The KEY To Help You Manage With Ease Your Swamped, Hectic & Extremely Busy Days

Gold key

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

If you are one of those people who constantly feel that you are losing control of your days that are always bogged down with endless tasks and you are wishing that a day has 48 hours instead of 24, this KEY is just the answer for you!

My youngest daughter calls it “The Wave” … 



My husband calls it “The Wind” …. Lol! ….


For the first time since my daughter was assigned an additional job role earlier this year (yup, she is now doing the work of two persons, usual at companies which are cutting back on their manpower) —>  she is no longer stressed with her daily tasks and she comes home with a cheerful smile on her face these days. She had applied The Key to help her cope and stay sane with her workload and it had worked so well for her. Before, she would often be depressed and hated waking up in the morning to face another work day. 

She said The Key is like a gentle wave that guides and pushes you gently in the back towards the shore when you are swimming and struggling in deep waters. Wow, how wonderful is that? She is now able to manage her work efficiently and has sufficient energy to do so. Before, she would be so drained and exhausted by the end of the day. 

So, what exactly is The Key?


It is a hybrid Reiki Symbol and Archangel Healing Key which was given to Dr. Carla (aka Reiki Doc) and she has so lovingly and kindly shared it with us (free of charge) to help us cope with our hectic days.

It is actually called “The Strong Defense Reiki Symbol,” but anyone can have access to it by drawing the symbol. You don’t need to be attuned to Reiki to use it. 

For more information on that symbol and to view the video where Dr Carla shows you how to draw it, please visit her blog here :-

Doctors With Reiki – The Strong Defense Reiki Symbol

With the Chinese New Year a little more than a month away, I would definitely need all the energy and help I can get to carry out the usual intense decluttering of my house, massive cleaning, lots of Feng Shui preparations and numerous shoppings – the usual exciting activities that precede that joyous festival festival.

The healing key is just what I need to help me prioritise my tasks, smoothen the days energetically, clear obstacles and most importantly, I will just glide through the busy days with ease…and not to mention, I remain sane and Zen at the end of the day! 

Oh, I forgot to explain why my husband called the key, “The Wind,” lol! He said it gives him “more wind” to go through his day, as in “more motivation and more zest?” Well, that was how he explained it to me…Lol!  

As for me, I had a strange effect for two days after I wrote the symbol for myself. I felt like sleeping and needed to sleep in the afternoon instead! But both my daughter and husband didn’t feel any lethargy at all.

In retrospect, I think I needed to rest and sleep more for that two days to recharge my body before I could gather my wind first so that I could proceed to manage my days to come well? Just a guess…

Before that, I had been pushing myself really hard (sometimes, too hard) as my weekdays are really busy with driving my youngest son to his office in the morning and back home in the evening (he is interning for 3 months now in his last year at the university) – that takes away 4 hours from my day and getting stuck in the rush hour traffic jams can be so stressful. The hours in between driving were hurriedly spent to buy groceries, cook and clean. By the end of the day, I was usually exhausted and I had literally crawled into bed.

But after I wrote the key, I find that my days now have been much improved energetically, mentally and emotionally – I am not as stressed and sometimes I even wondered, why was I was even stressed before? Lol! 

So, go to Dr Carla’s website, read about the key and get it for yourself! It is FREE !

I highly recommend it!

You can also visit Dr Carla’s facebook, where she gives 2 daily FREE healings to her readers/followers (she has almost 10,000 followers)  :-

Doctors With Reiki – Facebook 

Take care and stay safe! 

With love, light and peace,

choesf 😀 




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    P.S. You may also be interested this article I wrote a few weeks ago on The Divine Healing Codes that are so kindly shared and updated by Dr Carla :-


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    Steven said,

    Thanks for sharing

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