Amazing Curative Powers Of Superfood Black Garlic >>> Strong Anti-Tumour Potency, Immune System Enforcement, High In Antioxidants & GABA, Regenerative Effects, Anti-Aging

BG Day 7

Day 7 of aging my black garlic. Black garlic tastes really delicious – sweet and tangy like prunes! It does not have the pungent taste of fresh garlic and does not give us garlic breath nor garlic body odour!


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

A year ago, I wrote about how impressed I was with the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE)and now, I am excitedly writing about the amazing goodness of black garlic! 

Please note that I am not selling black garlic here, but I sharing with you a wonderful superfood (get the recipe HERE) that you can make to help heal yourself or your loved ones from chronic pains, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia; and get a stronger body immune system and mental clarity – just by eating 2 cloves of black garlic daily. 

In the PDF article below, you will find a lot of information on the history of black garlic, studies and reports of the amazing results of black garlic.  It was discovered that black garlic even shrank tumours in mice ! Yes! Black garlic is that potent! 

Journal of Life Sciences Article >>> The Black Garlic Movement, Fujita Hoken Eisei University & Hirosaki University Professor Junichi Sasaki Research On Black Garlic, Japan in 2006

It has only been three weeks now that I started eating black garlic and already, I am feeling its wonderful healing effects :-

  1. my sinus and allergies are almost gone! I would sneeze a lot whenever my cat goes into my room and I would have a congested nose, giving me trouble in sleeping.
  2. my chronic upper left arm pains and cramps have healed, just like that! I am now pain free! Before, I used to massage and guasha my arm, but to no avail – the pain remained….until I took black garlic.
  3. I now wake up with a very alert mind and energy – unlike before when I will be sluggish and I have to drag myself out of bed.  

Even my husband reported that he wakes up with more energy and mental alertness, and he has only been taking black garlic for five days!

Aging fresh white garlic converts allicin — a compound in white garlic that improves blood flow — into s-allycysteine (SAC). Plain garlic has it too… but black garlic has about 18 times the SAC as its more traditional cousin.3

Like allicin, SAC helps improve circulation. It also has major antioxidant power that helps prevent inflammation and oxidative damage. But unlike allicin, SAC is water soluble. This makes it easier for your body to absorb it. That’s good news considering garlic’s proven ability to help fight colds, control food cravings, and fight cancer.

I will add on more testimonials here later on how black garlic has improved our health, so be sure to subscribe to my comments below to get the updates. I look forward to hearing from those of you that are also experiencing improvements in health from taking black garlic. Any further testimonials from Master atan’s forum will be posted below as well for your information. 

Take care and be well! 

With best wishes for good health to you,

choesf 😀 

P.S. You can read more health feedback on black garlic at Master atan’s Dhealing Forum 





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  1. 1

    Source 💡 ===>

    “I ate fermented black garlic aka aged black garlic from 11/10/12 through 2/20/13 and updated my blood test to see how the fermented black garlic worked.

    Compared to my blood test from 9/11/12, total cholesterol changed from 214 to 151, TC 57 to 54, HDL 67 to 59, LDL 135 to 81, Glucose 105 mg (5.8 mmol) to 76 mg (4.2 mmol).

    I was very pleased with the change and told several friends about it. One of my friends tried the black garlic for about 3 weeks and updated her blood test. The test result showed her total cholesterol changed from 280 mg (7.24 mmol) to 203 mg (5.2 mmol) and glucose from 300 mg (16 mmol) to 87 mg (4.8 mmol) . Wow, that is just fantastic!”


  2. 2

    Source 💡 ===>

    1) Oil painter Choo Keng Kwang, 81, has been eating around half a bulb of black garlic a day for the past few months. Mr Choo, who suffers from psoriasis – a skin disease which results in itchy red patches or flaky scales, decided to give the herb a try after seeing a newspaper advertisement for it.

    He says in Mandarin: “The effect was obvious. After three to four days of consuming black garlic, the red patches disappeared. Previously, I’ve tried many skin creams given by doctors and they were not effective.”

    2) Business consultant and part-time marathon runner Edward Goh, 50, started eating black garlic last June to lower his cholesterol level.

