Divine Healing Codes For Good Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

As promised last week, I am very happy to share here an amazing way to heal ourselves in many areas of our lives. 

I stumbled upon it about half a year ago, when I was praying so hard for a way to save or heal my sickly old  cat that was dying then, for which my vet said there was nothing anymore he could do.  I was so heartbroken to see my cat lying still and not eating nor drinking for many days.

But, miraculously, my cat recovered and she was up and running like her usual self before in just a week’s time after I started applying the healing codes on her! My cat is 80 years old in human life years, and today, she is still jumping and climbing walls and running around the neighborhood. 

Also, I had applied the relevant code on my benign thyroid growth that was staying persistently at 20% from its original size a year ago, and my thyroid lump was gone in just 3 days. Wow! 

I will post the link to Dr. Carla’s website for you below  for more information. These codes are meant to be used for free, and no money can be charged to anyone for using them, or else, the codes will be ineffective then.

All credit must go to Dr. Carla for setting up and updating the list regularly. 

Do have an open mind when you read about the Divine Healing Codes. I am into energy healing and Reiki, and so, I understand how energies work in healing us. 

Here is the link to Dr.Carla, the ReikiDoc’s website :-

Divine Healing Codes and How To Use Them

The links to the FAQs and posting new questions are HERE

Be sure to read the comments as well for more information. You will be amazed how the healing codes can help you with so many areas of your life! 

My youngest daughter uses the codes a lot to help her cope with her work stress. She is doing the job of two persons and is overloaded in her job scope. She finds that the codes enable her to function efficiently from her work pressure. 

I like to open up the page of the healing codes on my phone at night, when I am in bed, to write the codes because the codes are really powerful. For some people, myself included, the first time we wrote the codes, we felt a little dizzy when we got up from sitting or laying down. Some people felt very tired at first. Don’t worry, it is the energies working to clear the blockages in your body and to heal you. 

To write the codes :-

  1. write the code in the EXACT WAY that you see them, e.g. you need to have a space in between some of the numbers.
  2. write the code with your finger, or a crystal, directly on your skin – I usually write onto my left arm as I am right-handed. 
  3. repeat the code again, about one inch above your arm, to seal the code into your body’s aura.
  4. give it a few moments to before proceeding to write another code.
  5. you can also write another code on another part of your body, like on your thigh, or stomach
  6. the best results are yielded when you write them daily
  7. I find the codes work more for me when I write them with Love from my heart
  8. you don’t need to know Reiki to use the codes. Anyone can use them.
  9. you are welcome to introduce or share the Divine Healing Codes with your loved ones or friends, but remember that there must be no payments or fees or money charged to anyone for using them. 

I especially like to use those codes that help to neutralise the effects of GMO, pesticides, toxic processing, toxic food additives and I write them over all my foodstuff, groceries, cooked food, etc…to make the foods safe and healthy for my family’s consumption.

I find that for my sinuses, my nose will clear up around 15 minutes after writing the code. 

You can also get two FREE Daily healings from Dr. Carla and Ross from her Facebook page here :-

Doctors With Reiki Facebook

Take care, stay safe and be well! 

With love, light and peace to all,

choesf 😀 


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  1. 1

    steven said,

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    Warmest regards

    Sent from my iPhone



    • 2

      You are most welcome, Steven 😀

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 3

        Steven Wong said,


        I wonder if it’s effective if the codes are printed onto a piece of paper (name card size, for instance) and carried in our shirt pocket.

        Unless the codes need to be in physical contact with our person.



      • 4

        Hi there, Steven 😀

        From what I understand, the codes work best when written directly into our skin, i.e. the energies are stronger that way. But, we can still write them onto a piece of paper and keep them on us, the energies will still work at a lower rate. The codes are still in our auric fields. When we have some privacy at work, that piece of paper will serve as a reminder for us to write the codes on us.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


    • 5

      P.S. I will add on shortly here some of my other favorite codes. 🤔


  2. 6

    Samuel Leong said,

    Do we need to write the code ourselves, or can we write it on someone else, eg spuse or child?


