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Happyhomemaker88’s Easy Yummy Roast Leg Of Lamb Recipe With A Little Oriental Touch

A Roast Leg of Lamb Dinner for my eldest daughter's birthday

A Roast Leg of Lamb Dinner for my eldest daughter’s birthday

Hi there, dear friends 😀 Last weekend was my eldest daughter’s birthday and I made a Roast Leg of Lamb dinner for her as she loves lamb cooked in any way.  The roast lamb turned out very moist, tender and flavourful,  and I thought I had better write down the recipe here for future references as this was my best lamb recipe so far.  When I cook, I don’t usually measure the exact amounts of the ingredients used,  because I tend to go by  intuition, putting in just “a little bit of this, a little bit of that.” LOL! Seeing as how my blog is a legacy for my children to refer to my recipes and health remedies when I am no longer around, I am posting my  best Roast Leg of Lamb recipe here.

Yummy Roast Lamb Dinner

Yummy Roast Lamb Dinner

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Make Your Floors Safe For Small Children, Shinier & Easier To Clean With A Homemade Improved, Natural Floor Wash

Super shiny and clean floor from combining two amazing, natural ingredients as floor wash

Super shiny and clean floor from combining two amazing, natural ingredients as floor wash

Hi there, dear friends 😀

Five years ago,  I wrote about making our own homemade multi-purpose cleaning citrus fruit enzyme and since then, I have been adding that enzyme to my pail of water for mopping my polished floor tiles. Mopping polished floor tiles can be challenging because if the mopping is not done correctly or the floor wash is not appropriate, unsightly streaks can be seen on the floor . 

Although the enzyme water does help make my floor shinier and easier to mop compared to using a commercial floor wash, I recently found out that by adding another natural ingredient to the enzyme water – my mopping job has become more effortless, because the “new and improved” homemade enzyme floor wash gets dirt and grime off the floor even more easily, as evidenced by how fast the pail of water got dirty during mopping – I usually have to change the water before continuing mopping. 


I have a large beagle that stays indoor with us,  and he slobbers all over the floor! So, I really appreciated the boost that the extra ingredient gave to my enzyme floor wash, because  the combination is even more efficient in easily lifting dog slobber, paw prints and dirt effortlessly off my polished floor tiles!

Results ===> a squeaky, shiny clean floor in a jiffy! We walk barefoot at home, and I could really feel the improved clean to the floor with the added ingredient. The floor grouting is also getting lighter and cleaner.

If you have small children, babies who are at the crawling stage, or pets,  and you need a really efficient floor wash that is safe for your children and can clean well after dirt caused by your pets, you can make your own all natural floor wash – it is really simple and no rinsing is required after mopping the  floor. Now, how easy is that?  

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How To Make Sure Your WD40 Spray Can Tube Stays In Place & Never Goes Missing Again

I stuck the red tube with a little Dunlop rubber glue nozzle

I stuck the red tube into place with a little Dunlop rubber glue 

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I use WD40 frequently at home to lubricate my auto-gate hinges, door and window hinges, padlocks, door knobs, drawer rollers, etc…but I always hate it whenever the thin red tube falls off in the middle of the spraying job and it can get difficult to stick the oily tube back into its place !  **rolling eyes**

…or whenever I need the WD40, I can’t find the tiny, red tube anywhere nearby! 

So, I tried tying the tube to the canister with a rubber band so that I don’t lose it…but over time, the rubber band would get warped and break, and the tube would drop off somewhere…again.

I also tried taping the tube, but because the tube gets oily over time, it wouldn’t stay glued …and off it goes missing…… again! 

..and then there are those times when the spray can tube was bent awkwardly into some little nook and cranny to lubricate some hard to reach areas…the tube fell off and I couldn’t retrieve it! Aaarrghh !!


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(1) When Cooking Rice, Add In Some Pandan Leaves & Herbs To Make Your Rice Healthier; (2) How To Cook White & Brown Rice Together

Pandan and Centella Asiatica Leaves for adding into the automatic rice cooker

Pandan and Centella Asiatica Leaves for adding into the automatic rice cooker

Pandan leaves & Centella Asiatica herb added when cooking rice

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I usually cook my rice plain to go with one soup, two meat and one veggie dishes for a meal. The only time when my rice got all jazzed up was when I cooked Nasi Lemak, i.e. rice that is cooked in coconut milk and with aromatics like pandan leaves, lemon grass, shallots and ginger thrown in and some salt added. 

Yummy Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) with all the sides

I was first introduced to the method of adding herbs for cooking together with rice when Master atan said the healthy benefits of herbs can be infused into the rice and the whole family will be eating healthier rice, compared to just plain, white rice.

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To Improve Our Body’s Absorption Of Nutrients From Our Foods, Vitamins & Health Supplements – Do An Intestinal Parasitic & Deworming Cleanse Regularly…Get Your High Energy Back!

 A Healthy, Nutritious Homemade Dinner For Me and My Daughter – Salmon & Chicken Sukiyaki With Lots Of Vegetables 


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I stopped taking all my vitamins, health supplements and herbal teas about six weeks ago to test out the effects of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), and  I wrote about my findings on DE here :-

Nature’s Incredible Food Grade Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth That Is Good For Almost Anything!


My daily health supplements consisting of CoEnzymeQ10, Gingko Biloba, Multivitamins, Omega-3 Fish Oil


Two weeks ago, I resumed taking my health supplements and I noticed that I got even better results from them! I also need not take them daily but instead, I take them on every 2 to 3 days. Before taking DE, I was on health supplements every day. 

After being on DE, I find that I can’t take my health supplements two days in a row because I would end up with so much energy that I couldn’t sleep at night, and the strange thing was, I still have lots of energy and alertness the following day! 

Hmmmm….why is that so?

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Happyhomemaker88’s Homemade Granola Bar Recipe – Loaded With Lots Of Healthy & Yummy Goodness!

My very first homemade Granola Bar

My very first homemade healthy Granola Bar

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

My eldest daughter and I love eating Granola Bars, but those that are store-bought are often laden with  too much sugar and they also cost a bomb for just a few bars in a box. Also, most of them are lacking in the type of nutritious ingredients that we want.

So, for the past few weeks, I have been looking up  Granola Bar recipes, but I couldn’t really find one that I liked…and so,  I came up with my own recipe instead and my Granola Bars were very delicious! I love it that they were made with a lot of high fibre ingredients and sweetened naturally by the dried fruits and a little wild honey….yummm!  

A plate of Granola Squares

A plate of yummy Granola Squares

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Relaxation Through Chinese Tea Sipping and Intriguing Tea Tasting

Chinese Tea Sampling

My enjoyable sampling of Chinese Teas from Teasenz


Hi there, dear friends 😀

Thanks to some exquisite  Chinese tea samples sent to me by Teasenz, my  husband and I had a wonderful time drinking Chinese tea last night. It has been quite a while since I last took out my  tea sets for  some “serious” tea drinking and tasting! Lol!

Aromatic Chinese Pearl Jasmine Green Tea

Aromatic Chinese Pearl Jasmine Green Tea

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