Make Your Own GOLD SUPERFOOD >>> Black Garlic That Has Health Magic !

Black Garlic

My box of yummy Black Garlic, with 3 peeled cloves in a dish

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I was first introduced to Black Garlic when healer Master atan gave me some homemade black garlic to try for improving my health, after he heard about my thyroid growth  and high cholesterol problems.

Black Garlic is not a variety of garlic, but garlic that has been fermented at a low heat for a few weeks. When ready to be eaten, the hard, white cloves of garlic would have turned into soft, black garlic that tastes really delicious,  sweet, tangy…without the pungent taste associated with raw garlic. The taste is like a combination of prunes and balsamic vinegar, and is strangely addictive – I couldn’t stop eating at two cloves! Lol! called black garlic “culinary gold.” Iron Chef America and Top Chef New York featured it on their shows. 

Black Garlic has a lot of health benefits, more than the normal garlic. I read that one person’s total cholesterol level went down from 240 mg/dl (6.2064 mmol/l)  to 200 mg/dl (5.172 mmol/l) in just a few weeks, after consuming only two cloves of Black Garlic daily (read this REPORT by Singapore General Hospital)! Wow! How amazing and easy is that? 

Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Other than for lowering bad cholesterol, Black Garlic has also enhanced health benefits such as –

  1. Reducing inflammation (reduces risk of osteoarthritis)
  2. Boosting immune function (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties)
  3. Improving cardiovascular health and circulation (protects against clotting, retards plaque, improves lipids, and reduces blood pressure)
  4. Toxic to 14 kinds of cancer cells (including brain, lung, breast, and pancreatic)

(Source – Black Garlic has enhanced health benefits)

Black Garlic is quite easy to make at home – Master atan made them using three automatic rice cookers.  There are recipes online for fermenting  white garlic in rice cookers, mason jars, etc. This WEBSITE has some good methods. 

I think when my current stock of Black Garlic is almost finished, I will try to make some with my old rice cooker. The whole process will take about 20 to 30 days, depending on which method we use. However, I have to figure out first where I can place the rice cooker of fermenting garlic, as there will be very strong garlicky smells during the first 3 days! Lol! 

If anyone is interested, let me know, and I will get Master atan’s recipe for you. 

Hope you will be able to find some Black Garlic and experience its unique taste, as well as consume it for good health!

With best wishes for good health,

choesf 😀  


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  1. 1

    michael chong said,

    hi, how do i make black garlic at home ? thank you.

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  2. 2

    Michaelchong Nyetfui said,

    hi,how can i make black garlic at home ? thank you.


  3. 4

    Sandra said,

    Yes, please I would like to make my own Black Garlic. Thank you !

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    • 5

      I will post Master atan’s recipe asap, Sandra, he is writing it for his forum these few days 😀

      Meanwhile, do get an old rice cooker ready and identify a suitable location where you can plug in the rice cooker. I understand that it will give out very strong garlic smells for the first few days! The rice cooker needs to be turned on at the “keep warm” function for a few weeks.

      So far, I think he said that the rice cooker with the lid attached to it (like a flip top) works better at making Black Garlic. I will get more information from him.

      He said the Black Garlic has helped healed his liver and some ailments.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  4. 6

    Matt said,

    will try as soon as you post the recipe
    thank you & be well

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    • 7

      Thank you, Matt, may you and your family be well, too! 😀

      I will post the recipe asap – meanwhile, try to find a store where you can find the best garlic – those that are large and fat and fresh. Peel out one clove to check.

      I will join in with you all and make a pot of “Black Gold” to replenish my stock. We can also share here on how our garlic goes as it ferments 💡 – it will be interesting to try making our natural superfood for health!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  5. 8

    flin said,

    I will join you all. Am keen to give this a try.

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    • 9

      Glad that you will be joining us, Flin! The more the merrier! Lol!

      It is better to make our own Black Garlic – more hygienic and economical this way. Master atan said he had seen one bulb of Black Garlic cost RM20 each.

      Have a good, relaxing evening!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


    • 10

      P.S. More info 💡

      …..according to various sources, including registered nutritionist Robert Hobson, who is with the Royal Society of Public Health, the antioxidant levels in black garlic can be as much as twice those found in white garlic. That means black garlic can deliver more immune-enhancing power than its white cousin.

      Read more about garlic and cancer

      Black garlic is also credited with lowering cholesterol levels (due to its s-allylcysteine content) and blood pressure and fighting cancer. It should be noted that studies of black garlic have been done mostly in lab animals or in cell lines so scientific evidence to support human health benefits is yet to come. –

      See more at:


  6. 12

    TheOwl said,

    Hi happy,

    I will try making my own black garlic too. So will wait for your recipe. Meanwhile must dig out my old rice cooker to check if it’s still working as I’ve been steaming my rice for ages and have not been using it so I hope it’s still working. Tqvm for sharing.