  3. 10

    Some tips on how to use the Divine Healing Codes :-

    1) I usually open up the page of Divine Healing Codes at Reikidoc’s website for that is where the energies are the most powerful for us to apply the codes

    2) because the list of codes is so long, I usually use the Search function on my phone, or on may laptop to zoom in to the codes that I am looking for.

    3) I like to do the codes at night when I am in bed and I go through the whole list of codes, listening to my heart (or intuition) to see what I need to write at that time.

    4) depending on the situation, I can go more than 20 codes! Lol!

    5) my daughters keep the codes saved on their phone and they write from there – the codes will still work but at a reduced level of energies? But I do remind them often to use the codes straight from Dr. Carla’s website for best results, at night when they are in bed.


  4. 11

    Here are some of my favourite applications of the Divine Healing Codes. I will not post the codes here as they are to be written directly from Reikidoc’s website :-

    1) to neutralise the effects of GMO, toxic processing, pesticides, additives, etc on the foods that I cooked, and on my groceries. I keep a list of the codes in my kitchen and I write them from there.

    2) for chakras balancing

    3) for balancing the meridians

    4) heal all cellular damages, I write this on my pets as well

    5) neutralise unpleasant odours – I use this daily in my bedrooms, at home as I have a dog indoors. This code is very useful on those days to counter the body odours of sweaty technicians repairing my electrical appliances on hot days. Of course, I write the codes after they have left my house. Lol!

    I will add on more here as and when I remember them….


  5. 12

    Some testimonials :-

    1) my husband’s doctor recently got him off the uric acid medicine (allupurinol) that he had been taking for almost 20 years, because my husband’s uric acid level is good now and he has no more gout attacks. For the rare occasions, when my husband’s big toes start to twitch from gout, he would write the code for gout. His gout pain was totally gone after just one week, and he has not had a gout attack despite being off the meds for the past 2 months.

    2) I love the “reverse facial aging” code! I write this code now and then when I remember to do so. Two incidences convinced me that the code works extremely well for me! Lol!

    One weekend, I attended a wedding dinner with my husband – one of his staff got married. When he went back to office the next week, his colleagues asked him how come his wife (me) is so young? He replied, “Young? We are both of the same age, and we are 54!!” Hahahaha….

    Two weeks ago, my husband and I were looking for some laptop accessories and the male shop assistant thought my husband was my father!! He was passing a message from my husband to me and he said, “Your father prefers this…..”…and I said, “Oh, that is not my father, he is my husband!” We all laughed!!


  6. 13

    li said,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting website. I believe in reiki & spiritual healing but I wonder how these codes help to neutralise the effects of GMO, toxic processing, pesticides, additives, etc? Maybe it’s better for me to avoid/reduce eating these food where possible.

    Good to hear you look young & beautiful. Stay happy, healthy & thank you for sharing all these valuable info. I love your blog.


    • 14

      Hi there, li 😀

      Thank you for your kind comments!

      The codes are like Reiki symbols and are intended for use by everyone and they are available for those not attuned to Reiki. Yes, avoidance is best when it comes to unhealthy foods. But the codes will be good for those that are unable to avoid eating healthy due to their busy lifestyle or weird working hours/shifts.

      You take care, and stay happy and healthy, too!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  7. 15

    Maria said,

    I read on your main web site that tha D H Codes were to strong to be used on a pet, thus here, one can read a at was healed in a week under the numerical codes. What should I do, about my own cat, threatened by mamarian cysts? Use the Codes on her or not?


    • 16

      Hi there, Maria

      I am sorry to hear about your cat. I used the codes on my cat and she is now still active and healthy, and she didn’t fall sick in the past year since I wrote this article.

      I don’t remember reading about the DH Codes being too strong for animals, but if you are worried in case the codes really are too strong, then you can ask your spiritual guides or both Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael (from whom these codes were given and healing are carried out) to be a little gentler and to suit the energy level to your cat? Hope this helps…and hope your cat gets well!

      Take care and have a good weekend!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 🙂


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