It Is Only Day 9, But My Black Garlic Is Ready! Wow!

BG Day 9 - Black

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Just now, I was rotating the garlic in the rice cooker when I noticed that one of the garlic bulb’s thinner skin was showing a dark colour  already for the garlic inside…but today is only Day 9 of the garlic aging process…

Surprised, I quickly opened a clove of garlic and found that it was already black, as shown in the picture above. 

I gave it a gentle squeeze and it was soft, like jelly. 

I quickly ate it to see how it tasted – well, the black garlic flavour is not fully developed yet – it still lacks the tangy and sweet taste of the one-year old black garlic that Master atan gave. He said that batch of garlic was fermented in his rice cooker for 50 days last year! Wow! 

That is why Master atan said that the time it takes for the garlic to turn black will depends on the rice cooker that we have. Ideally, we should ferment the garlic for 28 days. A shorter period means the goodness of the black garlic is not fully developed. 

He told me to keep a close eye on my garlic and stop fermenting it in two days time, for fear that the garlic will turn hard and dry, when the black garlic will lose its health benefits. 

Master atan showed a picture of his Day 12 garlic HERE, and his garlic was only golden brown in colour. So, it means that my rice cooker has a higher temperature and the garlic got aged faster.

So, do check your garlic around Day 8 onwards, and not on Day 12 as advised by Master atan, in case yours is ready for harvesting. 

Important Note :-

Master atan said the black garlic has the most benefits when we eat it while it is still hot and freshly harvested!

So, get everyone in your family to eat 2 cloves of fresh black garlic then, okay? 

Enjoy your black garlic! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 




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  1. 1

    P.S. A thought occurred to me – since Master atan said it is best when we eat the black garlic while it is hot and freshly harvested, we will eat 2 cloves today, while my black garlic continues to age in the rice cooker, and then eat another 2 cloves for the next 2 days! Lol! 💡


    • 2

      Derrick said,

      I would like to seek your advise on black garlic in my rice cooker for 24days. It had turn black but there is still abit of fresh garlic taste. There is no sweet taste, it is firm and not moist. I am using single clove garlic.
      Please advise whether i shloud take and air dry or continue in rice cooker.
      Thank you!


      • 3

        Hi there, Derrick 😀

        You can take out your black garlic already since it has been 24 days. The sweet taste improves when the black garlic is cooled and will be even sweeter when refrigerated. It will also become moist when refrigerated or cooled.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


      • 4

        Derrick said,

        Hi Choesf,
        Do you have any idea why some people spray beer on the fresh garlic during preparation of black garlic?
        Looking forward to your reply.
        Thank you!!



      • 5

        Hi there, Derrick 😀

        I don’t know why some people spray beer on the garlic before they they preparing it. I am guessing they want to jump start the fermentation process as beer has yeast and sugar? 🤔 😊

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


  2. 6

    Here is Master atan’s reply from his forum 💡 –

    “It is too hot inside the rice cooker. 🙂

    I think of 2 reasons …..

    1. Rice cooker is too hot.

    2. You cover the air vent – this can cause the heat to build up in the rice cooker.

    It is fine – your black garlic – as long as it is soft – check the garlic every 2 days – if the garlic start to harden – the garlic is ready – you have to remove all garlic from the rice cooker – keep it for few days – then you can start eating it – 2 cloves per day.

    It is about 30 % more powerful then normal garlic now .

    master atan.

    Johor – Malaysia”

    So, I will have to come up with another method to absorb some of the garlic smell in my home without using the microwave food cover…or just bear the nasty pungent garlic smell from the rice cooker? It smells really bad! Lol!

    For now, I will keep checking my black garlic every day and when it gets harder, I will turn off the rice cooker and harvest all the black garlic….I will eat 2 cloves from the rice cooker every day 😀


  3. 7

    I took the temperature in my rice cooker at the “Keep Warm” function –

    it is around 80 degrees Celcius 💡


  4. 8

    Jeff lim said,

    Hi Mdm,

    May i know when is the best time to consume the black garlic and prefereable before or after meal.

    Thank you.


    • 9

      Hi, Jeff 😀

      I am not sure when is the best time as everyone is unique and may react differently to the black garlic.

      At the beginning, my husband and I took it on an empty stomach, with a glass of water before breakfast – once a day.

      I switched to taking it after dinner because I noticed I get a little sleepy 2 hours after eating black garlic – it is quite relaxing due to its GABA content. But my husband wants to eat the black garlic before breakfast – he says it gives him energy for the day.

      Perhaps you can try it out yourself and see which timing gives you the best results.

      My black garlic is still aging in my rice cooker – it is Day 14 and I will be removing the garlic from there tomorrow and then air dry it for a few days before storing in the fridge for later consumption.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


    • 10

      P.S. The black garlic tastes much better and nicer when eaten cold, straight from the fridge 💡


      • 11

        Update 💡 – more instructions from Master atan (on Day 24 of his aging garlic) ===>

        “When you cut one black garlic to check – taste it – If the black garlic taste sweet and no garlic smell – you can remove one bulk of black garlic and eat 2 cloves when it is warm – the balance keep it in and open place or fridge , you can start eating 2 cloves of the bulk garlic every day .”


  5. 12

    Donna Dudek said,

    Hi, I used the rice cooker on keep warm setting for 14 days, but the garlic came out black and hard as a rock. What can I try next? Thanks


    • 13

      Hi there, Donna 😀

      If the garlic comes out hard as rock and shriveled, it means that it is overdone, probably due to this rice cooker having too hot of a temperature at the “Keep Warm” function. I am not sure if your black garlic will have the same health benefits if consumed.

      You can harvest and air dry your black garlic for 4 days, to see if they will turn soft. They get softer when cooled and refrigerated. If they are still rock hard then, it is best to throw them away and make another batch.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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