Make Your Floors Safe For Small Children, Shinier & Easier To Clean With A Homemade Improved, Natural Floor Wash

Super shiny and clean floor from combining two amazing, natural ingredients as floor wash

Super shiny and clean floor from combining two amazing, natural ingredients as floor wash

Hi there, dear friends 😀

Five years ago,  I wrote about making our own homemade multi-purpose cleaning citrus fruit enzyme and since then, I have been adding that enzyme to my pail of water for mopping my polished floor tiles. Mopping polished floor tiles can be challenging because if the mopping is not done correctly or the floor wash is not appropriate, unsightly streaks can be seen on the floor . 

Although the enzyme water does help make my floor shinier and easier to mop compared to using a commercial floor wash, I recently found out that by adding another natural ingredient to the enzyme water – my mopping job has become more effortless, because the “new and improved” homemade enzyme floor wash gets dirt and grime off the floor even more easily, as evidenced by how fast the pail of water got dirty during mopping – I usually have to change the water before continuing mopping. 


I have a large beagle that stays indoor with us,  and he slobbers all over the floor! So, I really appreciated the boost that the extra ingredient gave to my enzyme floor wash, because  the combination is even more efficient in easily lifting dog slobber, paw prints and dirt effortlessly off my polished floor tiles!

Results ===> a squeaky, shiny clean floor in a jiffy! We walk barefoot at home, and I could really feel the improved clean to the floor with the added ingredient. The floor grouting is also getting lighter and cleaner.

If you have small children, babies who are at the crawling stage, or pets,  and you need a really efficient floor wash that is safe for your children and can clean well after dirt caused by your pets, you can make your own all natural floor wash – it is really simple and no rinsing is required after mopping the  floor. Now, how easy is that?  

clean floor 2


New & Improved Homemade Eco & Children-friendly Floor Wash Recipe 

1/2 cup of homemade fruit enzyme

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Method ===> add the above to your pail of water (about 10 litres of water for my pail?), mix well and use that for mopping. Change to a new batch of water when the water becomes dirtier, and continue mopping the rest of the floor. No rinsing required. 

Have fun trying out your homemade improved natural floor wash and see your floor really shine and gleam! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 


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    P.S. I forgot to mention that it is very easy to get the floor grouting lines cleaner and whiter again – just mop the floor in perpendicular strokes in line with the grouting! 💡


  2. 2

    Jocelyn said,

    It did my floor cleaner! Thanks!


  3. 4

    Sharon said,

    Hi, I’m trying to make my first batch of enzyme coz I suspect daily cleaning of my floor with commercial floorwash is giving my dog the itches. But I accidentally added too much brown sugar in my mix. Will it affect the outcome of the enzyme or should I do another batch?

    Also, can some of the remaining enzyme be used to make a new batch or do we have to do a 3 mth batch every time?



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      Hi there, Sharon 😀

      If you accidentally added too much sugar, you can add more water and more fruit into a larger container, or split the original contents of the bottle into 2 bottles. I am not sure how extra sugar can affect the enzyme, but I have worked with lesser sugar before.

      Yes, you can use some of the remaining or some of the mature enzyme to make a second batch of enzyme. If you use the mature enzyme or pulp to start a second batch, the fermentation time is shortened to 1 month only, and there is lesser bubble formation. 😉

      Since I wrote this article, I have found that the enzyme and baking soda solution can clean the grouting of the bathroom tiles and walls very well, too!

      Initially, you will notice that your mop pail water will become very black and dirty as the baking soda-enzyme is quickly removing the old dirt and grime…but your floor tiles will be very shiny and clean after using this mixture for a week or so.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 8

    YHong said,

    Hi chosef,

    Please pardon my lengthy (long-winded :p) response.. Not sure why my tablet does not allow me to use the comments section..apologies if I have responded in the wrong section.. I have been a quiet follower of your blog..over time, I have read through your various posts on cleaning tips and making enzyme cleaners, as well as the many helpful comments by other visitors.

    My senior dog (who has since passed on) had skin issues since he was a pup. With age, it worsened. He also developed arthritic issues. Our vet suggested placing non-slippery surfaces on the smooth floors to ease the impact on his arthritic joints. Dogs, being the social creatures they are : ) have a tendency to follow us around as we go about our various tasks around the house.

