Today, I Resumed Taking DE (Diatomaceous Earth) For Insomnia, Irritability, Sprained Muscles, Urinary System & Osteoporosis

Diatoms - microscopic view of ancient unicellular algae with hard shells made of silica

A microscopic view of ancient unicellular algae, called Diatoms, with hard shells made of silica 

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I had stopped taking DE and other natural health remedies since mid July because I had started on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Programme for my thyroid growth, just in case they may have any contra-indications with the Chinese herbal medicine (I wrote about it HERE.)

However, lately I have been suffering from lack of good quality sleep – I would wake up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep. I would  go to the bathroom frequently, despite limiting my intake of liquids in the evenings. I would toss and turn frequently throughout the night, finding sleep so elusive! Argh!! 

Because I was not sleeping well,  I would be irritable and cranky the following day! But my Chinese Physician had warned me not to get angry, stressed or overly excited, because my overly sensitive Liver will react accordingly and cause my thyroid/neck growth/goitre to swell up again in tandem. Sigh….

So, I decided to resume taking DE again today…because I am craving so much to sleep like a baby again – when I was on DE, I slept very deeply and very well indeed! Sheer Bliss!

With DE, my urinary system and bladder capacity was much improved and I barely visited the bathroom at night – well, maybe just once, or twice, at most. Heck, even my husband’s thunderous snoring couldn’t wake me up then! Lol! 

Good, deep sleep is extremely important to us. It allows us to function well during the day because our body is well rested and healed during our sleep.

Good Sleep = Good Body Immune System

When I was on DE, I was very much happier  ===> I even wrote about how DE made me deliriously happy 

Coincidentally, my blog visitor, Edwin, had today shared his experience  on how DE has helped with his anxiety and mild depression since he started taking DE  three months (read Comment # 14 at my article HERE.) 

So, DE does have an impact on improving our feelings, moods and emotions. 

When I took a break from DE,  I experienced muscle aches and sprains more often. I also worry about getting osteoporosis and with that in mind, I have unreservedly jumped back onto the DE wagon today! 

DE has silica ===> silica has great tissue and bone healing capabilities. My nails and hair were really thick and strong when I was on DE. So, I hope my bones will be strong, too, and I can lower the risks of having osteroporosis. 

For more of my testimonials on the goodness of take DE, check out MY EARLIER DE POST

I almost cried when I had to stop DE a few months ago…but I am absolutely happy today to go back on DE! Never mind that there were not many scientific studies done on DE, and that it is not known what DE could negatively do to our internal organs. For now, I will just listen to what my body needs ….. and that is, good sleep! Lol! 

But seriously, to be on the safe side, I will likely take DE for one month or so, and then take a week’s break,  before resuming it. I will see how it goes, and I will update it here. 

Wishing all of you the best of health always,

choesf 😀 

P.S. By the way, the famous “White Cliffs of Dover, Kent, UK” are made from Diatomaceous Earth

white cliffs of Dover


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  1. 2

    Update on Day 3 after resuming DE :-

    12 hours after my first dose (i started with just a heaping teaspoon of DE), I started to get a mild headache (which I am still having now) and mild flu effect that made me have a nap in the afternoon (I don’t usually sleep during the day).

    These are signs of a healing crisis happening from the detoxification effects by the DE. While the DE is detoxifying the body, the decaying parasites that it is killing are adding on to the toxins in the body, causing us to feel under the weather, but the healing crisis is only temporary and will usually last just a few days.

    To help speed up the detoxifying process, I did coconut oil pulling, drank lots of water, and took some probiotics to strengthen my stomach and intestines.


  2. 3

    Steven said,


    I read your earlier article on DE, and was inspired to order from the same source as yours (I got the 1kg pack).

    Since some 16 months ago, I started to get Melasma (hyper pigmentation) on my face, and it got progressive worse (by the way, I’m a 51 year old male). Lately, I’ve also developed bad acne on my face.

    I’m totally at loss at the sudden change in my skin condition as the Melasma (and acne) virtually came out from nowhere. I’m hoping DE can help with my condition.

    How has your progress been since you restarted DE in October? Please post your progress if you can.

    Thanks and warmest regards.



    • 4

      Hi there, SC 😀

      I am glad you are trying DE as well. It is certainly strange that you suddenly experienced melasma and acne on your skin. Hopefully, that is caused by some toxins or parasites in your body that DE can help you get rid of.

      After I wrote this article, I resumed DE for a few weeks and then stopped again, this time to test out Black Garlic.

      From my experience and from some feedback from my friends who are still taking DE, we need to take DE continuously for at least 2 weeks to see or maintain results. So, there should not be any long breaks in between.

      Once I stopped DE, my hair went back to white and is thinning again. After I replied to Patricia at my original DE post just now, I am excited again to resume taking DE, and therefore, I will start taking DE again from tomorrow. I had stopped taking Black Garlic yesterday.

      For the past one month plus, I have only been taking DE occasionally, usually after having had some sushi or shashimi (I am afraid of any potential parasites in the raw fish); or if I experience stomach bloatedness. DE is very good for food poisoning as well – DE kills the parasites/bacteria from the food that gives us food poisoning.

      Hope DE works for you as well!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 5

        SC said,

        Hi Choesf,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I took my first teaspoonful of DE this morning, and will continue to ingest it for the next 4 weeks to see if there’s any result. My stomach feels a bit ‘funny’ at the moment after ingesting DE today…must be some ‘process’ taking place.

        I was hesitant to try DE initially due to its primary application for agricultural purposes, and pest control. However, I decided to give it a try after reading various articles in the internet (including yours) that attested to efficacy (and safety) of DE as a health supplement.

        Fingers crossed for similar positive results as others.

        Warmest regards


      • 6

        You are most welcome, SC! Yay, you have started on your DE journey! Try to keep a diary of what you are feeling in your body and observe your body responses while on DE. Remember to drink more water than usual, and if you feel more sickly due to the parasitical die-offs and accumulated toxins in your body, try taking apple cider vinegar and honey (1 tablespoon each in a glass of water) and some probiotics to help you feel better.

        DE is best taken first thing in the morning – at a time when the “critters” (parasites) are hungry since your last meal the night before. So, feed them DE to kill them.

        I noticed when I took DE, I no longer crave as much sweet stuff. People say that parasites like sugar.

        Good Luck!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  3. 7

    Lily said,

    Hi , what is DE. And where can it be bought pls ?


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