    What about the smoked black garlic that is so much more expensive than the white one. Is it more beneficial to health compared to the white one? The smell is much nicer when you tumis it.

    I’ve not written here for a pretty long time. Once I asked for your opinion about why the enzyme I was making for my garden was full of worms. The reason was my recipe was wrong. I added in too much peel. But after a few years the worms are all gone and the liquid is thick and gone wine-coloured. It’s very nice but I still feel geli to use it but I guess it should work wonders now,both as a cleaning agent and as a fertilizer. Bcs the liquid is so thick the enzyme I have now will last forever LOL. It’s like concentrate.

    Looking forward to your great recipe. TQ


    • 13

      Good morning, TheOwl 😀

      I am so glad to hear from you! Wow, time flies – I remember very well your enzyme that has worms. I am not afraid of anything but worms! Ewwww! Very geli to me, also. Lol!

      I have forwarded to Master atan your question on whether we can use the more expensive, but more aromatic smoked garlic for fermenting to Black Garlic or not. He is preparing a post of Black Garlic with information and the recipe for his Dhealing Forum, so once I have his recipe, I will share here.

      If you do an Internet search on “testimonials of Black Garlic,” you will some interesting health improvements that Black Garlic can do, e.g. for psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, old injuries, joint pains, good energy….someone had a cold starting and she popped just a clove of Black Garlic and her cold was gone the next day.

      I read that some people may have some form of healing crisis for the first few days of eating Black Garlic, not sure if that will happen to everyone. Well, we are our own guinea pigs!

      I only started taking daily for a week and I was feeling under the weather already due to the bad haze, so I wasn’t sure if I went through a healing crisis or not. 😆

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  7. 15

    […] requests from my earlier post, “Make Your Own Gold Superfood – Black Garlic That Has Health Magic“, here is Master atan’s Black Garlic Recipe. You will need to use an old rice cooker […]


  8. 17

    Update 💡 –

    Today, I started my husband on 3 cloves of black garlic – taken on an empty stomach, with a glass of water, first thing in the morning. He is diabetic and I am more concerned about the effects of high blood sugar on his overall health. Also, he is a smoker and I am interested to see how black garlic can help him.

    I have been receiving good feedback from a middle aged friend who has started taking black garlic one week ago – she has Type 1 diabetes since she was 10 years old and she is now suffering from retinopathy, for which her doctors said there is no cure. She also has many chronic joint pains and stiff finger joints. A blood test reported that she is not suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She started taking black garlic upon Master atan’s advice.

    I should write a separate article here on the “Testimonials of Black Garlic” so that all feedback from people taking black garlic can be centralised there. 💡

    After Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Black Garlic (BG) is the next most exciting natural health remedy for me and I intend to read up more on it before writing a more detailed article on BG. 😀


  9. 19

    Anne Deborah Yap said,

    Thank you for sharing Black Garlic. I am very interested in the recipe to strengthen my immune system.

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  10. 21

    k9astro said,

    Hi choesf, this is my 1st time posting in here after reading through your few blogs on Jiaogulan, Ku Ting, Black Fungus and now this. I’ve been taking black fungus off and on for the past year, but it doesn’t seem to have helped lower my cholesterol much from 6.0. When I remember, I also take some ground Skyfruit in capsule form.

    I’ve just started on Jiaogulan this week after finding the tea sachets in the TCM shop next to my office here in Teluk Intan, Perak. I was expecting totally bitterness like that of bitter gourd, but there was nothing at all like that. Just a mild “kam” taste to it. At “supper” last night with a friend and his missus, we put 4 (yes, FOUR) packs into a teapot and drank it over several rounds. I love it ; Just hope I don’t go overboard on it.

    Just wondering if you’ve stopped taking Jiaogulan and if so, why, since there’re no more updates on that blog.

    Will have to try the black garlic thing soon, if I can get my old cooker to work 😉

    Thanks for the great help you’re putting out there to us sickbies 🙂


    • 22

      Hello there, k9astro 😀

      I am glad you found the “kam” version of Jiaogulan tea. There are two types – the cheaper one is really bitter and yucky to drink. Lol!

      Some people brew Jiaogulan tea, instead of the usual strong Chinese tea, when they eat Bak Kut Teh to counter the oily meal. The more oily stuff you consume, you will pass it out the next day. Jiaogulan is that effective.

      I am sorry to hear that the Black Fungus drink didn’t work for you. The one month I was drinking Black Fungus, my total cholesterol dropped almost 1 point. But since I stopped taking that, my cholesterol went up again. I only drink Jiaogulan tea occasionally nowadays, but I should drink it more often.

      I have learned that 25% of our body’s cholesterol comes from our food intake, and 75% is come from our liver. Also, having slightly higher cholesterol is not exactly a bad thing either (from one of Dr Mercola’s articles).

