To Improve Our Body’s Absorption Of Nutrients From Our Foods, Vitamins & Health Supplements – Do An Intestinal Parasitic & Deworming Cleanse Regularly…Get Your High Energy Back!

 A Healthy, Nutritious Homemade Dinner For Me and My Daughter – Salmon & Chicken Sukiyaki With Lots Of Vegetables 


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I stopped taking all my vitamins, health supplements and herbal teas about six weeks ago to test out the effects of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), and  I wrote about my findings on DE here :-

Nature’s Incredible Food Grade Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth That Is Good For Almost Anything!


My daily health supplements consisting of CoEnzymeQ10, Gingko Biloba, Multivitamins, Omega-3 Fish Oil


Two weeks ago, I resumed taking my health supplements and I noticed that I got even better results from them! I also need not take them daily but instead, I take them on every 2 to 3 days. Before taking DE, I was on health supplements every day. 

After being on DE, I find that I can’t take my health supplements two days in a row because I would end up with so much energy that I couldn’t sleep at night, and the strange thing was, I still have lots of energy and alertness the following day! 

Hmmmm….why is that so?

I was thinking it is most probably due to the better absorption of nutrients in my body from my intake of food and health supplements due to  the intestinal parasitic cleanse done by  the DE.  I read that parasites and bad bacteria in our gut and intestines can disrupt our intestinal flora and can hamper absorption of nutrients…because of my better intestinal health, nutrients are better converted into energy for my body. 

10 Signs That You May Have Parasites & How To Get Rid Of It

The Probiotic Miracle

Gut Health


How to do a parasitic and deworming cleanse?

I am not sure about other people,  but the last time I did a parasitic cleanse for my family was many years ago when my four children (the youngest now is 19 and the eldest is 28) were still kids! It never occurred to me that we should do the intestinal cleanse regularly. Like annually, or so?

Some websites recommend doing the cleanse every 6 months. 

Because we eat out, there are likely chances that the food served to us may be contaminated by restaurant or food stall staff, who may have “unhygienic practices.” If you love Roti Canai or Paratha like we do, we cannot be definitely sure that the man handling the roti washes his hand with soap very often! One of my sons saw a reputable restaurant employee in the kitchen drinking straight from a customer’s ice-blended drink before sending it out to the customer! 

Hence, we should do parasitic cleanses more often. There are many ways to do a parasitic cleanse (there is a lot of information at Google) –  I bought  Zentel from a pharmacy and I gave a dose of it to everyone in the family like 10 years ago. 

Now, I am glad to be using the all, natural and organic Diatomaceous Earth as a parasitic cleanse for my family – it costs only RM75 per kg. You can buy it online from HERE. (Note – I am not being paid to promote their website.)

The next thing I am going to do is to give my family probiotics to increase the good intestinal bacteria and to improve the flora, thereby promoting even better absorption of nutrients in our body, leading to better health and strong body immunity for us. 

Oh, by having good intestinal health and better absorption of nutrients, we can also cut down our health supplement expenditure, so long as we eat healthy, nutritious foods and do that cleanse regularly! 

Wishing you all the best of health! 

choesf 😀 




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