in your body! 

Our new Lajin bench

Our new  foldable Lajin bench


So, while the Lajin takes care of the easy exercise part to slim down, ingesting DE (Diatomaceous Earth) will help to get rid of the fats and cholesterol in our body. Although our appetite is curbed and we don’t feel hungry, we still have good energy to go about our daily activities. Many people have reported that they lost weight without even trying when they took DE!  I took between 1 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons of DE daily. 

DE Powder

DE Powder

You can read testimonies of people who had lost weight easily from taking DE at the links below :-

Earthworks Health

How I Lost Weight 

Diatomaceous Earth For Weight Loss

“Lost 45 pounds” – Low Carb Friends


Because we have good chi flow and our energy meridians are cleared and flowing from Lajin, and taking DE helps to get rid of the fats and helps to curb our appetites, I would say that doing Lajin and  ingesting DE are the easiest methods ever for us to lose weight and be healthy at the same time!  They are also very good anti-aging  remedies for us as well, as DE helps our body to make more collagen and in a way,  our body is being rejuvenated – many people reported they felt younger!  

I am 52-years old, but I feel like 32-years old with the help of Lajin and DE! LOL! So, I hope these slimming tips will also give your the results that you want to see! Good Luck! 

With best wishes for good health,

choesf 😀 





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  1. 1

    Sharon Lai said,

    Hi Choesf,
    I would greatly appreciate if you could advise where I could buy the lajin bench and how much does it cost?
    Thank you very much for your kind sharing. God bless you!
    Kind regards,
    Sharon Lai


    • 2

      Hi there, dear Sharon 😀

      We bought our Lajin bench from Mr. A.L. Mow (you can call him at tel – 0126510336 and he is in Petaling Jaya, Selangor) for RM550 – ours is a foldable one and hence, it’s more expensive. It is designed by him and the bench legs are very sturdy and made of solid iron. Best is no assembly is required. Just fold the bench and transport it – he said it can fit into a sedan car. My husband tested it out there before buying.

      He has a few types of benches available there and you can choose to see which one you prefer.

      Another supplier of foldable Lajin bench imported from China but needs assembly was quoted at RM680.

      God bless you, too!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 3

        P.S. I want to add also that the Lajin exercises are also very good for our pelvic floor muscles. It has helped to stop my incontinence problem very quickly within 2 weeks or so after doing Lajin. I used to sneeze a lot from sinus/allergies and the sneezing has weakened my pelvic muscles. 😳

        As ladies age and after going through natural childbirth, we can get incontinence….so these Lajin exercises are very beneficial. While Lajin-ing – squeeze and tighten our butt, and tuck in our lower abdomen. 💡


      • 4

        Sharon Lai said,

        Hi Choesf!
        Many thanks for your reply 😀. Really appreciate that very much!

        Wow! Quite pricey ya those bench! I was hoping it won’t be anything more than RM300.00. Oh dear!…I really have to give this a serious and thorough consideration becoz I do need to try lajin due to having some health issues I need to overcome.

        Anyway, I truly appreciate your sharing on this lajin thingy and your personal experience using it. You are very helpful. Thank you one again!

        God bless you Choesf 😀💐

        Kind regards,
        Sharon Lai


      • 5

        You are most welcome, dear Sharon! Yes, the Lajin bench can be quite expensive. The cheapest is RM400 plus.

        You can use 3 solid dining chairs instead….or do the other poses for health. The squatting pose is quite challenging! They say that if we can’t squat well n low, we have health problems.

        Take care n stay healthy!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😃


  2. 6

    Sharon Lai said,

    Hahaha…you are so right Choesf! Something sure is wrong if one can’t squat low with ease.

    I will attempt the other poses first before resorting to buy that bench.

    Meanwhile, you take care, stay healthy and keep sharing all those lovely and helpful stuffs with everyone! Thank you very much Choesf 💐

    Kind regards,
    Sharon Lai


  3. 8

    Esther Nyon said,

    Hi, Choesf
    May i know what is DE and where to buy? Is it harmful to our body if taken regularly. Thanks and Happy New Year.


    • 9

      Hi, Esther 😀

      I have read about people taking DE for years and so far, I have not read of them having ill health. It is best that you do your own research before you decide if you want to take DE or not, because so far, there have not been many scientific studies on DE’s health benefits….but it was through word of mouth or people’s testimonials that I found DE to have good effects for most of us. You can read about my post at the link below 💡 ===>

      Diatomaceous Earth

      May you have a Blessed and Happy New Year 2015!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 11

    ANITA Bhatia said,

    where to get DE in India?


  5. 13

    Pat said,

    For the Y pose is the butt touching the wall or a distance from it?


  6. 15

    Ken Ny said,

    Hi is Mr Mow still selling the bench? Can he deliver to Singapore?


  7. 17

    Pat Heah said,

    I do not feel pain when lying on the la jin bench. I removed two sand bags from the weight in the leg that is down. Where should I be feeling the pain? I’m wondering if I’m doing it incorrectly.


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