Master atan’s Superfood Black Garlic Recipe & How Black Garlic Healed My Chronic Upper Arm Pains & Cramps

Black Garlic 2

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Following requests from my earlier post, “Make Your Own Gold Superfood – Black Garlic That Has Health Magic“, here is Master atan’s Black Garlic Recipe. You will need to use an old rice cooker because the strong smell of garlic will stay in the pot! 

Master atan’s Black Garlic Recipe

  1. Have some good looking garlic ready – about 40 bulbs. Do not wash them and do not remove the outer skin. Use a clean, dry kitchen towel to wipe garlic as clean as possible.
  2. Find a well ventilated location to place your rice cooker, like in the wet kitchen or in the backyard. The garlic smell will be really strong for the first three days.
  3. Cut two pieces of aluminium foil large enough to fit the bottom of the rice pot, and to cover the garlic at the top. 
  4. Place one piece of aluminium foil at the bottom of the pot. 
  5. Stack garlic layer by layer until the pot is 90% full. 
  6. Cover the garlic completely with the other piece of aluminium foil.
  7. Close the rice cooker lid and switch it on, making sure that the “Keep Warm” function light is on. The rice cooker is kept on 24/7 for approximately 28 days (see further details below), depending on the rice cooker used. 
  8. Every four days, open the rice cooker and rotate the garlic placement – the bottom half of the garlic goes to the top, and the top half of the garlic goes to the bottom. 

Length of fermentation period depends on the type of rice cooker used

Master atan did not specify the duration that the garlic is kept warm in the rice cooker. He said that different rice cookers will require a certain period for the garlic to turn black. You will need to check on the garlic clove  occasionally, probably by the second week onwards. 

The black garlic that is shown in the picture above was made almost one year ago. Master atan said it took 50 days to ferment in his first batch of black garlic.  I had kept it refrigerated and it still taste very good today, like a mix of prunes and balsamic vinegar. 

For more information from Master atan, you can check out his posts at HIS DHEALING FORUM. You are also most welcome to ask him any questions that you may have there. 

My black garlic testimonials

Since taking about three cloves of black garlic daily, I have noticed two health benefits :-

  1. I have a sprained upper left arm that have been giving me cramps and pain for the past few months – the pain is always there because I use that arm to mop my floors. Wow, since I took black garlic, I noticed that there is healing of my left arm and the pain is almost gone by 80% for the first time in many months. I have tried many types of massage and even tried Lajin. Only the black garlic worked.

    I read a testimonial online by a lady who had some knee joint pain for the past 20 years, who also got healed from her knee pains when she took black garlic for a month.

  2. I was coming down with a cold that I caught from my eldest son two nights ago – I was sneezing a lot and had a bad runny nose. I took a second “dose” of 3 cloves of black garlic that night and took a tablet of mild antihistamine to stop my sneezing and went to bed. Yesterday, my cold/flu was gone! Just overnight! Wow! 

    I read someone who had flu coming ate half a bulb of garlic and I followed his tip and took a second dose of black garlic, which worked. Normal garlic is already very famous for boosting one’s body immune system…, the black garlic is even more powerful.

Master atan said that black garlic has 18 amino acids and can heal many health problems. Black garlic is also ten times more potent than fresh white garlic. 

Hope you will be able to make some black garlic and enjoy its numerous health benefits as well. I will update here in the comments below on any additional health benefits I have from taking black garlic. 

With best wishes for good health to you,

choesf 😀 



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  1. 1

    P.S. I am taking black garlic mainly to address my high total cholesterol problem. My doctor has prescribed me some cholesterol reducing statins, which I am refusing to take. Although I am seeing a Chinese physician twice a month, I am also taking the black garlic to see if my cholesterol can go down quickly as some people had experienced – their cholesterol level got normalised in just a few weeks by taking 2 cloves or pips of black garlic daily.

    I will take another cholesterol blood test 2 months from now.

    The healing of my upper left arm and wrist was an accidental discovery which I just noticed today. I have a bad left arm because I sleep mostly on my left side and I often pressed down hard on my mop with my left arm. My children have joked that I am a superwoman with super strength that can even bend the metal rod of the mop in just a few days when I pressed down too hard on it – hence, my oft sprained left wrist! Lol!

    I have also stopped taking DE to concentrate on the effects of the black garlic on my body aches and pains. I read that black garlic is really good for people with arthritis. My friend has arthritis and bad pains in her hips and legs due to a fall many years ago. She is taking black garlic starting from today and she will give me her feedback later, which I will post here.

    Hopefully, I will have a new supply of black garlic, which I have not begun making yet as I have problems finding a suitable spot for my old rice cooker…the windows in my house are totally closed at night and I also worry that the pungent garlic smell. But I will go buy some fat and fresh garlic from the market tomorrow. I will update here when I start fermenting it.

    Some ideas I have about masking the black garlic smell somewhat 💡 ===>

    1) place some charcoal around the rice cooker? On top of the rice cooker?