    His cholesterol was considered high at 250mg/dL. According to the Singapore Heart Foundation’s guidelines, an average adult should maintain his total cholesterol level at less than 200mg/dL.

    “I was not taking medication because I do not believe in having chemicals in my body.” says Mr Goh. “After eating two cloves of raw black garlic daily for a few weeks and doing constant exercise, my cholesterol level dropped to below 200mg/dL.”



  3. 3

    Source 💡 –

    1) I started to take BlackGarlic when I caught a flu. I recovered from flu the very next day, after taking a bulb of black garlic, without taking any medication. The effect of black garlic is unbelievable. The following few days, I felt energised as I did not feel fatigued as usual and was able to stay focused on my work. After about a month, the positive effect of black garlic was not strongly felt by the body as initially taken, but generally I felt better, especially coupled with exercises.”

    Kong Fai, PhD student in NTU, 25 years

    2) Our energy levels increased noticeably; we feel fresh upon waking up in the mornings instead of the usual “slow to rouse”, sluggish and blurry wakings before taking Black Garlic. We also did not feel so tired in the afternoons, and no longer needed to nap.

    I (Mr Lee) have an old shoulder injury obtained from a fall and cannot fully raise my arm because of the stiff shoulder, but now my shoulder feels better – it no longer feels like there’s a constant lump in it. I feel it has to do with black garlic’s ability to improve blood circulation and because the only thing I’ve taken recently that’s different is black garlic.

    We are advocates of good lifestyle habits, like diet and exercise, and taking natural wholesome food and health foods.

    Initially, we each took one and half bulbs of Black Garlic a day (to detox). Now each of us takes only half a bulb in afternoon (helps with alertness) and half a bulb at night. We chose not to consume it in the mornings as we feel fresh from a good night’s sleep and we do not need to take it in the mornings, especially since we had our morning oats and other supplements that need to be taken in the morning.

    Mr & Mrs Lee, 78 years

    3) I suffered after getting the Chikungunya virus from a mosquito bite. My hands and legs swelled so badly that they couldn’t function and I had to sit or lie down all day. I couldn’t even switch on the lights as my fingers were too swollen! This went on longer than two weeks. As I wasn’t recovering, my daughter sent me some Black Garlic to help with my immunity – I was also catching other viruses, like the flu and cough, easily – I took it for seven days, just two cloves a day and drank tea made from the skin of the garlic bulbs. After seven days of taking black garlic, the swelling went down and I felt better and could do more. Now I’m back to my old “pre-Chikungunya” self and have not stopped taking black garlic.

    Rosita Caldito, 57 years

    4) I had been suffering from backache for 15 years and had to take painkillers, 50mg twice a day. I could not work without taking the painkillers. I was introduced to Black Garlic by a friend and took two bulbs for three consecutive days to detox. After taking two bulbs the first day, I felt pretty good and did not have any back pain even before the painkillers! After the first three days of detox, I continued to take one bulb a day. I’ve been taking Black Garlic for about a month and no longer need to take painkillers. I am really happy to have found a natural product that helps me get rid of the backache that I’ve had for so long.

    Mrs Raja, 60 years, owner of Rajah’s Curry

    5) In 1986, I was in a car accident at Mountbatten Road – my car was in a head-on collision with a lorry. My right hip was fractured. The doctor had to insert a pin to the head of my right femur (thigh bone) and told me that the lifespan of this surgery would only last 15 years, after which a hip replacement surgery had to be done.

    At 38 years old, again, as an innocent bystander, I was involved in yet another accident in Jakarta. This time, my left tibia broke (shin bone). Again, another pin was inserted and I was told that after six years, I would have to do a total knee replacement because the pin would only last six years.

    I did not go for all the above replacement surgeries out of fear as I had done my research and found that there were many complications that may occur after hip replacement and total knee replacement surgeries e.g. fused knee may occur if the surgery’s not properly done, and I would become semi-handicapped. I had been in pain every day for all these years and had to rub ointment, lotions, and go for massages every two days just to ease the pain a little. I couldn’t walk long distances, couldn’t stand up for long before having to sit down, and could not play much with my kids. These aches and pains formed a huge part of my life, unfortunately.