    I did not consider carpet or mats placed throughout the house to be an effective solution, especially when he started having ‘accidents’ given his old age and difficulty walking, I opted for textured tiles (which look like wood) at our new place when we moved. I took a sample of the textured floor tiles to our vet and she agreed it would be helpful in providing a better grip surface for his paws. Hopefully minimizing the impact on his arthritic joints. Textured tiles also have the advantage of being less slippery when wet, making it suitable for bathrooms and the elderly/young occupants. However, at that time there was a lack of ‘wood’ colors/variety for textured tiles since majority were smooth (slippery) types. (Now, there is an endless selection to choose from! >__< Which I knew not to be true, having cleaned the brand new counter (with only waterproof sealant layer) before they moved in. After several times/hours of me washing the thick accumulated grease layer off with soap, I resorted to covering the counter with newspapers since I could only drop by our new place once in awhile at that time. It was easier to replace with new newspapers and less effort for me to clean.

    Our brand new flooring tiles now accumulated a 'top layer' of grime/dust/sealed with oily fumes as evidenced by the dark lines amongst the grooves of the white/light 'wood' coloured tiles. Which also carried over to other areas of the house when walking from room to room. It was very clear to see which 'paths' were the higher traffic areas. Everyone has different standards of cleanliness-I'm a messy person myself and live among clutter..procrastinating..although I do enjoy most cleaning tasks and organizing things. I don't expect people to have my standards, it just so happened my housemates had the Spring Cleaning Once a Year type of mentality (tasks like sweeping/mopping the floor). A SG$20K floor ruined in less than a year before we even moved into our new home..heartbreak. When they eventually moved out to their new place, I was the one left to deal with the issues. In addition, they did not have the habit of clearing rubbish was not long before ants were attracted to the overnight food source. I pointed out the trails of ants to my housemate and whenever I was around, I would empty the dustbin/place the trash outside the door..even if it was just One empty food container. Now, even though we only boil soup/noodles and no frying at all (no open food source) ants continue to be attracted to our drinking water. We placed our water jugs in the living area instead of the kitchen. It was a minor inconvenience but I hoped that in time, that would deter the ants. Although our dog's drinking water became a convenient source for them. Adding a few drops of cordial silver seemed to prevent this, plus I read that it was useful for our dog's teeth as well. Cordial silver is also beneficial for humans as it helps deters infections when one visits a clinic/hospital for example.

    I searched and tried to find a cleaner/method which would be effective enough to lift the stubborn dirt/oil/grime stains in between the grooves of our ruined tiles. My contractor said that even an acid wash would be useless. I contemplated using a well known industrial floor cleaner and sealant but was concerned over the harmful effects of toxic fumes lingering. I tried a combination of CIF, baking soda and vinegar, wire brush scrubbers and toothbrushes. Hand scrubbing a few rows of tiles at a time to compare the results of the various methods on the grimy tiles in contrast to the unaffected areas (clean tiles which remained relatively untouched).

    CIF caused my the skin on my fingers to 'peel' (unsurprisingly). Vinegar+baking soda with a wire scrub sponge had little effect, even if I left the bubbling mixture to sit for some time before scrubbing with lemon water/lemon peel infused vinegar. I got better results when using Vinegar+Baking Soda with a toothbrush (because the bristles got in between the grooves a lot better than a wire sponge scrub which only brushed the surface clean). The idea of using a toothbrush to go over an area of 90sqm flooring was daunting. I resigned myself to the fact that if I could only hand (tooth)brush a few rows of tiles daily, the effort would be worth it to restore our tiles to its former clean may be a tedious task which may take many many months to clean one area at a time, but I wished to take pleasure in the natural 'wood' colours of our tiles without the unsightly dirt/grimy grooves. I happened to come across a cafe/bakery which used the same textured grooved tiles as mine..every shallow groove was a black 'line' of dirt on its surface..I had to face the fact that even if I managed to hand scrub/remove the grimy layer now..with daily years to come..even with regular maintenance, this could be how our floors would look like over time. Meanwhile, I continued to research more on cleaning products and methods which eventually led me to your site : )

    I have to credit my senior dog..for leading me to be more conscious and aware of making natural and healthier lifestyle decisions, to be more active with our our wasteful consumption habits would continue to have a negative impact on our environment which would affect our future generations. I also wish to express my gratitude to you..I have tried making your enzyme cleaner recipe and I believe I am close to finding an effective and safe solution that can finally restore (and maintain) our floor tiles. If successful, I am tempted to bring a bottle of the enzyme cleaner to the cafe/bakery owner! Seems a bit ridiculous..but good things should be