    2) place some baking soda around the rice cooker?

    3) I read somewhere that someone lit a scented candle near the rice cooker and she lives in an apartment.

    Let me know if you have any tips! Lol!


  2. 2

    Update 💡 –

    Master atan is posting more information and pictures at his forum as his batch of garlic is fermenting along. He mentioned that there will be special instructions for DAY 12 of the black garlic making.


  3. 3

    […] was very excited when Master atan posted his black garlic recipe , but I couldn’t start making some right away because I was very worried about the strong […]


  4. 4

    Special instructions for Day 12 💡 —>

    Use a small knife to cut a small piece – if the garlic is slightly blacken and soft – it is the correct method .

    Will shift the black garlic again – on the 16th day – normally – the Black garlic will be ready on the 28th days.

    12th Day Black Garlic Picture

    Master atan


  5. 5

    […] I am not selling black garlic here, but I sharing with you a wonderful superfood (get the recipe HERE) that you can make to help heal yourself or your loved ones from chronic pains, high cholesterol, […]


  6. 7

    Rose said,

    I’m interested in making this black garlic but would first need to figure out where to put it since I don’t have an old rice cooker. I’m Hakka by the way and read from one of your comments that you are of Hakka descent. I’m happy to come across Hakka people online.


    • 8

      Hi there, Rose 😀

      I am also happy to see a fellow Hakka here, too! 😀

      Glad that you are considering making black garlic, too. I am now on Day 6 of my second batch of aging black garlic. My daughters and son-in-law are also eating it and now I have to make a batch every month to catch up with the “demand”! Lol!

      Since eating black garlic, we have noticed increased energy levels daily, we wake up with more mental alertness and the skin/complexion is really great. For me, I no longer have any allergies (to dust and from my cat and dog dander), and my nightly nose congestion/blocked sinus is completely gone! I can sleep well at night already.

      My Canadian friend bought a new rice cooker to make black garlic, since she doesn’t eat rice. The new rice cookers nowadays (mine included) have hotter “keep warm” temperature and so, we can only age/ferment our garlic from 12 to 15 (maybe even 20) days only . The black garlic taste improves over time once it is refrigerated.

      Hope you will be able to taste some black garlic and experience it wonderful health benefits!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  7. 9

    Lili Ann Titoo said,

    I stumbled upon your blog and boy, was I blown away ! I am just trying out your recipe for the siew yoke and will let you know the results by tomorrow. This black garlic thing is getting me very intrigued….but how do you take them? Like a pill, or mix with coffee or any which way as deemed? By sheer coincidence, I don’t know what made me buy a whole bag of garlic yesterday and today I found your blog! I believe God is working in wonderful ways as I have romoethoid arthritis, pain here & there and various other ailments. Thank you for sharing & Gong Xi Fa Cai ! (BTW, I’m 1/2 Hakka and am proud of it !!)


    • 10

      Hi there, dear Lili 😀

      Gong Xi Fa Cai! Thank you so much for your kind comments! I am very pleased to know another fellow Hakka, even 1/2 Hakka! Lol!

      I take the Black Garlic (BG) straight after peeling off the skin – 2 cloves each time, with a cup of water, on an empty stomach. It is best to take BG straight – any heat will destroy its good benefits. Sounds like BG will work for the ailments that you are having now.

      My husband used to have sudden cramps in his legs at the calves or at the thighs – because he doesn’t exercise and sit too much at work. After taking BG for so long already, he doesn’t have cramps now. He is on cholesterol statins drugs, which I believe make his legs cramp. Now my husband reminds me to make another batch of BG – he even wants to buy me another rice cooker so that I can age 2 rice cookers’ worth of BG! Lol!

      Yes, do make some BG and test it out. You will not regret it. Oh, nowadays, I just place my old rice cooker outside my house at the balconey – I pulled an extension cord to the balconey. The garlic smell inside the house is way too strong.

      I hope your siew yoke turned out well! I can’t make siew yoke as good as before because my fridge now is not as dry – it is more humid already inside. I will try a new method of making siew yoke next time – using salt to dry the skin while roasting the pork for 40 to 50 minutes.

      Have a wonderful CNY celebration!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 11

        Lili Ann Titoo said,

        Good morning good morning!! Somehow, I feel we’ve known each other a long time as we “click” so easily! I don’t know how to put the picture on web, but the siew yoke I made yesterday turned out good….even without the blistering, it was so crispy! I sent a picture via Whatsapp and now my friends & relatives are asking for the recipe! I am residing in a small town in California now and there is none of it for sale around, I’ve been warned, once I start doing home made stuff, we will be very critical of outside food, and I’m beginning to believe it now !! But on the serious side, it is actually the quality of the ingredients, the kind and type of sauces, spices, etc that we can control over….no msg, no preservatives, etc, is what we homemakers strive for.

        I am thinking of doing the garlic in a crockpot turned on high and slowly going to medium over the period of time required. Is it doable this way?

        Once again, thank you.