      Hope you will be able to try some Black Garlic soon. In Singapore, it is really popular and there are many brands available there, but they are expensive.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 23

        k9astro said,

        Hi Choesf,

        Many thanks for your response. Still have a couple of questions (don’t we all hahahha) :

        1) I’ve started taking back the black fungus with ginger & red dates. But I read somewhere that too much red dates on a daily basis could cause some kind of harm. Did you hear about that, or is it OK to take this drink for up to a month straight, and then maybe once a week or so?

        2) Right now, I make enough black fungus water to last me through a day of work. So it’s more dilute than what you described. After work, for drinks, I just get a glass of juice, and after that, only Jiaogulan till it’s bed time. This would mean on average about 3-4 sachets from about 7pm till midnight. Is this a bad thing? I don’t drink “normal” water anymore.




      • 24

        Hi there, Roger 😀

        I developed a little “racy heart” when I took the Black Fungus with red dates, and so, Master atan told me to omit the red dates. So, my Black Fungus drink only had 2 honey dates in place of red dates and ginger. So, you can omit red dates if you are worried about them.

        If you can use a slow cooker and boil a portion of the Black Fungus drink overnight – take that on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Then drink the Jiaogulan tea over the whole day. You still have to drink plain water to rehydrate your body.

        Good Luck with your cholesterol reduction.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 25

        k9astro said,

        Hi Choesf,

        The slow cooker’s a great idea so if it’s going to simmer overnight slowly, I just have to put about 2 cups of water and it should become 1 cup by morning, right?

        I’ve managed to order some Jiaogulan leaves from Thailand, since I’ve heard some horror stories about products in general coming out from China. Do you think it’s safe buying straight from Chinese sellers?

        Oh, here’s an interesting field report from me. Not sure what the cause is, but it’s good. I have double vision where every object is doubled vertically, maybe about 5% of the object’s real height. Both visions are actually sharp but the dual-nature makes the image look blurred, unless I squint my eyes or wear my glasses. Well, since I started on the Jiaogulan this week, it could be my imagination, but it appears that the double images are merging. Not quite there yet, but I’m hopeful.




      • 26

        Hi there, Roger 😀

        Yes, you can adjust the water amount accordingly as per your slow cooker. Can you share here from where in Thailand you ordered the Jiaogulan Tea? I am thinking of trying the Thai version to see how it tastes.

        I buy the 100-teabag box of Jiaogulan tea (THIS BRAND) that is meant for the US market, so I presume that the quality should be better? The price has gone up to RM23 per box now.

        The Jiaogulan Tea is good for many health benefits, one of them is to improve blood circulation, so perhaps it has improved the blood circulation to your eyes. Ginseng is known to improve eyesight and Jiogulan has ginseng qualities. I am glad to hear that your double image vision has improved, and hopefully it is due to the Jiaogulan tea.

        I forgot to ask you earlier – when you drank 4 satchets worth of Jiaogulan Tea at night, did that give you too much energy to fall asleep at night?

        I cannot drink Jiaogulan at night…I am too alert to fall asleep. But my daughters can drink Jiaogulan Tea and Kuding Cha combined and they can still sleep easily.

        Do have a great weekend!

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 27

        k9astro said,

        Hi choesf,

        I just got back after a 4-hour drive, and quite pleased that I can read number plates now 🙂

        The Jiaogulan I bought was this item : Natural Jiaogulan Herbal Tea – Gynostemma pentaphyllum 250g (8.8oz) from ebay. If this is blocked off, pls leave yr email and I’ll post it in there.

        Will post the other remarks after I unpack.

        Best regards


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  11. 28

    k9astro said,

    Yes, considering that it’s meant for the US-market, we can safely (I think) assume that a certain quality must be there. In the case of mine, it’s made by a listed company, but of course we don’t know how true this is.
    I pay RM13.50 for a total of 80gm, while your RM23 gets you about 200gm, so yours is actually a better buy.

    Indeed, I’m hoping that it’s the Jiaogulan too that’s doing its work on my eyesight 😀

    If I recall correctly, it was in your blog that implied that Jiaogulan energises when energy is needed, and calms when it’s time for rest. So, no problems at all for me, unlike when I drink something mild like Pu-Erh, I can be wide awake for a few hours.


    • 29

      Hi there, Roger 😀

      Thank you for sharing your information on buying Jiaogulan tea from ebay. Some of the Chinese medical shops here also sell the loose type, but it is really expensive – about RM5 for about 40 gms.

      I am glad you can sleep with drinking Jiaogulan tea at night. Surprisingly, I can sleep when I drink Pu-Erh tea at night, but not with Jiaogulan tea. Lol!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  12. 30

    Serene said,

    I would like to know more about the recipe on the making of the black garlic. Please share with me for eczema. Thank you so much.


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