    I say "close to" because I guessed/estimated the amount of fruit peels (without a weighing scale). I only used lemon and orange peels separately-no pulp as I felt it would be less messy to remove peels only when I emptied the plastic bottles for recycling). My usual method of removing pesticides from veg & fruits is soaking in a diluted solution of organic apple cider vinegar (acv) and water before brushing the exterior peel. I believe I may have stripped some of the useful 'bacteria' (not sure if that's the right term to use) from the fruit peels with this method. With some batches, I waited for the tap water+brown sugar mixture to melt first before adding in citrus peels. Even when the occasional ant fell in the bottle, attracted during the first week or so by the enzyme solution/gasy foam built up around the opening, all my bottles only developed a whitish sludge-not one sign of blackish mould. I would shake them once daily (leaving the cap on without screwing it shut) until the solution stopped producing gas eventually. I also tried used glass containers when making smaller batches. When the enzyme cleaner matured, I strained the solution to store in glass containers, where the mixture would continue to settle down over the next few days. A clearer solution would form on top while the finer particles of whitish sludge settled below. There is no foul smell. The orange peels remained brightly coloured..did not even rot after 6 months of fermentation..although the lemon peels turned guess is from soaking in the brown sugar water solution.

    Even though my lemon and orange citrus enzymes have matured for more than 6 months, the odd thing is that they attract ants! I placed droplets and small containers filled with citrus enzyme cleaner at various areas and ants were happily making their way to the sticky solution. I can only conclude that the acv washing method to remove pesticides may have removed the 'ant repellent qualities' in my current batch of enzyme cleaners. This made me wary of mopping the floor with them, even if diluted. However, I did test a concentrated solution (with additional baking soda), hand scrubbing a few rows of grimy & oily tiles with a wire sponge at various spots around our new place, and achieved the best results ever! The enzyme cleaner effectively removed the oily dirt and grime built up in between the small grooved lines. I think it will take longer with grout lines since those are 'deeper' than the shallow groove lines of our textured tiles surface.

    I am not sure if I can reuse the whitish sludge to make another batch of new enzymes..since the current batch that I made attracts ants. I think I will go ahead and use the current sludge (with new citrus peels) to make another batch of enzyme cleaners since it hastens the fermentation process. I will also start making another brand new batch of enzyme cleaners (this time without using acv wash, perhaps just enzyme cleaner to wash the lemons & oranges). Hopefully both solutions will repel ants! I will continue to hand scrub with a wire sponge on the worst areas (so much faster than a toothbrush!) and eventually try mopping the floor with microfiber cloths instead of commercial wet floor wipes which smells of chemicals (whatever 'green tea' they are using) and results in a thin film which cling onyo the floor surfaces even after drying. This is in contrast to using lemon juice with hot water and vinegar which results in clean feeling floors.

    We have since welcomed a new puppy at our new place. After our walks, I would wash his paws/tummy/back areas with a rag which I rinsed daily in soap & hot water. I noticed his paws peeling and stopped using the organic brand of soap..replaced that with a vinegar & hot water solution. His paws have since healed..but it made me realize that he was sensitive to certain chemicals in the organic brand of soap. This made me more aware that I should educate myself as a consumer..thank goodness for the internet! The key is finding a reliable and trustworthy sources of information among the sea of many contradictory sites.

    Even with so-called 'organic brands', some still contain harmful chemicals which over time, may wreck havoc on our body system. Almost all commercial brands are even worse with the mildest 'harm' causing respiratory related issues. Environmental Working Group ( lists each ingredient in cleaning and skincare products. As well as research in our daily everyday products (like plastics) and which foods have the highest level of pesticides. It is simply astounding to know that our homes/offices/products have such a high level of toxicity..and many remain unaware of the many studies and research conducted which reveal how hazardous our home/office/environments can be to our health. The effects may not be immediate..but accumulated slowly over a period of time. Some are affected more than others because each individual's body reacts differently.

    We only make do the best we can in our cleaning and lifestyle choices. Some of my friends consider it a hassle/unnecessary to remove pesticides when preparing their foods. My housemate continues to use a moldy blender to make his healthy celery/carrot/fruits/veg juice. Others feel that since their great grandpa/grandma/mother/father/whoever have carried on such daily habits and lived to old age, that it is fine to continue with current practices without taking precautions. It is up to the individual to decide how much risk s/he is willing to take. Given our ever polluted environments and food sources..I wish to minimize the risk. While I cannot eliminate all harmful sources, only in the few areas as I continue to educate myself, it is a start. I may meet resistance from family members (some remain stubborn and unconvinced even after reading researched articles) but will continue to educate them and do it for our loved ones because it is a worthwhile just starts with a gradual change and willingness to try. When we do it and positive results are achieved, it convinces others to make the change as well.