      • 12

        Hi there, Lili Ann

        Sorry for the late reply, I was busy during the Chinese New Year.

        I am glad that your siew yoke turned out well – yes, the homemade roast pork tastes much better, more natural, without MSG and too much salt. Since I started making my own siew yoke, I find those sold outside are too salty and not as tasty.

        I am not sure if the black garlic can be aged in a crockpot although I have seen some websites teaching us how to do it with a crockpot. The internal temperature inside the pot should ideally be around 60 to 70 degrees Celcius, to age the garlic as long as possible. My rice cooker was too hot at 80 degree Celcius…so, my garlic turned black very fast…but the taste is still good.

        Best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  8. 13

    Ling said,

    Hi, may i know the reason to use the aluminum foil in the process of making this black garlic? Worrying the garlic might stains or sticks to the rice cooker? My concern is since we need to ferment these garlic for weeks in rice cooker, wouldn’t it be harmful if chemical might release from the foil? Is there an alternative instead of foil or can I do without foil? Thanks in advance for your sharing and advice.


    • 14

      Hi there, Ling 😀

      You can omit the aluminium foil if you worry about any harmful chemical being released, . For me, the top layer of aluminium foil helps to catch any water condensation from the lid. But when we eat the black garlic, we will be peeling off all the skins.

      Have fun making and eating your black garlic!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  9. 15

    Thank you so much for posting this! i have started eating black garlic (and a TON of natural supplements, i am even on an alkaline diet now) because i have a possible blood fungal infection and it is expensive to buy! I am amazed at how many benefits black garlic has! i am going to make some ASAP
    also thank you for your post on wood ear fungus tea, i really want to make some, i had rashes spreading ALL over my skin, and they are under control now, but i had to see an energy healer 4 times. Each time i saw the healer All my rashes went away and my skin was clear for 3 days, but after 3 days, the fungus started growing back, irritating me, and creating itchy pustules and welts on my skin >_> After the fourth treatment the fungus is now dying more … i still have some itchy stuff on my skin but it is not spreading as easily as before.
    i hope to heal myself by eating as many system boosting herbal supplements as possible.
    the healer scanned my body and also told me that the fungus was attacking my metabolism and when i had a blood test taken my doctor said that my thyroid was acting strange. omg >_> i am glad that i am at least not acting like what is “normal” for blood fungal patient … i am active and functional. when i look online “normal” patients with blood fungal infections are bed ridden, and really sickly. my doctor doesn’t believe i have a blood fungal infection because i act too healthy though 😛 doesn’t matter as long as i clear it out of my system.


  10. 17

    Pat said,

    Thank you for this information. I have never heard of BG until I came across it in your blog. I read some web sites on its preparation. They say don’t open the rice cooker under 14 days. Your recipe says turn the garlic round every four days. Can you clarify if this will affect the fermentation process?


    • 18

      Hi there, Pat 😀

      Yes, different websites have different methods. I am following Master atan’s. I cannot confirm if this will affect the fermentation process, but I have been consuming this for the past 1.5 years.

      The turning is to ensure even “slow heating” of the garlic bulbs. Best is to research all the techniques on the BG making and then follow your heart to see which method suits you the best.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  11. 19

    lixin said,

    hi,can you let me know the brand/model/ size of your rice cooker, considering to buy one as the one I hv the warming function only kicks in after rice is cooked.


    • 20

      Hi there, lixin 😀

      The brand of the rice cooker that I used to make the black garlic is Panasonic, with a 15-cup rice capacity. I’m using a Tefal brand now to cook my rice – both brands have a “Keep Warm” button that can be pressed to go straight to that function, without cooking rice.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  12. 21

    lixin said,

    oohhhh…thank you for your prompt response. does the rice cooker need a few hours rest each day ( i.e by turning off the electricity) during fermentation period? Does the garlicky smell produced throughout the 15 days? when is the peak day of the smell?


    • 22

      Hi there, lixin 😀

      The strong garlicky smell is bad around the first few days. So I did mine outside the balcony. The rice cooker is turned on all the time during the whole process.

      Good luck with your black garlic and have fun making it!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  13. 23

    lixin said,

    thanks you so much for your tips. will hunt for the rice cooker soon….

    Liked by 1 person

  14. 25

    lixin said,

    hi..hi…hi… Day 12 for my black garlic!!! Tasted it -some are moist and soft but some are a bit firm in the inner part.
    Seek your advice:
    (1)should i wait for another day of 2?
    (2) do i air dry before storing them in the fridge? how long should it be air dry?


    • 26

      Hi there, lixin 😀

      It sounds like your garlic could do with another 2 days in the curing process. The black garlic is to be air dried for 4 days before storing in the fridge.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀

      P.S. I still have my black garlic from 2 years ago because I got a huge batch from Master atan around the same time I harvested mine. I am still eating them occasionally and they are still good and edible. 👍


  15. 27

    lixin said,

    wow..after 2 yrs!!! ok will cure it another 2 days and air dry it according. thank you again for your guidance (: have a great weekend!


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