    I was introduced to black garlic for hyperthyroid. In the process of taking black garlic which improved my thyroid condition tremendously, I discovered that I no longer felt the need to rub ointments on my injuries as I did not feel the pain so often anymore! My wife also noticed that I walked in a less awkward gait that I had adopted all these years to compensate and relieve the constant pain that I had.

    I am a firm believer that black garlic has improved my many medical conditions and lessened my pain. It’s probably due to the improved blood circulation and many other beneficial properties that black garlic has.

    Mr Loh, 52 years, Businessman

    6) I found out that I had hyperthyroid in November 2013. Back then, I suffered from breathlessness, weakness, tiredness every day and lost 11 kilograms within a month. The doctor told me that, even with proper medication, a hyperthyroid patient would only start to recover and put on weight after six to eight months. He said full recovery would take one and the half to two years, some never do recover completely from hyperthyroid.

    I bought a box of Black Garlic to try and in less than two months I felt a lot better and became healthier. In March 2014, I went back to the doctor’s for a check-up and he was very surprised that I manage to recover so quickly. My initial dosage of hyperthyroid medication – Carbimazole – was six pills daily (three pills, twice daily). My doctor reduced my dosage to only three pills, once a day! Just before I left the doctor’s room, he took another look at my blood test and told me that I could reduce the dosage to two pills a day – that’s reducing the dosage by two thirds! I could not believe it and asked my doc: “Really?” and he smiled and said “yes”!

    Black Garlic rocks! I have since gained six kilograms and I’m looking forward to my next doctor’s appointment and complete recovery.

    Mr Hong Chee Yan, 33 years, MediaCorp Photographer

    7) My mom, Mdm Ong Mean Kim, is a consumer of Black Garlic. I would like to share how this product helped my mom.

    Mom told me that I came into this wonderful world about nine days later than normal babies, which put her life in danger. She had a postpartum haemorrhage and some blood flowed backwards to her left leg, near the knee area causing a blood clot the size of a baby’s palm. She was hospitalised for seven days and needed two daily injections to “disperse” the blood clot. She took a total of 14 painful injections and was not informed of the side effects of these injections. For the next 29 years, she had problems standing for long periods of time and had to apply medicated plasters on her left leg every night. She had to do stretching exercises upon waking up every morning and also had to take tiny steps to let the blood flow when she got out of bed. She would then be able to begin her day.

    A friend introduced Black Garlic to her in February 2014. On the first three days, she took one packet (six bulbs). After which she took one packet the next 12 days.

    Amazingly, her condition improved after she took Black Garlic for a month. She no longer needs to apply medicated plasters and did not need to stretch to get out of bed. Her concentration and memory have also improved!

    8) I started taking Black Garlic when I found out that I’m at risk for high blood pressure. I got to know about Black Garlic through a good friend who was a fan of this superfood. Taking it for only two weeks, I saw significant health improvements. I began to have more energy throughout the day, especially during mid-day, when I tend to get very lethargic. Unlike before, waking up in the morning was a breeze. I did not have to drag myself out of bed. Most importantly my blood pressure went back to normal within the first week of consuming Black Garlic. I felt an overall well-being – an intermittent cough and backache that’s been plaguing me for months are now miraculously gone! I will continue to take Black Garlic as I strongly believe that it has greatly improved my health. Black Garlic really works wonders!

    Louis Koh


  4. 4

    Source 💡 –

    Black Garlic Nutrients ===>

    Black garlic nutrients is the center of the material production of the body’s immune cells

    and blood cells, is essential for human health and the restoration of human fatigue

    substances associated elements. It retained the original composition of raw garlic on the

    basis of and took raw garlic itself is transformed into the human body every day of the 18

    amino acids essential protein, thereby rapidly absorbed by the body. Black garlic SOD

    (superoxide dismutase) activity was 10 times that of ordinary garlic; polyphenols as

    antioxidants black garlic (generated due to photosynthesis plant pigment composition) is

    more than 10 times that of ordinary garlic.


  5. 5

    A very interesting article on how a man in Canada turned his old fridge into a black garlic fermenting machine! Lol!


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