    I am not sure what you use to clean your toilet bowls, but I would not recommend flushing fruit peel/pulp (perhaps more useful as compost for gardening). Even hair and dental floss clogs up our plumbing systems over time..the cost of an expensive pluming job..ever noticed how remnants of toilet paper still remain even after flushing..?

    A) I came across an effective, easy and environment friendly method – just plop 2 Denture Cleaning Tablets into the toilet bowl. There will be some small bottles reaction..after 20 minutes and minimal scrubbing..a minty fresh and very clean bowl!

    B) Baking Soda is a very useful cleaning aid around the house. But did you know that it makes the best facial & body scrub/feminine wash as well? Try it and be amazed at our smooth our skin feels after a Baking Soda Scrub. I use it as a dry shampoo as well.

    Some people also use it as a natural body deodorant..since almost almost all commercial deodorants contain a form of aluminum..which is what causes the yellowish armpit sweat stains..and formation of lumps and in the more severe cases-breast cancer.

    Some people also mix baking soda with essential oils to make a natural toothpaste but I have not tried this yet. Some have reported restoring their tooth enamel and less sensitive teeth over time.

    Please be cautioned that Baking Soda is not suitable for those on a sodium restricted diet. Neither should it be consumed when one is overly full from food and drink.

    C) In one of your posts, you mentioned organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as an effective cough remedy. Well, a 1-1 mix of ACV with filtered water in a spray bottle makes a very good hair/body rinse after the Baking Soda Scrub. No, there is no lingering vinegary smell after the shower, but I find that the smell of vinegar seems to evaporate very fast anyway.

    When I had scaly dry patches on my knees and took just 2 weeks of Baking Soda and ACV spray to get rid of them! It also helped with my fungus/ringworm issues. ACV is also a good facial toner. However this depends on an individual's skin as well. For those with more sensitive skin, using once or twice a week is enough. Since I have a blemished/clogged pores/fungus issues, I use it on alternate days or 3 times a week..leaving the ACV facial to air dry without rinsing off. It is important to note that we do not we want to over strip the good bacteria from our skin to maintain a healthy ph level.

    Oh..and ACV+filtered water spray also makes an effective tick and flea repellent for our cats & dogs. It is a recommended tip from holistic vets. It is recommended to spray..working the solution into the fur and skin..and air dry. This seems to be alright for short coated breeds. However, with our long + double coated Pekingese/shih tzu dog, his skin remains damp..not to mention I decided to use the hair dryer on the coolest setting, but no towel dry.

    D) Fruit Enzymes, or drinking lemon water in the mornings before any meals as a cleansing/detox option. Lemon is acidic and wears down our teeth enamel over time, it is recommended to use a straw. Glass and metal straws (a long term more cost savings option) can also be found online along with slim brush cleaners if one does not wish to use plastic straws.

    Baking Soda & ACV is actually considered a health tonic for most people. Such a mixture serves to balance the acidic/alkaline solution. It has been helpful in cases of acid reflux and many other health issues. Various users have also came up with numerous suggestions (such as adding honey) to make it a more palatable apple cider drink.

    E) I currently use Dr Bronner's soaps and Sal Suds for all my cleaning. It is such an effective natural product with multiple uses for personal shampoo as well! I am sure whereabouts in M'lysia it is sold, although it does have a M'lysian Facebook Page.

    I have used it for my granite counters..porcelain shampoo..floor and house cleaner. Also facial and body wash as well. It also serves as my shampoo which I alternate with baking soda. However, if one has been using commercial shampoos, I would not recommend Dr B's initially. I stopped buying commercial brands of shampoo..only using Baking Soda and ACV Hair Rinse for a period of time. This is because most commercial shampoos actually coat our hair with an artificial smooth layer. As Dr B's soaps attempt to balance the natural ph of our skin, hair and will result in a greasy outcome for those who used commercial shampoos.

    This is further explained on Lisa Bronner's blog. The family owned business remains one of the few ethically run companies to this day. A stark contrast to the many major corporations whose sole motivation being maximization of profits with no regard on the harmful effects or negative impact their practices and products can have on our health and environment.

