Nourishing Stinging Nettles Infusion For Eliminating Most Allergies, Rebuilding The Adrenals & Kidneys, Improving Immune System, Keeping Blood Vessels Flexible, Relieving Joint Pains & Improving Stamina

Nettles plant

Stinging Nettles or Urtica Dioica plant

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Stinging nettles or urtica dioica has a long medicinal history. In medieval Europe, it was commonly used as a diuretic to remove excess water from the body and to treat joint pains. 

Lately, I have been experiencing allergic rhinitis (sinus problems, hay fever) more frequently and although taking Black Garlic has helped to dry up my sinus somewhat, I still get bouts of sneezing and runny nose throughout the day. I am beginning to think that I may be getting allergic to my cat’s dander as I am getting older – because I tend to sneeze more whenever she is in the room with me nowadays! Lol! 

As I am typing this, I am on Zyrtec, a non-drowsy antihistamine but although I am not drowsy, the medication is causing me to be foggy brained and I cannot carry out my daily activities as normal. So, I decided to look on the Internet for a natural herbal remedy that is good for allergies and works well as an antihistamine… and I found out that nettles is the answer. 

Luckily, I have some organic dried nettles which I had ordered online from iherb 2  years ago when I wanted to take it for energy. However, I didn’t quite like its taste – it is a little fishy and salt has been recommended instead of sugar to improve its taste – so, I had stopped taking it. Also, I stopped drinking nettles infusion to try out Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

nettles iherb

Organic dried nettles I ordered from iherb (you can use my Coupon Code MLL655 during checkout to get some a 25% discount)

But after doing some research and finding so many wonderful health benefits of nettles, I have decided to just chug down the nettles infusion while pinching my nose and ignore its fishy taste! Lol! 

Nettles Infusion

My 1-litre teapot of nettles infusion

What is an infusion? It is different from a tea. 

A nettles infusion is made by steeping half a cup of dried nettles with 1 litre (4 cups) of boiling water, and letting it stand for 4 hours, overnight is best. When cooled, refrigerate the nettles infusion in the fridge and drink it during the day, or over 2 days. It is best to drink it (cold or warm) first thing in the morning, because then it will provide energy for the day. 

Because the nettles infusion helps to strengthen the adrenals and kidneys, it gives amazing stamina from within. Results are seen after drinking the infusion daily for 2 to 2 weeks. When our adrenals are working properly, sleep can help to recharge our body at night and we don’t wake up tired, but deservedly refreshed. 

The numerous wonderful health benefits of nettles infusion are  :-

  1. provides stamina and energy from within 
  2. shines up the hair
  3. improves skin tone
  4. moderates or eliminates most allergies
  5. keeps blood vessels flexible, veins stronger
  6. relieves arthritis, sore muscles and joint pains
  7. good for reduced urine flow and incomplete emptying of bladder 
  8. stops internal and external bleeding
  9. relieves headaches and eczema
  10. is anti-inflammatory 
  11. treats anemia
  12. works as a blood purifier
  13. helps counter stomach acid

Although I have read that it is safe for children to take, it is best that you consult a doctor first before giving nettles infusion to your children. 

People who are on high blood pressure and diabetes medication are advised that taking nettles may cause their blood pressure or blood sugar to go too low. 

Pregnant women are not advised to take nettles. 

Nettles infusion works the best to bring out the health benefits mentioned above, compared to nettles tea, capsules or pills. Fresh nettles can be made into soups or infusions, too. 

I have not seen any nettles plants here in Malaysia and so, if anyone knows where to find or buy any, do let me know. 

Wishing you and your family good health always! Health is wealth – that is what everyone is saying today. 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 











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  1. 2

    Helen Tan said,


    I would like to try this product since it can lower sugar for diabetics people who is on medication

    How to order and to paid you

    Thanks & Regards

    Helen Tan


    • 3

      Hi there, Helen 😀

      I am not selling this herb but I bought it online from in USA where I buy many good brands of health supplements cheap.

      You can use my Coupon Code MLL655 during checkout to get USD10 off purchases exceeding USD40.

      I also buy organic shampoos and facial care from there. 💡

      If you are from Malaysia, let me know so that I can teach you how to get your order cleared through Customs.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


    • 4

      P.S. My allergies have almost gone after drinking the nettles infusion for just a few days. I got instant relief for my sinus on Day 1 and it is really good as a natural antihistamine. It gives a lot of energy and it is really good for those in menopause.


  2. 5

    Love this plant. It grew wild in my back yard, I made a kind of spinach soup with leaves. … And so many other things. Yummy!


    • 6

      Hi there, Auraw 😀

      I am glad you are able to get fresh nettles from your backyard. I have yet to see the plants, and so, I am using dried nettles instead. I bet the fresh nettles will taste good in soups or as a simple Chinese stirfry vegetable with garlic. Yumm… 😉

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 7

    Su said,

    Very interesting! I picked nettles along with some other weeds ( after doing homework on what was edible) when I was on holiday, but no one wanted to eat them except me:)))
    I read your old posts on food grade DE and am wondering if you still take it or have stopped?( I have numerous health problems but really hate taking meds and prefer natural methods. )
    Thanks a lot,


    • 8

      Hi there, Su 😀

      Wow, you found nettle plants? I have yet to see them.

      Yes, I am still taking DE but lesser now that it is for my health maintenance only – I take a heaping teaspoon on every alternate days. I have found DE to have the health benefits that other herbs cannot provide – it is very good for our urinary system as the urine flow and bladder volume are improved.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 9

        Su said,

        Hi choesf,
        Thank you for your quick reply. I was hoping for an all encompassing, natural cure but was slow to jump on the DE bandwagon. Just got off the ‘miracle’ oil pulling and EV coconut oil one ( really didn’t do anything for me sadly. And I really hate the taste of stir fried eggs and vege in coconut oil. Yuks!)

        Did DE really help you regain a fuller head of hair and get better sleep? I would be very happy if it worked for me there, plus get rid of fleas and parasites in/on the stray cats I recently rescued.
        Have a great Sunday:)
        PS: I love your blog, will try out your recipes when I get the chance..


      • 10

        Hello there, dear Su 😀

        Thank you for your compliments on my blog. Yes, the DE really works in giving me a fuller head of hair and improving my sleep.

        However, I found that for best results, we have to consume at least 1 heaping tablespoon of DE daily for beginners. When I stopped DE for a few months, my hair started to drop again and my sleep quality was deteriorating.

        So, I started again on 1 tbsp of DE and after a month, I now take DE as a maintenance – just 1 tsp every two days or so.

        I stopped using DE to dust on my pets because the powder irritate my sinuses and I didn’t like the powder sticking to my floors from my dog and cats. Nowadays, I fight the fleas and ticks from within – I give my dog a half a tablespoon each of DE, Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil and he has stopped having parasites since I started him on them early this year. 💡

        Hope the DE will work for you as well, Su 😉

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


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