    On a final note, I highly recommend Earth Clinic ( for natural remedies for various ailments. There is also a section for pets and children. The many testimonies of how some have struggled with chronic issues..with years of expensive treatments..only to find that Mother Nature is the best healing agent of all. While natural remedies tend to be safe with less side effects, they do not replace a health check up with ones doctor.

    Another good website is Mercola health by Doctor Mercola. There is also a section for pets under Dr Becker. They have YouTube videos as well for those who prefer to learn visually.

    As mentioned, Lisa Bronner's blog which goes into more details on the difference between commercial and natural cleaning / skincare products.

    EWG website is a useful resource..all about the living environment and consumer products from food to skincare.. However..with some things..once we learn of becomes hard to unlearn the truth. At least, that was the case for me. We can only continue to educate ourselves and decide how much of a change we wish to implement.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your many helpful tips. I enjoy reading your blog! Warmest regards and blessings upon your family.


    • 9

      YHong said,

      Edit* >__< Which I knew not to be true, having cleaned the brand new counter (with only waterproof sealant layer) before they moved in.

      I hope I did not come off as too preachy.. What little I have read (and still learning) from EWG, Mercola Health, Earth Clinic, Lisa Bronner and other seems like their beliefs..conclusions drawn from various research studies over the years are quite similar.

      Do not be deceived by what is labelled as organic/natural products/sources since advertisers have cleverly marketed this growing sector. Sites like EWG and Mercola are invaluable tools and their research has revealed many truths which continue to be hidden behind major health corporations who go to many lengths to denounce any healing therapies that threaten their profits. One such example is the Bates method of improving our eyesight naturally. Dr Mercola sought a leading trainer in this field and upon further research with his team and practicing it himself, was able to overcome long this day, he is able to read menus with small print without the need of glasses and contact lenses. The reason why the Bates method is not widely known and denounced by many other 'experts' because it would severely affect the commercial industry..just look at the many optical shops selling corrective glasses & lenses!

      Processed forms of sugar and the common table salt found in almost all processed to advoid. Another is vegetable of the most commonly used oils everywhere. It is interesting to note that there were no instances of heart or various commonplace diseases (that we face today) back in the 1600s. Our diet of highly processed foods, factory farmed animals/fish pumped with antibiotics and hormones/ocean fish contain levels of mercury, have led to the increasing number of (new) health issues which plague many today.

      BPA-free is just another marketing scam for companies to add in other chemicals-some of the known harmful effects have been tested and proven, yet go under the radar because the product is marketed as BPA-free and therefore 'safe' for consumer use. Meanwhile the unchecked chemicals continue to wreck hormone imbalance (among other ill effects) on its users. As attractive as Tupperware containers should use them with caution. I cannot recommend them for food storage..especially with hot food. Perhaps as storage containers for individual sachets of coffee/drinks. Glass bottles are available as an alternative..some come with stainless steel infusers (for loose tea/fruits) and padded covers for added protection.

      With knowledge in hand, we can choose to make informed decisions to find a balance we can be comfortable with. It may not be possible to eliminate all harmful sources, but we can do our best to minimize such factors..make accommodations to implement lifestyle changes we can live with and hope for the best.


      • 10

        Hi there, Yhong 😀

        Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and information on some cleaning issues and practices for a healthy lifestyle. We are living in an era where we are less healthy than our grandparents’ generation due to technology advances, lifestyle and diet differences. I was just telling my children last week that I only started eating fast food (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in 1979 and McDonald’s arrived in Kuala Lumpur in 1982. Chicken tasted really delicious until large scale commercial farming began and the breed of chicken that grew faster has much less “chicken taste.”

        Nowadays, I try to buy as much as possible organic and non-gmo meats, vegetables and other food products but it can be difficult because they cost much more than the usual stuff. One way to try minimizing the effects of possible toxic is to take natural health teas for detoxification and to balance back our body. Avoid consuming sugar and processed foods as much as possible….and hope for the best, just like you said. 💡

        With best wishes for good health,

        choesf 😀


  5. 11

    Thank you for this useful article!I am not only a very protective parent but also I take care about the health of my pets. So I’m trying to use only safe products for cleaning and the only way to be sure – is to prepare them by my own! I mix equal portions of vinegar and water, 2-3 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp sea salt and 20-30 drops essential oil of lemon. It works! Thank you for sharing this helpful information with us!


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